Was That Not A Great Address

Yes, so on arriving home this morning, I decided that rather rely on and trust the very many media outlets, 2 minute video quotes and skewering, I would watch the American Presidential “State Of The Union” Speech; the entire address perhaps coming in at a whopping 59 minutes long.

Overall, I do have to say that much of it was interesting as to points I could agree upon and aspire and admire and all the rest of those superlatives.

There were however one or two sectors within the speech that I being British might take exception to, though likewise those exceptions are potentially based or centred in disputes as to PATRIOTISM.

So we had a fare few statistics being given and being told what it is that makes America “Great” and all the classical types of lets work together encouragements and so on.

The mental disputes, came at points that typically all nationalities might dispute when it comes to the “DEAR LEADERS” RHETORIC, they (Leaders Prime minister and el presidents and dictators etc), all come out with we are the World Leaders in this field and that area of power and so on and so forth.

So whilst the rest of the World believes and reports that America has been dragged kicking and screaming into “Climate Change” agreements, America claims that it is they who are responsible for leading the fight on climate change. 

We also see the same as to international Disease Control outbreaks such-as Ebola, where America claims it is they who have lead the battle on these disease outbreaks and vanquished them and so on.

I did kind of agree as to the not identifying “The enemy” in terms of classical “Evil Empires” pointing the finger at the Soviets and Chinese, though did not feel that Obama genuinely believed what he was saying at particular moments within the speech.  He seemingly reluctant to talk of Russia in any kind of positive terms of international affairs and communications, and given how they (Russia) were involved in the Iran Nuclear Disarmament agreements and so on, came across as somewhat begrudging (almost like a spoilt child knowing he would be dragged across the coals by his own people if he failed to tow some designated US POLICY LINE).

America even today of course produces rather large amounts of TV/Media and film and stories related to how America defeats Evil empires and wins cold wars and so on.

That is not to say they have not been a large part of the cause effect parameters, so much as to acknowledge that it was probably far harder for many of those former Soviet Nation states to change and do have done so from within.

China was simply suggested to have been going through a transition phase.  It can of course be stated that such speeches are always going to be a dissected as to content, and each and very meaning possible for differing terms and references TRIGGERED in some fashion.

Overall what I did like, I liked very much, whilst some of the Patriotism, as suggested above did not fit for a more NEUTRAL external viewer of such things.

Talk on American Business and Enterprise and employment is also of course debatable, I having personal experience, of having worked for a large british retailer and indeed holiday company and public sector NHS and so on.  Why?  Well the Company I presently work for is said to be a company owned from afar by an American Corporation, and it is perhaps well documented as to being the very worst employer in my own employment history.  Yes change has occurred over the years, and clearly the Corporation side of the Business may well claim they “INHERITED” many of the senior management staff when they took over, though clearly some policy decisions must be carried out in a hands-off fashion and other policy decisions a more hands-on approach.

Clearly it is well known (for example) that the Company had a poor local reputation for very many years, and you would have expected that reputation to have changed when the Big American Corporation came in and so on, though in fact, it seemingly inspired those within the realm to utilise it as a justification for a kind of “were protected now”, “more of the same” rather than any kind of re-imagining in a more upwardly mobile and admire and aspire fashion.

Likewise it can be stated that some quite rapid advances have occurred over the last 5 years, and possibly one or two of the “old school” management types have been caught “out of there depth” as to how to deal with particular situations and scenario’s.  I recently hearing of some colleagues being given a lambasting by a senior management personality in the canteen.

Whilst upon hearing the reason, I actually agreed with the sentiment or principle of the manager, although the DELIVERY and suggested ATTITUDE of the manager (given in INTERPRETATION of his language) is brought into question.  Such instances (for example) are appearing more and more as VIRAL VIDEO MOBILE PHONE recordings and being used in COURTS OF LAW.

 If you can end up in Court for GBH and SLANDER and Bullying and “ANTI-SOCIAL” Behaviours outside of places of work (for such things) then surely the same can be said within such ENVIRONMENTS.

Far too many a senior manager comes out with quotations such-as “I trust my managers 100%” when what they could and should be doing is seeking to encourage more collective harnessing of “willings” and indeed planning ahead.  I think I am fortunate that whilst everyone moans at some present day changes and alterations to the plant, my own immediate department seems to have been a little better prepared than one or two others.

I can of course state that many such things are about what we are witnessing in the World as a whole, so no-one need go to war as to what is written, because we all KNOW what occurred as to the TITANIC, we all know that international Markets have incurred huge LOSSES since the beginning of 2016, those who took the Numerology course also know that 16 was given as one of those so-called BOGEY NUMBERS.

So we all perhaps need to simply THINK a little more as to where our focus and so on is, rather than become distracted and take out frustrations on the peoples about ourselves.

Elsewhere typically I found myself wondering what NEWS would be slipped under the RADAR.

Yes I could go on about the POWER OF 3, issue as to recent MUSIC LEGEND DEATHS and wondering “who next” though that is of course an invitation to HELL & DAMNATION and many such a bet is refused by bookies anyway, due to the potential for ASSASINATION of the JOHN LENNON kind.

Clearly a time and opportunity for SECURITY SERVICES to be upping there fee’s to The Great and The Good, given the Heightened Level of World Wide Security Requirements.  Such things always up for debate anyway of course, security Jobs being a bit like the army.

The Jack Reacher film had a fantastic and simple Analysis of such things in saying 4 kinds of people join the Army:-

First you have those with dedicated Military Families.

The 2nd Type are those who are Patriots, and join up (for example) following events such-as 9/11.

The 3rd Type are those who simply want jobs and perhaps to escape the confines of the present day situations they find themselves in.

The 4th Type are those who want to LEGALLY be able to Kill other people.

Yes, somewhat dramatic in statement, though, I do have to admit that as I have progressed with many a course and programme, such simple and basic analysis does kind of make SENSE and indeed several other analysis used by that character also seemingly made a great deal of sense, as to

“people developing an ITCH, that just has to be scratched in some fashion or manner etc.”

I also see that GENETICS is in the news once again, as gene editing has become all the rage within science Circles and some British Scientists want to keep their hand in.  the truth of course that speculations of what can be done and carried out have existed for very many years, and much like the age old analogy of ripples in the water, SCIENCE cannot and should not CLAIM or indeed hold a STRAIGHT FACE, when they claim they can make adjustments and so on in ISOLATION.

As I have progressed with Assisted Meditation and Technological advancements, I have come to see that the COINSIDES debate is given to suggest that each coin has 2 side, whilst when you take such debates into the SPHERE OF DIAMONDS you come to see very many more multifaceted dynamics, and we can all perhaps relate to “be careful what you wish for!” sentiments.

Of course the best players on the Markets do not do SENTIMENTALITY, the best GAMBLERS do not do SENTIMENTALITY, so as much as we all seemingly carry a certain amount of sentimentality with us, as part of the human condition, it is the WISE MAN or WOMAN who is able to judge the long and the short of it and indeed whilst I encourage folk to write on the IDEA “ONE CANNOT NOT COMMUNICATE” you can still of course edit and delete and modify and adapt and so on.

Six nations rugby is already being planned for and some new management is of course making some new adjustments to the squad, perhaps out with the old and in with the new, though I have of course suggested that anyone who has moved from realm to realm or indeed been within a given realm for long enough can often see that, little NEW is actually occurring, that part of the problem, when a better solution could well be to break and dissolve some of the “old guard” management gangs and get some NEW BLOOD in, I of course have plenty of new people around myself at present, though it can be enjoyable seeing new faces, they do of course present repetitions and variations on the theme of “old problems” if you allow things to go down particular routes.  I have generally over the course of several years, maintained some distance as to control freakery and I think others have done the same, and despite immediate short term issues, I think the environment is far better geared toward a more prosperous long term future than at any time in the Company’s History.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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