Hi-Ho Silver AWAY

This of course the famed quote from “The Lone Ranger” seen by myself during 1970’s run of the ancient TV Western and indeed more recently the Johnny Depp as Tonto versioning.  Whilst the recent film was said to have bombed at the Box office and been a flop, my own view is that the film is under rated and far better than many a reviewer or EXPERT claimed.

An enjoyable film in and of itself and whilst I have perhaps accumulated far too many years between viewings and going down the comparison route, I think much of the essence and fun was seen to be had, the reality perhaps that some genres and formats are CLAIMED to have been moved on from or are out of date and so on as to style and production values.

I think that completely wrong, though likewise all and any grouping or realm and theme can be categorised as out-of-date and so on.

So viewer Friendly westerns and relatable characters in multiple genres have given way to hardcore horror values as to graphic versions of blood and mayhem and swearing and higher ONLY TO BE VIEWED BY RATINGS and categories and so on.  Instead of giving way, I do think some of us at least may very well PREFER some of the ROMANTICISED versions of history and STORY’S and so on, above and beyond what seemingly is produced and taken for granted now.

I within my return to viewing of TV and Film over the last year or two have found some quite starting DISTINCTIONS between multiple REALMS and indeed the way in which differing Societies and Communities are portrayed.

Why are you wearing that mask? Came the question on multiple occasion and of course in some Genres it is suggested as to “Bad” people not wanting to be recognised and likewise in some realms it is given to the suggestion that the “good” people do not want to be identified, this high lighted in a recent article on an Italian Police Force Division that spends many years stalking and tracking and hunting Mafia operatives and operations.

Likewise, of course Masks have been utilised in Balls and Banquet Halls and gone in and out of fashion or been given SPECIAL days throughout very many Universal Calendars and the debate as to appropriate dress codes and or otherwise can continue ad infinitum, across multiple realms of society.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports as to possible TENNIS GAMBLING scandals and that of course can happen within any given sporting realm, especially when you find RESULTS seemingly not going to plan with your own DEAD CERT reasoning and so on.

CLUING SYSTEMS of course only as good as those peoples that are using such systems and indeed anyone within any sport “can have a bad day” the problem in some sports whether boxing or snooker or darts or tennis or golf or any of the multitudes of sports available to us in this day and age is perhaps the DISPARITY between HIGH EARNERS and LOW EARNERS.

Very many Professional Sportsmen and Women are often only able to operate in semi-pro fashion having to subsidise life with other means of income and working life and the TEMPTATION then for alternate income for your preferred activity is possibly to much to resist.

I say possibly of course because you head into the so called murky depths of what people would do in a given instance, not only based in following in the footsteps of some Movie realm character but what has actually occurred within REAL LIFE.

Unfortunately, I think it was William Booth (who assassinated Abraham Lincoln) who was said to have been DISAPPOINTED at being labelled and treated in less than favourable terms for that act, when predecessors of similar type were often HAILED in some fashion or other.

That perhaps part and parcel of IDENTIFYING which way the wind is blowing as to PROGRESS and so on.

So we see films and games and other entertainment MEDIUMS portraying given SCENES and SCENARIO’S and we can take our cues as to what we learn from such instance and-or otherwise possibly failing to learn, because we failed to consider some startlingly modern day evidence that DEFEATS or OBJECTS to taken for granted OUTLETS within those mediums.

Forensic Science of course could in Theory BE THE DOWNFALL OF SCIENCE, when you follow any given clue trail and realm for long enough, because many taken for granted percentiles of EVIDENCE do not stand up to some further advancement of given TECHNOLOGIES.

Elsewhere we are seeing it suggested that top Graduates with multiple job offers are rejecting many jobs that they might have taken not all that long ago, leaving very many a posting empty, strange given how we see it written time and again that more STUDENTS and GRADUATES EXIST than do jobs.

The problem perhaps high lighted by another LOCAL article in the Hereford Times as to how hard or difficult it is to be a Start-up Business within Hereford itself.  Not only in terms of grants and loans and CONFORMING to local Governance and so on as well as property rental prices and quite a strong list of proof actually, as to why so many are simply drawn to ANYWHERE ELSE but here.  It could well be suggested that for all the BULLSHIT & BLUSTER of local Enterprise councils and Business Communities, they give FALSE REPRESENTATION of community support and requirements that they themselves would have found it impossible to have matched when they were setting out.

So we can of course when going into inner realm explorations as to identifying signs and symbols and pointers and cluing systems get drawn into all sorts of nonsense and intrigue that need not exist.  Were it not for far too many Local government approved PROTECTION RACKETS of various sorts and natures.

The debate as to who is responsible for this, that and the other continues apace whilst as stated on multiple occasion, far to many want external peoples and persons to be responsible for choices and options and behaviours that they themselves chose, that the rest of us possibly have little interest in being dragged into.

Anyway I have suggested as to many sports, that given RANKING POSITION between top SPORTING TEAMS or PLAYERS and those within the lower regions and divisions, the surprises can of course come thick and fast as to favourites going out at early stages of particular events.

Was that a GENUINE “Giant Killing” or simply someone somewhere taking a backhander etc.  Lack of TRUST and buying into Mistrust is of course another topic and debate all of its own, when you grow up watching or indeed reading conspiracy theory upon conspiracy theory when within many a day to day working life “THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY”, the worst within many a person, perhaps WANTING or NEEDING something to happen or be different from the BOREDOM OF ROUTINE and then non-consciously TRIGGERING or starting some sequence of events to enable themselves to later “SAVE THE DAY” in some fashion.

I have seen peoples and personalities at all levels of Business and indeed Hobbyist realms and elsewhere carry out such ACTIVITIES.

Anyway possibly more later, when I have witnessed tomorrows press and MARKETS, I have a feeling we have not seen the last as to various realm TURMOILS and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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