I Would Not Use An Extreme Prejudice Trigger Though Would Suggest Bias Exists

That is my general overview of The Oscars when it comes to those little Golden Statuettes that get handed out year upon year to the great and the good of the Film Industry.

Yes it has been noted year after year or every so many years that particular demographics fail to make the so-called nomination lists and on those occasions, it may well feel pointless for particular demographics to show up.

Though call’s for boycott and so on, are perhaps dependent upon how well regarded or otherwise some ESTABLISHMENT BODY is anyway.

I cannot recall a year in my life time of witnessing Oscar awards and so on, where some year has not had a controversy of some description, or indeed the British Counterpart “The Bafta’s”.

The reality for myself does very often come down to being genuinely HONEST & TRUTHFUL with yourself as to whether you agree or disagree, upon seeing particular films and movies and so on.

I recently spoke as to Star Wars getting some nominations, though also suggested feeling sorry for Harrison Ford and that is quite simply because certain types of POPULIST Performance and indeed Stories and Scripts do not “make the grade” when it comes to Convincing the audience of being within some other REALITY or however.

So yes some years you may have heard of this film or that actor who has not made the nominations and you may wonder as to Intransigent Prejudice, though very often, people are simply sticking with non-controversial options and choices.

Most of us would likely not aspire to have or hold an OSCAR if it was regularly being won by political correctness means and measure or populist means and measure because the criteria and indeed the broad width of available options and choices means that you can never ever please all of the people all of the time.

So whilst I like one or two Spike Lee Film’s and indeed am a lifelong fan of Will Smith, husband of Jada Pinkett Smith, that does not necessarily mean they deserve a nomination each and every year any more than any other given represented demographic.

Likewise some jobbing actors work for many years, without ever getting called up for Reward and Peer Recognition at the so-called ELITE or MAJOR awards.

Strange though true, I recently read an article on the chap who wrote the Theme to Star Wars, and he has had 50 Nominations over the years, for his music, taking only I think 5 awards from all of those very many Nominations, even more startling within that article was that he is not the person with the most nominations.

Who could that be?

Apparently the most nominated individual in the history of the Awards is WALT DISNEY, and he of course did take home a rather large collection of Statuettes over the years, though production of Cartoon’s and Animations has perhaps always been an ENSEMBLE realm, for many groups and teams and gangs and so on, so as to whether the Studio chief kept them all for himself or simply for the Business Empire is perhaps another dispute to be raised by his former employee’s.  I think the “Saving Mr Bank’s” film based on the making of Mary Poppins raised some laughter as to his having a rather GAUDY OFFICE with Oscars dotted about on his mantelpiece among a large collection of Disney memorabilia and so on.

Disney another Abraham Lincoln link due to his being a fan, apparently as another article I read suggested that Disney was a huge fan or follower of Abraham Lincoln.  Unsure as to the truth of such things, though we can again and again be led to the so-called water, in the suggestion that many of these individuals when given the choice and option to fall into alignment with some disagreeable future, chose and opted to write their own, and indeed perhaps those of the peoples who got onboard their respective IDEOLOGIES and so on.

So yes It is GOOD that an ISSUE as to OSCAR Nominations is being HIGH LIGHTED, though let us not get totally dragged down into so-called PREJUDICE debates, when it may simply be a truth that some genuine contenders in some years have been given the opportunity from all sectors and demographics and have WON AWARDS, whilst in other years, various groupings including the white majority can be left feeling AGGRIEVED at some final ENVELOPE DECISION.

So perhaps the American Film Academy should set up a group of SUB-OSCAR leagues and nominations tables, and then the best in each category goes forward to the final decision making process, much like they do within the American National Football League NFL (that game that is like the rest of the Worlds Rugby).

Not sure as to the process, at present because you do get the impression it is all shrouded in SECRECY, though in fact qualification to be an academy member is quite straight forward (I think).

What else?

Well we have now seen the death of another supergroup Legend this time Glenn Frey of the Eagles, and the link for myself is again along a non-linear path and pattern, I happen to know Verdon Allen (keyboard/Organist Mott the Hoople) he being a family friend.  Another chap who I knew via Verdon used to do lots of pub gigs and so on in the Hereford area and region, and they would nearly always consist of several EAGLES songs, such as Hotel California and Desperado and so on. In fact whilst I myself know the lyrics to Hotel California (It being another of those offbeat favourites), a little further research has revealed that I knew or know far more Eagles songs than I realised.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports as to some place entitled CHEETHAM in Manchester being the counterfeit capital of the United Kingdom and being labelled Faketown and so on.  I think that the nomination is CLEARLY WRONG, because many other places about this green and pleasant land can make claim to such an identity as FAKETOWN.

Yes Hereford perhaps a good example, given how many an AUTHOR of a spy thriller or former elite and present elite soldiers action story has a “Hereford, England, United Kingdom”, line of LOCATION.

In fact that possibly halve the problem relating to the setting up a business story I mentioned a day or 2 ago, whereby far to many local peoples have aspirations and mental attitudes of links and so on to so-called SPECIAL FORCES and all and everyone having to PROVE THEMSELVES as to some EXTREME CONDITIONING or EXPERIENCE, and in this day and age where all these very many video game VIOLENCES can be had in an instant and indeed be replayed at will when you lose a life, people perhaps have a tendency to create mental illusions about themselves as to video game ability versus out and about town abilities.

Yes America for example has debates as to Gun Ownership, having a gun does not mean you use a gun, though likewise we see similar mentalities among people getting CARS.  The car is the new tank and PROTECTION from the mean streets, something perhaps akin to GRAND THEFT AUTO.

I spoke on Instant Asshole Syndrome and becoming a DRIVER is another typical instance of such syndromes and so on.  Hence so many crashes about the Country Roads and Lanes of not only Herefordshire but throughout the United Kingdom.  People discovering that unlike your video game or The fast & Furious Film makers, you do not have a dozen copies of the same car to smash up within all the actions sequences you choose to put yourself into in REAL LIFE TERMS.

Yes whilst it is EASY to DISMISS, boyracer issues and attitudes as to guns do not kill, the simple attitude of REDUCE EVERYTHING to the IDENTITY of a TOOL and then IDENTIFY the Purpose of said TOOL can make all the difference in the World to ATTITUDES and so on as to function and abilities and so on.

Strange though true given that most of us in Society are PROVEN “taken for granted” as going from TRANCE STATE to TRANCE STATE, then if you have had a Negative Experience whilst within some particular TRANCE STATE, then taking such things apart or having a clearout of the flotsam and jetsam, may genuinely be the very best way to ensure such things are not repeated within your own timeline.

Do you learn the lesson, or go blundering into the same old minefield again and again and again.

Elsewhere we can see rather disturbing reports on child abuse, as well as further debate as to Muslim women and language learning, though clearly I think what is being suggested is not nearly enough, given how we can all PREACH and we can all make RECOMMENDATIONS, though a CULTURE whether Societal or Business or Family and so on, can rarely be changed via simply COMMENTATING in some fashion or manner.

Elsewhere we are seeing various articles that might HINT or PUSH peoples toward the EXPLORATION of SECRET LANGUAGES and RUNES and SCRIPTS and CLUING SYSTEMS.

Yes you do wonder as to how BLUNT a given message is required to be in order to get into the hearts and minds and so on of some folks, though straight forward and simply honesty is rarely enough for anyone brought up possibly within some Religious Culture or Disney Culture or Soap Opera Culture and all the very MIXTURES of DEMOPGRAPHICS and AUDIENCE’S AVAILABLE.

This is a word and this word is a label, and prior to it being a label it was another SENSORY EXPERIENCE, therefore you can redesign and learn to sequence your thinking in a system that is better geared toward best practice and best usage and so on.

I did think, yes that’s it, I shall CHEAT and change my name to Disney Pixar, it does after all share my Initials, though likewise the downside, is of course that just about all Disney Pixar Stories and Film have so-called “good/bad” demographics and very many people go through life thinking they are the one, when they are clearly the other and indeed vice versa.

So being a PREJUDICE DENALIST, could well be portrayed as the same as being a HOLOCAUST DENIALIST, though I think for anyone who has already SIDESTEPPED such issues and topics of debate, unless you have some or can gain some foot holding or standing or applause for drawing a line in the sand on some issues, you an often be better of, simply getting your head down and getting on with it, with little fuss and wonder as to what all the fuss is about when you gain your rewards.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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