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So New Year is typically geared and styled and fashioned toward the IDEA of NEW, out with the old and in with the new, though typically as suggested in numerous articles and blog posts and what have you, people do not generally include themselves within such thoughts and feelings and actions.  The thoughts and feelings and so on often given to some ITEMISED LIST of IMBUED ARTIFACTS.

So, out with the old car and in with the new car, and out with this old house and in with a new house.  MAN kind (I use to world to mean both males and females) goes to great lengths to EXIST or be IDENTIFIED via what might be regarded as 3rd Party ARTIFACTS and BELONGINGS.

Our minds typically automatically making such connections for us in many ways, so and so has a Lightsaber, they must be a JEDI and so on.

So yesterday evening I turn on a gadget and check out online news feeds and am informed that some TOWER within DUBAI is “On Fire” and the PICTURES very much strangely tell the Story, in the sense that you have an incredible amazing image of a Skyscaper and a Huge Wall of fire burning down/up its side.

Did I immediately rush to think about CONTENT?  No like most people I wanted to see more of the FIRE pictures and WOW FACTOR.  The IDEA that the content was several thousand peoples who had booked the Hotel apartments 5 years in advance and were there to see the Local New Year Fireworks was immaterial or not important, even though further story coverage led to Heroic action story’s of escape from the blaze/furnace and so on.  Yes important to those people themselves and perhaps relatives, though also interesting was the complete lack of the word Terrorist within the articles.

In fact Hotel press releases as to the blaze totally played down the entire event.  The sprinkler system is working fine and so on.

So the conflict is between WHAT THE OWNERS are stating and what we imagine to be occurring based in seeing a picture akin to childhood movie “The Towering Inferno”.

A little later news was being reported that many World wide events were taking place and not being cancelled, though Munich in Germany was cancelling events due to INTELLIGENCE suggesting some high-level attack was going to be taking place.

My own thoughts and feelings were typically related to “What Intelligence” and in fact one of the things that you can find EASY to do as you progress with some Meditations and Technologies is to understand that very little about the World occurs in ISOLATION.

So WHAT IF and only “what if” the intelligence being used was in fact the Hotel Blaze in Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

Yes I know some leaps of imagination are required, though you can often look at one story and then another completely differing story and then the day or week or month and ask yourself “What are the missing ingredients between these events and so on”.

Yes that perhaps part and parcel of the writers craft, though it has been found that ACTION occurring within one part of the Globe is taken as a TRIGGER for some other ACTION to take place ELSEWHERE.

Such things are debatable of course, The Twin Towers (for example) and the other Airplane attacks on that particular date (9/11 (American calendar)) 11/9 British calendar. Had differing groups of Terrorist cell’s taking over multiple flights all seemingly independent of one another and then carrying out multiple terrorist strikes.

So whilst it is easy to see a Large Army gathering together on a hill, it is another story to see lots of tiny little factions among day to day travellers and passengers and commuters and peoples in general.

That same TRUTH (if you think about it) is also of course UTILISED within INTELLIGENCE FICTION.  You have not got an Army of James Bond’s, yes he may have contacts and so on, though mostly the central character within a story, (for any of these fictions) is the central focus of the Story.

Yes modern Story telling can do groups and does groups very well, though a TIPPING POINT does exist, where you can simply GIVE UP or ABANDON WATCHING or viewing a SHOW because it has become OVER POPULATED, I recall having had such thoughts and feelings to particular popular show quite often when younger, and even on occasions where I switch on some show know I will “NOT GO WITH IT” if little attempt is being made to provide some point of consistency to the AUDIENCE.

So the Original “Mission Impossible” TV Show for example rotated characters effortlessly and quite regularly though usually had some mainstays.

The same is true for many an established realm and production.  Likewise turning to the Terrorist Issue above, we can of course suggest that small teams and units within Militaries are also utilised to pass unnoticed among a population and so on, as are regular criminals within crime fiction.

So is the failure of a Terrorist event occurring a disappointment or worry or concern, and what might be expected to happen next.

Well clearly the Agencies involved with dissemination of information can hold a mini feedback and return inquiry, though typically such things as any action can often only be DELAYED,  Much like my taking little notice of Buying Anti-Virus Software on PC’s and Computers, you typically get to some point whereby the amount of time given over to anti this that and the other is impeding on your ability to do anything ELSE.

So if terrorist cell’s are working on a DATE SYSTEM for example, then what are the next degree’s of rotation on the cypher wheel or compass etc. Where from the given target, will  they move to next to meet some NEXT 2nd Target in 5 Days or 10 Days and so on.

Yes it does seem that the more you study how Terrorist’s Operate, that you get localised factions, much like those found in Palestine and Northern Ireland and Spain, and then you get the more MERCENARY STYLED GROUPINGS, travelling internationally and operating without borders, typically suggested to have higher pay scales and training and better funding and so on.

Most actions in honesty, when you look at the EVENTS that are occurring have seemingly been more forthcoming from self-styled vigilante type individuals and groups than necessarily any kind of OPERATIONAL STRUCTURE or planning.

So the FEAR feeds itself, and folks clearly have choice, IGNORE, CANCEL, CONTINUE, rather than given undue to your self importance as a TARGET.

Elsewhere we are hearing that Putin and RUSSIA have once again stated the concern as to NATO infringement upon Soviet Borders and Territories and likewise we have CHINA setting out to build a traditional AIRCRAFT CARRIER (I say traditional in the sense that it is not NUCLEAR).  Strange thing to do, as I thought Nuclear Powered Vessels to be the way forward for many craft and so on.  That could possibly of course be related to the extra cost and spend and MAINTENANCE COSTS associated with keeping DANGEROUS MATERIALS SAFE and so on.

So America suggested to be AGRESSOR at present, though reality for moderate folks is of course stepping when other groupings have once again typically FAILED.

Likewise if we see America returning to an ISOLATIONIST INTERNALISED policy, the World could become very interesting indeed, many small groupings suggested to gain confidence and so on when they know that the BIG PLAYERS such as America and Russia and China are not going to intervene any time soon in their own LOCALISED plans for country or Global Domination.

So a TINPOT DICTATORS “The Next Generation” about to appear then possibly.

I have also listened to the Prime Ministers New Year Speech and it seemed to myself to be more of a speech for the “PARTY FAITHFUL” than a broader audience.

The downside of course, that many a soundbite can be heard on a daily basis and a collection of soundbites can be pieced together in this fashion, though it seemed to myself that something was missing, the party faithful (in many an instance) the very people causing the Societal Wide problems and issues in the first place, likewise the opponents are not worth turning to so what is any SANE person to do in such circumstance.

The message grabbed or hooked and hinged myself on multiple POINTS, in a kind of “Oh that’s me” when he says or refers to people of this leaning or suffering, however that is not the same as doing anything about it.

So what is the point of the title I have used and not discussed?  I am not sure though simply required a TITLE.

So MOTIVE and INCETIVE can be numerous and we can have differing reasons for actions than those assumed/presumed by others etc.

Typical example, when I became unemployed several years ago, I KNEW I had to tighten my belt and stop expenditure and so on, something of a difference between receiving a wage of say a £150 a week take home and receiving £30 Benefits.

So someone says coming out tomorrow for a drink, the likely hood is that I will say no, yes you can say yes and yes you may meet people better placed to say I have a job for you, though that generation of societal wheeler dealings has for the most part in many an instance disappeared.

So I have little money and want to gear that money toward best usage, food and so on.

Another person, who might consider themselves a RIVAL of some description, who is out and about in the pubs and clubs and see’s my friends with myself ABSENT may well assume something completely differing, especially if said RIVAL has been making THREATS (for example) toward yourself.

So you lying low to reserve funds and someone else (possibly of extremist tendency) believes themselves to be the REASON for your absence.  Possibly even BOASTING about such things to anyone who will listen.

So differing OUTCOMES as to REASONS can make all the difference to a given circumstance.

The OUTCOME of MY BEING ABSENT from some scene or location may be the RESULT, though the underlying TREND or REASON very differing.

I thinking purely about my own circumstance, whilst some great egotist is believing themselves to have won some battle or war, that the given opponent was UNAWARE of or not involved with and so on.

Yes so unless you hear anyone STATING what there MOTIVE or INCENTIVE or REASONING is as to a given proposed ACTION, it is not SAFE to assume you yourself KNOW and that you can indeed make further PLANS based upon that FALSE PREMISE, that you have come up with for yourself.

That again like those VARIATION’S in the numbers where the further along you go from SINGULARITY POINT (for example) the more widely spread the VARIANCE from the path of least resistance.

So even if (for example someone reads this blog each and every day and knows a little of the mind set of Dave S Perkins, it is not the fully monty of information and cannot be taken in some absolute form as the be all and end all of what he says and does and actions and otherwise.

Elsewhere I found myseslf strangely interested in the ROYAL MINT, they apparently creating some Shakespeare and Beatrix Potter related COINS this years, one with a TAILS side containing a SKULL and A ROSE and I thought AH-HA those Bloody Pirates are at it again.

Not sure which Shakespeare is being referenced of course Skull Hamlet, Hamlet Skull, though the Rose is more Romeo and Juliet is it not?

Yes Shakespeare suggested to have hugely documented “The Human Condition” within his plays and writings and it is troublesome to not disagree, such are the formulas he identified that have been used over and over again down through the ages.

Yes interesting of course because I have a daughter named Rose, though I then thought “does that make me the Skull”

Clearly a Job for Indiana Jones, maybe he can make it a Crystal Skull, I think the not so little one likes that film within the Indiana Jones series simply because of the presence of Transformers actor Shia Lebouf (however it is spelt).  Yes I can admit to liking his TV work when daughter was younger, (“Even Stevens” was another fun show and the sort that brings back memories from ones own wheeler dealing childhood and so on.).

So I shall leave this one here, though HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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