Was The Gettysburg Address Inspired By The Iceburg Lettuce

Yes, so as I advanced through various levels of assisted meditation and courses and indeed continued witnessing I came to see very many INFLUENTIAL links and triggers as to not only Historical Events but Future events.

Typical example is that I mentioned Edgar allen Poe and he perhaps most famed for “The Raven”, I then spoke as to recently watching “The Expendables” and then “The Lone Ranger” and at least within those FILM realms the link is potentially quite clear for more advanced meditators and indeed investigators of non-linear links and triggers and influences and so on.  Whether you regard such things as paranormal or indeed a standard realm practice. Likewise I can of course throw the DEATH of Clara Oswald related RAVEN story into the MIX suggesting some kind of inner mental realm ECLIPSE or ALIGNMENT OF THE STARS & PLANETS and so on.

We do of course know that layer upon layer of Science has built up or down through many generations, and we also know very many Histories run concurrently with each other, though not necessarily in some regular assumed linear fashion, that Science tends to lead us toward in our thoughts and feelings and actions and so on.

So I mentioned an American President in my title and I think that was partially because in recent years I saw some Nicholas Cage Movie “National Treasure” that I think referenced Lincoln in some fashion or manner.  Likewise of course we are seeing independent Republican Donald Trump giving it his all in his electioneering campaign and managing to Alienate all and anyone in some fashion and manner as to political correctness toward some demographic or populace here and peoples and persons there.

I do have to wonder as to whether there  is a “METHOD TO HIS MADNESS” though we are strangely often given to ELDER peoples and persons being allowed to be occasionally waspish and rude and all the rest of those things as though they have some how earned a right.  We see Prince Phillip in the United Kingdom coming out with occasion FAUX PAS.

The problem of course that historically at least, many a COUNTRY and NATION has an AGE OF MERIT for Elections and positions of political power.  Many a nation given to actually having laws about such things, hence so many former Presidents and indeed MPs and so on, often being somewhat aged and having served so many years in alternate realms prior to becoming a public servant.

So for all of Donald Trump’s FAUX PAS’, I think he is potentially just what an electorate “SICK & TIRED” of PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS wants.

Yes some opinions and issues and debates perhaps require watering down, and or winding your neck in about, though in POT KETTLE, KETTLE POT terms, you do see that much distraction and many an alleged attack on some Community or FAUX PAS is actually Hooking and Hinging people’s into getting subject matters talked about and so on.

Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have also been stepping up there campaigns for Democratic Nominations and I think it will likely take some MAJOR RUCTIONS and DISASTERS to knock some of these FRONTRUNNERS out of their stride.

Does America Matter?

Well we can see that America when it was isolationist, just got on with it in terms of continued building and infrastructure and politics and so on, and it is well documented that both WWI and WWII benefited The United States far more than many other nations, they taking over very many trading routes and International Business when OLD EUROPE was disintegrating and falling into continuous conflict and war.

Elsewhere another bird the PENGUIN or PINGU has come to attention in recent weeks due to an ongoing Language joke between myself and some colleagues and indeed today I see Penguin (the publisher) has changed its recruitment policy as have one or two other companies in wanting the best recruits and recognising that such recruits may not necessarily come from a generation of graduates studying favourite TV/Movie and personalities and so on, or likewise perhaps the higher tiers of ACADEMIA have also become somewhat QUESTIONABLE as to some CORNERS that the SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY and ESTABLISHMENT has backed itself into, in following particular STAR SCIENTISTS come hell and high water, and few up and comings able to get a there heads in the overcrowded TROUGHS.

Elsewhere we have also seen reports that a wanted man in connection with the PARIS attacks has been said to have been arrested in North Africa, this time Morocco, where many of us link the famed hat known as THE FEZ.

Meanwhile some gang of young people in Britain had decided that ISIS was for them and began plotting in terms of acquiring firearms and transport and planning attacks on particular SOCIETAL PERSONNEL, whether Military or Police or indeed straight forward civilians is a little vague, though we can of course in hearing about MOPEDS go into thoughts of MODS & ROCKER wars and indeed recently deceased Glam Rock King David Bowie I think went through a MOPED PHASE.

Not sure what let myself to that conclusion, though quite interesting are some of the other recently deceased or high and mighty Legends coming to the fore.  Some Drummer from Mott The Hoople dying (they strongly linked to David Bowie at one point during his career) and likewise American Pie singer songwriter was recently arrested for some domestic disturbance in America.

Elsewhere I did find my mind drifting once again to Little Mr Purple known as Prince, and also known as that symbol thing, at one point.  Yes, I have mentioned him previously though you do sometimes wish that some of those Artists that you know are good and rarely get to see or perform, were available to mainstream viewers in such shows as the Brits and so on.

Also going on are reports once again on troubled POLICE OPERATIONS, this is of course one of those territories that many of us are well aware of in terms of TV/MOVIE FICTIONS, and indeed realms of spying and ESPIONAGE in general.

The problem of course that whilst, some peoples and persons are perhaps GENUINELY APPOINTED to carry out particular INFILTRATION of some gangs and groups and Organisations, very many other peoples and persons really do go out and live double-lives simply through their own choosing.  We have all heard of such peoples, so why the FUSS when it comes to people who are in SERVICE to their Country and however. Some suggested to “GO TO FAR” in terms of getting married and having kids and so on, within the fictional role they have crafted for themselves, perhaps the PROBLEM being one of the hook and hinge mechanism and those thoughts and feelings as to ONE OPPORTUNITY or the only option in terms of a SHOO-IN the DOOR, to some realm or whatever.

The problem of course, that INTELLIGENCE is not necessarily all it is cracked up to be, on some peoples and persons, you typically within fictions can SPECULATE until your hearts content as to the lives that people lead.  So you might attempt some so-called HONEY TRAP for some peoples and persons and find that they are not interested in your chosen EXPERT.

Strangely you do come to see that any assumed FAULT is rarely identified as a WRONG STRATEGY.  The TARGET does not respond to your chosen IN-MECHANISM whether blonde or brunette or male or female and so on, and you could probably find, that many people who have been stung in relationships are more than happy to live alone and not COMPROMISE themselves as to particular subjects and areas of life, likewise other will fall at each and every hurdle presented or proferred to them, so you really do need to find multiple angles and tactics, whilst IDENTIFYING ACCEPTABLE PROCEDURES for doing so.

What works within Fiction may well work within real life, though you rarely see “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” within fictions, lead role characters have moved on to next story and so on, whilst in real life you often get huge fall-outs from some kinds of scenes and scenarios.

So we can all be absolutist though I generally have come to see that as much as we might climb the mountain as to enlightenment and so on, we really do shave to descend at some point and indeed find ways and means to continue and so on, with our new learnings and teachings.

Returning to the WHAT HAPPENED NEXT issue of above, you can of course have counter arguments as to how much role play was actually occurring within any given INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES ROLE and how much was as close to the REAL PERSON and IDENTITY as they genuinely are.

We typically see cheats using same initials and so on when in multiple relationships and such things are UTILSED AS CONGRUENCE and CONSISTENCY MECHANISMS.

I think we can have a THRESHOLD for just about all and anything you can think upon, and indeed I know for example that since progressing to higher levels with meditation, even if I look rough upon a train or however, I will typically often be IGNORED by ticket inspectors asking for tickets after each station, I perhaps not giving off SUSPICOUS NON CONSCIOUS


Yes many a person regards themselves as being able to read other people, though few develop to a point of not only working through the potential of their own previous SENSORY MISMANAGEMENT and other peoples.

So yes, some people can NATURALLY develop “GETTING AWAY WITH IT” abilities simply because they are somehow MASKED or SHIELDED or DISGUISED as to CLUE TELLS and so on, and indeed “forgiven” be those about them because those people are not looking for such things etc.

We all know that people will treat us differently if we dress as a TRAMP or a LORD, though interestingly, you do find that consistency and congruence and being COMFORTABLE with yourself within any realm and role is an altogether differing matter.

Of course to many of us these things are not important, though likewise some realms really do require peoples to have those raised THRESHOLD and indeed to be able to adapt and adjust when necessary if they are seemingly TWIGGED or caught out.

Yes so espionage whether historical or relevant today is of course given to links and IDEAS and as to whether they are current or non-current.  Many a STORY seemed related to Historical Issues and matters, so you may well find that Lessons and Learnings and FINDINGS and improved Strategy recommendations have already been made and given.

The problem of course that each generation, seemingly struggles with INTERPRETATION, so whilst I can look at ACTORS with a film or stage drama and SUSPECT they are not well suited to a role, another critic or observer is fully pulled in by a performance and claims some off-screen affair must be occurring between the performers.

CHEMISTRY is of course like many things in the eye of the beholder and we all of us perhaps, now within ourselves as to whether we feel we have chemistry of any kind with other peoples and persons.  Strangely again I do think many such an instance is part of that self-fulfilling prophecy issue, though worry not, the introduction of CHOICE and GREATER and BROADER OPTIONS are available to all comers whether you are black or white or yellow or grey and of course all the very many other DELUSIONS that we often get caught up in competitive rivalries and nonsenses about.

Some of course such as myself simply choose to withdraw from the playing field on some topics and subject matters, because we can already claim to have been there done that, worn the T-SHIRT blah blah, though likewise that is not to say a differing experience might not be had once you have taken up assisted meditation as recommended on www.silvertoevelocity.com so much as to suggest that proactive planning following careful study and so on and a more PATIENT approach to life the Universe and everything, may well PAY DIVIDENDS in a World where very many a person gets sucked into nonsense as to running around like HEADLESS CHICKENS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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