Potato In A Jacket

Yes exceptionally strange thing to say, given that you could of course make such a thing a question or statement and some variation of inflexion within your voice or manner.

So This weekend (at least for myself) has strangely gone all the Jacks and 52 Decks of Cards type references.

We have of course Lemmy Funeral, he famed for rising chart hit Ace Of Spades, the ACE of course interesting in its ability to metamorphose into a high or low card depending on the nominated requirement.

When you bring it together with the Jack, then you could be possibly thinking in terms of BLACK JACK and various other casino Style games.

The other card reference I found spinning in my head was from Aerosmith.  Steve tyler I think once singing Kings and Queens and Gullotines within one famed song from their particular Catalogue.

So yes Ace, King, Queen, JACK/KNAVE, Ten runs the sequence in many a persons mindset and we can of course demonstrate alternate knicknames for particular cards, some more widely spread than others.

I see today that William and Katherine joined the Queen and Prince Phillip in paying tribute to those Lost at Gallipolli in WW1, so that perhaps fits or is close enough to my Guillotine reference within my own kind of cross-realm-interpretations and so on, likewise I did once work for the Foot Health Service and one Consultant Podiatrist was name Galloway, so the present requirement for some emergency dental treatment perhaps playing or triggering those mid 1990’s thoughts and feelings and references, within my mindset.  I did up to that point still listen to a fair bit of Heavy Metal Rock Music and so on.

I also of course mentioned have a grandfather Jack, and of course we have the Flag known as the Union Jack, and in Movie/Film Theatres we have had a selection of famous Jack’s (characters) making appearance in a broad selection of productions.

I of course have enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean films over the last few years, typically Johnny Depp giving it Weird in his role as CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and likewise we had John Barryman within the Dr Who realm giving it big as CAPTAIN Jack Harkness.

More recently, this weekend I found myself drawn to a couple of films by a Production Company entitled Skydance Productions, they strangely seemingly fitting my tastebuds, when I look at the particular releases to date, the reboot of the Star Trek Franchise (for example).

I also found myself returning to Tom Cruise on this occasion playing Jack Reacher from the Lee Child series of books, and very straight forward production and film it was too.  Great story and well delivered, and I thought the kind of film I watched in the 1970’s on a rainy day, those kind of filler movies, starring Steve McQueen and so on, with car chases and plenty of stunts and so on, also a very good story.

I then moved onto another Jack, this time Jack Ryan, he of the Tom Clancy character variety and on this occasion played by the new young captain Kirk actor.  Again the production and direction and so on, for myself looked and felt like those other Jack Ryan Movies, this suggested to have been intended as a reboot, though did not get the returns at the Box Office.  A shame really because the all round cast and action was great and Kenneth Branagh put in an excellent performance as both Director and Villian.

Today I see we have continued with the FA Cup drama and likewise further rain.  We also apparently having the Golden Globes award ceremony coming up later during the night for us Brits though perhaps better geared toward American Audiences and those Great and The Good Nominations awaiting to see if they surpassed there peers to take home the statuettes?  Bookends? Goody bag?

Yes in theory at least with award seasons within some realms, it can do you little harm in socialising and circulating and so on, for those wanting a higher profile and so on, though typically with all the wheeler dealing and indeed all the very many longer term stars and great and the good setting up there own very many Companies, many simply have production vehicles built around themselves and the type of fair that they themselves can star in or produce or be associated with in some fashion.

It is interesting that whilst some actors simply work and work and work, a little too much attention is perhaps given as to whether the production is good or bad or however.  I typically KNOW as do many a person, that you can go to see a film with a performer in, who you know you will enjoy watching and performing irrespective of those about them.

Likewise of course, you can sometimes bring lots of bankables together thinking you will have a big hit on your hands and you end up with a flop, so lots of star names does not a success create, though you perhaps can assume that people will go to see irrespective of reviewers and commentators that they may or may not have a history of aggreing or disagreeing with.

I have to admit that I was a regular film goer when younger and I even watched all the availalble Chart and Review Shows, one stand out as changing its title each year on the BBC “Film…”.  You also had some strange chart countdown shows that typically did not give ratings or reviews, so much as this is a list of what the people are going to see.

What?  Oh yes I then found myself returning to Disney and checking out an Edgar Rice Burroughs character, entitled John Carter.

Edgar Rice Burroughs most famously created and brought the World Tarzan, though he was typical of a particular generation who read comics and what was regarded as PULP FICTION and decided that he himself could do better and then set out to prove that he could.

He perhaps fits in nicely with my research of Stan Lee, and also I think very many 19th Century type productions related to Jules Verne and those classical MECHANICAL.

I myself love all those old fashioned shiny BRASS clock and gears and mechanics, seen within the pulp fictions and stories of those era’s, they also perhaps go a ittle in had with what I wrote yesterday as to ADVENTURE and EXPLORATION and steam engines and bi-planes and so on.

Yes another favourite, were those early films of rockets to the moon and journeys to the centre of earth and so on.

We have, when we look at some of the more modern productions, lost our way in the making of those stories, too many people WRONGLY IDENTIFYING what they thought was the appeal.

Yes, so I simply enjoyed John Carter (the film) in the style and fashion and manner that it was delivered, and in CATEGORISATION type terms would probably place it somewhere in the realm of the more modern day MUMMY FILMS starring Brendan Fraser.  Yes not necessarily as good, though quite slick and polished given the GENRE or MEDIUM from which such entertainments originated.

I also (yes quite a film reviewer weekend for David) then found myself checking out Brad Pitt in World War Z, an all relatively new take on the ZOMBIE Genre and again an excellent, thoroughly enjoyable film.

I spoke on Monoploy recently and then seeing some cast marching around with AXE, and CROW BAR, and BASEBALL BAT, kind of made myself wonder as to what City on the planet would have those pieces on there Monopoly Board?

Yes many a City can probably claim some level of CRIME INFAMY, though again you do kind of get the feel for REALM STEREOTYPES and indeed those which work versus those that do not.

World War Z, was (to my mind) what several other films of recent years have tried to be though fell short, that one with Will Smith (for example) and indeed Brad Pitt and his production team and backers have seemingly managed quite a feat, in succeeding where other previously bankable actors in entering particular GENRES have STRUGGLED.

Yes over convoluted commentary perhaps, though I did find myself thinking, this is a movie I want to take a girlfriend too and watch and view in a Cinema, The Horror Element and Psychology really works in a quite polished and smooth way.

It is of course interesting for myself as to the way and manner in which David Cameron is seeking a broad and wide consensus on various issues, that are somewhat troublesome in ever gaining a broad and wide consensus upon.  Some claim that his renegotiation for example is simply stalling for time, and we could have a vote tomorrow and know the result.

Likewise I do think he has increasingly conducted himself in the fashion and manner and dignitary of a Prime Minister, where historically at least, his STATESMANLIKE ability has possibly been questionable.  Yes we can all act in particular fashion and manner, in a self full filling prophecy kind of way, though typically both conservative and labour parties have extremist wings that ought not be a part of a modern day parliamentary party.

Yes I myself would struggle to bring together a broad and wide collective of individuals to a given cause, because typically, far too many have allowed themselves to be conned or convinced of short term policy and attitudes at the expense of long term thinking and strategies.

Okay you could “get hit by a bus tomorrow” though likewise you might have to face the truth that you are going to be within some realm or working life sector for far longer than planned or anticipated, do you in that circumstance want one that exists in perpetual ESCALATOR WARS of conflict that only works for divide and conquer merchants and chancer and shyster managers and trainers who rely on staffing conflict to maintain particularly unhealthy management practices, or do you want to go to work do a respectable job and collect the pay check at the end of the week, without getting drawn into many debates and issues, that are not relevant to working life beyond feeding some particular peoples and personages ego’s.

Yes we can all draw up how to lists of how to behave in this that or the other instance, though typically of course, some folks in “believing” themselves possibly responsible or CULPABLE for some historical issues, typically try to PROTECT such things, instead of simply letting them go and moving on.

We can of course only act and so on in accordance with what we know now, and indeed we always have that choice as to whether to follow the example set by others or set our own example.

It is interesting of course that mayn a great change that has occurred, has done so when people have taken to assisted meditation technologies, they perhaps demonstrating that no matter how much any of us might be told of the merits of such things when younger, we would in all likelihood, have ignored long term solution opting instead for some more immediate short termism.

Room does of course exist for both, those likewise so does recognising which is actually which.

Anyway this one of those meanders and I still got to get myself some dental work carried out before I lose my ability to speak altogether and so on, SORE TONGUE, gradual Swelling and so on, little pain though, that perhaps due to having worked through letting go many a mental pain mapping (I think).

I did of course find myself wondering as to historical broken left hand leg controlled by Right hand side of brain, I have with the meditation (for example) strangely felt that more mental or brain changes were occurring on the right hand side of the brain than the other, perhaps you can be BRAIN HEAVY on the one side or something like that, though it does not feel like that anymore of course.  Yes some meditation speak as to sleeping on your back with head up, and so on though I typically have ever since I can remember usually slept on one side or the other, likewise when I roke the leg (for example) the pins were uncomfortably positioned on the INSIDE LEG position, meaning that I (for example) was forced to sleep in what I felt at that time to be an unnatural sleeping position on my left side.

Yes many a thing seems ALIEN to us, until we find ourselves experiencing some enforced change of some description, though it is interesting all the same as to how some taken for granted’s that we have about ourselves, do not necessarily FIT what others do and think and so on.

Some folks of course, so sure of themselves and what they know to be true, that only an ALIEN LANDING would awaken them from a given INTRANSIGENCE as to the possibility of other people having differing thoughts and feelings and moods and attitudes and behaviours to those of themselves.

Clearly we can all generally roll along with many a given “because I am willing” fashion to many a day to day rule or regulation or expectation, though likewise people in Authority who abuse such trusts and positions, can over the longer course often find themselves having to go through some ADJUSTMENTS of their own.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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