So in a World over-populated

So in a World Over-populated with media commentators and people who usually can only be genuinely trusted to have their own best interests at Heart.  Is it not the Wise man or woman who embarks on a regular Diary and Journaling and commentating for themselves?

Yes another “OBVIOUS” potentially or possibly, though of course, some folks are well paid for the training and teachings and lessons and learnings they give, whilst others among us, do such things as simply part of Society. And  given the overwhelming amount of realms and interests that you can develop and take interest in, it is interesting as to how we can wonder as to taking things at FACE VALUE or otherwise from some ARENA’S and purveyors of data or information.

So why even when we have relatively big clear outs of mental flotsam and jetsam, do will still find ourselves being drawn toward some subject matter and topics of debate that are best left from whence they came.

I did of course during my vast reading studies actually read quite a large amount of information on the topic and arena of COMEDY and it is one of those realms, that some within seemingly consider to be extremely hard work and taken in some dedicated fashion and manner, whilst others more genuinely potentially simply drift along from being the playground joker to the team joker to the pub joker and decides to make a living at it.

In fact you do find when studying comedy that some subject matter and topic will always again and again reappear, usually of course in some differing guise than previously, though we could all write some basic fill in the space/gap type jokes depending upon who has failed or let the nation down at present.

Political/Sporting/Celebrity Sex Scandal, fill in the blank…

So we all very often know the outlines of very many jokes, particular positions seemingly becoming INTERCHANGEABLE as to whose name is placed in a given position, and what topic the scandal relates to and the BACKBITE or PUNCHLINE.

Very often given or delivered in some pretence of “You would not want so-and-so to find out you laugh or find this funny etc”.

Prejudice in all its guises, can be made fun of and indeed used in humerous ways, though typically it is strange how some peoples can be assumed to not find particular humour funny whilst laughing there socks of at the IDENTIKIT version within a given grouping or audience demographic and so on.

So men will laugh at some humour aimed at women that women claim to not be funny and women will laugh at some humour aimed at men that men claim to not be funny, and you can then of course go into differing audience demographic.

You do find with such things that pretty much each and every area that you might think ORIGINAL is in fact a reversioning of some pre-existing joke.

The truth very often that some folks are simply far greater and better at the DELIVERY and on-stage abilities and so on.

I saw somewhere recently an article about Billy Connelly (for example) and I remember watching him on a wide variety of shows he made appearance on, not only in the 1970’s but the 1980’s and indeed through to the present day; when you think about such characters and personalities you come to see that many a modern “funny person” is somewhat limited in the range compared to those of earlier generations.  I think it perhaps because it does seem that earlier generations did a certain amount of stage and theatre production, often coming from alternate entertainment realms, prior to going mainstream as a comedian and so on.  I think Billy Connelly is known for his folk music and banjo playing background, as was another comic from that generation Jasper Carrot.

We saw Lady Gaga crying when taking home an award at the Golden Globes just a couple of days ago, and she said in her acceptance speech that she had wanted to be an actress before being a pop star, though of course given the dedication and demands of any realm, it can often help someone to develop and become famous within one arena prior to embarking or utilising other abilities and skills you may have, though have not necessarily used.

So she had perhaps given up on her dream of actress, in finding some success within the pop arena, and that success actually opened the door (so to speak) in enabling her to have a go at the being an actress.

I think I also read recently that that bloke from the 70’s who used to run around with a Ostrich, was on some VOICE TV SHOW, and an interview with him, said that he had gone through the competition process, from stage to stage, without being IDENTIFIED for his former STAGE PERSONA, simply on the merit of his singing ability, he well passed retirement age already (I think), perhaps demonstrating along with Lady GAGA, that it is never to late to give up on your Dream’s.

Yes we can all be SYNICAL of course as to celebrities and Personalities possibly having “gotten it easy” though anyone who has ever read some Celebrity Biographies knows that such things are not so cut and dry, few peoples seemingly get to any level of stature or fame without having to have shed some blood sweat and tears along the way.

So I myself can perhaps claim to have like most people followed the formula from a young age, in terms of ASPIRE AND ADMIRE, and having Role Models, yes TV/Movie Stars and Pop Stars have always perhaps cultivated “QUESTIONABLE” rebellion, though who else is there?

I have of course spoken on my love of the old black and white type TV and Movies of an earlier age, and many of those especially Ealing Comedy type productions have “COMMUNITY” comedy and characters.

You would see a given AUTHORITY figure of some description, and the comedy was relatively gentle in poking fun as to the behaviours and so on of “The Human Condition”.

Those character typically “The Local…” Policeman, Doctor, Judge and so on.

Likewise given the choice between the Comedy that my parent’s generation grew up with, and that of my own generation, I found in many ways that some fo the so-called “pushing back the boundaries” typically only really worked for those within particular sectors and elements of Society.

These days it is genuinely far harder to TRUST any given grouping of Authority Figures, because in day to day life, many of the landscapes have been skewered and given over to confused and conflicting evidences depending on whose films you are watching and who is getting all the plaudits at the Award Ceremonies.

I spoke of course on my thinking, after RESEARCH, that many of the Award Winners, for the golden globe’s were DARK & GRIMM, though that is simply from reading the RESEARCH, and the outlines and ideas and subject matter covered within some shows. I might typically watch such a show and find it to be typical junk fare that any generation of teenagers is watching (for example).

So one generation or group of Authority Figures is possibly undermined through the actions, influences and manipulations and propaganda of the next generation or indeed external interference in a realm that some collectives regard as an impenetrable IVORY TOWER, that naysayers attack at their own peril or however.

Today we have had NEWS that the Junior Doctors have been on Strike over pay and working conditions, and it has been given much propaganda as to “SAVING THE NHS”, when in fact Historically the DOCTORS and their Governing Bodies HELD THE NATION TO RANSOM in having to be bribed and forced to take on Public duties and patients.

THE BMA pronounced Bumma has always DEFENDED their TERRITORY at all costs, not only against infringement from Government Oversite and so on, but from other realms within the Medical Professions.

So you can go abroad for example, not only to America but Europe and other places about the Globe and find that you can see SPECIALISTS for a Body Part, that in the UK you would have see a regular Consultant or however for.

The Territorial Pissing of A JACK OF ALL TRADES CONSULTANT, versus lots of little specialisations providing EXPERTISE on one aspect of Operating THEATRE works.

Yes you can of course find, that you have to many Chiefs, if some given individual requires Specialists for each and every sector of the body through some major accident, though likewise given the choice between someone who performs an OCCASIONAL operation of some type as a JOB HOBBY, versus someone who specialises in a given topic and field on a daily basis, many would prefer a SPECIALIST.

The only issue then as to Specialists is often one of TRAINING, many MEDICAL PROFESSIONS from within the UK medical professions, have to go abroad for Specialist training and that is simply because of the REALM PROTECTION of MEDICAL GROUPS and Lobbyists such as the BMA, saying you have to be a member, or have done some qualification within there own SPHERE OF INFLUENCE.

Yes I like and agree with wanting to maintain high standards, and that can come about through well regulated bodies and disciplines, though likewise, you do sometimes have to QUESTION, the cause and effect  issues that underly some of these National Strikes and so on.

Maybe it is time to stop calling them Junior Doctors, maybe we can call them APPRENTICE DOCTORS and recoil at our shock and horror at the behaviour of Apprentices throughout the ages and throughout many realms and disciplines.

In reading an article on David Bowie, an interesting insight came from Luther Vandross, from his younger pre-fame days, when he was part of David Bowie’s backing group.  He was told to go out and sing some songs for the awaiting crowds, who were simply CHANTING BOWIE, BOWIE, and we have all perhaps been to those CONCERTS where we want the main attraction and struggle with some of the lesser known acts.

Though Bowie had told Vandross, that it was not about how the crowd were being and reacting, so much as how he himself was performing and grafting and so on.  He was getting EXPERIENCE and whilst a baying mob is not necessarily the experience of choice, if you are “doing what you love” and “getting paid for it” then surely you can go through some of the more troublesome aspects of climbing the so-called rocky road to fame fortune and celebrity and so on.

So anyway, having pretty much, experienced both the best and worst of multiple realms, it really can perhaps be best to CHARTER YOUR OWN COURSE and so on, rather than constantly getting sucked into topics and debates and issues that can often be INTERPRETED as “OTHER PEOPLES STUFF”.

So bombers once again hitting Turkey and the wet and windy weather strangely blowing some RED BALLOONS into the garden in 99 red Balloons fashion and where else have I seen balloons?

Was it a Banksy Image, yes in fact Balloons have appeared and been utilised in many realms to demonstrate some aspect of being human.

As to sources and resources, I think seeing some article as to the RESCUE of some Window Cleaners on a Skyscaper in HOUSTON TEXAS (NOT WHITNEY), kind of had myself thinking of some of those old black and whites and indeed that recent Disney fantasia 2000, one cartoon segment showing some ment at work on a skyscraper SCAFFOLD, those old HAROLD LLOYD type early talkies.

My generation perhaps often thinks of time travel movies “Back to the Future” as where we saw Michael J Fox as character Marty or the DOC hanging from the Clocktower, though a quick look into the black and white archive will show and demonstrate that Harold Lloyd, did it first.

Yes some of those old black and white movie stunts perhaps far more dangerous given how STUNTCRAFT has developed down the ages, complete with Health and Safety Industry Experts.

So enough for today, though it can be a better thing to be your own commentator, and seek out Authority figures, who you feel are not over manipulative or over controlling or suffering from some form of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Having lived life in various realms and having seem some extremist and indeed non extremists, it is interesting as to how we ourselves do have choice, and can of course having experience either coin side previously potentially make better personal choices and options in future.  You do not have to necessarily go through the eat sleep work repeat choices, that some of us took in working through various courses and programmes, to come to places of awareness and enlightenment and so on.

Some things really do of course have to be experienced for yourelf, though likewise we have such a huge TV/Movie Catalogue, that beyond new faces and actors and actresses giving a performance, little cannot have been said to have not been done before.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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