The Other Irish

So today I have seen various headline reports and tributes to another now deceased broadcasting legend, and what I found myself thinking upon was quite simply, typical stereotypes and that perhaps lead to my Title for this article.

Not sure when I first encountered Terry Wogan because he is one of those Broadcasters that has seemingly always been there “all along”.

Whilst many a headline and news reports during my younger years seemingly excelled in giving a highly negative societal attitude toward the Irish and all the ongoing drama and terrorism, Terry Wogan was seemingly carrying out a one man life of Mr Congeniality.

His Radio shows were easy on the ear and entertaining and likewise when he was on television much the same could be said as to little change in attitude or style, whether hosting his now famed chat show or indeed blanket blank or Eurovision.

He was not someone who came across as having any sides, in the sense that his style was friendly and non-threatening or necessarily hostile to any given quarter, beyond the use of course of “humour” to perhaps disguise discomfort or not wanting to “be false” is perhaps the best way to describe him.

He accepted and knew that his audience had some brains for themselves and in shows such as Eurovision, did not go to great lengths to “pretend” that rubbish was other than what it seemed to British Audience’s or indeed heavy bias within regional voting block’s such-as Scandinavian Countries and for Soviet Satellite states and so on.

In fact that reminds myself of a visit to Egypt that I made years ago, where I was in a Hotel swimming pool and an Arab family was also present and having fun and playing a water volleyball type game that they invited myself to compete in, everyone having fun, although when asked where I was from, the atmosphere changed somewhat, they seemingly had thought I was Southern hemisphere Aussie or New Zealand, though the moment I responded that I was English, a kind of frost or wall or barrier attitude was raised of “don’t go down that route”, we continued though the change in atmosphere, and sudden guardedness  of these other tourists, I think they were from Saudi Arabia (if memory serves correctly) was highly notable.  Of course Australians and New Zealanders having also gotten involved in some of the middle east conflicts since those early 2000’s perhaps now have differing attitudes promoted about themselves, though psychological “blocks” or audience stereotypes and given attitudes and swift changes are easy to pick up on, whether regarded as conscious and deliberate bias or genuine regional tastes and propaganda and so on.

I regularly go to a local corner shop, where the family is from abroad somewhere, and they typically happy to talk knowledgeably about such things as cricket though also often have strange and weird “ethnic” or localised music from the homeland that we in the West are unlikely to have heard of, unless we actively of course go looking for such things, or indeed experience them on our holidays.

So yes Wow, Terry Wogan gone, though he is perhaps one of the last of those ever-presents of a generation brought up on limited media outlets and so on.

So similarly I found myself thinking on this subject of MEDITATION, I keep repeating that I use assisted meditation and do these courses, though likewise of course, many a course is akin to listening or waking up to Wogan, in the sense of being guided through some visualisation exercises by external peoples and persons, and that is often all that most broadcaster’s including Mr Wogan.

Typical quotes from him relate to that IDEA that he was quite self-effacing in the suggestion, that he has done News and radio and television, and “read the scripts” and worked “off the cuff” and far too many younger generation presenters build themselves up in somewhat Ivory Towers as to the IMPRESSIVENESS of the job or role and so on.

In fact of course those kinds of quotes could just as easily be applied to many of his own radio and television contemporaries who also often played on the BIG I AM of being a CELEBRITY.

Anyway, I decided that whilst I enjoyed having raised threshold and doing the courses, that I would once again return to some meditation basics and learnings and Wisdom from distant lands and so on.

I have of course read literature on TRADITION MEDITATION such-as transcendental meditation and various other disciplines, though have nearly always veered to “”younger generational” teachings, and the very efficient presentations of Western Guru’s, combining those ancient traditions with Hypnosis and NLP and so on.

With that in mind I thought once again I would like to see how DIFFERING listening to some Ancient Wisdom Guru and teachings and guide through’s and so on, fortunately of course, very many are available and some have even been utilised by some of my so-called Technological Merchants.

It is still quite early and what I have to suggest that I most like about The Holosync Solution, for example is that raising of Threshold and indeed that Whole Brain Thinking and Hemispheric BRAIN SYNCHRONISATION.

However, having said that I typically felt as suggested above, that I wanted to move beyond thoughts that I was cheating etc, so I purchased a Traditional set of guided Meditations from Learnings Strategies that I think has none of the binaurial beat type stimulus’ just to see if NOW (having raised threshold and cleared out much flotsam and jetsam etc) I could experience some GREATER LEVEL of the Traditional Methods and so on and actually EXPERIENCE some of those kinds of states that you read of, though may not necessarily experienced.

All to easy to think and feel that the “ONLY AH-HA” you are going to get relates to what you are doing in terms of TECHNOLOGIES and popular western teachings and lessons, though I genuinely felt that “something more must surely be activated or experienced”.

I have of course written that I worked in the NHS many years ago, and indeed whilst at one time that was within a dedicated Hospital Site, a former psychiatric Hospital, that was quite OPPRESSIVE in many ways, we did at some point move to a closed down School Premise at BELMONT ABBEY, and the atmosphere was in and of itself in Environmental Terms TRANSFORMATIVE.

Whilst I went from one side of the outskirts of the city to another, the Abbey is or was still an active retreat for Monks and Monastics and so on, and is beautifully maintained in terms of the older buildings and indeed Gardens.  My Aunt Mona and some of her family are actually buried within that Cemetery, and you can perhaps all imagine that my Aunt Mona (for all my some what negative speak and jokes and humour) did take her religion quite seriously, so you perhaps get an indication that she chose her final resting place with care and so on and so forth.

I mention that because many of these Ancient Western religious environments can be just as thereapuetic as some of the eastern Environments, it perhaps simply a case of having to seek out what you most want or prefer.  I spoke as to Religious Culture upbringing when in my teen years and that was all very much American Evangelical “happy clappy” type fair and very differing perhaps from your average classical “Songs Of Praise” (although I am sure many teachings etc, are shared throughout Religious cultures), you always get assumed Traditionalists, and so-called break-away factions and break away from the break away until you an WONDER as to just how far off BASE your so-called “GURU SUCK A BANANA” really is from the generational handed down teachings and knowledge and awareness and enlightenment core foundations and fundamentals and so on.

So with those things in mind I sought out some classical ancient old style meditation, speaking on so-called Himalayan Masters meditations and so on.

The ancient and elderly chap within the recordings kind of genuinely makes you feel that you are learning from someone who knows his stuff and indeed, whilst I have used the whole brain thinking technologies and indeed worked on brain synchronisation, you do still feel that some old and ancient inner conflicts and confusions are still present and MAYBE just maybe these traditional learnings and teachings can remedy such things where our SNAPSHOT “IN AN INSTANT” processes and “I want it now” attitudes sometimes possibly FAIL US.

So I listened to an old croaky voiced gentlemen through a guided meditation and did feel as though something was happening in terms of triggers and focus and so on, by that I have of course followed assisted meditation “GUIDELINES” though they do often through the stimulus REMOVE some thoughts and feelings and so on.

I thought I had cleared out much mental flotsam and jetsam and no longer experienced “A BUSY MIND” and so on, those chain like thoughts that you can chase instead of letting go and so on.

In fact very quickly within the session I found that much MIND CHATTER still exists although of course I did as much as possible to follow instruction and so on, as to staying focussed or centered on a MANTRA or the BREATH and so on.

So yes, we can raise threshold and accumulate many Learnings and Teachings and think ourselves SUPERIOR or indeed INFERIOR, though when you go back and do some of the classical and traditional methods, you can still find yourself being TRIGGERED by Traditionalists who have put the hours and the long haul work in and so on.

Is that Negative?  Not at all because, I am grateful and appreciative toward those who have provided these Technologies and indeed, if I choose to go down the path of a Traditionalist and put some of those hours in also, I am sure I can only benefit.

In the News also, we have seen reports as to complaints as to Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe’s  offensive FLATULENCE within his role as a deceased or dead body, going through rigor mortis, the body (in reality) does go through the releasing of muscles and tensions leading to those effects in real life, ask any CORONER or MEDICAL EXPERT.

Anyway I of course seek to find CROSS-REALM INTERPRETATIVE thoughts and feelings and references, and that talk of FLATULENCE of course lends itself to the Campaign for PRESIDENT FLATULENCE, a VERNACULAR possibly vulgar phrase within some circles is to TRUMP or TRUMPET.

So I have also seen the Trailer for a forthcoming Wizarding World prequel to those Harry Potter story’s, JK Rowling apparently having written the Screen play herself, where I think previously she collaborated as to taking her books and reducing or reinterpreting IDEAS and images and scenes and so on to the BIG SCREEN.

I was reminded on this because I when researching a year or two ago mentioned SCRIVENER, as a tool that can be used by people such as myself who like writing in TEXT EDITORS formats or indeed having a SCRAPBOOK like box to put things in.

Scrivener Serves that purpose exceptionally well and indeed has a FULL TUTORIAL and a QUICK START TUTORIAL and the difference is of course often similar to translating between BOOK or NOVEL and FILM.

Many books, typically lend themselves better to the small screen than the big screen or indeed vice versa, some stories leave out to much and others find themselves adding and embellishing things.

So yes working and thinking in one format is not necessarily conducive to being successful in the other, though I am sure JK ROWLING will have enjoyed her own life and journey and indeed the continued Audience she has via the Harry Potter World she created and crafted and so on.

Elsewhere I also note an interesting Elon Musk Project as to a so-called “Hyperloop” Transport technology, much of the ground work THEORETICAL is known and demonstrated, though of course like many an ENGINEERING CHALLENGE, going from bedroom trainset to real world active functioning transport infrastructure is ongoing.

Very many extra variables are brought into the scales and measures and means of production issues, that typically can DELAY and DELAY or indeed accelerate if you have large swathes of land for testing and so on.

All quite interesting because many of these Billionaires and indeed ASTRONAUT ENGINEERING and space exploration Companies are once again actively ENCOURAGING CROSS-REALM USAGE and functionality of technical developments and so on, that unless you MONITOR Given realms may very well not be AWARE OF.

So a finger in many pies helps entrepreneurs and dedicated sciences find usages for these lab discovered SPECIAL FX or TECHNOLOGIEs and so on, where going solo or being over protective and so on can be WISE or indeed COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE or counter-intuitive in terms of making those links and connections.

Anyway this is a Meanderer, so

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


Fellow American Culture Junkies


Is this not the bias of our intransigent selves, the bias that say equality for all and freedom of speech for all and free travel for all, at the cost of allowing those who want to butcher and slaughter our way of life and homes and inner and outer World with some twisted ideology that says blah blah

Yes so you can of course even with so-called speech writing just keeping on going and it does not necessarily matter what you say so much as getting some kind of outlet or passion going for a given subject matter and so on.

I started with today’s headline quite simply because we who have taken up meditation and assisted technologies have typically come to see various patterns and cycles as we go from day to day and month to month and year to year.  These patterns and cycles are often said to be almost calculable in the way that the earth rotates about the sun going into day cycles and night cycles and indeed other heavenly bodies such-as the moon are also suggested to influence such things.

Anyway not all that long ago, we in the United Kingdom were subjected to Election campaigning, between the Labour Party and the parties of those in Government.  A coalition between the Conservatives and Liberals.

The pollsters typically said that Labour were edging it if they were willing to go into coalition with the Northern SNP, whilst both Conservatives and Liberals sought to both utilise and distance themselves from the actually quite successful coalition or PARTNERSHIP they had entered into.  The polls also suggested that the Liberals were going to collapse, many a person, felt that instead of Conservative by Proxy, they may as well have some “True Bluer” etc.

Anyway during all the campaigning and so on, various Televised Debates took place, until at the very last, David Cameron REFUSED to take part in a final television debate, various suggestions given to MEDIA BIAS and so on.

All the same, it is troubling when the Leader of the Conservatives complains of MEDIA BIAS, when most MEDIA are also suggested as  a DEMOGRAPHIC to be more RIGHT LEANING than otherwise.

So huge debate then as to David Cameron STANDING ALONE in the Wilderness against the biased media (taken by most experienced adults as already being very much in his pocket/corner).

I actually think that it was at this POINT within the General Election that David Cameron managed to place some distance between himself and other CAMPAIGNING CANDIDATES, and as much as he has been given much flack since election, even from within his own Party and Backbenches, OINK, OINK, it was such DECISIVE decision making that cut through many a person’s mental Flotsam and Jetsam as to what they regarded as TRAIL BY MEDIA or STRENGTH in the face of opposition, or “doing the right thing” irrespective of Herd behaviours and so on.

Anyway typically a year or 2 later we can look across the Atlantic Pond as to the Current Presidential Elections, and indeed the canvassing at present is SPLIT between not only “The Long Haul” but the short term needs and requirements, of winning a POLITICALLY ESTABLISHED PARTY’S CANDIDACY.

So has TRUMP simply “done a Dave”, in order to win the Republican Vote and establish himself firmly in the Hearts and Heads as someone with the WILLPOWER and DETERMINATION to break free from the pack?

Yes, so the POINT that could have likely been stated without any given buildup or background is that The Cycles and Patterns often resemble a kind of SHADOWING STRATEGY.

So a given party or INDIVIDUAL representative, adopts some “sometimes” twisted and seemingly long shot or warped strategy and breaks free from the catnapping POLLSTERS and EXPERTS, to such a POINT that come polling day and so on, they are all left with EGG on their faces.

Other Peoples and Persons about the GLOBE (both political and non-political) notice when some STANDOUT CAMPAIGN occurs and seeks to REPLICATE or follow similar patterning’s for themselves.

So typically it might be suggested that TRUMP has potentially fallen into a given strategy or tactic that may well come up TRUMPS.

Yes I have spoken as to playing the Card Game Trump’s when I were a lad and indeed playing such games on the Train Journey’s with daughter and so on, when she was younger, although so many versions and varieties of decks exist that you could probably research Trump Cards and indeed find Collectors of them in much the same fashion and manner that you have long time collectors of coins and stamps and exotic animals and fish and so on.

So I will not be shocked in the slightest if Donald Trump wins or loses, whilst much is made of his being an independent self-made man, it must be remembered that America elected former actor Ronald Reagan and were it not for his Place of Birth we would likely have already had a President Arnold Swarchenegger, he having already attained the High Priest hood of Californian Governer.

Likewise, as much as America likes it’s Bush’s, it could well be that this present campaign is simply keeping the Bush Family values in place until they have someone better equipped from the family to take over the Generational Family Job.

Over this side of the pond and FAR MORE LOCAL are several disturbing story’s in The Hereford Times related to race related offences and child abuse and all those things that we want to be SHOCKING, though are not really, for a County that Voted en masse for UKIP,(they achieving 2nd place) at some other elections over the last year or 2.  In fact it might be suggested that it was only the structure of the vote and so on, and the way the system works, that probably stopped them in there tracks.

The problem of course for any Party however much it wants to clothe itself in the Flag and Unionism and so on, is that for every moderate person who has considered issues such-as immigration and Nationalism and Unelected representation in brussel’s etc, you will get far more attracted to voting for you, who simply go with the far more less than savoury agenda or so-called racist extremism and so on.

The further in fact I have progressed with meditation and so on, the more you often come to see that most parties like fishing vessels simply cast as broad a net as possible, and do not necessarily throw out all the fish they are suggested as to not want or require and so on.  SECRET LIVES and HIDDEN HISTORY’S often making appearances at some point in the MEDIA as an EXPLOSIVE EXPOSE on this, that or the other person.

Another TOPIC I found myself speaking with a colleague on recently was this issue of Life Style Choice and direction.


Well I cannot recall what brought the topic and subject up, though found myself thinking of a COMPARISON.

So guy A marries fairly young, and has a couple of children with his then wife. A couple of years later they SPLIT UP, much rows and disputes, and they effectively cut each other out of their lives and continue onward in differing directions without any kind of STRINGS.

The guy goes of gets various jobs and over the years gets a House and a car and a new wife and family, years later the CSA comes knocking and he complains at having to pay so much back calculated money to former spouse, which he does.  Although he still has a House and a car and a new wife and family and job income etc.

Guy B marries and takes on a family and also has a child within that circumstance, although the father of the elder children is not present.  They to eventually split up and go their separate ways, although this GUY does what SOCIETY says is the RIGHT THING, regularly making payments to mother of his child and having contact and so on.

This guy too gets a job, wanting to move on, and indeed initially seeks New relationships, though job career paths are seemingly blocked to him, and the job wages go without increment or increase beyond some statutory low 1 or 2 percent type figure.  Meanwhile he had saved up and rented accommodation in order to meet childcare requirements and obligations, although year on year rent and gas and electric and water rates and so on all increase some typical 4 and 5 percent, where the wage was only increasing at 1 or 2 per cent (if anything).  This guy ends up homeless and local council refuse help because he can stay with family, although he cannot AFFORD a place of his own that would fit child care needs and requirements.

So guy A is pretty much MADE in terms of what people WANT aspirations, whilst guy B is pretty much down and out, having done the “ALLEGED” right thing and being seemingly completely SCREWED by the INHERENT BIAS within the so-called social systems and so on.

Of course, these kinds of circumstance are brought about by more than just the factors mentioned, though, Society and Government has been demonstrated and proven time and again to “TURN A BLIND EYE” to many a given BIAS within many Societal sectors.

Every politician since time immemorial on both sides of the Political Spectrum and Landscape has sought to reduce BIAS or to much expenditure on a Governmental Departmental basis, whether DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, though NEVER EVER has the COURAGE been demonstrated to actually fully RECTIFY many a Societal Issue or state of AFFAIRS because such POLICY is suggested to be ELECTORAL SUICIDE.

Elsewhere we presently see complaint for example as to health and care workers, and not enough being done for a Society full of elderly inhabitants.

Let us not forget that it is probably this GENERATION of elderly people, that voted for what they now complain of, when voting for Margaret Thatcher and the destruction of COMMUNITY via encouraging SELFISHNESS through self-ownership of homes and shares and so on, likewise “care workers” are predominantly at the lowest end of so-called PAY VALUES and so on, unless they happen to perhaps have some Nursing Qualifications etc.

Despite many of the things that have occurred within my life, I still consider myself as having FAMILY VALUES and love my daughter to bits, likewise I can of course look to inspirational leaders and Teachers, though you do wonder as to how much you can do for yourself in having such community based values and doctrines when Society as a whole is generally exceptionally DIVIDED, between what people SAY they want, as to how they actually BEHAVE, especially when “local” BIAS is quite simply indisputably REFLECTED in ELECTIONS and voting patterns.

Anyway gotta go work.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


AHHHH The Hotel New York, Disneyland Paris, “I Remember It Well”

Yes so, I have spoken as to doing occasion work for a Local Video Production Firm that specialised in “DANCE” COMPETION VIDEO’S, many years ago and happened to see some Headline as to an arrest being made at the Hotel In the Title.

In fact that “HOTEL” was the location for a video shoot that I attended on one particular visit to Disneyland Paris, and whilst it is most definitely a Hotel I would recommend to anyone, that comes with a proviso that SOMEONE ELSE IS PAYING.

Yes Disneyland has changed since that time period, though they do typically have differing Hotels and Accommodations to meet differing AUDIENCE demographics and purse strings.

The Hotel New York is perhaps higher up the price scales and service scales than many on a smaller budget could manage.

You typically get room service, and you bags and so on delivered to rooms, and during the 1990’s when I visited the rooms had a KEYCARD SECURITY SYSTEM.

In fact the guys I was working and travelling with went from one extreme to another, in the sense that on the preceeding night, we had been booked into some local Dover Hotel and they claimed to have lost the booking, our boss went and found another location at short notice and believe me, it was the sort of place that makes you prefer sleeping in the van or car.

The place in Dover, was apparently (or so it was suggested) the sort of place used by fishermen and oil rig workers, it was a room underground of the so-called hotel and was kind of wet and damp throughout.  The bed sheets and duvet coverings covered in holes and cigarette burns and so on.

One lad went over the the sink and pulled up a TOWEL from a towel hang and he held it up in front of himself whilst grinning madly through the bloody great hole it had in the middle of it. 

In fact that Towel became a STORY, because the lad decided that know one would BELIEVE how dire and shit this place really was, in star rating terms, they would likely have to give negative star ratings and it was probably quite high on that scale a minus four star hovel hotel.

So he STOLE the Towel as PROOF, to put some physical reality to the story and place that was going to be described to any audience.

Guess What?

Yes that is correct, we stayed at the Hotel New York and this guy had a change of Heart, he SWAPPED the absolutely crud and hole filled Towel for an all nice and freshly pressed Disney Towel from his room in the hotel New York.

In fact the Hotel New York rooms were beautiful and POSH Smart and well maintained and things such as towels and so on, were changed every day by some room service personnel and so on.

Nothing such as towels and soap etc. was actually worth taking, because none of those things had Disney Markings or Brand names and so on.

For those branded Goods, you would typically have to shop in the local nearby shopping arcades and so on.

The Hotel had a BAR, and upon discovering that the PRICE for a CAN OF COKE was £8 many in the group who were staying within the Hotel Complained about some of the prices.

They very quickly reduced some of the Prices for our group party, and a can of coke in the Hotel Bar was reduced to £4, (I will not print what the beer and lager and alcohol’s cost as many would ikely have a heart attack),still at that time making some EXCEPTIONAL PROFIT, coke cola and so on at that time was generally cheap internationally, though FRANCE often tops PRICE PROFITEERING on Food and Drink anyway, despite many international claims to the Contrary.

Yes that was an example of an inbuilt price mechanism for guests at a particular establishment and you could likely go to alternative accommodation (as we did in fact do a year or two later) and find that the in-built establishment prices are on a differing price and audience scale.

So just as some folks will only buy a brand or product if it costs X much or more, others with go down the X much or less route, all is dependent of course on your BUDGET and indeed how you are used to living from day to day and so on anyway.

Anyway I liked what I saw of the Disneyland on my visits, although I was working, and did add it to places to visit and Holiday at at some point within my life etc).

Elsewhere we are seeing and hearing that the REAL LOTTO £33 Million Ticket Winner has claimed there prize and it has been confirmed and verified and validated etc.  Strange how many people took a chance in trying to claim the prize for themselves, whilst I am sure some folks really do forget and lose tickets and so on, in the wash, one does SUSPECT that a larger contingent of claimants are simply FRAUDSTERS.

Can such things be reduced?  Well I think that overall, the Lotto has been running for very many years, and am sure that in a few cases valid claims have been rejected in some fashion, though surely it is not a great huge task to look after the Tickets.  I say this, though have on occasion “been out in the rain” and found tickets and paperwork stuffed in coat pockets to be damp and wet.

Anyway, what else, well I did take a brief, look at Facebook, seeing that a write-well facebook group had someone making a post, strangely, few within the group seemingly took part, and whilst I enjoyed the course and still listen to re-runs and so on, I do kind of wish or however that more had taken ACTIVE PARTIPATION, in communicating within the Group Page and so on.  I am sure some folks are always busy and have or are doing other things behind the scenes, though I still think that given the SIZE and NUMBER of folks listed as belonging that in percentage terms, it was disappointing (for myself at least), I thought the POTENTIAL FOR NEW LEARNINGS and Teachings and so on was HIGH.

Elsewhere I also decided to return to and see if Bill Harris or indeed any of his followers and so on, had posted anything of interest and new.

Bill actually apparently was a keynote speaker last December at some Biohacking conference and he published a little about that as well as some contact links on his blog page.

I think some new or differing information was given within his brief hour long video and indeed, further information not available appeared in his slides.

Interestingly the so-called realm of Bio-Hacking is of course one that can cause all sorts or differing thoughts and feelings and issues to pop-up.  I myself of course felt negatively triggered and so on via my earlier studies as to Hypnosis Modalities, though that I think is being addressed to a certain extent now because a greater emphasis within these Technology Realms is being placed into IDEAS such-as Neuroplasticity, so whilst historically we may have felt somehow trapped or locked into some sequence of events without any thoughts and feelings and options as to CHOICE, I do think and indeed KNOW, that continued assisted meditation STIMULUS can give you those so-called mental shifts and so on.  Likewise differing parts and sectors of the brain were spoken upon, and indeed greater understanding as to what occurs, with differing parts and sectors of the brain and so on.

So where we may have experienced a great trauma trigger, that shut-down particular mental realms, they can often be reactivated, or indeed other evidence can be followed as to what brain functions and so on, are most appropriate when carrying out particular activities and so on.

So whilst you may be having fun surfing the waves, and lost in the experience, at another time such-as waiting for the cooker buzzer waiting to finish, you may well be keeping better or improved mental time.

So very many differing criteria exist for differing brain functions and sectors and differing trainings and activities can improve or otherwise your overall wellbeing and so on.

My own interest perhaps predominantly as suggested as to some kind of hybrid mental body spiritual cleansing.  All to often we can have non-conscious triggers from any point in our life, DICTATING the most ridiculous choices or thoughts and feelings and ongoing actions.

Elsewhere it is being reported that few if anyone has continued on to solving the GCHQ cryptic Christmas puzzle, I think such things can of course be FUN, though likewise I also know that it can often be better when struggling with a math problem or any kind of puzzle to go away for a bit and then come back to it later, having had time to think or do other things, the competition closing date is on Sunday, and I may well follow the instructions at that time, though a given news article clue suggested that many of us typically MAKE THESE THINGS DIFFICULT for ourselves, so  some outline picture of Rudolph or a reindeer gets the full ESPIONAGE SPY THRILLER theory and so on, much like someone on mainland Europe where guns are often carried by differing peoples and personnel from various Countries having it high lighted that someone is carrying two guns in a suitcase.

A bomb in a suitcase might be more worrying, though guns suggest a simple military tourist or working life requirement, though you in ESPIONAGE TERMS might think that the Police or Security “TOOK THE BAIT” and the real damage doer or ne’er do well is on site and proceeding with intended activities.

I also found myself reading as to STORM GERTRUDE (slap head and rolls eyes) where the hell did they get these names from, that one of course strangely links in to William Shakespeare’s HAMLET though I am unsure if it gives any clues or pointers to OSCAR AWARDS or other Award Ceremony’s.

Yes as suggested previously, one of the best options can be took pull out a WORLD WIDE timetable for the events that most interest you, whether Touring Sports or Award Ceremony’s and then apply all and everything you read to that market sector that you are personally following or interested in.

I see Jamie Murray continued into the Doubles Final, though (Say It with an Asian Voice) Johanna Konta, has fallen over the Kerber.

Yes, sad or strange though true, whilst many a messing about with spelling and sound and so on can be rewarding, not rushing or jumping to NEGATIVE IMPRESSIONS of folks who exercise such activities is also advisable.

Clearly differing demographics, and audience have differing thoughts and feelings as to what they themselves can say and do and behave whilst others are more strict or reserved in thinking things whilst not necessarily saying them OUT LOUD.

This probably not a good route to follow for myself of course, because, in the lower echelons of society you do generally find people who are less able to bite or hold there tongue and so on.  Reality of course differing, in that the further you progress with studies and experience and so on of any kind, the more you often come to see that very little SEPARATES the HAVES from the HAVE-NOTS beyond perhaps the surrounding culture or otherwise that someone has surrounded themselves with.

Elsewhere this deformed baby’s and Mosquito Plague is becoming quite worrying or concerning, though perhaps some Disney studio or however can come up with a Jiminy Cricket of the Mozzie World to put our concerns and worries into appropriate perspective.

Max the Mozzie, special friend to Sid Serpent.

Yes strange though true of course, you do often find that Ugly Duckling into Swan tales, and caterpillar into butterfly, often lead into RELUCTANT MONSTER story’s.

The vegetarian vampire has been done and ummn, think, yes so that another Angle that many a writer does, I’ll take this given realm and this given creature and turn it around or about in some fashion.

Of course the trick is to perhaps know where a given realm is presently at and then find or set the wind direction for yourself.

That part of the problem perhaps in not necessarily knowing what a given AUDIENCE is currently experiencing as to monsters or otherwise.

Likewise of course you do get that some things genuinely have to be experienced for yourself to belief them, given the inside job of some Environmental debates and so on, and this idea that everything is seemingly in evolutionary terms, heading into more application like functions, whereby where once you might have had word as an all bells and whistles text editor, now stripped down and LIGHT versions of infobesity wear are once again becoming increasingly popular.

That perhaps simply that folks suddenly realise that they do not want or require all of the given and provided elements of some software or whatever and see if they themselves can do it any better.

Anyway, I am of to see what I can win this weekend, Euromillions is now peaking my interest, and I have a soft spot for Euromillions, generally winning more on that over the longer haul that the Lotto, no doubt they will at some point decide to ruin it with some new system of operations.

Yes, so Bio hacking sounds highly interesting and so on, though I wonder as to the benefits or otherwise of such things, and how we can switch or change or turn our live’s around, if constantly being sent or subjected to less than savoury peoples and attitudes and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


Oh That Is Fascinating


So as a youngster, myself, I often recall those times upon seeing a Double decker Bus, they did of course used to be a fairly regular site throughout Great Britain, though I think they have gradually disappeared or simply retreated to some of the larger Cities, where the cost equations can still make such vehicles viable.

I mention this because of course Sam Horn within the write-well course did mention not wanting to throw anyone under the bus, and of course if you were going to pick the kind of bus that you get thrown under, from a selection, many of us in naïve childhood meanderings would likely have opted for death by double-decker.  We do or have of course seen such things within many a film, whereby the top of the tall bus is sliced in halve in some fashion, going along some unknown route and happening upon an old low hanging bridge or indeed, more modern films often have great calamity car crashes and so on, you do kind of wonder as to what can be done in terms of stunts with such bus’s, the simple truth is that unless someone has come up with a newer style and design such-as seen within some trains and aircraft, the likelihood is that they simply do not lend themselves to major stunts.

What good is any kind of vehicle if it cannot enter some kind of a DIVING SPIN & ROLL in slow motion etc.

Anyway I mention these bus because they (at least for myself) are generally a rare sight, although I am sure Hereford has had differing Company’s purchase or buy the odd hand me down bus over the years and you do see them sometimes.

So I am walking home and typically playing identify and describe the vehicle, whether car or moped or regular bike or 4×4 and jeep or truckers wagon cab and trailer and so on, in fact so many vehicles and categories exist that only those within dedicated realms and industry circles can probably manage to IDENTIFY various shapes and sizes and styles of vehicle from shadowed outlines and so on.

Yes I see a vehicle heading southbound in the morning gloom and darkness and cannot initially REGISTER what it is, so instead of continuing, I briefly pause and PRESTO, oh look it’s a double decker, the strange thing also being that whilst many a “local” bus company has historically painted according to regional colour scheme, (Hereford used to have RED, whilst Crewe used to have GREEN) this bus had a kind of old fashioned red, as though it had been filmed in one of those old fashioned colour films, a kind of dark red as though the shine or brightness and contrast had faded.

Further to that I noted that it had yellow/black silhouette  adult and child signs typically historically used to warn other drivers to watch for peoples with children, and given to suggesting a SCHOOL BUS.

Anyway I wondered what kind of school has a bus running at this early hour, and further more all the Curtains were DRAWN or pulled close, suggesting that it had been journeying for some time.  Perhaps some travelling group sleeping overnight or it has been converted for usage by some pop group or something.

Anyway of course what you pay attention to typivally shows up within your World, and this can of course be good or bad depending on how advanced you have become.

Typically today, I read some report from the Common’s (Houses of Parliament) as to the outrage that was triggered on today HOLOCAUST DAY by David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ’s) he apparently used a turn of phrase “Bunch of migrants” to describe people camped out in those Calais Camps.

Of course if you read such things and do not KNOW a given voice or ACCENT you might be forgiven for thinking about elsewhere.  So I (for example) having mentioned the TENNIS in Australia and of course having Australian Cousins and mentioning now deceased uncle my mind drifted to SOAP OPERA type thoughts and accents and imagined “bunch of migrants” emanating from an Australian voice, such things perhaps whether regarded as fair or otherwise are perhaps far more likely from our former prison colonist cousins and so on.

Anyway another article that potentially triggered such meanderings was some small article that the Singer of “Wonderful Life” had died.  In fact when I looked into it a little further I kind of had an OH.

I typically in those 1980’s years bought and purchased Collection Album’s such as the so-called NOW series and at one point, I would typically know SONGS though very often not the performers, so I think I have gone for many years, not genuinely knowing who the singers or performers for many songs and so on from that era were.

In fact if I had been asked to GUESS I would have likely assumed someone such as Rick (Roller) Astley, or someone from the Stock Aitkin Watermen stable of sound productions, some of whom included Kylie and Jason from the then popular soap DRAMA Neighbours. Interestingly many a tale has it that many a LOCAL DELICACY is retained by the LOCAL’S and they only sell the crap to everyone else, Guinness in Ireland is not the Guinness we get, Coke Cola in America is not the Coke we get and so on, that does ALLEGEDLY extent to Television Production and Film, whereby many a series that fails to gain a foothold or market share in a given HOMELAND region, is often more popular Internationally and or among particular DEMOGRAPHICS of AUDIENCE and so on.

Word of Mouth from some given “individual” can often lead to others “checking out” some such production whether film television or game or however, and then the popularity goes VIRAL.

This was strangely noted by some recent international survey that kind of asked what differing peoples in differing parts of the World had in common, I think it was a SURVEY of international TV/FILM downloads and or SEARCHES within Browsers and so on, where it was often found that some region of Peru watches or searches for the same show as some Community in Canada or Africa and so on.  Quite interesting, though of course I still think that many BROWSER and SEARCH REGIONS are SHAPED by Internet Providers, and such things can off course be done in positive light, in wanting to avoid regional legal disputes, and of courses undesirable subject matters, though you also of course in such shaping by FINANCIAL INTERESTS and POLITICS can see that no matter how much you think you are operating and functioning as part of some GLOBAL WEB or SPHERE of INFLUENCE that in all likelihood you are not necessarily getting appropriately WEIGHTED and RETURNED RESULTS.

Bing versus Google tests for example, I often find differing results come up from differing SEARCH ENGINES. The same can of course be said for TV streaming services and so on.

Anyway I also of course mentioned at times throughout my life, as to suffering some kind of OCD whereby (for example) during recovery of broken and torn fleshed leg, I was typically encouraged to keep the Wounds in a particular state and not get them WET and all sorts of such informations, and I THINK or possibly BELIEVE, that in following such advice, within one aspect or area of life as a ROUTINE or RITUAL for prolonged period of lime, it can or does have the POTENTIAL to become somewhat all CONSUMING life principle, that idea that something learnt in the short term, gradually deepens and becomes embedded as a LONG TERM memory and so on.  This can be part of that, function and behaviours that were appropriate at one point in your life, coming to HAUNT you at some alternative point in your time line, whereby CONDITIONING of some description has TRIGGERED all those ancient thoughts and feelings and non-conscious ISSUES from some GREAT TRAUMA.

So I suffered MAJOR TRAUMA of a physical nature during teen years, where I was encouraged to follow particular rituals and routines during recovery, and then years later, find that a differing set of circumstances seemingly REACTIVATES all the old build-up of fears and non-conscious topics and debates and so on.

As suggested, I prefer a wholesale, mental clearout, rather than buying into some NEW FORULA that works in some MAGIC BULLET WAY, because you cannot always trust that I magic bullet that works for one person will work for all-comers, we have of course seen many a medicine or ritual come about through IDENTIFYING the procedures or patterns and so on of people who have SURVIVED some given AILMENT or MALADY, some folks have even survived so-called “CERTAIN DEATH” virus and bacteria and so on. 

Science often then seeking to ISOLATE the components or whatever that is differing within one person as to others who have also suffered from a given sequence of events and failed to overcome the ailment and so on.

Now returning to the issue of Hierarchies mentioned yesterday, that does of course give suggestion of a top down or indeed bottom up approach, though most such IDEALS are of course something that is LEARNT.

Paul Scheele within several courses speaks on his development and expertise of PRE-CONSCIOUS programming, and again that gives SUGGESTION that you KNOW on some level the meaning of PRE, my own thoughts tend to lead toward the word “BEFORE” so kind of a before/after thing.

Though that then took myself back to my own interest and research as to the IDEA of Zero Gravity and GYROSCOPES, I think I posted a picture at one point showing those stand in a bubble and spin exercising devises.

Each REALM whether flight or boating and driving in general has its own set of TERMINOLOGIES and much like LANGUAGE TRANSLATION, things can become LOST in TRANSLATION.

Do we know the differing between before/after, a tree/plant root often grows from a seed and the direction is UPWARDS, whilst a given realm GENETIC TREE (in following geneology) and meet the ancestors (Who do you think you are) types shows, are given from the top down approach.

So we learn and are encourages to write TOP DOWN and LEFT to RIGHT, whilst REALITY of growth of tree’s and so on is the OPPOSITE.

Likewise when we go around the World to some alternate Asian type VISUAL SYMBOLIC representation languages, CHINA, we are often given to believe that the direction of READING has to be done from a differing route or direction through the visual schematic.

Many a realm and Country over the years has of course developed the IDEA for BLUEPRINTS and indeed ENGINEERING REALMS have made great effort in doing those differing points of view/angles and perspectives/ratio’s (and scales and measures) and perspectives TOP DOWN, SIDE ON, SLICE THROUGH, ALL kinds of programmes typically to REDUCE interpretation ERROR.

A UNIFED MODELLING SYSTEM does or can be demonstrated to make sense to an ENGINEER anywhere throughout the World who has followed similar training and PRINCIPLES and so on and so forth, so yes, whilst many of us might STRUGGLE to making the same sounds and noises as foreigners and so on, in terms of LEARNINGS SYSTEMS and TECHNIQUES, they can be done on a UNIVERSAL BASIS.

Assuming one again of course that you are starting from similar FOUNDATION or fundamentals of learning for a given topic and subject matter.

You do or can of course also find that some things that come into your World view are IMPORTANT whilst others are unimportant, and typically what you are paying attention to or otherwise can make all the difference.

Early on, PRIOR to advancing through several Holosync Levels and taking up writing a BLOG, I found myself seemingly been subject to rather large amounts of Harassment or indeed ATTENTION seeking, from some individuals, whom I felt could quite easily go and write their own blogs and tell their point of VIEW to the World from their OWN BLOG and so on.

The reason quite simply that some PREACHERS and BELIEVERS in maintaining a given STATUS QUO are doing so from some INTRANSIGENT POSITION of very often misplaced protectionism. 

I work in a realm with many employee’s from many Countries and Nationalities and indeed other aspects such as race colour creed and sexuality and so on are all to EASY to HIGH LIGHT or be PREJUDICIAL ABOUT.

I having experienced some of the very worst within my own lifetime have a perspectives that lends itself to clearing any given negative thoughts and feelings and so on, about myself and or others, out of my INNER/OUTER WORLD and being.

Clearly of course, give the human condition, it is all to easy to claim that you utilise some given PREJUDICE to motivate yourself and others and so on, though EXTREMISM always seems to simply lead back into similar patterns and cycles and so on to what went before, and unless you are King/Queen of the Hill and so on, as to a given ENVIRONMENT, it can be far better to leave much nonsense and negativity behind.

Like wise of course some folks DO CHANGE and have “I SEE THE LIGHT” moments and do find that they can put differences aside and go to work, do a respectable job and collect a paycheck at the end of the week, without taking part in any groups fascism and attempts to create the World in there own image and so on.

So yes, I might recoil at seeing extreme images or have negatively triggered thoughts and feelings when I subject myself to particular circumstance, though often such circumstance is brief or in the moment and not for the long haul.

I recently spoke as to Disney Hereford, and of course you can often find the anti-thesis to such ideas, and I think many a TV and FILM realm has played out the Negative Side of such things.

Jurassic Park of course with Dinosaurs, and Stepford Wives type stories or perfect ENCLAVES of HAPPINESS for residential retiree’s and all the rest.  Whereby even when some folks try to liven things up and have some level of cleanliness and decency and rules and regulations, at some point, someone will likely come along and DISRUPT the original CORE TEACHINGS and lessons and learnings that led to such things in the first place.

I noted that Ban Ki-Moon of the United Nations a Large Organisation that is full of un-elected representatives from World Governments recently spoke on issues relating to Israel and typically was given a negative response from Israel.

Quite simply it can like within many a life realm be easy to PREACH and COMMENTATE from thousands of miles away in your Homeland or within some Global Superpowers meeting or however, though being in the front line against guns and bombs and people who simply do not want to allow your continued existence is a differing BALL PARK, as is facing Harassment within any given realm on any given day.

A recently conducted and released SURVEY suggested that most peoples feel that online TROLLING and SLANDER and BULLYING is the equivalent to doing it in person face-to-face.

Of course when you are reading any given material, you are the one doing the interpreting, you are the one doing the reaction or having various internal systems triggered with RESPONSE THOUGHTS and FEELINGS and likely actions and so on.

So to pursue or not pursue a course of action, that is the question!

Yes Holocast Day, can of coure also mean differing things to differing peoples and populations, though on the Whole it does often feel as though all these REFUGEES and MIGRANTS rushing to WESTERN CIVILISATION are often actually

Trying to break into PRISON.

Yes most psychological prisons are of our own doing and making, though likewise given the choice to steer our way out of such circumstance, I think most people come to an assortment of WISDOMS that are non to dissimilar from each other.

Is this SOAP anti-bacterial, anti-viral and neutral ph, and how do they get it to be Citrus at the same time?  Hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So I Once again Turn On The Gadgets And

So I once again turn on the gadgets and cannot quite believe what I am seeing or hearing and having to take in.

Leicester City are top of the Premiership?

Some young Lady called Johanna Konta is in the Last 8 of the Australian Tennis?

Yes so one can of course be given to thinking that some very strange events and occurrences have happened in order for some of the news and headlines to be “TRUE”.

Also in the news are several articles along similar lines as to FRAUD investigations of National retailer Tesco and I also note articles of Optical Illusions being highlighted.

So it is not all that great a LEAP to perhaps suggest that we are in one of those time periods or zones, whereby the questioning of our senses is being HEIGHTENED.

Of course some of these things have to be possibly be accepted as progress, whilst others will perhaps lead us to conclude that ongoing adjustments whether the same as those that occur in the markets or wherever are ongoing and we now have to take any given new versioning of REALITY in our stride if we are to keep up with the World and have our fingers on the pulse.

Yes so I did of course speak yesterday as to the burger bun combination known as a Whopper, though likewise historically at least we are led to Fisherman’s tales and the demonstrating of the SIZE of the mythical catch made by the fisherman.  Very often with hands forward and actively moving as to demonstrate an estimate of a given size or length.

So Science and previously ART has long been able to demonstrate that much of the World that we take in about ourselves is in fact sensory data and said data can be MANIPULATED and ALTERED.

Typical examples are those picture where you stare and stare and can only see a vase, whilst someone else can only see to profiled faces, or the horse that is also a rabbit and so on.

Thess things of course also demonstrate that the INFORMATION that is bringing your thoughts together or into some form and shape of focus may very well be stored at differing mental locations.

I remember years ago when those 3D Eye type books first came out and we were told to follow the instruction technique and we would be able to see “HIDDEN” images within the coloured blobs and so on, in fact my first impression was that the books resembled some EYE test that I strangely  remembered having at some point, that was a TEST (I think) for colour blindness or some such at Primary School.

It having long been found that particular colours within the mind set of some folks have somehow been found to be located in differing function and manner to that more widely accepted by the broader population. (Possibly).

I was reminded of this via the Aviator film, where at some points within the film, the screen image appeared to resemble old film, or have strange colour HUES.

In fact the wiki write-up confirmed my suspicion suggesting that a certain amount of the film had been done or created and crafted in the style and fashion and manner of the available in that time period technologies.

So the problem then for many of us is that in taking up various courses, we often typically think that if something is not working, we must be doing it “wrong” when in fact in testing theories and so on, very many a given course or indeed drug is tested with some CONTROL GROUP or PARAMETERS.

So I have sometimes taken a course and then gone through it again and suddenly something clicks or pops into place, whereby I can suddenly see in the fashion and manner described by the retailer or seller or expert and so on, whilst on other occasion I have continued in my efforts to REPLICATE the technique or however simply following the INSTRUCTIONS and GUIDELINES and have struggled, as though trying to hard, or indeed possibly or potentially having some kind of


This of course can take us into the realm once again of talking about stage hypnosis.  Whereby it has been demonstrated that people can be hypnotised in a fashion and manner whereby all sorts of weird and wonderful side effects come about.  By this I simply mean that people can seemingly see through walls and objects as though they are not present and so on.

In computing realms, you typically have programming language and instruction set to utilise for a given chip or device or whatever and very often some things that were utilised EXIST within your gadget or whatever and are simply HIDDEN AWAY somewhere.

Much like very many games, have various so-called CHEATS and POKES and so on, that were intended as part of bug testing systems, those ideas originated in many an instance from similar facilities and structures within engineering.

The reason I mention this is of course, because quite simply after years and years of living life and watching film and television and going to school, work, holiday and so on, it is not necessarily inconceivable that at some point within your life you picked up some non-conscious instructions of some description or other, some or many might be quite harmless, whilst others could potentially be the difference between success and failure within your life and so on.

Again I simply mention this, because I did find upon taking up the Holosync Solution, that with continued usage very many TRANCE like states are simply “done away with” in the sense that any kind of compartmentalisation is perhaps broken down and long lost mental links and indeed new mental links and so on are created.  So even if you take some low level course and feel that this given course or system is not “working” for you.

There is a possibility that you may well have some hidden away EXECUTIVE (Higher Level) instructions that have given you a long life of impaired functioning in some fashion and manner.

That perhaps why getting used to Hierarchies and Tiers and differing fashions and means of ORDERING can make all the difference in the World.  Yes you may have never come across some things within your lifetime and never been exposed to particular things, though the human mind does an exceptional job when it comes to imaginings and speculations and all the rest of those things.

We also in returning to the issue at the beginning of the ARTICLE come into the realm of so-called TRUTH and LIES in the sense of knowing whether you are telling Truth or Lie and indeed if such things are BASED in those BUILDING BLOCKS you have within your noggin, that create your so-called World and SENSORY EXPERIENCE.

I spoke on those deliberately crafted paintings and optical illusions, though many typically exist in day to day life anyway, though the old adage of what you see is what you get, perhaps has a differing meaning were you to exercise some sensory skill to the point of new awareness or new enlightenment.

Break free from some of the potential life-long straightjackets that some long lost parental or societal demand is coursing you to exist within etc.

It does of course cost money to take courses and indeed costs money to utilise the ASSISTED MEDITATION, though given the BEFORE/AFTER ratio of people who upon having taken up the remedy stick with them for a few levels, I do think that it is hard to argue, against the very many shifts and so on that can come about, not only within your mental capacities and decision making capacities and reasoning capacities, but also the ability to step back from any given circumstance and not get drawn into some illusory nonsense or CONSPIRACY where no CONSPIRACY exists.

This a short as I have strangely limited time, so until next time and until I can break free from a World where home of Walkers Crisps and Gary ((JUGS) Lineker former team tops the premiership one could well be forgiven for wondering WHOSE WORLD IS IT ANYWAY.

Yes clearly FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOUR can be ARGUED from continent to continent from WHITE LIE scales and levels to non-white-lie scales and levels, yes interesting as to when is a truth a truth and when is a lie a lie, when all about you can be brought into question the further you progress within any given area and topic of expertise.

Yes I quite like many an establishment realm and indeed appreciate very many services and so on, though likewise you do have to accept that whatever the realm, the potential exists that PROTECTIONISM of some description or degree, can occur whereby people fail to have the SIGHT and VISION of the REALM CREATOR (Steve Jobs/APPLE) or indeed so many generations and so on have occurred as the realm and given myth and legend has grown, that old tricks and tips have simply given way to new practices and not necessarily based in how the Creators and so on could see or intention.

Yes many things about the World remain unchanged, though likewise very many claimed NATURE versus NURTURE debate are invalidated by so-called laws of the land, laws of Global Governance and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


The Nostalgia Is Out There

Yes so I recently noted on some brief Twitter Visit that a brand spanking new 6 Part X Files series has been created and crafted, bringing Mulder and Scully back together, and I did a brief INTERNET SCOUTING EXERCISE to see if it was available on one of the Stream casters that I seemingly found myself being signed up to via families insatiable viewing appetite.  Alas whilst I am sure I could have found some PIRATE INTERNET SET and gotten myself a stream, initial investigation with US FOX TV informed myself that the CONTENT was BLOCKED to those outside of a given designated United States Broadcasting Region.

Anyway I quickly searched one or two other UK sources figuring well Sky in the UK is Fox so maybe they have it, and so on.  In fact I think it has been snapped up by one channel or the other and will eventually get picked up by other NOSTALGIC International Broadcasters.

So why the sudden interest in REVISITING “Old” you know what you are going to get Formulaic Type TV, well I do think that for all the very many NEW shows that are coming at us fast and furious via a million and one Cable and Streaming and Internet and Satellite OUTLETS that you do kind of go into “You know what to expect or what you are going to get mode” in terms of not only Nostalgia but Formula and possibly quality of acting or adventure and all the rest.

In fact I do have to admit that whilst I enjoyed much of some of the X Files show for several years, overall I grew ever more disappointed when it seemingly became somewhat over hi-jacked via ALIEN STORIES and some of those Larger ARC stories that were introduced.

So I read a review and PRESTO, was given to believe that the sector or materials that I personally was most tired of or however was the one that has been given another lease of life etc.

Anyway as suggested in multiple months of blog posts, given that I have spent a number of years paying for Amazon and Netflix and so on, without ever watching the materials for myself, I have seemingly over the last month or two made up for lost time.  This said in the sense that I seemingly each weekend find myself going to some such sight and viewing or watching available films and movies.  Most seemingly created and crafted or released during the last 20 years, when I have perhaps mostly stopped being an addicted to the SQUARE BOX OFFICIONADO.

The problem for many of us is of course what to REPLACE such things with.  Yes you can pull out a pen and paper and write your own material, though such processes do seem to be ongoing in the sense of editing and refining and crafting again and so on, in some ever decreasing circle of procrastination (possibly).

Yes one of the tips from one course was suggested to be just jeep on writing without re-reading and EDITING, the editor that many of us have, seemingly much akin to The Voice of some dark Lord whispering and contributing only negatives into our lives.

So what else, well I this weekend was recommended a film entitled OBLIVION starring once again Tom Cruise and this one on a Terrestrial Channel f within the UK, strange watching such channels after going so long without watching materials INTERRUPTED by Advert Breaks and so on.

The film was typical SCI-FI material and was well acted and indeed beautifully Filmed.  Yes it does seem to be lock stock full of Story Lines and Themes taken from more classical SCI FI adventure, though it worked and once again contained a lead entitled JACK, and indeed shifted into the so-called REALM of CLONES and so on.

The Clone issue I mention because I also found myself viewing a film entitled “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman of X Men and Wolverine fame, as a former Boxer come Robot Engineer, developing a relationship with long lost Son. 

Again all been done before, as to the relationship materials, and also perhaps in the Robots Fighting Materials, and Rocky, though the film was enjoyable and indeed triggered once again that issue as to UNIQUNESS and so on.  The robots typically all featuring their own “SPECIAL MOVES” and “FUNCTIONS” and so on, and indeed very many created via the stealing or simply reusing parts taken from other machines and robots.  Much like award winning Triggers Broom (Only Fools and Horses), and his brilliantly written quote of having had this broom for 20 years, it’s had 10 new handles and 5 new heads etc.  Many a person of course can relate to having some CAR or other Family Possession that has in fact only survived via some versioning of SPARE PARTS adaptation and so on.

The Major Production Lines and car plants of the last Century do of course demonstrate reusability through CLONE like manufacturing processes and so on.

I enjoyed that film and then moved on to another almost 3 hour long EPIC starring Leonardo Dicaprio. THE AVIATOR

He is one of those actors that has been nominated of course for an Academy Award for multiple parts over the years, and indeed when you look at his RESUME, you might wonder as to how he has managed such a feat in seemingly managing to be in so many Films that are regarded as above and beyond other CONTEMPORARY PRODUCTIONS, such things are perhaps being in a position to PICK AND CHOOSE ROLES, and whom you will or will not work with and so on.

I can well imagine that some Directors and Producers and Studio’s are NAMES that are regarded in such light as to always attract some of the best and newest talent and indeed the same can perhaps be said for some ACTORS and ACTRESSES.

So many such peoples over the years have told of how they used some alternative INCOGNITO name or persona in order to develop a character or indeed feel ORDINARY, when they typically might always enter a room with some level of EXPECTANCY much like we expect Comedians to “Tell us a joke”.

Many already know, that a fine line can exist of course between success and failure, though the so-called PITFALLS and TRAPS and TEMPTATIONS are of course also widely known.

Anyway I thought his Howard Hughes Performance was Great.  Yes I know nothing or very little of Howard Hughes though it does hark back to a time and ERA prior to great production lines and so on where very many an ORIGINAL or so on character was still able to be independent, and act in some footloose and fancy free way and so on.

Yes Howard Hughes was suggested to have SUFFERED from variations of OCD, although such diagnosis and so on was unknown during those years.  I personally can relate to some of those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on, and that potentially a non-conscious TRIGGER that led to my watching of the film.  I say that because of course I had written a day or two ago as to get it out of me, thoughts and feelings and so on, and then watched a PORTRAYAL of HOWARD HUGHES constantly WORRYING about germs and bacteria and “CONTACT”, very many an ailment can of course be ALLEVIATED via some very basic HYGIENE FORMULAS.

Having said that of course, I also KNOW or personally believe that “TOO MUCH” Hygiene and so on can sometimes be counter productive, in the sense that at young ages we require or need some of the very many bacteria and so on, within our bodies and so on because they act in positive ways and functions.

Yes over ritualisation’s of cleanliness can potentially lead to under developed immune system and other ailments, and I think the MEDICAL PROFESSION has become more and more AWARE of such things down through the years.

Elsewhere some Bug is being reported upon in the America’s, this apparently leads to smaller brain development and so on, in fact the reports I have read are strangely somewhat VAGUE and do not make sense, beyond suggesting that how can you or do you know if a baby is BORN underweight or under-brain sized or however.

It is a typical hook and hinge CAPTURE, of getting people to WANT something to be WRONG and then buying into some soon to be released REMEDY or CURE.

That is not to say such bacteria and bugs and disease do not exist, but to state that very many VIRUS and ailments exist throughout the Human Species and Populations about the Globe and are completely HARMLESS, sometimes to carriers sometimes to tribal groupings and so on.

REISITANCE then perhaps the Key in the sense of that Word Howard Hughes was given to REPEAT spelling throughout the Aviator “Q U A R A N T I N E”.

Not sure if write so long since I looked up dictionary though, yes another condition we hear of more recently is of course so-called Tourette’s and such things are suggested to swearing heavily in some kind of data capture loop.  I actually believe that YES such condition’s can exist, whereby some form of conscious or indeed non-conscious TRIGGER exists that brings about some repeating loop of behaviour or action and so on.

This also I think goes hand in hand with my other belief that such patterns are often RESISTANCE to things we have been told or taught at young ages and REPRESSED in some fashion.  Yes some maybe EXTERNAL or indeed things we have HEAVILY repeated to ourselves, though the point is, that we with meditation and so on can break down or through such ancient and hidden away MENTAL PROGRAMMINGS and so on.

I have of course spoken on EXTREMISM many times and many EXTREMISM is seemingly the REVOLT against one system of operation and lifestyle choices and switching into another system of operation and lifestyle choices.

So some folks suggested to be able to do such things effortlessly and easily anyway, whilst for some it is brought about or triggered through the actions of others.

The individual who is living one lifestyle and then some World Devastating event takes place that pulls the rug or carpet from beneath your feet and so on.

There are of course SCALES and MEASURES as to how any of us might or may react in some given circumstance, though typically I have often found upon meeting some folks who have experienced similar relationship fallouts to myself, that some ASSUMPTION or PRESUMPTION is GIVEN that you are going to suddenly JOIN up with some particular DEMOGRAPHIC or AUDIENCE or SQUABBLING FACTION and so on.

How easy is it (for example) to put your life back together, when you come out of a marrage with kids (perhaps), when you are suddenly having money demands made of you not only for PAST LIFE Historical Bills but also New bills for where you are living and so on now.

I have found over and again that the Present and Current Welfare System and so on within the UK is exceptionally biased in favour of Woman, and not the kids as is often claimed in MEDIA and SOCIETY as a whole.

Anyway you also of course can find, that the SYSTEM forces you to go into further RELATIONSHIPS that you would not necessarily CHOOSE for yourself were you not under pressure of some description or other from other quarters.

It is AMAZING how many peoples and persons especially within FAMILY groups, believe that they have some “SAY” or “INPUT” into your life after you have passed legal consent ages for voting, or smoking or sex and on and on, or indeed how many a family member, is simply DEMANDING that you have to “Do this, that or the other” that puts yourself in WORSE state and living condition and life than they themselves would choose for themselves.

Do we learn from our own mistakes, or do we belief we can learn from the mistakes of others, very often as you grow older you often come to find that any PATH or ROUTE that you choose for yourself or are pushed or coerced into comes with its own set of parameters and dynamics that you may of not chosen for yourself without some form of bullying or however from some SELF-APPOINTED EXPERT, who very often in reality is simply “looking after their own interests” and NOT the claimed interest that they present to yourself as to REASONING as to why this particular action is best.

Of course many have KNOWN about the so-called HUMAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ELEMENT for years and years, hence so many processes designed to REDUCE not only human error, but IMPROVE decision making processes.

However even if you have yourself carried out courses and so on that give you improved skillsets on such issues and criteria, it does not automatically translate that such things will be done by others about yourself, they typically often INTRANSIGENTLY using the OLD MENTAL MODEL that has served them for many years and so on come what may.

Yes breaking patterns and cycles, can be both good and bad, though clearly as most who progress, come to adapt to new awareness and enlightenment, they typically also come to see, that some actions and behaviours are always going to be more favourable than some given alternates.

This quite simply because we can often feel better that we ourselves behaved in some positive and rewarding and uplifting fashion, irrespective of the plotting’s and actions of less helpful Social Networks and Mafias and so on.

What is worth paying attention to?

Well we have of course many a BIBLICAL STORY to call upon, very many people know far more Bible Stories than they necessarily REALISE, very many adapted or reinterpreted into the latest play or TV or FILM production, and the so-called HUMAN ANGLE and ELEMENT all to easy to see.

So STORM JONAS heavily snows and leaves a trail of devastation on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and meanwhile here in the United Kingdom we are having reports of Beached WHALES being HIGH LIGHTED , bring them together of course and you have a kind of JONAH and the WHALE parable and indeed let us not forget the Italian Story of Pinnochio, made famous by Walt Disney Studio’s.

Yes strange though true, I see some other story relating to McDonalds changing the breakfast menu, and I personally have long campaigned quietly that Hereford Requires a BURGER KING, how else is anyone within the region supposed to identify a WHOPPER.

Yes so in this age of digital everything and older generations resistance to PROGRESS and indeed younger generations not wanting to make the same mistaken PROGRESS as predecessors, does the Universe have any hope left at all?

Yes I also found myself returning to the Star Wars Theme Issue, in the sense that Long time fans critique such productions, in negative terms to that of the favoured Original Trilogy, though the view of an 8 year old fan is clearly differing to that of a 40+ year old fan.

So why do we feel any need or requirement for SPOILER INDUSTRIES and so on, that constantly harp on about GAPS within the PLOT and CONTINUITY ERRORS and so on.

I thought I know I will read the book, though a quick look at book reviews, suggest very little additional information is to be found within the book.

I did read an article suggesting that the release of the NEXT INSTALLMENT has been put back and various SPECULATIONS as to SCRIPT CHANGES and so on, well surely that is simply because whilst the core team is present, some roles within the production have been handed over to alternate persons and peoples, who themselves may respond to given feedback and so on in differing fashion and manner to those who have handed them the so-called reigns.

I think plenty exists within the Star Wars Universe for very many spin-offs and present actions suggest that Rogue One, coming out later this year, is perhaps having more time and attention given to it, hence the delay to the main FRANCHISE.

They can of course within that Universe, bring in New Jedi and old Jedi and training Jedi and so on, depending on how close to Original Series you want to stay.

Clearly the 2nd “EMPIRE” was oft given to “being the best” though such expectation for any New production is unfair to those involved in what is really an all new generation production of not only very many cast but also production teams and so on.  The talk of delay because of SCRIPT issues is ridiculous (in my opinion) because clearly we are I think likely to see a slower story development this time around for some actors and actresses, characters and so on.

They could of course totally disregard all that has gone before, and go of on some alternate tangent, though what they did of that in THE FORCE AWAKENS, was fairly good.

Now why mention Jedi Masters, well I had an Uncle JIM (James) and got into trouble in my youth via a work colleague called James, and also of course, my brothers partner’s  deceased son was named James, he was in fact an email correspondent with myself whilst I was at University, he having corresponded on a couple of occasions, he himself studying at another University, where he died during the course of his studies.

I also have since of course studied the work and courses of Jeda Mali another kind of J M lettering, so I though well I know of the so-called OFFICIAL King James Bible editions and so on, though was there also some character James within the pages, I could not recall or remember a “BOOK OF JAMES”.

However, quick research and investigation does lend itself to an appearance of a James, as wiki shows

So perhaps part of a group of documents that were included into a chapter or book format.  The suggestion given to some form of THEOLOGY and of course like all Biblical characters and Documents, you typically find very much INVESTIGATION and DEBATE has been taken as to meanings and interpretations and wisdom and all the rest of those things.

I am not up on my Biblical Theory, though of course did say I liked Old Testament and Britain and most Countries are New Testament Oriented and indeed new testament contains a number of Gospels, and I think James is favourably compared with one or two of the so-called Gospels.

So we can find that we WITNESS materials that point us to alternate realm materials and identify links between realms, and indeed we can find ourselves going a few steps back prior to proceeding on a slightly differing or alternative route or course.

Anyway not sure where all this driftwood like writing is going at present so will leave it there for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Start Spreading The New’s

Start Spreading The New’s sang Frank Sinatra as part of his “NEW YORK” anthem.

Yes so I just has some NEWSFLASH POP-UP on my British News website saying, The American Metropolis entitled New York has come to a standstill.

Much like the Falkland Islands, I had a Where The F*** Is That moment, prior to returning to shoulder shrugging, head nodding, eye rolling mode.

Yes having been brought up and nurtured by many an American Film Industry Production, along the lines of Great Cities being brought to a standstill and such things usually associated with “BAD”, I have little doubt that much like there British Counterparts, many a long weekend will be had and enjoyed, as will the inability to get into the City from the Suburbs and so on.

Strange though true of course, I being a typial pedestrian can get to work, wind rain or shine, though am reminded of my daughters visit to British Metropolis of London during the Tube Strike.

A three hour rail journey, there or there about’s, across Country and perhaps a 150 miles or more covered. Having dropped the daughter of with her Uncle, who was collecting her, I myself was back home in Hereford having made the return trip, QUICKER and FASTER, than daughter and Uncle were able to Navigate through London, without the use of the TUBE.

A journey that may have taken them an hour across the city anyway using tube trains and buses and so on, took some 4+ hours, to cover some relatively small DISTANCE, the City of London or Greater London might boast some 10 or 20 Square Miles or some such, though that is not the 150 that I myself journeyed in LESS TIME.

So Wide Open Spaces and Highways and so on, win out over RATRUN MAZE Cities over and over again, though likewise, you do come to see how peoples and society’s and the general HERD can become over-reliant on TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURES and indeed how such things can be brought to a standstill, not only through workers downing tools and so on, but the so-called ELEMENTS.

We do of course historically at least suggest to people, that if you build a property on a sandy beach then do not be surprised when the tidal wave washes it away, and likewise similar stories for many issues such-as Typhoon and Hurricane Valley’s and so on classified by INSURERS as “ACTS OF GOD”, clearly such things can cause issue for ATHEISTS, because whether they believe in God or Otherwise, they are still likely to want to make insurance claims, when all goes awry.

So what to do huh?

Well clearly in this day and age, many a person has been reported as STOCKING UP on supplies and indeed, you do often get the impression that American’s (as a people) in general are better prepared or independent than many other Nations populaces.

The wide open spaces and sprawling metropolis’ and so on, give way to peoples having a feeling of greater independence in terms of owning their own Generators and power grid’s and fuel supplies and so on, again this is all SPECULATION and CONJECTURE based upon TV/FILM MEDIA and entertainment features rather than any kind of grounded in FACT REALITY.

So whilst we Brits can Envy the American Eastern Seaboard and quite a large number of States, the SNOW they are experiencing and the opportunity to make Snowmen and slide on toboggans and have snowball fights, we here in the Wye Valley and cities such-as Hereford, are often suggested to miss out on certain types of Weathering simply through LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, yes I have experienced one or two major snowfalls within my lifetime, though far fewer than is seemingly reported elsewhere about the Nation, I can watch the weather reports and look out the window and very often find that we have some kind of weathering exclusion zone, almost Bermuda Triangle like in nature, in the sense that you see the report and then look outside or indeed go to a local press side and find Nada, it aint happening as reported/speculated/prophecised by FORECASTERS.

Yes they might get it heavily just 2 miles down the road, or 5 miles here there and everywhere else, though, you do come to see just how INNACURATE many a NEWS & WEATHER REPORTING SYSTEM really is, in terms of GENERALISATIONS, when you see Weather on the Telly for example, the City LABEL or NAME is often covering quite large sectors of nearby landscapes and smaller towns and so on, other than the one pointed upon or indicated.

What else, well I did find myself discussing the Labels issue with an engineering colleague, he speaking upon one of his younger colleagues not knowing what a PLINTH was and then using the word KERB to describe the same location or point in his message.

I happened to wrongly SIGN some paperwork, because I had read a word RE-HANG, when in fact my place of work has multiple places identified as RE-HANG, so many in fact that you could speak to a dozen workers through out the factory and each would likely reference a differing RE-HANG that is the height of their own FACTORY KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS.

This the problem in everyone not learning or having enough of an OVERVIEW for the entire site, to be able to realise that “THE BIT” that is most important or relevant to themselves is NOT the only place with that title, and indeed further CRITERIA is REQUIRED or NECESSARY for peoples and persons who do know the bigger picture, in order to narrow down the SEARCH CRITERIA as to LOCATION.

My own thoughts, have often been to ask that people use a location identifier prior to a machine identifier, many a location seemingly given a MACHINE NAME IDENTIFIER, and therein lies the PROBLEM, because UNIVERSAL ENGINEERING and “OBJECT ORIENTATION” in its Universalness does lead to many parts with the same names and so on.

So yes, a more formal structure of LAYERS and ZONES would make sense for not only engineers, but all staff.  Rather than having to constantly ask CLARIFICATION QUESTIONS.

What is the USP, UNIQUE SELLING POINT, that you are going to tell myself in order to identify some location, or machine, or this that and the other, ITEM or OBJECT. Yes as much as everyone wants to feel and be part of a given group or herd, we return to UNIQENESS and indeed, whilst degree’s of separation demonstrates that REDUCTIONISM as a system works, you do of course still have room for UNIQUENESS or a field or expertise of your own making and so on.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports that VESTED INTERESTS are calling for the breaking up of the National Telecommunications Networks and so on, I actually think such ideas are extremely BAD and ill thought out, yes more groups can come in and do their own thing and so on, though EVENTUALLY, you nearly always find you having to bring differing parties together with threats of “BANGING HEADS” to sort out some ISSUE, that they have created whilst developing their own Monopolies and so on.

So whilst all are raging about DIVERSITY IN THE OSCARS issues, you do come to see that such things are often “A STORM IN A TEA-CUP” over nothing.

The problem then very often that most rush to LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR strategies when opting for Unique Selling Point’s.

Not necessarily realising that as a SPECIES (for example) you have male or female.  Yes some alternates are born into this World, as present reports on infants with birth defects shows, though in general you have male and female, and one (the female) can have children whilst the other cannot.  (Yes some creature species have or go through transitions and changes and metamorphosis, though humans generally do not).

Science has made great effort in changing such things, though likewise most or many of us might consider that given the way in which EVOLUTION has occurred, those who have thrown themselves wholesale into minorities or evolutionary oddity realms, can hardly have done so blindfolded.

We see over and over again, systems and mechanisms that keep both males and females, trapped in nonsense cycles and patterns that do not necessarily serve either sex, and indeed even those who have bucked some given trend often find themselves sub-categorised in some fashion, that they would not necessarily choose for themselves.

Not sure where all these thoughts and so on are leading so will leave this one here, at present.  I did find myself taking INTEREST in SCREENWRITING and associated realms, though clearly I think and indeed feel that I have already invested in much of that kind of research and material.

I think the issue perhaps now one of developing a given story or theme to FRUITION of some description.

Interstingly of course, the differing types of writing do lend themselves to differing peoples and personalities and indeed differing aspects of things.

So screen writing typically might be more of a script and when someone seeks to place script within ENVIRONMENT, you then have further information to work with that lends itself to books and so on.

So you could set out with the intention to write a book and think what you have done is to flimsy or light, when in fact, it could just be that you have done something more akin to a screen play and that in terms of a book perhaps simply requires “FILLING OUT” in some fashion or manner, what is the location for this seen, what props are here, anything standout as a plot device or mechanism and so on.

So yes, whilst I have persevered with multiple courses, becoming attuned and staying attuned to any one given formalised system of working practice, can be a navigation practice all of its own.

Generally I think many of us start out with the assisted MEDITATION in terms of someone who has been infected with some horrible disease of indeed Alien that we see within many a FANTASTY FICTION realm, where we do not know where particular thoughts and feelings and attitudes or indeed stimulus for such things ORIGINATED, though we simply want to copy that actor or actress on the SCREEN that screams “GET IT OUT OF ME” etc, prior to being sliced and diced or suffering some amputation or removal of some kind.

Likewise, of course, many a positive and rewarding and uplifting thoughts and feelings and so on can also exist, the TRICK perhaps to find realms and identities and thoughts feelings actions and behaviours and so on, that are perhaps NEUTRAL or HARMLESS from any which way perspective or angle you choose to look upon it.

Yes that might make for extremely boring life and so on, though most I think, given the opportunity to do something again or indeed start over afresh would do so, without many an INHERITED “dysfunctional” topic and issue or however one wishes to describe such things.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So Sometimes You Can Find

So sometimes you can find yourself wondering as to where to turn your attention, assuming of course that you have not got some ready routine that you follow on a day to day basis.

Today of course was the date given for the funeral of Brummie Stokes, at Hereford Cathedral and the local newspaper managed to put together this article.

Okay, somewhat short, though they do provide a link to that which has already been written and published and indeed, many a Funeral or Service has its own Order of Ceremony Pamphlet and so on, very often including Hymns and Quotes as to who is speaking and what not.

Elsewhere I found myself reading a couple of articles related to the Oscar Controversy, one female actress suggesting that the so-called minority’s were being racist to whites, and another from Michael Caine, who gave a more modest or moderate view of the issue, he himself having worked for years and years without recognition, before gaining a Nomination and indeed Oscar (I think), he actually chuckling and pleased to not be overly concerned with “ATTENDING”, bemoaning the long flights and sitting in an auditorium for hours up hours simply to clap opponents taking home the Statuettes.

There is a hint, that many of the great and the good are TIRED of Red Carpets and Glamour and Glitz, and the expectation to show up at all the major award shows (When you consider the International Calendar and the fact you can role from Country to Country for most of the Year, much the same as when Film’s are being Premiered). Hence some coming out with controversial reasoning’s as to why they will not attend, though surely some straight forward plain honesty, such-as that of Michael Caine can seem REFRESHING in comparison.

Michal Caine is also quoted as wanting a BREXIT when it comes to the European Debate, suggesting that The European Government has become something of a faceless PROXY Government for many peoples and persons in Europe and that some changes are required.  He I think actually Touring and Promoting his own new film and has been pinned down on issues that he has not really paid attention to, given the amount of um’ing and arrging in his responses.

Another Article that caught my own attention was that Disney Florida is seeking to gain permission to fly within its own No Fly Zone with Drones, as part of some Fireworks and Light Show Entertainment.

I myself think that is a straight forward ask to be approved, though it is being given to double standards, because few Locations about America have such Flight Restrictions and No Go Zones.

The problem for Disney of course that given the Realm and grandeur, they are like something of a magnet for all and sundry, and instead of people being able to enjoy trips to the Magic Kingdom, peoples were constantly having to deal with buzzing  Advertising Banner Aeroplanes constantly flying over.

Whilst such things are perhaps more heavily debated in Small Island Nations and Coutnries such-as the United Kingdom, you do kind of think that Larger Countries and Locations about the World could do with such things as No Fly Zones, and so on.

It can be the free for all attitudes that cause accidents and issues, when many of those who were buzzing Disney Holiday Makers, were going for an easy option rather than thinking about improved strategies and so on.

Yes some easy choices and options exist within the World, though clearly confusion and conflict also occurs when you get non-realm versioning’s of particular stories or ideas and so on.

For Every Kellogg’s Cornflake packet you will find a hundred other Flakes packets boasting some similar taste and flavour much in the same fashion as Cola Wars.

So whilst I might make claim to David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom, plenty of other local David’s can do likewise, though were I on a trip to London, and wrote David, London, England United Kingdom, then the very many David’s in London possibly even including Prime Minister might have something to complain about.

So names can come with there own challenges or indeed not, though likewise some unconsidered angle and perspective is always available in some fashion when you take time to think and so on.

Yes disappointing news overall, lots of little items of news that have little appeal in the PRESS ME, headline stakes, I not interested in the waiting for Platini to be tried within World Football prior to new presidential elections, sounds once again like skewering and manoeuvring and so on is taking place.

Likewise several stories are oh really, no, please, all kind of llike that show “Why Don’t You” that was popular when I was a kid, The lyrics to the Theme can probably be found somewhere such-as youtube, though why don’t you…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom


How Does One Define An Infinite Intelligence As A State Of Mind

So I have in recent days spoken as to Trance States, and I have heard or seen such terminology used over and over again, the problem at least for myself is perhaps the ROOT Issue, in that when you speak in any kind of SLOW MOTION you can typically fill out the so-called GAPS within sounds and sensory inputs.

Most T and R combinations might be suggested to be rooted not only in classical Terra meaning simply EARTH or something like that but TERROR.

Who wants to constantly reference and utilise TERROR as a state of mind, unless some positive aspect or coin side can be found within such thinking.

This of course as a line of inquiry then led to well why not simply think “I know, some singer a few years ago sang as to EMPIRE STATE OF MIND, so why not switch to words, phrases and meanings that are potentially less TRIGGERING of Negative States”.

Yes that is the answer, I shall opt for a Disney State of mind.

The problem then continues, because as anyone who continues so-called research into the realms of the great and the good within many realms and arts, often comes to unearth far more disparaging  materials and character flaws regarding reputations and so on than otherwise.

Some are quite plain and obvious “tell all” biographies from former staff and workers within various realms, whilst others are well documented and somewhat hard to fathom or indeed RATIONAL as to being questionable.

What does that mean?

Well if you see anyone in any walk of life opting or choosing to use ABUSIVE or BULLYING or even PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, it can be somewhat difficult to RECONCILE as to alternative viewpoints of such people.

This of course can be even more troubling when we are little and see actors and actresses on FILM and TV and RADIO and the THEATRE STAGE playing ROLES or CHARACTERS.

You see a face and recognise a face (potentially), though you do not have the mindset to be able to know a given DIFFERENCE between ACTOR/ACTRESS and ROLE.  So one day you might see Will Smith or a Bill Cosby for example in some COMEDY show such as The Cosby Show or the Fresh Prince, and are often led or given to believe that they are mostly of a similar nature and characteristics, this something also suggested as to Harrison Ford, whereby the IMPRESSION or HYPE or however is that this is a FAMOUS PERSON that you know is like this and does these characteristics and values and attributes so well that they are not really ACTING so much as simply having a day in the garments and robes of this production under this heading and title.

Likewise we can time and again see, peoples about the World whose LEGEND or attention seeking craft knows no limits as to what they themselves think is acceptable or otherwise.

We have of course seen very many STEREOTYPES as to given behaviours within particular realms and indeed particular Countries and Cultures, and again you sometimes have to wonder as to where the attention seeking DRAMA ends and the real life person begins.

So how much do we buy into these ACTORS and ACTRESSES and other peoples and persons in society (in general)  as ROLE MODELS and how much does our WORLD SHATTER when they are high-lighted for so-called other attributes and values and characteristics that the World of Spin Doctors and very often those within such circles of the great and the good “DISMISS” in terms of being given to some over DEFERENTIAL  treatment or termed PECULIARITIES or related to some given demographic such as age assisted madness and so on.

Will Smith has recently on “Good Morning America” Stated that he wants to be able to watch a Show such-as The Oscar Award Ceremony and feel that he or his children or those from some designated minorities are able to have rewarding thoughts and feelings, attributes and values and ROLE MODELS reflected back at them in the so called Mirror, and I actually do kind of CONCUR with those things, though likewise wonder how many of us “BUY IN” to the so-called CHARACTER and how many of us “BUY IN” to the STAR, being rewarded and so on.

We in the United Kingdom have seen brief reports as to Jimmy Saville and his conduct within the BBC, and likewise, it can be difficult to FATHOM or COMPREHEND that others were not AWARE of his activities and indeed not also involved in some fashion.

Of course the problem of a TARNISHED REALM or REPUTATION is one that again is dependent upon your own thoughts and feelings and beliefs as to given ACTIONS and BEHAVIOURS and so on.

Likewise we are also seeing some SPY PLOT, HIGH-LIGHTED in the UK News (AGAIN), as to some Russian Guy who it has been suggested was poisoned by some of his Visiting Russian Friends, he said to have pointed the finger on his DEATH BED as to those responsible and so on, also naming Vladimir Putin, who in a Country the Size of Russia, might be forgiven for saying “who the hell is that”.

Yes apparently the chap was involved within ESPIONAGE CIRCLES and so on and so forth (unsure as to whether SECURITY SERVICES have confirmed that or otherwise), though likewise you do get the impression, of a highly selfish individual, whose own self-interest was at the forefront of his own mind and thoughts.

We any of us could fall ill and we any of us coud come up with a million and one reasons as to why some among the great and the good or alternate realms of so-called DIGNITIES are “out to get us” or indeed responsible for our flagging Health or Wealth of whatever.

Returning to the Will Smith issue and the Oscars, he has of course been possibly a little sandwiched regarding the events, as it was his wife who initially stated that she would not attend.  Again many long term fans of characters such as Will (within The Fresh Prince) might fall into some kind of psychology as to he having been henpecked manoeuvred by his missus.  Yes again, that is only CONJECTURE and SPECULATION, and he did say they discussed the matter, though likewise for every CELEBRITY VACATING a seat within the award ceremony, you will easily get thousands of others, who would crawl on there dying hands and knees to get a place at one of the so-called ESTABLISHMENT TABLES etc.

What Spike Lee and The Smith’s should or could have done was WAIT for the Ceremony to BEGIN and then STAGED A WALKOUT, if they felt that STRONGLY.  Though the “were not attending” is the continuance of giving the IMPRESSION of DEFERENCE to those who are voting and all the rest of those things, we are still your friends really, but you know, AUDIENCE blah blah.

Elsewhere we are hearing or seeing reports that our DEFENCE CHIEF is rooting for and encouraging continuation of our submarine defence and mutually assured destruction operations, that is only right I think.

The truth of course, that some behaviours and actions and continued PREJUDICE in the face of alternative options and choices is difficult to comprehend on some levels.  Some seemingly so INTRANSIGENT as Haters of this or that or the other grouping that nothing other than some annihilation and extermination is good enough in their eyes, even to the point of their own SELF DESTRUCTION even after a million and one alternative options have been presented.

Anyway yes I thought Disney State of mind and then thought well do I want Disney World or Land state of mind and happy cheerful, more Beautiful than Beautiful painted grass and tree perfectionism, or do I want the possibly intransigent fascist like mind that came up with those IDEALS and so on, yes many a Disney History is given to suggest that working for Walt was not necessarily all it was cracked up to.

Likewise of course, such ENVIRONMENTS as a Company Struggling and operating on BOILER ROOM POLITICS and DICTATORSHIPS can still win out for all in the longer haul or term, though likewise unless you adopt (for example) some of the assisted Meditation like products I recommend you can possibly be forgiven for wondering “how am I going to purge myself of these less than savoury, thoughts and feelings and so on trigger or indeed caught from spending this time around these peoples at that time of my life or however”.

Yes so difficult choices and decisions, though some clearly lead to greater thoughts and feelings of prosperity and Health and Wealth and so on, whilst others strangely nearly always lead to feuds and NONSENSE, that serves no one.

One of DONALD TRUMPS and indeed BRITISH CONSERVATIVE VALUES is claiming that they are best for small business Start-ups and entrepreneurial encouragements and so on.  Though likewise for every start-up with a boss who is positive and rewarding of staff and colleagues and so on, you will likely find other bosses and individuals, whose Policy has always been predominantly less than savoury when it comes to all and anyone other than themselves.

There is working life positive COMPETITIVE and onward and upward and so on, or there is simply the “Mine Mine all Mine of Daffy Duck on getting too the Treasure Cave prior to Bugs Bunny”.

We also of course see people over and again opting for the so-called “less than option” where having failed in some aspect or measure themselves are simply not motivated beyond sabotaging all and everyone else who does not fit “The World” as they themselves want and require it to be.

Thus typically ensuring some pre-existing STATUS QUO remains intact, above and beyond, the hopes and dreams and aspirations of others who might take away or steal the little POWER BASE they feel they have left in some fashion or manner.

We are also seeing reports as to Snow on the Eastern Seaboard of America and that is another issue unto itself of course, given that so many seeming systems exist, not only among those seeking Enlightenment and Awareness but throughout the World in terms of how we are all seemingly interconnected and hooked up or otherwise, that knowing CAUSE/EFFECT really can often simply come down to GUESSING GAMES OF CHANCE.

Yesterday the Great and The good of British Television apparently had another Award Ceremony entitled The National Television Awards (according to reports on my news feeds).  Interestingly the top honours went to some same old faces, although beyond names and so of various shows, I myself am generally unaware of WHAT IS HOT AND WHAT IS NOT.

I did in regard to the OSCARS issue, note that many Television Realm Awards shows and so on, all claimed to have a broad base and selection demographic within the many categories available in this day and age. 

Whilst some constantly CRY WOLF as to lack of representation at least within the DIZZY HEIGHTS of THE HIGHER ECHELONS, the lower teers of the very many productions and MEDIA realms are chock-a-block heaving with just about every grouping represented that those crying wolf could wish for.

Whilst many a Country such as the United Kingdom has LAWS as to some subject matter, such-as defamation and slander and incitement to racial hatred and so on, or indeed showing real life death and destruction on public broadcasting channels, many INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES do not set there broadcasters such limits, hence the need or requirement, perhaps for the pushing Through of IMPROVED MONITORING RIGHTS and the SURVEILLANCE BILL and so on, for every innocent curious person, who happens to press a wrong link on some SPAM EMAIL, you can all but guarantee that some other alternate groups and individuals are actively seeking out such sites and realms, for less than savoury purposes.

The RADICALISATION of peoples and persons, is not specific to one colour or country or ideology, and anyone who has spent time studying such things, could well point the finger at quite large groupings of very many ESTABLISHMENTS, who have cause to be questioned on such things.

The Elites and establishments very often those travelling Internationally and experiencing the World and the very many Cultures that make up the Globe.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So Today We Are Seeing Reports of Global Market Adjustment

Hey pssst, do not say CRASH.

Yes so the simple truth is, that it is all too easy to say that prediction of some market adjustment could be seen coming from a mile out.  It was of course only a year and a half ago that OIL was trading at some ridiculous $100+ a barrel, and that was never ever going to continue into the long term.

How can we know this, well at that time I think various long term reports had been coming out as to Global Oil stocks and indeed the ever growing COST of exploiting or getting at the so-called newly found reserves.

Some oil reserve locations are easily accessible to us, lying just below the surface on land, whilst other reserves are a little more difficult to come by having to be pumped up through oil rigs out in Oceans and bays and so on.

Likewise, once so-called Shale mining was allowed or became an acceptable method of getting oil, the price was always going to begin to drop, as FEARS & WORRY as to future supply and demand were reconciled in some fashion etc.  We also could suggest that the keeping of IRAN as an International Pariah State and so on, was also potentially done to simply extend the given international market holding price and so on.

Clearly it long suggested that IRAN with some of the largest World Oil Supplies does not need or require Nuclear Power, hence the suspicion that they were far more interested in Nuclear Technologies for other purposes.

Clearly they are not the only ones, though I think some quarters and vested interest have to quite simply accept that over reliance on any one given commodity or means of exchange for any Country can be a positive or indeed Negative in the sense of not seeing the lay of the landscape (whether regarded short, medium or long term) we also of course have many a moralistic story relating to such things.  The strength also being the weakness and so on, all very often constantly blinding us to the so-called NOW principle. 

The problem of course that many (myself included) have historically at least potentially bought into the Idea of Now as a short term oriented strategy rather than NOW as a kind of Independence from any form or measures and scales and so on.

Elsewhere, I found myself somewhat bemused by some of the Oscar’s issues, typically the Academy Membership suggested to be of particular stereotypes in exceptionally heavily weighted percentiles of demographic.  What?  Well over 50’s, Male, White and so on.  It should however not be lost on us that the people screaming and wailing the loudest as to this demographic as the anti-christ are also peoples within the Academy and some who are appointed or regarded quite high within those circles.

I chuckled at these, not so much because of all the finger pointing and so on, so much as when I look to the working life realm or indeed many established realms within Society, we typically can very often find those very same MAFIAS of population demographic holding the so-called reign’s of power and so on.  Such things do of course take us into the Matriarchal/Patriarchal debates and indeed how to bring about a balance as to who does what and so on, within relationships and all those various forms of “I’ll do it tomorrow, don’t bother I’ll do it myself” conversations.

The other topic for the American Academy is perhaps how much is being regarded as Homeland Consumption voting, and how much is International Consumption being taken into consideration.

The Movie Industry is of course a World Wide Industry, though Hollywood historically at least did a very good job of maintaining itself and indeed its American Audience and attitudes and behaviours as the leading light of Western Consumerism and so on.

Should we now create an “INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY AWARDS and OSCARS Ceremony” and have the American Academy Awards as a subteer within that Organisation?

The reason I ask is of course because you get into the debate of WAS THIS FILM or PERFORMANCE “GOOD ENOUGH?”

If it is good enough then it perhaps worthy of Nomination, though both films being cited as NEGLECTED such-as “Straight out of Compton” about American rappers NWA and indeed “Concussion” are very much American Appeal only productions.

Yes NWA did achieve some international appeal, though I only happened to hear or know of them via friends Holidaying in America, they did not have and did not really pursue international audience, beyond being typical “join our rebellion” hero’s.  They were of course also exceptionally controversial and any film might be suggested to Glamorise some of those more controversial issues.

Concussion whilst starring a Major Film star with International appeal in will Smith, is unlikely to do well internationally, simply because as much as American Football has made international Market inroads, it has not been as big as some might like to think.  We typically in the UK might think of attending some big game out of NOVELTY VALUE, much in the same way as American’s might support international Soccer, when any of their teams are doing will internationally.

I compared Will Smith to Brad Pitt recently and during some of that research found that Brad Pitt had done some baseball film I had never heard of, so it is not something that is exclusive to one community.

So perhaps AMERICA in wanting to be fair to its HOMELAND MARKET and indeed the Place of respect in terms of INTERNATIONAL FILM PRODUCTIONS and investment, should SPLIT Academy Awards up.

Easy, says David, though in all likelihood, you are always going to find peoples who belong in both VOTING SECTORS & Markets & audience demographic.

Elsewhere the TALIBAN are making headlines via some fighting action in PAKISTAN and a we are still here, claim to fame.  The truth of course that if we go LOOKING for such stories we will find stories on each and every continent on the planet.

TRUMP has been given the kiss of death apparently in receiving the support of Sara Palin, another somewhat controversial figure, who was involved within the last Republican Campaign against Obama.

Yes quite a mix of turmoil and issues and more issues to get sucked into as being the most important thing, when clearly any sensible person, when faced with “THE ORIGINALS” as each and every generation within many a realm, seemingly regards itself should dismiss much of the NONSENSE and give some clarification as to behaviours and so on.

As suggested recently, it is all to easy to give broad sweeping dictums from above to entire groups and populace, when some RULES and REGULATIONS should be abided by all anyway, a more sensible and measured approach in this day and age to INDIVIDUAL peoples and persons testing themselves against accepted realm behaviours, can be to actually SINGLE OUT the troublemakers, rather than punish entire working groups.

This is of course choice, and indeed identifying perpetrators or otherwise can be troublesome, though very often punishing groups does a disservice to the many who are getting on with it and very often wishing “someone higher up” would do something about a given IDIOT or IMBECILE whether male or female and of course beyond giving SUSPICISION that some AFFAIR must be taking place, given how light handed and treated some issues have been when compared against historical actions of peoples and persons of the alternate sex or indeed race colour creed and all the very many accusations and prejudices that can spring to mind.

However, I can report as to my own working life that I was recently shown around on a quick mini tour of some new, very impressive feats of engineering, and the factory now looks far better equipped for the 21st Century.

The work is ongoing having gone through several stages of development already, so I shall not speak to soon, though clearly given the limited budgets and constant pressure to keep rolling, I think many a person from multiple departments can give themselves a pat on the back as to what can be achieved with a little investment and planning coordination and choreography.

(as if other people could possibly think in working along those kinds of models of existence and learning.)

Meanwhile on those brief interludes entitled breaks, I have found myself watching as JACK FROST has seemingly taken Hereford, England, United Kingdom into his bosom.  Yes the Frost falling was very much like glitter snow in the chilled night air and the coat upon the tree’s was very Winter wonderland, as was my walk home in the morning.

I did strangely see a chap carrying a pair of shoes or pumps along, and my thoughts did of course go to thinking upon DEAD MANS SHOES and CROCODILE SHOES and various swings and roundabouts as to reasoning’s for alternate footwear.

Many a person has a driving pair and a walking and working pair of footwear anyway, and the weather lends itself to having a spare.  Likewise given meeting Brummie Stokes SAS Legend at a young age and he strongly linked to Ice & SNOW and so on through some of his lifetime of exploits, I cannot help to think it is all strangely quite surreal and almost appropriate, given his recent death.  I of course unlikely to attend any Ceremony, as I have a long history of AVERSION to Church’s and Cathedral’s when they are holding EVENTS and so on, since giving up Religious like church attendance during my own teen’s.  Having family elsewhere also meant, I did, when little, often miss going to distant funeral’s and so on anyway, so it never kind of feels appropriate to have strong links to places associated with the passing of others.

I like to think I can often find my own ways and means to commemorate and celebrate people in my own way and am sure I will be there in spirit if not in person.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉