Ground Control To Major Tom

Okay so when all about you are throwing out the superlatives and quotes and you simply do not get it-what do you do?

Well, being a fellow David who recently asked “what other David’s are there?” I have now perhaps been provided with an answer.

David Bowie, one of those individuals who typically was so diverse and so “out there” that his journey really was his own and I can in all honesty and without shame state that I feel little remose or guilt in not following in each and everyone of his footsteps, because that was perhaps the point, he seemingly on a one man mission to seek out each and every nook and cranny and demographic in existence.

So I was somewhat late to the David Bowie Fan club he having become famous before I myself was born, though much as I suggested recently that the Actor who played Poe Dameron in the news Star Wars seemingly had some kind of an Aura or Stage Presence, the same could in fact be very much said about David Bowie.

My own earliest recollection was actually not from music but in film, he having starred in a couple of movies during my younger years, that I strangely found myself viewing in some fashion or manner.

One was “The Man Who Fell To Earth” and the other was “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence”.  Yes he actually later appeared in a more family favourite oriented movie Labyrinth, though I perhaps typical of a generation of kids that geared itself toward watching what the grownups were watching, rather than all the dedicated target audience demographics and psychobabble that you see now from the very many advertising agencies and cultures that have appeared and sprung up about not only Celebrity but marketing and sales and pretty much the entire kit and caboodle of the Western World.

In music terms I Loved “SPACE ODDITY”, it was a track on some mixed Album I had acquired at some point and I remember simply listening to that one song like it must have been a thousand times.

I can also state that I had perhaps been a big fan of Bing Crosby musicals and his collaboration with David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy” is another duet that has become a Festive Seasonal favourite down the years.

Yes I was also more of a Queen fan and did not really GET “Under Pressure” when David Bowie originally teamed up with Freddie Mercury and so on, though did later, again very much come to enjoy that collaboration as my Queen collection gradually expanded and included older releases and so on.

David Bowie of course also released some GREATS of his own during the time period of the MTV (Music Television) start-up and his video’s and lyric for tracks such-as Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky we know Major Tom’s A junky, were regularly played on the all new video jukebox’s that were spouting up in pubs and clubs throughout the land.

So yes I was a fan, though it is perhaps SCALABLE or has MEASURE PARAMETERS in the sense that he was one whose work you WANTED to like, though typically struggled with, when he went of into some of the very many explorations of sub cultures.

He was also of course famed as a big fan of the ARTS and that perhaps added to his all round appeal and status as a Music Icon.

In exploring some of his earlier stuff, again, I myself found that I simply was not of the generation that the work was intended or appealed to, so whilst some might forever speak on Ziggy Stardust and Life on Mars, I simply have to say that I appreciated much of his work, because when he was good he was very good, though also have to suggest that when he was out of my own mental mapping of the World and Zone, he simply was a jigsaw piece that you wanted to fit though could not.

I think Ricky Gervais perhaps in getting David Bowie to appear in Extra’s, will also ensure that you can see how much he meant to a generation of music fans and so on.

So RIP David Bowie.  Another David Bites the Dust.

Elsewhere I bring Ricky Gervais up of course, because during the night I did find myself wanting to watch the Golden Globes, coverage however was completely USELESS & LOUSY and the respective company’s and media involved should hang their heads in shame!

I simply typed in the search parameter, and instead of getting to see or view the show live, was constantly shaped or manoeuvred toward some commentary show or UPDATES PAGES.

I do not want updates pages and your commentaries, I want to see the show, when I did find a genuine working live STREAM FEED, it was pretty damned Lousy anyway, like an exceptionally poor Skype Connection.

How hard can it be in this day and age?

Yes so a ittle disappointed on that score, as I was up I thought I would watch.

I did however keep a tab open with updates and it was nice to see some particular individuals gaining some awards.

There I was talking about the Jack’s, and it had not even occurred to myself as to the Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio “TITANIC” connection.

That was one of those films, that was “all the rage” in the must see stakes, though I did not perhaps enjoy or appreciate it as much as I should, I have a vague memory of going to a small local cinema in West Wales with the ex-wife and a couple of friends to see The Big Picture, a rare cinematic visit given how pre-occupied we had all seemingly become within our lives as to childcare and parenting and so on.  The film was 3 Hours, and it is a Wise person that decides to not have any drinks and so on beforehand.

Yes we went to the cinema to see it and it was enjoyable, though typical of parents who were not getting out very often, you perhaps have DISTRACTING THOUGHTS as to the kids and other day to day things impairing your focus and concentration.

Anyway I recall that the DVD was released a year or 2 later and we purchased the DVD, though we never ever watched the DVD, have you got 3 Hours to spare on an evening when the kids won’t go to bed or stay asleep or however.  I think we attempted to watch It a couple of times and on both occasions were simple INTERRUPTED or too tired to continue, to the point where it became like a book on the DVD Collection shelf, you can boast of having it in your collection, though would never dream of actually taking it out of the Box in case it devalues the unopened value you will get in 100 years etc.

Yes it was also FANTASTIC to see Sylvester Stallone getting a well deserved Nod for CREED and his portrayal of Rocky Balboa.

Sylvester was a big box office entertainer during my younger cinema viewing years, and the Rocky Series were always guaranteed to deliver some action.  I have perhaps not seen more recent releases in his catalogue though having read the write-up for Creed, it does appear to be one that I will definitely place on the list to get to see at some point.

Legendary Spaghetti Western Music Producer Ennio Morricone was also rewarded and Quintin Tarantino also picked up a Golden Globe for his soundtrack to The Hateful Eight and what I found most interesting (in honesty) about this award show, was that many a BIG SCREEN nomination that would NORMALLY be BIG BOX OFFICE, is living in the SHADOW of STAR WARS, which must possibly be a little frustrating for some of the producers and artists and performers and so on.

WE do see such EVENTS occurring down the years, which become TRIVIAL PURSUIT like questions, where you research either a BIG MOVIE or indeed SONG that you love to death and has become a cult classic or far more popular down the years, and you find that it did not make NUMBER 1.

So yes, make a list of some Major Motion Pictures recently released in 2015 that have had the Shadow Of Star Wars cast over them.  They will become the Answer you are looking for.  Yes overall some awards were presented and it was quite interesting that a somewhat DARK & GRIM selection of films and TV, were the ones taking the Awards, I have little knowledge of the TV Shows, that won, though did do some brief research on some of the combatants and typically, you do find that many a favourite or AWARD WINNER is not necessarily high in popular viewing and ranking with audiences.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports as to the RAF usage of BRIMSTONE MISSILES, excellent for hitting “MOVING TARGETS”.  Now I have stated that I loved playing war games when younger and getting the best vehicle and matching the best weapons usage was a sub game and plot within itself, you can have 2 of this big one or 4 of these smaller ones, these are for usage in air-to-air, these are for ground strikes and so on.

Yes it does get quite complicated in selection, hence so many a realm creating and crafting dedicated vehicles, hence some being called fighter jets and others bombers and so on.  The same of course done with ships.

I got to thinking about this due to my recent speak on BOARD GAMES.

The reason of course, that one game I remember playing regularly was Chess and in a kind of Chess Club fashion, you could sit one group at a board whilst the other group would move along from board to board taking over the next move for the next board, do great minds think alike and do all fall into the same game pattern, or are differing individuals failing to see a predecessors strategy or sticking rigidly with there own?

Anyway IBM of course famously went into dedicated CHESS COMPUTERS, and what would be more interesting for many of us, would be to do as I suggested, and have a group of differing games, and appropriate strategies for each.

So can you COMBINE or go from game to DIFFERENT game (chess, monopoly, snakes and ladders, connect four, etc) and still be successful in the Number crunching calculations and so on.

This is relevant to my mind because for years we have heard of SUPER SIMULATORS, and typically such technology has been gradually created and crafted to lower levels of users and consumers and audience.

Graphic Card Wars, were all the rage and possibly still are in some quarters, though I think the present console generation have pretty much got this stuff down to a tee.

Anyway I got to thinking about the VIRTUAL REALITY issue and of course that involves “REAL WORLD PHYSICS” debates.

A number cruncher algorithm working out the next move on a chess board, via strategy algorithms, is very differing to a real world physics model that carries out the “SAME FUNCTION”.

So what has happened in many a realm is the age old Chicken and Egg debate as to the ORDER of FUNCTION, or indeed SPEED.

The Speed of modern computing and so on, does of course pretend to render such things as unnecessary debates, though you do find, that we must surely still be working in some ORDER of some DESCRIPTION, even if it does not appear so on the surface.

The SENSORY REALM and the order of process then, really can potentially be geared to peak and trough appropriately for the most appropriately selected sense at any given time, and of course peoples who have impaired senses, where others sense have become heightened (think Blind, and Deaf and so on).  Typically demonstrate that a Major Booster is not all that difficult to achieve across all the senses.

We seek to divide and make them different and interpret them from differing sensory inputs and outputs, though in truth, there must be some exceptionally basic routines or mental processes that carry out the work in indentifying our physical maps and bodies and so on as to the very many layers and so on that we can accumulate down through the years.

I have wittered on, so will leave this one here now, I went to get some Dental and have to wait another day or 2 so am possibly going to become increasingly effected whether consciously or otherwise, by the triggers within my mouth, saying ahcing gums or tongue and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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