How’s About That Then Boys & Girls

Yes so I have not published for a couple of days due to tiredness. Possibly.

I having enjoyed a Christmas / New Year in the old fashioned manner of not working.

I then of course return to work on Monday Night and was somewhat tired by the early hours of Tuesday.  I then spent Tuesday travelling and again found myself with little opportunity for a proper designated sleep, again retuning to work on Tuesday, perhaps working on adrenaline or however and a 2nd wind of some description.  Felling less tired, though its still there in the background.

Wednesday Morning, I strangely found myself having some kind of a snack attack, though did when I went to bed decide it was going to be for an appropriate catch-up snooze et.

So many headlines have appeared during the time period that I have not published and some commentaries seem a little weirder than others as to what has been occurring and so on.

Clearly some debate (for example) has been taken or given as to the identity of “The voice of IS” whilst multiple sources have verified the VOICE claim, some dispute the physical image.

Is there something wrong with that?

Well I have not seen the video, though having worked in TV production and grown up around musicians and so on, the IDEA that you could have some “DIFFERING” personality VOICE dubbed over the video is not all that a BIGGIE.

We can all of us mime to music and when you are wearing a Balaclava so your lips cannot be seen to move it it possibly even easier (dare I say).

Likewise it could be related to DISTRIBUTION issues, whereby differing demographics or peoples from differing Countries are not all Localised within the IS Territories, so differing peoples from differing countries have carried our PROPAGANDA RECORDINGS, and they are being linked oor attacked to VIDEO recording’s at an differing time.

Yes somewhat convoluted, though the RELEASE of the VIDEO (for example) does not mean it has not previously existed, what proof or evidence (for example) do you have that those executed were not dead last year or the year before etc, do time stamp’s exist or present day news references.

It is also of course much like the fairground psychology of a Fortune Teller, easy to fall for some psychological tricks, of course this was real and recorded today, look it included this newspaper etc.

So validating or indeed invalidating such things can become a full time pre-occupation, though likewise does not change the fact that some individuals were killed in a somewhat cold blooded fashion.

Meanwhile we have seen news within America that Obama has pushed ahead with his plans to reduce gun crime through making it more difficult to buy/sell such things.  Typically, of course given the size of the Nation and number of States and levels of Bureaucracy one can well imagine that any top down approach that is not in alignment with the National Anthem crowd pleasers will go down like a lead balloon, in terms of being actioned.

What else?

Well Sky News did manage to grab my attention with Jihadi bomb Making Video’s realted stories, though in RETROSPECT, need not havev bothered.

Clearly each and EVERY generation of investigators (that’s humans such as you and I) can typically go on a World Wide Web hunt for particular kinds of materials that we may or may not want others to know about, pornography and  bomb making video’;s and snuff video’s and so on.

The so-called DARK NET as some have taken to calling some Internet realms is I think predomantly a LIE, the NET is the NET and pretending that my bit over here is light whilst all other persons and peoples bits are dark is STRANGE in the extreme.

You might be better of simply CLARIFYING that some sectors of the web are akin to those Council Estate’s or American Style GHETTOES that most or many folks would have little interest in going or visiting or indeed taking notice off.

People typically of course BUILD UP the justification for particular names and labels and so on, much like Mcaffee Anti Virus when seeking to sell you anti pirate software, suddenly the alarm is going of left right and centre, that never happened or occurred with your other anti-pirate vendor.

I genuinely think that part of the problem is that any kind of ANTI company has a vested interest, in the SURVIAL of given opponents.  The Police cannot have reason to exist without CRIMINALS and Militaries are in requirement of keeping their hand in, how many a cock up occurs within a given realm, because they have only ever known TRAINING EXERCISES rather than real life genuine action.

Yes you can in some instance, not inform participants that they are within a training exercise, though typically I recall from young childhood that confusions and conflicts can arise out of such circumstance.  I remember taking part in a LONG JUMP competition that was not on the traditional School Sport’s Day and only LEARNT or was informed we were in competitive competition upon my 2nd or 3rd jump, I remember my horror at having wasted earlier jumps and the increased PRESSURE to have a good round now and so on.

I think that experience early on within my Sporting Life actually contributed to a somewhat intransigent position when it came to many later sporting events.  I typically began treating all competition whether regarded as competitive or otherwise in the same dedicated single minded fashion, of being first through the winning post or past the rope etc.

Now I could of course do a pretty good write-up in relation to my train journey’s of Tuesday, because I seemingly found myself witnessing very many possibly “interesting” characters on the journey’s that I took., Yes I was in Company outbound, though you can still keep a roving eye on the comings and goings of others and indeed the Psychology or otherwise that may be influencing people, when it comes to choosing seats and isles and positions within a carriage.  Yes many of us getting on at Stations such-as Hereford, often find some of the favoured positions taken, though interestingly regular enough usage does often demonstrate that some Psychologies seem to work wherever people are getting on and off. 

Likewise, even getting an assumed favourite seating position at one location, can be completely wiped out at another station when the drunk or rude or disturbing demographic of some description gets on board.

I had such an instance on the homebound part whereby I had been reading and had headphones in and was oblivious to many of the too’ings and goings of others around myself.  However I had noted some kicking or minor irritations as to my seat, typically what you get when peoples mess with putting feet up behind you or opening and closing the trays and so on.

A little later, I found my Gadget Battery was running low and typically switched off what I was doing and began paying more attention about myself, and found that some seemingly drunken and drugged up young females were behind myself and constantly being overloud and a little annoying, thankfully they got off a somewhere such-as Cardiff not long after I had switched my gadget off, though once I became aware of that presence, the psychology of several others in close proximity began to make sense.  I perhaps so relaxed and focussed and ignorant to what had been occurring as to not notice, though once I was awake within the carriage (so to speak) the atmosphere and tension was one of “who will complain “CRY WOLF” first” had they stayed on board I may have asked the conductor to “HAVE A WORD” myself.

Likewise you do see differing population demographics getting on and off at differing stations, and it again can be interesting as to politeness and so on as to how people behave. 

Yes so I went from being within my own World (so to speak) to witnessing the behaviours of the occupants about myself with a slightly over zealous attitude of applying extreme questioning to peoples actions, the checking of the suitcase, the stopping of the food trolley, the location of the breaking the window hammer, yes I had a chuckle, though can see that such things do have to be taken seriously by some folks within some particular profession’s.

In terms of not having been working for a couple of weeks the big highlights seemed to be one of DOGWALKERS, and dogs in manmade coats and jackets, yes I also saw runners and jogger’s out and about and some sporting indivdual’s, interesting for myself was a breathing apparatus on one jogger, we have facial masks utilised where I work, for workers in particular sector of the  operation, where long term exposure to particular dusts and so on, can cause health problems, iikewise, you can well imagine that in terms of fitness, very many realms might consider such things for training, Firemen and astronauts and Divers and others who might have to do intensive work whilst wearing multiple layers of clothing and so on.

Typically I know that some sectors where I work and have to use the PPE personalised protective equipment, can leave myself excessively sweating and losing a lot of fluids and so on.

In the News, North Korea claim to have tested a Hydrogen Bomb, that is the Big brother bomb to the type used in Hiroshima and so on, other Coutnries dispute the claims stating no radiation is being detected.

RADIATION can of course possibly be neutralised in some ways and means, though one can imagine that a bomb maker is not going to be doing that unless some other PURPOSE has been found as to the utilisation of the substances making up the radiation.  Or indeed worry and concern at losing your scientists etc, to poisoning.

Just because we in the West tested first and worried about safety when the knock-on effects became apparent in later years, does not mean all other states (including rogue states, are not going to consider such issues).

Elsewhere we have Jeremy Corbyn having issues with regard to a cabinet team reshuffle, what should and could be a straight forward swapping about of personalities and individuals within the team, will get over inflated coverage in the British Media, simply because the media and so on are not in alignment with what the Labour Party supporters on the Ground VOTED FOR, like him or loathe him Corbyn has the MANDATE of his broader PARTY and commentators could well be the ones that are causing all the friction and nonsenses.

Elsewhere some hoo-haa has been taking place as to a former SOAP opera actress, who has been found dead and the continued search for her partner (I think) not sure because beyond the headline I take little interest in CELEBRITY NEWS, even giving a colleague a humerous lecture when he asked myself who this other celebrity was, I did explain that I had already been ridiculed by the daughter for not knowing who various celebrities are that she follows, though all I can say is UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX BONGO.

Some strange allegations are also taking placing in Germany, claims of women being assaulted and attacked by gangs of FOREIGNERS of ARAB descriptions and so on, Clearly an attack is an attack irrespective of the DESCRIPTIONS being given, though one potentially suspects that some POLITICS is taking place of some sort or another.  Clearly some claims can fit a particular town or city whilst others become suspicious.

Elsewhere I found myself in dispute with a colleague when discussing the Junior Doctors wage negotiations, I have read and seen reports on this in not only the broadsheets, but also the redtops and so on and an each and every occasion, found in favour of the Governments position.

I did not want to or intend to , though the doctors are Crying Wolf and typically health profession lobbyists from other sectors are throwing their weight into the matter and muddying the landscape.

How many strikers for instance will be Junior Doctors, and how many will be other health workers simply getting behind a FACTION that has a long History of NOT SUPPORTING the other Health worker groups.

On a more positive note, we have seen released pictures of young prince George attending Nursey School for the first time, always a strange thing to do possibly (being abandoned by parents with strangers and being asked to learn stuff), though given his form in Wellington New Zealand with the other children, he could well be having a special eye kept on him all the same.

Debate as to Flood Defences working or otherwise is not interstying and should be stopped.  The defences worked as intended cry one group, whilst the other says, then why are we wet and having to claim on our insurance then.

You can only of course guard against or build for what is expected and clearly as a nation, much of what has been experienced this year is well above what has been expected.

It’s the 100 % protection attitude of lets build a cocoon bubble around the landscape versus otherwise.

I think yes you want to plan and see if such things are possible from a CREATIVE position, though likewise I would wonder at to the merits or otherwise of such things, given that progress is progress is progress.

So maintaining one own realm focus and establishing a foundation learning and teaching mechanism of feedback and return and witness and respond, and so on.

I recently also spoke as to DEFENSE MECHANISM’s possibly of people feeling they have been caught with there pants or knickers down and of course the DISHONUR SPEECHES.

The sad truth of dishonour speeches is of course that many who claim butter would not melt in their mouth are CONVENIENTLY forgetting some time or otherwise when such things are possibly true.

The reality of course, that we seemingly make rationalisations on one side of the brain, though not the other, the one side of the brain does not do time and does not discriminate as to imagination or what you may have witnessed on TV or externally to yourself, versus what you yourself have done.

So lots of room for not only external conflicts as to such events, though internal conflicts in separating WHEAT FROM CHAFF as to personal action and involvement as to some behaviours versus otherwise. 

This why it can be better to use the assisted meditation and indeed become more congruent and above board, if you wish or desire to be honourable and above board.  No good saying you would never act in this that or the other fashion, if part of your brain claims you already did when you were X age and working here there or every where.

So even so -called Holier than thou attitudes can cause some of us to have the rugged pulled from beneath us, because I can say well I behaved for 20 years, and the personal history clock begins a little earlier within your life.  This perhaps where, some of us can say we have never done thi that or the other and know it is true, whilst others have to say, well I admit to that behaviour though it was many years ago clarifications and so on.

Not very great being bound to some incident from youth and so on, that the World does enough on its own to hold against you, without holding onto it yourself.

So I generally prefer the have a job lot clear out of mental flotsam and detritus and then see how you are now now, not how you might be expected to respond to how someone else is dealing with there own stuff via some form of PROJECTION.

Degree’s of separation an inssue given how much witnessing we do within youth and childhood of dramas and shows that have characters representing both socalled good and evil sides of a given EQUATION.

So better to maintain your boundaries and borders and go with what you know now, rather than become affected in negative fashion by people reacting or trying to PROTECT some ancient SECRET or however.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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