Aura Seeing Fest

I have of course got the Aura Seeing Course within my collection, and like many courses Aura Seeing has to be experienced to be believed.  I myself was a little sceptical and dismissive early on in the sense that many of us already know we can SENSE auras or those so-called invisible or otherwise fields that everyone and everything has, though in having been through the course more than once, I can most definitely state, that regular practice and following of the course will have you not only SENSING AURAS, but actually more acclimatised to SEEING AURAS.

I can positively state that the shift from sensing to seeing has never been made so easy, and this is another of those courses that can leave you wondering and curious as to how much else about the World you think you know, though clearly do not.

As always the course is free and to be taken advantage of, and even if you feel you are already well stocked up on such courses, it fits quite neatly into the Learning Strategies catalogue and so on and so forth.



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