So Sometimes You Can Find

So sometimes you can find yourself wondering as to where to turn your attention, assuming of course that you have not got some ready routine that you follow on a day to day basis.

Today of course was the date given for the funeral of Brummie Stokes, at Hereford Cathedral and the local newspaper managed to put together this article.

Okay, somewhat short, though they do provide a link to that which has already been written and published and indeed, many a Funeral or Service has its own Order of Ceremony Pamphlet and so on, very often including Hymns and Quotes as to who is speaking and what not.

Elsewhere I found myself reading a couple of articles related to the Oscar Controversy, one female actress suggesting that the so-called minority’s were being racist to whites, and another from Michael Caine, who gave a more modest or moderate view of the issue, he himself having worked for years and years without recognition, before gaining a Nomination and indeed Oscar (I think), he actually chuckling and pleased to not be overly concerned with “ATTENDING”, bemoaning the long flights and sitting in an auditorium for hours up hours simply to clap opponents taking home the Statuettes.

There is a hint, that many of the great and the good are TIRED of Red Carpets and Glamour and Glitz, and the expectation to show up at all the major award shows (When you consider the International Calendar and the fact you can role from Country to Country for most of the Year, much the same as when Film’s are being Premiered). Hence some coming out with controversial reasoning’s as to why they will not attend, though surely some straight forward plain honesty, such-as that of Michael Caine can seem REFRESHING in comparison.

Michal Caine is also quoted as wanting a BREXIT when it comes to the European Debate, suggesting that The European Government has become something of a faceless PROXY Government for many peoples and persons in Europe and that some changes are required.  He I think actually Touring and Promoting his own new film and has been pinned down on issues that he has not really paid attention to, given the amount of um’ing and arrging in his responses.

Another Article that caught my own attention was that Disney Florida is seeking to gain permission to fly within its own No Fly Zone with Drones, as part of some Fireworks and Light Show Entertainment.

I myself think that is a straight forward ask to be approved, though it is being given to double standards, because few Locations about America have such Flight Restrictions and No Go Zones.

The problem for Disney of course that given the Realm and grandeur, they are like something of a magnet for all and sundry, and instead of people being able to enjoy trips to the Magic Kingdom, peoples were constantly having to deal with buzzing  Advertising Banner Aeroplanes constantly flying over.

Whilst such things are perhaps more heavily debated in Small Island Nations and Coutnries such-as the United Kingdom, you do kind of think that Larger Countries and Locations about the World could do with such things as No Fly Zones, and so on.

It can be the free for all attitudes that cause accidents and issues, when many of those who were buzzing Disney Holiday Makers, were going for an easy option rather than thinking about improved strategies and so on.

Yes some easy choices and options exist within the World, though clearly confusion and conflict also occurs when you get non-realm versioning’s of particular stories or ideas and so on.

For Every Kellogg’s Cornflake packet you will find a hundred other Flakes packets boasting some similar taste and flavour much in the same fashion as Cola Wars.

So whilst I might make claim to David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom, plenty of other local David’s can do likewise, though were I on a trip to London, and wrote David, London, England United Kingdom, then the very many David’s in London possibly even including Prime Minister might have something to complain about.

So names can come with there own challenges or indeed not, though likewise some unconsidered angle and perspective is always available in some fashion when you take time to think and so on.

Yes disappointing news overall, lots of little items of news that have little appeal in the PRESS ME, headline stakes, I not interested in the waiting for Platini to be tried within World Football prior to new presidential elections, sounds once again like skewering and manoeuvring and so on is taking place.

Likewise several stories are oh really, no, please, all kind of llike that show “Why Don’t You” that was popular when I was a kid, The lyrics to the Theme can probably be found somewhere such-as youtube, though why don’t you…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom


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