Oh Lordy It’s the Expendables

Expendables is one of those words that you may or may not have heard of prior to Sylvester Stallone utilising the word Expendables for his Ensemble Warrior Cast Movie Series, though rest assured anyone who has seen or spent any time with a 1980’s or 1990’s Accountancy Spreadsheet or budgeting Matrix could very well claim to be familiar with the word Expendables.

Yes I remember years and years ago, when tools such-as Excel were becoming all the rage, though do not be misled, as accountancy software already pre-existed in very many formats prior to Microsoft taking over the Market place.  Many an Accountancy firm relying on huge spreadsheets and algorithms and BUZZWORDS that clients could give a “What The F***” is that too, upon being shown the yearly or quarterly budgets and so on.

Movie making operations are perhaps the same in the sense, that you are often given to believe that TIPPING in American culture is not a request so much as an expected that makes it onto spreadsheets, where in Europe and elsewhere, tipping the waiter and waitress is done when you actauly feel you want to reward staff for the service provided and so on.  This one of those shades of grey areas when it has come to Living Wage and Minimum Wage debates, whereby some employers claimed the minimum was made up through the combining of service tips and so on.

That of course can create an imbalance in some working life realms and cultures.  That many of us can imagine or role of as to examples.

Anyway I finally decided to watch the ensemble action films and get some of those what happened to my youth, where did it all go wrong thoughts and feelings and so on going, and to that end I can of course take the opportunity to say, Wow you have really done it this time Mr Stallone.

Yes many of those Action films were full of gaffes and continuity errors and big set pieces and terrible scripts, though I actually enjoyed them for what they were, and in having now viewed the 3 existing Expendable Films, I think there is little wrong with the format as an entertainment.

It was quite simply enjoyable to see some of those former Action Stars sharing the same Screen space and somehow generally surviving all that an enemy could throw at them.

In fact it does kind of make myself laugh, that I watched them out of sequence, seeing 1 and 3 on Netflix and then 2 on Amazon, 1 and 3 being given some low rating whilst the 2nd give a higher valuation rating, possibly simply through having the broadest and widest appeal Cast.

Having said that, it is kind of strange that these movies and the themes and formulas utilised within them, have only gained relatively low valuation ratings, whilst in the GAMES WORLD, exactly the same FORMULA for you yourself, entering such realms and action as the STAR PLAYER is constantly given and HERALDED as the “Next Best Thing”.

That was also often true of course, during those heyday early years of Computers and related Magazines and so on, in the sense that you simply cannot and should not TRUST RATINGS.

The Surrounding Computer Magazine Realms grew so quickly that consumers and the public AUDIENCE quickly became of little importance to many of those within the newly created empires, it was all about how they (the writers) were wheeler dealing with the games authors and industry to bring you these reviews and cheats and blah blah, grabbing as many a SPONSOR and REVENUE generator as could be squeezed into a print run.  Many magazines were more like sponsored advertisement type pullout catalogues than genuine attempts to create a Magazine Culture based in articles and the respective World or Realm knowledge base.

Yes RAPID COMMUNITY building is typical of very many a Hobby or interest that people take up, whereby you want to find out the latest NEWS or INFORMATION and see speak and communicate with likeminded individuals.  Those likeminded individual can of course become COMPETING groups and distributors and all the rest of such things, especially if you are someone who has seized the opportunity to produce some associated product or redirect your own pre-existing business, as many a firm and company did during those 1980’s and 1990’s heyday of home computing and so on.

Likewise, I can suggest I have seen similar patterns and trends as to other realms, such-as Lad’s Mag’s that all hedged and sort to squeeze themselves into the gap in the market place, between hardcore porn magazines and children’s comics, it may well be suggested that the Male Population and Target Audience and Very Many a DEMOGRAPIC were not being catered for, although now you may very well say the opposite in terms of how many distributions you can find on all and any sport or area and topic of interest, car magazines (for example) have nearly always had a place, though likewise given the choice and expenditure between a dedicated realm magazine and some broader bits and pieces magazine, you generally find a certain amount of cross over between publications.

So a press company has a dozen dedicated realm magazines and in order to encourage a broader and wider market share, takes an article from each of the dozen dedicated realm publications and incorporates them into some new all-encompassing ensemble Magazine or Title.  You have or may well be already paying the wages and the costs of the dedicated realm, so you may as well ensure some kind of MAXIMISATION of your investment’s and portfolio and so on.

Returning to the spreadsheet issue of course, differing peoples will do differing things, so I can suggest that some encountered during my life regarded the BUDGET and REALM as their own personal property and in workforce opinion ABUSED such things, treating each and every new financial year as though they were kids in a candy store, going on some spending spree, they who had been released from some imposed restrictions, when in fact, the imposed restrictions had often come into being through the kids in a candy store expenditure from the previous financial year.

Do I blow and spend £120 pounds all now or do I allow and enable myself to spend £10 per month for the rest of the year.

Some will say “you could get hit by a bus tomorrow” and such language suggests or can lead to the blow it all now option and crisis after crisis after crisis unless someone is around to actually lay down the law a little as to monthly or weekly budgets and how much is in the kitty versus otherwise.

Yes you do get occasion, where extra spending is required and indeed can find yourself with more than expected through being strict with yourself, though likewise, no one option in isolation seems best, though of course in thinking in terms of CHOICE & OPTIONS the more available to you the better.

We all know that a BIGGER BETTER IMPROVED Version of your current “must have” is ALWAYS around the corner, because that is how many a realm operates and progresses.  The balancing act that many a business has to take is of course having and using expenditure as a investment for some give period of time.  Do we buy a suite of computers now and how long is the life expectancy, if we make this purchase, then we have to stick with it for X years.

Things do of course change and some technologies can render previous technologies and thoughts and feelings and actions redundant overnight, though knowing as and when such things may or may not happen does not make for easy prophecy.  Most business peoples and persons will always go with the CAUTION side of the equation, in the likelihood that they can claim to have been STUNG or BITTEN on a previous occasion, through being reckless, or letting themselves go or whatever.

We can of course also suggest that some folks have lived GIFTED LIVES of not having such misfortunes, and the likelihood on such occasions is that they are simply crafted themselves a far larger and bigger whole and so on.  Though the amount of FEAR and INVESTMENT in NEGATIVES is often some deep and hidden SELF FULFILLiNG PROPHECY that you may or may not have even chosen for yourself anyway.

We are also of course hearing that SANCTIONS on Iran are being lifted through compliance with international monitoring agencies and Markets will of course remain UNSTEADY.

Why, well OIL has or was for many years used as a BAROMETER, the control and production of oil based products is MASSIVE and when you look at those with vested interests versus those without, you come to see why the markets are TUMBLING.

Iran has huge Oilfields and the SANCTIONS ensured limited production, much as they now have limited Plutonium Enrichment Limitations.

The Oil Markets and Price have been plunging and many a Nation and Business and Multinational Corporation has spent vast fortunes in seeking to develop ENERGY GENERATORS and EFFICIENCIES that are not reliant on OIL.

As long as we require or need oil, we are regarded as being at the MERCY of those realms and nations and so on who produce such things, and very often those regions and commodity zones are like WAR ZONES.  You can complain at ARAB MONARCHIES and alleged African DICTATORSHIPS, though in seeing the alternatives, many of us can be quoted as suggesting just RING-FENCE the whole region and district or blow them all to merry hell and so on.  Clearly that is somewhat of an invitation to further disaster because little in any given ECOSYSYEM happens in ISOLATION, and we are pretty much a Global Ecosystem.

Organisations such-as OPEC Historically REGULATED OIL PRODUCTION keeping the markets relatively stable, though given the tit for tat arguing among those member states, the likelihood is that Iran selling further oil exports will create TURBULENCE in the markets.

What is perhaps required now are some NEW substances such-as Plutonium being DISCOVERED that are worth their weight in Gold and occur naturally within some region of our global landscape.

The problem of course, that Science in Leading the way and coming up with methods of LABORATORY creations, have concocted DESIGNER metals and commodities that require the paying of a license to manufacture or indeed approval from other World states and so on.

Now following on from my Expendables viewing, I strangely found myself investigating SWITZERLAND.

I not only read up on modern day Switzerland, but some old and ancient related childhood stories and INDOCTRINATIONS.

I of course have exceptionally vague memories of watching a dubbed TV programme entitled HEIDI about a girl going to live with her grandfather in the Alps.

I also found myself reviewing the WILLIAM TELL Legend, very interesting in that it shares similar kinds of appeal to Robin Hood and indeed the so-called ARTHUR Legends within great Britain.

I also of course have exceptionally vague memories as to “The Lone Ranger” and the Title Music I think was entitled “The William Tell Overture”.

Yes we all wish we could YODEL perhaps, though I am quite sure that unlike the thoughts and feelings that TV and Film give us, that all SWISS spend there time Yodelling, and Americans run around blasting each others heads of with Sawn-off’s, and the French are sneekier than the Italians when it comes to swapping sides, and yes we can go of into all sorts of STEREOTYPES.

Another Teen Realm I found myelf taking a mini detour into was some NEW Show on Netflix entitled Shadow Hunters, apparently based on some more American teen fiction book series and best sellers, that manages to include the whole kit and caboodle of folklore as to Angels and demons and vampires and humans and so on.

All very buffy or charmed and what many have seen before, though enough DIFFERENCE existed in cross-over appeal to potentially have myself viewing for a couple of further episodes when they become available.

Elsewhere we have incoming reports as to Militias in Baghdad seizing foreign Nationals, and this is another DANGEROUS ZONE issue in that ransoms for peoples and personnel are also popluar money spinners to peoples with guns who want what some of the foreigners have.

The problem is of course that we can regard ourselves as being in poverty or having relatively humble lives as to a house, a car a washing machine and so on a LIVING MINIMUMS, whilst when you go to some Nations, the contrast as to PERCENTAGES of Growth and Societal wide development has not necessarily EVOLVED beyond some ELITE GROUPINGS.

In those countries is may well be suggested that quotes as to the 1 per cent may very well be true, though I do think mass applied generalisations help no-one, when they are made in western World Cultures.

Enough for now ass I am now pondering upon the Baghdad Issue, it is of course 25 Years since the original invasion of Kuwait and OPERATION DESERT STORM that we in the wider World watched live on our TV screens as missiles and bombs rained down on the City.

That war was fought on the basis of the LIBERATION OF KUWAIT, that had been invaded by its neighbour, though it also SPAWNED the SAS and Special Forces Legend further with the Tales of Andy Mcnab and Chris Ryan and other units that were operating behind the lines in preparation of some of the planned and intended actions.

Yes a huge debate since as to GULF WAR SYNDROME, troops who were given particular VACINATIONS within the United Kingdom forces, were said to have come down with very many ailments and SUSPECTED SIDE EFFECTS and proving the existence of LINKS an RELATIONSHIPS is an ongoing Story and Debate of its own.

I do of course pass through Port Talbot regularly when visting South or west Wales on the Train lines, and did indeed visit the Steelworks many years ago as part of an ENGINEERING Course I was doing, the visit was not so much related to my own area of learning, though it was none the less a very impressive operation.  These buildings and sites often seem quite isolated when witnessed within the surrounding landscapes, though when you are in such superstructures you come to see just how well built and crafted some of these ancient engineering feats and technologies are.

We keep hearing how DECOMISSIONING is going to take place as to these power stations or the Nuclear Arsenal or this that and the other, and the very sad TRUTH is seemingly that we have not come up with in ENGINEERING TERMS, anything of great substance to REPLACE such Industries with.

I would rather The Army, Police and other Forces and the Nation as a whole continue to use old stock and old planes and trains and automobiles and so on whilst NEW equipment’s and technologies are INTRODUCED, and likewise a submarine fleet without a nuclear missile as is suggested by Mr Corbyn and followers is the equivalent of having one hand tied behind your back.

Yes I suggested how would you survive on a desert island, though likewise there is no point in having Trident Submarines without the Trident Missile they are designed to carry, unless some other comparable warheads are developed for use within such ships and vessels and so on.

I think the NUCLEAR ARSENAL should be maintained and increased and not depleted as Society as a whole is strangely gearing itself for.  Yes the Soviets had an ACCIDENT in Chernobyl and yes the Japanese had an ACCIDENT in Japan, though the reporting of such incidents within the United Kingdom has either been seriously BLOCKED under OFFICIAL SECRETS ACTS and so on, or we simply have far better and secure operations and structures and so on in place, than other Nations.

Possibly a little of both, given how much testing took place in far and distant lands, prior to alternative power usages were developed for Nuclear Reactions, though we are often given to assume that the SCIENCE STOPPED HALTED, as though nothing further could be done within those field and areas of expertise.

Likewise CERN and where Science goes NEXT is a HUGE issue, we seemingly swimming and AWASH with groups of adopted THEORIES and little in the realm of EVIDENCE.

And even the evidence that is given is debatable give how many are simply supercomputer reports that few can understand or indeed COUNTER in any given way.

You can of course come up with tests to prove something is there or the absence of something, or though when you go into IDEAS as to PARALLEL WORLDS and PLAINS and REALITIES, whilst SCI-FI writers love such things to death, the rest of us have to perhaps find ways and means to distringuish between what is good practice and beief to have and to hold and what is simply some current modern day DIGRESSION from the story of the History of the World, no not the one written and directed by Mel Brookes, that whilst exceptionally funny, was perhaps to “OUT THERE” for very many in a society often not given to being proven write in the “I told you so stakes” as to is that what you want, cos that is what will happen EXPERTISE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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