Who Invented That & Why

So a somewhat strange matter occurred as to the recent Sherlock episode and the mentioning of 5 Orange Pips being left or sent as a warning to people’s. Whilst the Sherlock episode utilised elements of some of the Original Short Stories, you do till have to wonder as to what was invention by Conan Doyle and what was simply utilised as a plot device for other purposes.

So the original story and era of that story meant that ORANGE and there PIPS were still generally regarded as a rare and luxury exotic fruit, probably also maintaining some level of exotic price mark-up as a result. Oranges are something we now of course take for granted within our supermarkets and green grocer stores.

So the original story had them linked to the American KKK Organisation, they of the hooded pointed hats and ethnic cleansing mentality.

The new Sherlock story utilised the point hats in a somewhat slight variant suggesting that the women are the KKK within the story, little given to any suggestion of them being witches and so on, though typical of that era, you do find many an alleged Occult movement of one description or another within the Historical record or within the written fiction realms.

So anyway a couple of days following broadcast of Sherlock we have 5 men in US Styled Prison Jumpsuits being executed by some Balaclava clad individual claiming to be operating and working for IS.

These little incidents of course lead myself to wonder as to any given rule of 5 that we may or may not be aware of and indeed as to the significance or otherwise to colour schemes.

Orange typically the Fifth Colour in the Classic Children’s Rainbow Song.

Elsewhere we of a slightly older generation are perhaps also havig knowledge of the use of the word pips for alternate realms.

We have all possibly had that experience of please leave a message after the pips or tone, duh duh duh duh duhhhhh.

Pips also a word used within some military realms, they little Button styled appendages that go on military uniforms, showing rank and so on.

So no really sure what to make of present news, we seeing continued fall-out within the Arab World between a nation that is predominantly led by its Religious Leaders, IRAN and of course multiple other Arab States run by Royal Families and Military’s, the problem seeming of course to always be this one of how much INFLUENCE a given individual or POWER has over a population.

Easy to suggest with sweeping global styled generalisations that all is bad and wrong with this Society or that Society and population, though clearly many a person within the Western World would in many an instance suggest or admit in secret for wanting a return to the good old days.

The good old days, of course usually means “people like me” for peoples like me syndrome sufferers or simply a winding back of the clock to alleged rules and regulations surrounding personal freedom’s.

In fact of course, some turning back of the clock in some instances of topics and debates is not all that bad an idea, you can say, well we tried this “progress” for several years and unfortunately the knock-on effect has quite simply not been as intended.

Typically we can look at how many somewhat FASCIST styled “Rights groups” jump on all and sundry who fail to abide with how they themselves desire or want the World to be.

Having said that some topics and subjects really are best left in the trash and garbage cans of history, the problem always seems to be this one of people getting buoyed up by some success and then striding out thinking they have RIGHT on their side, when in fact most populations throughout time can see that they prefer MODERATE views and ideologies to those of the extremists.

So UKIP making a brief “over here” we still exist appearance in the News, simply for Nigel Farage having an incident with his car and claims as to sabotage, as though car accidents or incidents do not happen and occur to thousands of drivers up and down the Country on a daily basis.

Some people check and maintain their VEHICLES on a regular basis, whilst others leap from MOT to MOT as to keeping things on an even keel.

Again the problem one of old style engineering versus more modern gadgetry. Many a person can learn the ins and outs of basic car maintenance, though typically car companies and progress means you often require some plugin devices and software to run maintenance checks.

Yes many a vehicle can still be opened up and looked at beneath the bonnet because basic engine shapes and sizes generally do not change all that much despite the appearance of an exceptionally wide range of modification industries appearing.

So the embassy attacks related to the recent executions within Saudi Arabia, has lead to various breaking off of Diplomatic Ties reports appearing around global news media.

We in the UK still perhaps famously recall particular incidents related to Arab Nation Diplomatic Buildings and Embassies and so on. We of course perhaps breaking some of those International Rules and Regulations as to such things.

The problem that many a Nation faces is knowing that peoples and Countries typically utilise Diplomatic Rights to abuse many a Nation State’s Laws of the Land and so on.

We also of course on an individual basis can play to much of the Diplomatic Game, when sometimes something more BLAST FURNACE like might be more appropriate in clearing the AIR and so on.

That perhaps related to that age old working life issue, of how much an experienced member of a working life team helps or otherwise colleagues. Yes some of us who have worked across multiple departments and know respective in’s and out’s of differing areas know that most such things are often about mental attitudes.

You can of course find yourself in debate as to what checks and balances are in place to ensure that everyone is genuinely pulling there weight or doing a fair share. I have done it myself historically where I perhaps sought to do to much and that can possibly hinder the learning progress of others, or indeed lead to EXPECTANCY. People always expecting you to be available to “come to the rescue” etc, likewise when we know that we cannot escape the stories that we have built up around “being legends within our own minds” we can still seek to improve NAVIGATION relating to such things.

Improved mental navigation of the Story’s that any given individual might be telling themselves can improve working life enormously for all peoples at all levels of a working realm.

So we can all seek to act as check and balances to one another, though such things do not occur or happen overnight in the sense, that we can all excel and we can all flounder, most realms can be demonstrated to have peaks and troughs and the peoples within those realms can have peaks and troughs, and clearly when any one of us feels we are in the zone in terms of being focussed and concentrated on job , it can be disturbing when someone else comes along who wants the focus and concentration to be on there personal issues, or disputes with colleagues or RIVALRIES very often based in Story’s they have told themselves


So we can seek to harness and be empowered through BIAS and what we are seeking to emphasise as individual responsibility and so on or we can find ourselves getting drawn or dragged down into nonsenses, simply because of “he said, she said” type debates.

Having a preference for experienced staff or staff who are “people like me” is not necessarily wrong so much as understanding where your own personal BIAS exists, and then potentially demonstrating the commentator as WRONG.

So you can work with some quite aggressive and loud mouthed individuals always rushing to promote prejudice as the first option when choices and decisions are being made, or you can seek to circumnavigate some of those nonsense, via having a higher place on the hill as to viewing events and seeing behaviours and so on in a larger picture or framework CONTEXT.

So very much same old same old.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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