Start Spreading The New’s

Start Spreading The New’s sang Frank Sinatra as part of his “NEW YORK” anthem.

Yes so I just has some NEWSFLASH POP-UP on my British News website saying, The American Metropolis entitled New York has come to a standstill.

Much like the Falkland Islands, I had a Where The F*** Is That moment, prior to returning to shoulder shrugging, head nodding, eye rolling mode.

Yes having been brought up and nurtured by many an American Film Industry Production, along the lines of Great Cities being brought to a standstill and such things usually associated with “BAD”, I have little doubt that much like there British Counterparts, many a long weekend will be had and enjoyed, as will the inability to get into the City from the Suburbs and so on.

Strange though true of course, I being a typial pedestrian can get to work, wind rain or shine, though am reminded of my daughters visit to British Metropolis of London during the Tube Strike.

A three hour rail journey, there or there about’s, across Country and perhaps a 150 miles or more covered. Having dropped the daughter of with her Uncle, who was collecting her, I myself was back home in Hereford having made the return trip, QUICKER and FASTER, than daughter and Uncle were able to Navigate through London, without the use of the TUBE.

A journey that may have taken them an hour across the city anyway using tube trains and buses and so on, took some 4+ hours, to cover some relatively small DISTANCE, the City of London or Greater London might boast some 10 or 20 Square Miles or some such, though that is not the 150 that I myself journeyed in LESS TIME.

So Wide Open Spaces and Highways and so on, win out over RATRUN MAZE Cities over and over again, though likewise, you do come to see how peoples and society’s and the general HERD can become over-reliant on TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURES and indeed how such things can be brought to a standstill, not only through workers downing tools and so on, but the so-called ELEMENTS.

We do of course historically at least suggest to people, that if you build a property on a sandy beach then do not be surprised when the tidal wave washes it away, and likewise similar stories for many issues such-as Typhoon and Hurricane Valley’s and so on classified by INSURERS as “ACTS OF GOD”, clearly such things can cause issue for ATHEISTS, because whether they believe in God or Otherwise, they are still likely to want to make insurance claims, when all goes awry.

So what to do huh?

Well clearly in this day and age, many a person has been reported as STOCKING UP on supplies and indeed, you do often get the impression that American’s (as a people) in general are better prepared or independent than many other Nations populaces.

The wide open spaces and sprawling metropolis’ and so on, give way to peoples having a feeling of greater independence in terms of owning their own Generators and power grid’s and fuel supplies and so on, again this is all SPECULATION and CONJECTURE based upon TV/FILM MEDIA and entertainment features rather than any kind of grounded in FACT REALITY.

So whilst we Brits can Envy the American Eastern Seaboard and quite a large number of States, the SNOW they are experiencing and the opportunity to make Snowmen and slide on toboggans and have snowball fights, we here in the Wye Valley and cities such-as Hereford, are often suggested to miss out on certain types of Weathering simply through LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, yes I have experienced one or two major snowfalls within my lifetime, though far fewer than is seemingly reported elsewhere about the Nation, I can watch the weather reports and look out the window and very often find that we have some kind of weathering exclusion zone, almost Bermuda Triangle like in nature, in the sense that you see the report and then look outside or indeed go to a local press side and find Nada, it aint happening as reported/speculated/prophecised by FORECASTERS.

Yes they might get it heavily just 2 miles down the road, or 5 miles here there and everywhere else, though, you do come to see just how INNACURATE many a NEWS & WEATHER REPORTING SYSTEM really is, in terms of GENERALISATIONS, when you see Weather on the Telly for example, the City LABEL or NAME is often covering quite large sectors of nearby landscapes and smaller towns and so on, other than the one pointed upon or indicated.

What else, well I did find myself discussing the Labels issue with an engineering colleague, he speaking upon one of his younger colleagues not knowing what a PLINTH was and then using the word KERB to describe the same location or point in his message.

I happened to wrongly SIGN some paperwork, because I had read a word RE-HANG, when in fact my place of work has multiple places identified as RE-HANG, so many in fact that you could speak to a dozen workers through out the factory and each would likely reference a differing RE-HANG that is the height of their own FACTORY KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS.

This the problem in everyone not learning or having enough of an OVERVIEW for the entire site, to be able to realise that “THE BIT” that is most important or relevant to themselves is NOT the only place with that title, and indeed further CRITERIA is REQUIRED or NECESSARY for peoples and persons who do know the bigger picture, in order to narrow down the SEARCH CRITERIA as to LOCATION.

My own thoughts, have often been to ask that people use a location identifier prior to a machine identifier, many a location seemingly given a MACHINE NAME IDENTIFIER, and therein lies the PROBLEM, because UNIVERSAL ENGINEERING and “OBJECT ORIENTATION” in its Universalness does lead to many parts with the same names and so on.

So yes, a more formal structure of LAYERS and ZONES would make sense for not only engineers, but all staff.  Rather than having to constantly ask CLARIFICATION QUESTIONS.

What is the USP, UNIQUE SELLING POINT, that you are going to tell myself in order to identify some location, or machine, or this that and the other, ITEM or OBJECT. Yes as much as everyone wants to feel and be part of a given group or herd, we return to UNIQENESS and indeed, whilst degree’s of separation demonstrates that REDUCTIONISM as a system works, you do of course still have room for UNIQUENESS or a field or expertise of your own making and so on.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports that VESTED INTERESTS are calling for the breaking up of the National Telecommunications Networks and so on, I actually think such ideas are extremely BAD and ill thought out, yes more groups can come in and do their own thing and so on, though EVENTUALLY, you nearly always find you having to bring differing parties together with threats of “BANGING HEADS” to sort out some ISSUE, that they have created whilst developing their own Monopolies and so on.

So whilst all are raging about DIVERSITY IN THE OSCARS issues, you do come to see that such things are often “A STORM IN A TEA-CUP” over nothing.

The problem then very often that most rush to LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR strategies when opting for Unique Selling Point’s.

Not necessarily realising that as a SPECIES (for example) you have male or female.  Yes some alternates are born into this World, as present reports on infants with birth defects shows, though in general you have male and female, and one (the female) can have children whilst the other cannot.  (Yes some creature species have or go through transitions and changes and metamorphosis, though humans generally do not).

Science has made great effort in changing such things, though likewise most or many of us might consider that given the way in which EVOLUTION has occurred, those who have thrown themselves wholesale into minorities or evolutionary oddity realms, can hardly have done so blindfolded.

We see over and over again, systems and mechanisms that keep both males and females, trapped in nonsense cycles and patterns that do not necessarily serve either sex, and indeed even those who have bucked some given trend often find themselves sub-categorised in some fashion, that they would not necessarily choose for themselves.

Not sure where all these thoughts and so on are leading so will leave this one here, at present.  I did find myself taking INTEREST in SCREENWRITING and associated realms, though clearly I think and indeed feel that I have already invested in much of that kind of research and material.

I think the issue perhaps now one of developing a given story or theme to FRUITION of some description.

Interstingly of course, the differing types of writing do lend themselves to differing peoples and personalities and indeed differing aspects of things.

So screen writing typically might be more of a script and when someone seeks to place script within ENVIRONMENT, you then have further information to work with that lends itself to books and so on.

So you could set out with the intention to write a book and think what you have done is to flimsy or light, when in fact, it could just be that you have done something more akin to a screen play and that in terms of a book perhaps simply requires “FILLING OUT” in some fashion or manner, what is the location for this seen, what props are here, anything standout as a plot device or mechanism and so on.

So yes, whilst I have persevered with multiple courses, becoming attuned and staying attuned to any one given formalised system of working practice, can be a navigation practice all of its own.

Generally I think many of us start out with the assisted MEDITATION in terms of someone who has been infected with some horrible disease of indeed Alien that we see within many a FANTASTY FICTION realm, where we do not know where particular thoughts and feelings and attitudes or indeed stimulus for such things ORIGINATED, though we simply want to copy that actor or actress on the SCREEN that screams “GET IT OUT OF ME” etc, prior to being sliced and diced or suffering some amputation or removal of some kind.

Likewise, of course, many a positive and rewarding and uplifting thoughts and feelings and so on can also exist, the TRICK perhaps to find realms and identities and thoughts feelings actions and behaviours and so on, that are perhaps NEUTRAL or HARMLESS from any which way perspective or angle you choose to look upon it.

Yes that might make for extremely boring life and so on, though most I think, given the opportunity to do something again or indeed start over afresh would do so, without many an INHERITED “dysfunctional” topic and issue or however one wishes to describe such things.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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