So How Did You Find Sherlock?

Yes I having caught up with the “Modern” interpretation of Conan Doyle’s Detective decided to watch the News Years Day Episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The cast and production team perhaps demonstrating beyond all shadow of a doubt that a winning formula whether through cast and writing and production values can be applied to any given era and be a thoroughly enjoyable viewing.

So I think far superior viewers and commentators can give star ratings better than I can though given how little I watch of TV, I am probably within the easy to impress range of viewers.

What else, well else where we are hearing news of the Death of Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat King Cole and various great and good dishing out variations on the theme of tributes.

News wise we seem to have stalled a little as to what happens next, depending upon of course what realm any given person is paying attention.

My gadget typically collates broad and wide ranges of stories and articles from many sources and some are seemingly interesting and others ho-hum.  The list of big time movie pictures due for release this year of 2016, the list of big time Car Models that will be seen in this 2016.  The forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas where all these Tech companies will be exhibiting the latest must have technologies and so on.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports that some Vigilante attack occurred in Tel Aviv (Israel) a coffee shop shooting, and the gun man being searched for.  We are also seeing some reports as to a man hunt up North in Hull related to some gun Shots fired within the vicinity of a McDonalds.

Saudi Arabia has also issued statements to the effect that various individuals identified as terrorists have been executed, incuding one or two controversial choices, depending of course on where you stand on the Death Penalty debate and the LAW OF THE LAND.  All well and good people high lighting crimes against humanity in this place or Country or within this other place, though very often, few such individuals ranting and raging about such injustices, hang around long enough to be picked up on what they are saying and promoting and so on, or indeed the ramifications, if such things exist.

Elsewhere Obama in America is apparently seeking to identify ways and means of circumnavigating the Houses of Congress using Presidential Executive Orders to make the purchase of weaponry and guns a little more difficult for those who want guns.  We do have to remind ourselves that in terms of Population Scales, you can probably find more deaths occurring through alcoholism and drug abuse and car accidents than you necessarily do with gun crime.  Yes Guns are a hot potato subject that are not going to go away any time soon, though we also know that various Gun amnesty’s within the UK and so on have contributed toward reduction of particular types of crime.

Yes Soldiers are also being highlighted via news that some may be called to justice for offences and crimes committed abroad whilst in war zones.  Clearly multiple levels and layers of debate to be had on that one.  Whilst we can probably find many are cases of CRY WOLF and so on, at least a few will likely be demonstrated to be true in the sense that in any given group of peoples, you will have particular demographic or individuals who GO TO FAR, having witnessed or seen some behaviour withn some film media and mentally rehearsed carrying out some such actions for themselves come what may.

The age old debate of course is one of THE GUN IS A TOOL, THE COMIC/FILM/TV show is a FICTION realm, clearly shared ideas teachings and trainings have the power to inspire and motivate and so on, though do not be surprised as to alternate events occurring, when people are under duress or stress and so on.

People pick up ATTITUDE and behavours from those they are among most or watch most and some people can strangely talk a good talk whilst being far far away from any immediate DANGER.

This of course can be the difference between people who live in a City with very many squabbling and fighting estate rivalry’s and factions, and people who live in small quiet rural villages where some huge great REALITY shift of peoples travelling in EITHER DIRECTION could create very differing personalities and attitudes to what is being seen and witnessed and so on.

People imbued with the attitudes and behaviours of one realm for many years, would likely have to review there opinions quite rapidly when placed in an alternate reality.

Typically I have for example had daughter visiting the big bad city of Hereford for several years, she living I a small rural area and region, whilst all the same kinds of shops and personality types can be found wherever you go, you do find that MINDSETS are differing in terms of what is said and what might be appropriate or acceptable.

I typically work in a realm that regards itself through culture and staff history as a working man’s man environment with all the related nonsense and attitudes, some folks seek to play on such things in big ego fashion, whilst those of us who have been around a few years know that most “talk the talk” types are going to at some point whether quickly or otherwise STRUGGLE when it comes to walk the walk.

Likewise even those who have come from similar estate backgrounds as myself have generally seen the benefit to all factions and communities of greater working together from a higher place on the hill and so on.

Some TOPICS & ISSUES of debate that some want and feel or REQUIRE to be important, are when it comes to working life NOT.

I recently wrote a joke as to how Luke Skywalker might speak to Rey, though of course “it takes 2 to tango”, and whilst it is easy to target and point at the blokes as abusing there positions of management or however, it does have to be noted that many a female has tested herself in some fashion against the blokes, some peoples of BOTH SEX’S even gaining “potentially SUSPICIOUS career advancement“ (what is good for the goose is good for the gander attitudes). So you end up in cycles and patterns that are irrelevant to working life being given the front and centre focus.

People typically BUILD UP psychological DEFENSES and MECHANISMS against “being found out” for some guilty secret here there or everywhere.  Likewise when you remove the many of the “historical guilts and shames etc” and indeed decide to perhaps be better behaved and above board, FOR YOURSELF, does not necessarily mean colleagues and so on will follow suite.

In fact for every person withdrawing from some of the nonsenses, you will find others seeking to reinforce and possibly TAKE ADVANTAGE of what they see either CONSCIOUSLY or NON-CONSCIOUSLY as a GAP, that they themselves are going to exploit etc.

Clearly most working life realms are full of adults, making assumed ADULT CHOICES, some abide by marriage vows and relationship commitments, though others typically seek to manipulate and influence and TEST the waters and boundaries of acceptability.

My only complaint as to such behaviours, perhaps comes through 3rd Party Issues, whereby someone assumes you know something of their illicit behaviours and actions, and constantly targets you “for special treatment” this can become even worse when you have groups of individual’s doing such things, and those groups are those vested with power such as managers.

Whilst it might be easy to POINT THE FINGER at any one DEMOGRAPHIC of PEOPLE, I have seen the same nonsense over and over again, not only from British Employee’s but Foreign Employee’s and International Employee’s and so on, each generation thinking they have invented the NAUGHTY bending of a company law or compliance or indeed some SOCIETAL “Common Law”  that is not necessarily in ALIGNMENT with NATIONAL LAW or indeed International Law, or how most “REASONABLE & MODERATE” people’s resolve disputes.

So many a rule and regulation is often simply that which peoples have been brought up through family and society as abiding by, and


must surely always been done in alignment with the idea as to isolating issue triggers, and then seeing TRUE CAUSE/EFFECT relationships within events, instead of some of the more DUBIOUS and doubtful reasoning’s that could eventually see some individuals going to PRISON through collective behaviours.

Such things are questionable of course, because REASON can be found within any given realm to remove or get rid of individuals who have outstayed there welcome or indeed are not in alignment with how the bigger and larger Corporation wants the realm to be.

Yes so we all of course have choice and we are all capable of learning or otherwise from past indiscretions or errors, likewise as suggested above change does not necessarily come without having to break a few eggs, or is that OMLETTES.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉



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