So Prior to My Usual

So prior to my usual bedtime ritual, I decided to have a look at the forthcoming newspaper headlines for the day, and typical of anyone who monitors such things on a regular basis you come to see particular patterns and cycles occurring as to News events both at home and abroad.

During the night as I and colleagues worked through the UK night time hours, reports were coming in from some distant land entitled “The Splendid Hotel” popular among journalists and tourist in an African State or Nation known as Burkino Faso.  The location one of those African states that is perhaps mostly unknown to those of us who grew up with classical geography classes and nation names. 

It would probably do some of us well to familiarise ourselves with some of the New Layouts of countries such-as Africa where many a former colonial Country has been broken up or split into territories along more ancient tribal lines. Whilst we see former Colonies such-as the USA regarding themselves as States (with Hierarchies) within or under the banner of the United States as One Nation, Africa as a CONTINENT is perhaps an example of how or what North AMERICA could be like, were it to disintegrate into squabbling states without any Universal Enshrined in law Governance.

It does of course seem that particular regions and centres of Wealth and Prosperity are often still under the influence of former colonial powers and international wheeler dealing Corporations as to who has maintained VESTED INTERESTS in differing sectors and regions.

Many a faction typically simply funded and encouraged to fight for various commodities that they know Foreign Nations and Power’s will pay a King’s Ransom for.

This part of the ISIS problem in the sense that they are suggested to have Oil and Tax revenues from business’ operating within the sectors and regions they control.  The simple truth of many a Hierarchy that you can often SEE that Money Power Wealth and so on are often at the so-called top of the MOTIVATION & INENTIVE tree, especially for those of us who have ever been in the position of being at the mercy of negative influences or external peoples and persons and so on.

This again possibly related to VALUES and of course those values that kind of get picked up and enshrined within us in some fashion as we are growing up.

How many of us for example watched so many films and drama’s that were given over to protecting and or saving the Women and Children First, or indeed high lighting some designated “BAD” people’s for seeking to save the Gold and The Jewel’s and Silver and so on first?

When you think about such things in terms of TREASURE HOARDS, you do kind of come to see WHY particular ELEMENTS and COMMODITIES are held in some given VALUE above and beyond human life and so on.

In the United Kingdom for example, The Royal Family has huge So-called Treasure Hoards and so on known as The Crown Jewel’s and whilst most of us perhaps think of such things as a couple of Gold and Silver Diamond Encrusted Crowns and Rods and so on, given how we never or have not HEARD or seen any DEALINGS going on within such goods and merchandise for many years, you kind of expect to be able to walk into some British Equivalent of an AREA 51 Warehouse somewhere that contains rather large Treasure Troves.

These days of course when it comes to Banks, we have heard for many years how banks have great underground impenetrable vaults and the finest security systems, though the reality as to some break ins and heists is that it is SURPRISING when we as a pubic “get to see or hear about them”

Why are PHYSIAL COMMODITY HEISTS such-as gold bullion and diamond robbery’s and so on high lighted so much when similar MARKET type events that take place on a daily basis go unknown on a daily basis in a much larger scales.

Yes markets go up and down though when you look at LONG TERM LIFETIME Models, generally the overall pattern is always one of UP.  So we are at present seeing Zero Talk of CRASH, because typically many a Company that has long term interest in place such-as Wall Street and “The City” (of London as a business centre) know that trading will continue come rain or shine or snow or Hurricane and STORMS.

So CRASH is simply a commentator type Grab Headlines and Attention WORD utilised within the MARKET SECTOR of Life the Universe and Everything.

So where was I?

Yes I saw a headline as to a couple of American Military Helicopters Crashing in HAWAII and my thoughts immediately went to MAGNUM PI, though clearly Hawaii has maintained several US Military Bases for many years, even prior to Hawaii becoming part of the so-called Union.

I of course recall those CLASSIC ELVIS type movies, and indeed the very bright patterned and so-called HAWAIIAN TOURIST STYLE of clothes and beachwear and so on.  Yes they also I think have a TRIBAL FACTOR involved as to Tourism and so on, though much like places such-as New Zealand and Australia and other ISLAND Nations and states, you do wonder as to what is ORIGINAL and what is or has been INVENTED just for show to tourists and so on.

I think also OBAMA or some other Amerian Dignitary has had it high-lighted as to places of BIRTH and whether you are a Born Citizen or otherwise.

Clearly many a person, both in America and indeed Britain who had parents within the Forces can state that they were born in so and so a distant Land, many a serving Force having facilities for families and births, deaths and marriages and so on.

Clearly most BASES abroad are in TRADITIONAL TERMS regarded in similar fashion to DIPLOMATIC TYPE EMBASSIES often little empires of places of home away from home, where the rules and regulations within the camps and bases and so on, are enforced from the NATION HOME STATE and NOT necessarily that of the Surrounding Nation state.  I think such issues of course are high-lighted by places such as THE VATICAN CITY. 

The VATICAN CITY suggested and given to being an independent state within ITALY.  Likewise, some far and distant land outposts are regarded as CALM and WELL MAINTANED DISCIPLINED OUTPOSTS that have existed for very many years, whilst others are still experiencing ongoing CONFLICT and CONFUSION.

So Britain for example has bases  in Northern Ireland and those bases were often places of what Terrorist or Nationalist factions claimed to be LEGITIMATE TARGETS.  Other bases such-as those in Germany were seemingly simply maintaining a PRESENCE to enforce the peace, lest the defeated Germans seek to rise up or indeed those Commies in there sector behind the WALL decide that some kind of Expansion is required.

Germany of Course quite interesting, in that whilst west Germany was suggested to have become an international power broker in terms of leading very many market sectors of industry, East Germany was very much maintaining old ethnic principles and mentalities.  That has been seen from many former Soviet Nation States, and whilst we have had huge debates as to whether peoples such-as Syrians are REFUGEE’S or MIGRANTS, it does have to be noted, that that the travelling tribal groupings do bring with them “OLD ETHNIC WARS” and so on.

Not quite sure why for example, Britain maintains some friendliness between England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, when similar Country combinations on the CONTINENT have simply disintegrated over and over again.

Do International Structures and Bodies genuinely maintain the peace or are we going to see them give way and fall down in the same fashion as many an empire previously?

Speaking on the Military Issue of course, we have seen or heard that some Leading Light and ancient Field Marshall by the name of Bramall has been cleared of child abuse claims and investigations due to lack of EVIDENCE.

We are also apparently fast approaching another inquiry of sorts into a base in Surrey known as DEEPCUT.

Deepcut Barracks suggested to have a rather large HISTORY of WRONG DOING and behavioural issues, that suggest something is rotten at the core or heart of the Military establishment.

The truth perhaps that like many a realm, whilst many a person accepts and acknowledges WRONG DOING and poor behaviours exist within some spheres where they ought not, how big or small does the SAMPLE DEMOGRAPHIC have to be to demonstrate or HIGH LIGHT whether some issue is a MAJOR or MINOR MODEL as to the state of affairs within a given realm.

The INSIDE OUT issue is one that I myself have had to contend with a great deal as I have progressed within my research and enlightenment and awareness activities.  Likewise what is taken in ISOLATION to a given realm and what is reflective of the WIDER WORLD is debatable.

WE have all seen so-called realm wars within History and indeed within Movies, and in Literature such-as Animal Farm, where it has or was long suggested as simply replacing one bad establishment apple with another bad apple establishment apple.

The issues of FEAR and CONGRUENCE and ALIGNMENT are ones that raises their heads over and over again.  Yes, the Meditation can help people cut through very many issues and debates and topics and issues though indeed many subjects are not related to the “On The Ground” REASONINGS given for particular actions and so on.

FINE LINES can be drawn as to what are acceptable borders and boundaries of BEHAVIOUR as to DISCIPLINE and what is simply COMPLIANCE BULLYING based in ego power mongering and so on.

Classic Speeches of course as to how “I did not get where I am today” bowing down to the whims of the workforce and so on.

An oncient and old quote that is well known throughout Britain is “Instant Asswhole just add Alcohol” and strangely the same can be suggested as to many an EMPLOYMENT STRUCTURE.

My working realm like many others has a training period and people have some designated time spent wearing a trainee IDENTIFIED HAT of a particular colour, much like the Military has ranks and stripes and buttons.  It rarely takes long when such people get the regular worker hat to be seen in the LIGHT of the above phrase or some variant above.

In fact the Hat colouring principle is quite straight forward simple and fine, for anyone who has been within a realm for a given time, though you do after a year or two come to wish that some ALTERNATE SYSTEM was also utilised or CO-EXISTED CONCURRENTLY to stop “Instant Asshole” Syndrome.

Yes such things are utilised within Holiday bandings and longest serving staff are higher in criteria lists; and given what went before, the present system is a whole lot better than the free for all that used to be engaged in some adhock first come first served basis, though I really do think a greater DEPTH to some pegging system should be seen and encouraged.

What perhaps needs to be encouraged is the IDEA that even if you are now a worker with an employee hat you are still in some version or variant of a LIFELONG LEARNING/TRAINING SYSTEM, and you are required or needed to step up your game, and or make yourself aware as to personal or realm improvement and CONTRIBUTION and so on.

It perhaps a little like that age old debate as to cramming for exams versus demonstrating an ability level  through-out the year, though the ISSUES of course will remain pretty much the same, in the sense that you can always EXCUSE PEAKS and TROUGHS and HIGHS and LOWS, and someone newer coming in can always identify what is WRONG within a given environment, although we should not lose sight of what is right, and how what is right has come into being and the positive PROGRESSION that has taken place, in a ream that dare I say it, was previously caught up in very many warring factions and squabbling’s as to maintaining a given POWER MONGER’S power base and STATUS QUO.

Cut through your own long lost or non-conscious FEARS, realise your successes and encourage similar behaviour and patterns from those newer to such realms, transition from rather DOGMATIC “old school” REACTIONARY FRUSTRATION behaviours, to more PROACTIVE MANOEVRING in each and every circumstance that you are presented with.

Elsewhere we are seeing that some DIPLOMACY and prisoner exchanges have been taking place as to International Pariah state IRAN and of course, whilst those things are being high-lighted as successes for those involved, it does not take long to be able to go to another sector or area and region of the World and point out the alternatives that are occurring.

That perhaps the problem with PROPHECY and indeed the ENLIGHTMENT and AWARENESSS TECHNOLOGIES in GENERAL.

You can say A Bomb blast will HAPPEN, and somewhere you are almost guaranteed to be able to be demonstrated to be CORRECT in your witnessing.

You can say a Marriage will take place and be proven to be correct, you can say a Death will Occur and be proven to be correct.

The TOPIC and DEBATE then one as to IDENTIFYING THE CLUE REFERENCE OR POINTER, whether it is direct or indirect.

And then Narrowing down where given information is pointing you, is this relevant in a linear or indeed non-linear fashion and manner to my favourite sport of TENNIS, CRICKET or Rugby or Cricket and so on.

Returning to the VALUES issues, it is easy for us of course to believe ourselves as being the HERO or LEADER and to BRAND opponents in counter fashion, though likewise when you bring other FACTORS into account such-as World wide patterns and cycles and so on, you do come to see that more aspirational paths and life courses can exist and that others can also be in alignment with such things, without negatively impacting upon yourself.

What behaviours are being indulged in, that  are rewarding and what behaviours are being indulged in that lead to events such as those at DEEPCUT and other life realms out and about this World.  The problem of course, that those within Military Family and so on may BOAST as to having served at this base or barracks and this Regiment and that Council or Body.  Do you fall into ALIGNMENT with REALM that you know on some deep down level to be WRONG or do you go with it and tolerate issues for a few months knowing you are simply PASSING THROUGH, or do you DRAW A LINE in the SAND and ensure that no-one else has to suffer in the fashion and manner that you may or may not have suffered.  Many a BULYING REGIME does of course seek to ISOLATE differing peoples and factions, the TRUTH being that you cannot HOOK AND HARNESS on topics and issues that peoples rarely have an opinion or INTRANSIGENT belief system about. 

Always INTERESTING in psychological evaluations and interview for instance as to whether people are open and honest about passed working life failings or whether the opposite is true.  Strangely of course we are often our own worst JUDGES, though likewise if you KNOW that being honest and truthful right up til the end, is going to held against you, do you fall into alignment with what you see as a working life realms failings, or do you PROVE YOURSELF RIGHT.

We are suggested to be CREATURES that spend an awful amount of time seeking to adopt a belief and then seeking to PROVE ourselves right, given that MODEL, surely success oriented models based in being correct for positive evaluations and uplifting and rewarding behaviours are better than simply declaring yourself all powerful and going to war at every opportunity with anyone who does not  agree or hold the same MENTAL MODEL as dear to themselves as you yourself might.

SELF SABOTAGE does seem within many a realm to be the modus operandi, in terms of people becoming frustrated with pulling on the reigns of power and the horses failing to respond, “oh I’ll just get new horses” says the unwilling to learn or train or invest in people personality, plenty more where those came from.

I actually think some Working life realms, that I have seen and witnessed within the press and very many media’s could actually do well to place intransigent SET IN STONE LIMIT as to how many new employee’s any given manager is allowed, to have passing through their hands, before they themselves are sacked and replaced or deeply QUESTIONED, for those failures.

Some realms typically of course, can point and provide very many EXTERNAL reason as to CAUSE/EFFECT, though I really do think

What if you are stranded on a desert island and have to survive and co-exist with the NATIVES kind of attitudes could better be encouraged within training Modules. 

Yes I quite liked and grew up working around RETAILER teachings and learnings and lessons, such as pile it high sell it cheap, though you do especially with some “old school” individuals get the impression that such PHRASES are being applied not to the goods but the staff, and in that instance, INTERVENTION from upon high, may well be the better option.   Far too many seemingly RUSHING to HIM or ME internal debates and wars with themselves, (always choosing a designated opponent) when in all likelihood they are simply failing to FACE some old non-conscious issue or topic and debate from within there own life story and History.

Sam Horn repeated the Mantra “Example is the only thing” within her course and whilst I acknowledge that some realms seemingly act in almost magnetic attraction to life’s dropouts and shysters and chancers, surely a genuine challenge is to take such a group and turn them into success’s, and if some “old school” questionable options have to be removed from some Authorities then so be it.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well


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