So I Have This Week Spoken On Dental Pain

So I have this week spoken on dental pain and I did and have of course continued to Meditate as part of my day to day routine, I did however on Tuesday morning upon arriving home from work find myself suffering a huge Headache within the right side of my brain.

Many of the Courses and technologies of course speak as to “Whole Brain Thinking” and after several years of meditation I did find it a little disturbing to be experiencing a somewhat localised pain.

I did however simply continue with my meditation routine prior to sleep and at least by the time of awakening the Headache had dissipated (if not the toothache).

I did of course perhaps do the external in terms of looking for REASON, oh it must be all these David Bowie Headlines and so on, the constant David references perhaps setting off many an ancient long lost trigger of some description or however, likewise the name references have seemingly continued in terms of a Lottery winner and some unknown cabinet minister all getting in on the act.

Today whilst I have of course created a separate Article for Brummie, I see another Global Legend has also departed the Broader and Wider World.

Alan Rickman another of those actors whose work is perhaps underappreciated in terms of the effect and audience appeal he seemingly managed to have on very many a person.

He perhaps on several occasions managed that feat of playing a TWISTED SOUL or villainous character that some folks could actually RELATE to in some fashion or manner.

His Professor Snape portrayal perhaps that of the unrequainted love he held for Harry’s Mother.  And likewise very much a Scooby Doo type villain in the Die Hard films, in terms of “I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling John Mclane” (Bruce Willis).

Elsewhere we are hearing that the Hatton Garden’s Jewellery Heist criminal gang are being given various prison sentences, though we also seeing reports as to one member known only as BASIL “getting away with it” in having not been identified or caught.  In fact, in reading the write-up you might be forgiven for thinking that the individual known as Basil was the ringleader or however.

So we have often of course witnessed particular kinds of news at particular times, and what is grabbing headlines versus what is not.

So all these BIG DAVID BOWIE headlines, could effectively MASK, other kinds of public information news that those in positions of power might be expected to impart, though have been waiting for a better moment.

David Cameron having an affair, Who cares?  David Cameron and his Cobra cabinet declaring Martial Law on the Streets of London due to an impending Terrorist Threat, who cares?

Yes, so typically when any big time personality dies and you want to know what is occurring as to politics and other Global issues that may well affect you and I, you can almost guarantee with some CERTAINTY that some HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL other news has been leaked of sneeked under the RADAR of very many media pundits and commentators.

In fact such things are very often done by the media pundits and commentators themselves.

Elsewhere the World of Athletics is still undergoing some surveillance and conspiracy theories as to who what where and when, again Russia having the misdirection finger heavily pointed at themselves, whilst the CONDUCT and INTEGRITY and so on, of character such-as Mr Coe himself can be brought into question, as to SPONSORS and so on.

Public Office Conduct and being SEEN to be above board has become a MAJOR ISSUE over the last 20 years, many a Public Sector Servant, having to DECLARE and interest in some matter via associations or ownership of shares in bidding Companies and so on.

The same issue can of course be suggested to affect PRIVATE COMPANIES, and the wheeler dealing merchants who go from board room to board room are surely also due to experience greater SCRUTINY.

Elsewhere a European Court Ruling as to the Study of Private Email and so on of a worker by the Company is coming into Question.

This of course is a HUGE AREA AND SUBJECT for DEBATE.

What is STALKING and what is above board monitoring of CLASSIFIED SECRETS and so on.

I have little interest for example in rushing to Industrial opponents and creating maps and diagrams of INTELLECTUALLY COPYRIGHTED TECHNOLOGIES, likewise many of those ENTRUSTED with such POWERS, have possible HISTORY themselves of not being trustworthy to carry out such duties.

So do you pull back from the brink, or simply think so and so is taking this far to seriously.

Clearly all vested interests of any competing factions, can wind themselves up into some SECRET about themselves being revealed in some fashion, though likewise I have generally come to find that Technologies such-as those promoted on my website have a tendency to bring all peoples to some point of truth of their own life and existence and behaviours and actions and so on.

Some play ball in doing as Sylvester Stallone suggested in his Golden Globe Acceptance Speech, acknowledging and knowing that you are effectively like a kind of human vacuum cleaner in taking a little piece of all you encounter with you, when you come to those kind of Global Realisation’s, most people come to some realisation of sorts that given the choice between constant fighting and war and prejudice, we could all well be better off, taking in some of the lessons and learnings and actually changing in alignment with new awareness and enlightenments and so on.

I have also seen the Oscar Nominations released today, and whilst Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been given several nominations, I kind of wish an EXCEPTION of some description could be made for Harrison Ford.  Perhaps they could introduce a lifetime Heroic character Oscar or something, to take into account those ROLES and ROLE MODELS that have perhaps DEFINED GENERATIONS.

Elsewhere we are also seeing The Brit Award Nominations, and again it might be suggested to have been made of the Usual suspects in terms of Adele and Coldplay and so on.

Perhap we as Audience want the big acts, though likewise maybe further ROOM can be created to showcase some of the up and comings, that not necessarily the up and comings that those within the INDUSTRY want, so much as up and comings that are selling records and touring and perhaps getting ready to step up to a new level and so on.

That actually occurred for many a band through Live Aid in 1985, where whilst a great deal was raised for Charity, several bands who felt they had peaked and were in decline of some fashion SEIZED THE MOMENT and in so doing, managed to step up to another level of fanbase and so on.

Freddie Mercury did so with Queen I think (knowing some of the bands story and history) and likewise BONO did something similar for Joshua Tree super group U2.

Yes I know performers such-as Adele are great in terms of anthems of their own, though it does seem as though some generation of the rock bands and so on have simply vanished, they are not coming through so to speak.  Or those that are, are typically being typecast in some off-beat category that pigeon holes them into non entity abyss.

Why when so many shows and FESTIVALS occur up and down the land, are we not seeing the same reflected when it comes to bands in general.

We also of course seeing that the Met are intending to double Firearm’s Officers, and of course recruitment debates can be had over and again as to most appropriate peoples.  My own take is simply that if an individual DEMONSTRATES having a gift for some particular types of work then they can perhaps be allowed to utilise such skills. When the American Sniper Movie came out, I think it was shown that a British Sniper actually had a better record, and again those dedicated men and women whatever the particular Force or regiment and so on, can of course expect to have to go through quite strict training and evaluations and assessments, the same as many a realm seemingly does in this day and age.

Yes I moan as to far to many a realm demanding qualifications and qualified people, especially when many simply have little knowledge of the realms they are entering, many a BUSINESS setting up its own qualification system, so that skills and on the job Qualifications could be earned within a given Environment (for those that feel a need for them), so lots of swings and roundabouts, though typically many who train with a company might feel TIED TO A COMPANY, whilst those with STANDARD NATIONAL QUALIFICATION perhaps have less vested interest in the success of otherwise of a given realm.

So some find what they want to do and do it for as long as they can, whilst others drift or settle for less than what a little extra effort may have afforded them.

Enough for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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