In 1940 Whilst Britain Faced The Onslaught Of The German Luftwaffe

America was busy watching a new Cinematic Release from Walt Disney Studio entitled Fantasia.

Strange though true, whilst most are familiar with “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” section, Fantasia is actually some 2 Hours long, and on a rainy day, such-as we are having here in Hereford, England, United Kingdom.  You could do far worse than sit and watch the full feature.

It does of course not necessarily compare well with many a “Modern” favourite, though I think many a person, especially among those who have taken up the enlightenment and awareness technologies, could learn a great deal from watching this ground breaking animation.  In fact you may well spot where the inspiration for finding Nemo Came from, or Jurassic park, yes many such a thing debatable, though you can be in no doubt, that many a taken for granted production from alternate Movie Studio’s was inspired by the work of the Disney Studio.

I actually took the time to re watch Fantasia myself in the early hours of this morning, upon returning home from work and am glad I did. In fact I also became aware that the studio had released a “Fantasia 2000” with some new animations to go with some differing selections of Orchestral Music.

Whilst the difference can be seen as to influences and ideas of differing animators and generations, I do think a great deal of loving care went into the production, and it too will stand the test of time in its own right, anyone taking the time to watch the 2 Features would of course have to set aside at least 3 Hours, though in this day and age of looking for features that “MOVE YOU” or get the blood pumping and so on, you could do far worse.

Yes I typically within my meditation have perhaps released and removed many of the associated thoughts and feelings of being “CARRIED ALONG” with the on-screen action and so on of film and television, though did still feel in alignment of the Spirit of these Disney Classics.

In fact the reason I perhaps write as to the Disney matter, is quite simply because I had the thought that Hereford Does Disney.  Yes perhaps typical of an enthusiast, you typically want them within your own backyard and doorstep.  To that end I actually found myself wondering as to some of those questions of HOW or WHAT it would take to encourage or bring a Corporation the size of Disney to some small town redneck City in the West of England.

In fact you do find that many a Corporation has already set the President for such actions, in the sense that whilst they may not set up a Full Disney World Attraction and World, several Corporations have small standalone operations, of the beaten track within their empire’s.

So I thought perhaps they could purchase the old Belmont Golf Course and facilities and turn it into a mini-Disney Business of some description, a small animation studio, or simply a backwater refuge or presentation location for staff working within particular demographics of the business.

Yes Disney Hereford, does not necessarily sound appropriate given one or 2 of the other industry sectors this region is known for, though typically I do think that room exists for both to co-exist.  In fact they could be a match made in Heaven, in terms of taking undesirable subject matter and giving them a more well rounded model of AH-HA.

We do of course also hear that the great and the good dignitaries from various realms also visit the Hereford region, often in private with little fuss that they may gain in the Capital, though again, when you think about these kinds of joint actions and planning, you could well find that a certain amount of cross-over can occur, were you to find the funding for such a venture.

Yes I know, I know, though I really did, genuinely think, Yes find some wealthy individuals with money to burn and get them to redevelop the Belmont Golf Course and make it into a private or industry standard mini-resort of some description for conferences and meeting and brainstorming and so on.

Not sure as to what has occurred to the site now, though I do recall a colleague saying a year or two back that it had closed as a golf course, hence my ideas and so on.

Elsewhere this week we can no longer say that we thought the Flying Scotsman was a Scot who failed to let go of the Caber.  That famous old record breaking train has been purchased for the nation and been given a new lease of life.

I did when younger find myself in the fortunate position of seeing some of those old and classic type trains, because some were still running on the National Railway lines at particular loccations, and indeed Bulmer’s Cider actually had its own rail yard with complete with train sheds, trains and track and so on.  Much of those areas of the City have been sold and redeveloped, though I still see the old railway track disappearing behind an iron swing gate, and so do, sometimes wonder as to whether the Steam Engine trains are also present within the broader site.

Elsewhere we have also have a female flying around the World in a Biplane, so those two stories perhaps relevant along with Tim Peake “British Astronaut” in encouraging a new Spirit of Adventure and so on, among the younger generations.

Those old planes and trains and automobiles do still bring about a certain level of wonder as to belief that peoples travelled in such things and so on.

Elsewhere we are being told that a Criminal Mastermind Drug’s Lord known as “El Chapo” and wanted on most continents of the planet has been recaptured following his escape from the Mexican equivalent to a Heavy Security Prison and so on.  That perhaps a strange thing to ponder upon, a guy suggested to be worth a Billion Dollars, is found in a Motel in his home region of Mexico and so on.

We perhaps all possibly have some kind of “Homing Beacon” type mentalities and behaviours within us, and yes whilst I am sure we can typically seek to reacquaint ourselves with such things consciously, they can and do of course potentially exact a purpose of some description.

Yes Scotland is featuring prominently at present as the SNP and Holyrood parliament are saying they are going to hand out money to those affected by bad weather.  Seem’s to myself as though that is the equivalent to a banking bailout that we in this Country have said we were going to put a stop too.

Yes no matter how much you tell people to get insurance, or spend there money wisely some such as myself will be drawn to invest the money in the Lotto at the expense of going without some required commodity such as the food for the day.

Okay so I exaggerate, though it is not a joke for the kids of some of these people crying fowl or wolf as to Government spending and so on, who regularly then go spending the weekly giro and so on, on cigarettes and alcohol, and not very conducive to wealth, health and growing up activities.

Elsewhere Germany is now wondering as to what they can do to reduce alleged sexual conduct crimes and a great deal many headlines referring to Cologne.  Reminds myself of some of my earlier teenage explorations of local pubs and clubs.

One known as the Fox Hunter, and various spin of name changes down through the years, went though a BRUTE period during the late 1970’s and most of the 1980’s.  That was the time when “Our Henry” Henry Cooper who boxed with Muhammed Ali for the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Title and Kevin Keegan (Bloke with a PERM Footballer) were used in advertising campaigns for a MALE PERFUME aftershave known a Cologne.

Brute absolutely “REAKS” stinks, and whilst you might not be overly concerned with your own usage, when you went into Fox’s, I think it is called “The Monument” Now (because it is close to a monument at one of the major Hereford gateways to the City).  The place would absolutely STINK of just the one perfume or cologne, and it really is one that can make your EYES WATER.

These things of course can be stated as to many a generation and the NEW USAGE of AFTERSHAVES and so on, though most of us perhaps prefer more modest and classic smells that last through the night, people had a tendency to overdoes on the aftershave and then be like that kid LINUS from Charlie Brown cartoons with some seeming CLOUD and an exclusion (no go zone) all about them.

We have also had some vigilante attack on an American Law enforcement officer of the law, another guy with a gun claiming to have taken up Islam.  Yes so lots of news being given World Wide focus and media attention, when some things are genuinely simply more local affairs and issues.

Yes it makes for great news, someone running at a car with a gun, when such things rarely happen or are reported in dear old Blighty though, you do come to wonder as to what news should and could be reported upon and is not, and what news is reported upon that could easily for most of us disappear into the dark night from whence it came.

So FA CUP Weekend and hot on the heals of Exeter earning a money spinning rematch with Liverpool, one can of course wonder as to what other Great and the good of the establishment teams will do, faced with minnows all wanting some attention and BIG PAY DAY “GIANT KILLERS” Brandings, yes such things can actually become Legend to some demographics of populations and of course why not, the admire and aspire perhaps a better way of looking upon the World than the think the worst and get the worst attitudes to be found within some folks.

Yes such debates to be had, though clearly from an individual point of view and perspective, positive and rewarding and uplifting self speak can make all the difference, when you know or find that all about you are looking for someone else to be THE DONKEY in the game of pin the tail on the donkey.

Yes so having spoken on old style planes trains and automobiles, and recently having watched a CLASSIC styled edition of Sherlock, I got to thinking that many of those BOOKS and STORIES from Victorian England, all often had titles such-as “The Adventures Of…” and “The Strange Case Of” and so on.

We see little in the way of that kind of writing these days, very many a story simply having the end bit as some one or two word stamp, that being all the viewer watcher and reader can manage to hold within there brains possibly.

So yes I thought well withc Sherlock they could do a “The strange case of the monopoly board murders”.

Yes you get some seemingly random murders occurring throughout the City of London.  The only linkage that they are taking place within geographic locations identified within the board game monopoly, further to that you perhaps find that some CRIMINAL MASTERMINDS or GANGS are carrying out turf wars, via the playing of a game of monopoly.

Yes all abit James Bond Casino Royale, perhaps though I did follow that train of thought and did conclude that those CLASSIC style plot devices and manoeuvres are or began disappearing from many a TV/FILM realm in favour of all graphics and no story.

Anyone of coure who ikes a good WHODUNNIT style affair, and some murder, mystery and suspense does of course want and need some MOTIVATION and INCENTIVE to stay with a given show or plot device.

Yes CLUEDO style plots already did that monopoly type thing, though you could actually introduce such things as being related to more than one game, the all important FACTOR being whose move is it on which game board.

So you take two or three classic games and build a massively complicated plot around them, with plenty of GAME POINTERS, that only your Hero or Heroine can SOLVE.

That of course then gives the APPEAL to viewers and watchers as to they being as clever as the hero or heroine because they worked so many of the clues and pointers out for themselves.

Yes some pointers and devices are typically throw aways, given to mislead and misdirect, though others are more subtle and indirect and you miss them at your peril.

Anyway off to enjoy the rest of RAINY DAY.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be well 😉


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