So Today We Are Seeing Reports of Global Market Adjustment

Hey pssst, do not say CRASH.

Yes so the simple truth is, that it is all too easy to say that prediction of some market adjustment could be seen coming from a mile out.  It was of course only a year and a half ago that OIL was trading at some ridiculous $100+ a barrel, and that was never ever going to continue into the long term.

How can we know this, well at that time I think various long term reports had been coming out as to Global Oil stocks and indeed the ever growing COST of exploiting or getting at the so-called newly found reserves.

Some oil reserve locations are easily accessible to us, lying just below the surface on land, whilst other reserves are a little more difficult to come by having to be pumped up through oil rigs out in Oceans and bays and so on.

Likewise, once so-called Shale mining was allowed or became an acceptable method of getting oil, the price was always going to begin to drop, as FEARS & WORRY as to future supply and demand were reconciled in some fashion etc.  We also could suggest that the keeping of IRAN as an International Pariah State and so on, was also potentially done to simply extend the given international market holding price and so on.

Clearly it long suggested that IRAN with some of the largest World Oil Supplies does not need or require Nuclear Power, hence the suspicion that they were far more interested in Nuclear Technologies for other purposes.

Clearly they are not the only ones, though I think some quarters and vested interest have to quite simply accept that over reliance on any one given commodity or means of exchange for any Country can be a positive or indeed Negative in the sense of not seeing the lay of the landscape (whether regarded short, medium or long term) we also of course have many a moralistic story relating to such things.  The strength also being the weakness and so on, all very often constantly blinding us to the so-called NOW principle. 

The problem of course that many (myself included) have historically at least potentially bought into the Idea of Now as a short term oriented strategy rather than NOW as a kind of Independence from any form or measures and scales and so on.

Elsewhere, I found myself somewhat bemused by some of the Oscar’s issues, typically the Academy Membership suggested to be of particular stereotypes in exceptionally heavily weighted percentiles of demographic.  What?  Well over 50’s, Male, White and so on.  It should however not be lost on us that the people screaming and wailing the loudest as to this demographic as the anti-christ are also peoples within the Academy and some who are appointed or regarded quite high within those circles.

I chuckled at these, not so much because of all the finger pointing and so on, so much as when I look to the working life realm or indeed many established realms within Society, we typically can very often find those very same MAFIAS of population demographic holding the so-called reign’s of power and so on.  Such things do of course take us into the Matriarchal/Patriarchal debates and indeed how to bring about a balance as to who does what and so on, within relationships and all those various forms of “I’ll do it tomorrow, don’t bother I’ll do it myself” conversations.

The other topic for the American Academy is perhaps how much is being regarded as Homeland Consumption voting, and how much is International Consumption being taken into consideration.

The Movie Industry is of course a World Wide Industry, though Hollywood historically at least did a very good job of maintaining itself and indeed its American Audience and attitudes and behaviours as the leading light of Western Consumerism and so on.

Should we now create an “INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY AWARDS and OSCARS Ceremony” and have the American Academy Awards as a subteer within that Organisation?

The reason I ask is of course because you get into the debate of WAS THIS FILM or PERFORMANCE “GOOD ENOUGH?”

If it is good enough then it perhaps worthy of Nomination, though both films being cited as NEGLECTED such-as “Straight out of Compton” about American rappers NWA and indeed “Concussion” are very much American Appeal only productions.

Yes NWA did achieve some international appeal, though I only happened to hear or know of them via friends Holidaying in America, they did not have and did not really pursue international audience, beyond being typical “join our rebellion” hero’s.  They were of course also exceptionally controversial and any film might be suggested to Glamorise some of those more controversial issues.

Concussion whilst starring a Major Film star with International appeal in will Smith, is unlikely to do well internationally, simply because as much as American Football has made international Market inroads, it has not been as big as some might like to think.  We typically in the UK might think of attending some big game out of NOVELTY VALUE, much in the same way as American’s might support international Soccer, when any of their teams are doing will internationally.

I compared Will Smith to Brad Pitt recently and during some of that research found that Brad Pitt had done some baseball film I had never heard of, so it is not something that is exclusive to one community.

So perhaps AMERICA in wanting to be fair to its HOMELAND MARKET and indeed the Place of respect in terms of INTERNATIONAL FILM PRODUCTIONS and investment, should SPLIT Academy Awards up.

Easy, says David, though in all likelihood, you are always going to find peoples who belong in both VOTING SECTORS & Markets & audience demographic.

Elsewhere the TALIBAN are making headlines via some fighting action in PAKISTAN and a we are still here, claim to fame.  The truth of course that if we go LOOKING for such stories we will find stories on each and every continent on the planet.

TRUMP has been given the kiss of death apparently in receiving the support of Sara Palin, another somewhat controversial figure, who was involved within the last Republican Campaign against Obama.

Yes quite a mix of turmoil and issues and more issues to get sucked into as being the most important thing, when clearly any sensible person, when faced with “THE ORIGINALS” as each and every generation within many a realm, seemingly regards itself should dismiss much of the NONSENSE and give some clarification as to behaviours and so on.

As suggested recently, it is all to easy to give broad sweeping dictums from above to entire groups and populace, when some RULES and REGULATIONS should be abided by all anyway, a more sensible and measured approach in this day and age to INDIVIDUAL peoples and persons testing themselves against accepted realm behaviours, can be to actually SINGLE OUT the troublemakers, rather than punish entire working groups.

This is of course choice, and indeed identifying perpetrators or otherwise can be troublesome, though very often punishing groups does a disservice to the many who are getting on with it and very often wishing “someone higher up” would do something about a given IDIOT or IMBECILE whether male or female and of course beyond giving SUSPICISION that some AFFAIR must be taking place, given how light handed and treated some issues have been when compared against historical actions of peoples and persons of the alternate sex or indeed race colour creed and all the very many accusations and prejudices that can spring to mind.

However, I can report as to my own working life that I was recently shown around on a quick mini tour of some new, very impressive feats of engineering, and the factory now looks far better equipped for the 21st Century.

The work is ongoing having gone through several stages of development already, so I shall not speak to soon, though clearly given the limited budgets and constant pressure to keep rolling, I think many a person from multiple departments can give themselves a pat on the back as to what can be achieved with a little investment and planning coordination and choreography.

(as if other people could possibly think in working along those kinds of models of existence and learning.)

Meanwhile on those brief interludes entitled breaks, I have found myself watching as JACK FROST has seemingly taken Hereford, England, United Kingdom into his bosom.  Yes the Frost falling was very much like glitter snow in the chilled night air and the coat upon the tree’s was very Winter wonderland, as was my walk home in the morning.

I did strangely see a chap carrying a pair of shoes or pumps along, and my thoughts did of course go to thinking upon DEAD MANS SHOES and CROCODILE SHOES and various swings and roundabouts as to reasoning’s for alternate footwear.

Many a person has a driving pair and a walking and working pair of footwear anyway, and the weather lends itself to having a spare.  Likewise given meeting Brummie Stokes SAS Legend at a young age and he strongly linked to Ice & SNOW and so on through some of his lifetime of exploits, I cannot help to think it is all strangely quite surreal and almost appropriate, given his recent death.  I of course unlikely to attend any Ceremony, as I have a long history of AVERSION to Church’s and Cathedral’s when they are holding EVENTS and so on, since giving up Religious like church attendance during my own teen’s.  Having family elsewhere also meant, I did, when little, often miss going to distant funeral’s and so on anyway, so it never kind of feels appropriate to have strong links to places associated with the passing of others.

I like to think I can often find my own ways and means to commemorate and celebrate people in my own way and am sure I will be there in spirit if not in person.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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