The Nostalgia Is Out There

Yes so I recently noted on some brief Twitter Visit that a brand spanking new 6 Part X Files series has been created and crafted, bringing Mulder and Scully back together, and I did a brief INTERNET SCOUTING EXERCISE to see if it was available on one of the Stream casters that I seemingly found myself being signed up to via families insatiable viewing appetite.  Alas whilst I am sure I could have found some PIRATE INTERNET SET and gotten myself a stream, initial investigation with US FOX TV informed myself that the CONTENT was BLOCKED to those outside of a given designated United States Broadcasting Region.

Anyway I quickly searched one or two other UK sources figuring well Sky in the UK is Fox so maybe they have it, and so on.  In fact I think it has been snapped up by one channel or the other and will eventually get picked up by other NOSTALGIC International Broadcasters.

So why the sudden interest in REVISITING “Old” you know what you are going to get Formulaic Type TV, well I do think that for all the very many NEW shows that are coming at us fast and furious via a million and one Cable and Streaming and Internet and Satellite OUTLETS that you do kind of go into “You know what to expect or what you are going to get mode” in terms of not only Nostalgia but Formula and possibly quality of acting or adventure and all the rest.

In fact I do have to admit that whilst I enjoyed much of some of the X Files show for several years, overall I grew ever more disappointed when it seemingly became somewhat over hi-jacked via ALIEN STORIES and some of those Larger ARC stories that were introduced.

So I read a review and PRESTO, was given to believe that the sector or materials that I personally was most tired of or however was the one that has been given another lease of life etc.

Anyway as suggested in multiple months of blog posts, given that I have spent a number of years paying for Amazon and Netflix and so on, without ever watching the materials for myself, I have seemingly over the last month or two made up for lost time.  This said in the sense that I seemingly each weekend find myself going to some such sight and viewing or watching available films and movies.  Most seemingly created and crafted or released during the last 20 years, when I have perhaps mostly stopped being an addicted to the SQUARE BOX OFFICIONADO.

The problem for many of us is of course what to REPLACE such things with.  Yes you can pull out a pen and paper and write your own material, though such processes do seem to be ongoing in the sense of editing and refining and crafting again and so on, in some ever decreasing circle of procrastination (possibly).

Yes one of the tips from one course was suggested to be just jeep on writing without re-reading and EDITING, the editor that many of us have, seemingly much akin to The Voice of some dark Lord whispering and contributing only negatives into our lives.

So what else, well I this weekend was recommended a film entitled OBLIVION starring once again Tom Cruise and this one on a Terrestrial Channel f within the UK, strange watching such channels after going so long without watching materials INTERRUPTED by Advert Breaks and so on.

The film was typical SCI-FI material and was well acted and indeed beautifully Filmed.  Yes it does seem to be lock stock full of Story Lines and Themes taken from more classical SCI FI adventure, though it worked and once again contained a lead entitled JACK, and indeed shifted into the so-called REALM of CLONES and so on.

The Clone issue I mention because I also found myself viewing a film entitled “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman of X Men and Wolverine fame, as a former Boxer come Robot Engineer, developing a relationship with long lost Son. 

Again all been done before, as to the relationship materials, and also perhaps in the Robots Fighting Materials, and Rocky, though the film was enjoyable and indeed triggered once again that issue as to UNIQUNESS and so on.  The robots typically all featuring their own “SPECIAL MOVES” and “FUNCTIONS” and so on, and indeed very many created via the stealing or simply reusing parts taken from other machines and robots.  Much like award winning Triggers Broom (Only Fools and Horses), and his brilliantly written quote of having had this broom for 20 years, it’s had 10 new handles and 5 new heads etc.  Many a person of course can relate to having some CAR or other Family Possession that has in fact only survived via some versioning of SPARE PARTS adaptation and so on.

The Major Production Lines and car plants of the last Century do of course demonstrate reusability through CLONE like manufacturing processes and so on.

I enjoyed that film and then moved on to another almost 3 hour long EPIC starring Leonardo Dicaprio. THE AVIATOR

He is one of those actors that has been nominated of course for an Academy Award for multiple parts over the years, and indeed when you look at his RESUME, you might wonder as to how he has managed such a feat in seemingly managing to be in so many Films that are regarded as above and beyond other CONTEMPORARY PRODUCTIONS, such things are perhaps being in a position to PICK AND CHOOSE ROLES, and whom you will or will not work with and so on.

I can well imagine that some Directors and Producers and Studio’s are NAMES that are regarded in such light as to always attract some of the best and newest talent and indeed the same can perhaps be said for some ACTORS and ACTRESSES.

So many such peoples over the years have told of how they used some alternative INCOGNITO name or persona in order to develop a character or indeed feel ORDINARY, when they typically might always enter a room with some level of EXPECTANCY much like we expect Comedians to “Tell us a joke”.

Many already know, that a fine line can exist of course between success and failure, though the so-called PITFALLS and TRAPS and TEMPTATIONS are of course also widely known.

Anyway I thought his Howard Hughes Performance was Great.  Yes I know nothing or very little of Howard Hughes though it does hark back to a time and ERA prior to great production lines and so on where very many an ORIGINAL or so on character was still able to be independent, and act in some footloose and fancy free way and so on.

Yes Howard Hughes was suggested to have SUFFERED from variations of OCD, although such diagnosis and so on was unknown during those years.  I personally can relate to some of those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on, and that potentially a non-conscious TRIGGER that led to my watching of the film.  I say that because of course I had written a day or two ago as to get it out of me, thoughts and feelings and so on, and then watched a PORTRAYAL of HOWARD HUGHES constantly WORRYING about germs and bacteria and “CONTACT”, very many an ailment can of course be ALLEVIATED via some very basic HYGIENE FORMULAS.

Having said that of course, I also KNOW or personally believe that “TOO MUCH” Hygiene and so on can sometimes be counter productive, in the sense that at young ages we require or need some of the very many bacteria and so on, within our bodies and so on because they act in positive ways and functions.

Yes over ritualisation’s of cleanliness can potentially lead to under developed immune system and other ailments, and I think the MEDICAL PROFESSION has become more and more AWARE of such things down through the years.

Elsewhere some Bug is being reported upon in the America’s, this apparently leads to smaller brain development and so on, in fact the reports I have read are strangely somewhat VAGUE and do not make sense, beyond suggesting that how can you or do you know if a baby is BORN underweight or under-brain sized or however.

It is a typical hook and hinge CAPTURE, of getting people to WANT something to be WRONG and then buying into some soon to be released REMEDY or CURE.

That is not to say such bacteria and bugs and disease do not exist, but to state that very many VIRUS and ailments exist throughout the Human Species and Populations about the Globe and are completely HARMLESS, sometimes to carriers sometimes to tribal groupings and so on.

REISITANCE then perhaps the Key in the sense of that Word Howard Hughes was given to REPEAT spelling throughout the Aviator “Q U A R A N T I N E”.

Not sure if write so long since I looked up dictionary though, yes another condition we hear of more recently is of course so-called Tourette’s and such things are suggested to swearing heavily in some kind of data capture loop.  I actually believe that YES such condition’s can exist, whereby some form of conscious or indeed non-conscious TRIGGER exists that brings about some repeating loop of behaviour or action and so on.

This also I think goes hand in hand with my other belief that such patterns are often RESISTANCE to things we have been told or taught at young ages and REPRESSED in some fashion.  Yes some maybe EXTERNAL or indeed things we have HEAVILY repeated to ourselves, though the point is, that we with meditation and so on can break down or through such ancient and hidden away MENTAL PROGRAMMINGS and so on.

I have of course spoken on EXTREMISM many times and many EXTREMISM is seemingly the REVOLT against one system of operation and lifestyle choices and switching into another system of operation and lifestyle choices.

So some folks suggested to be able to do such things effortlessly and easily anyway, whilst for some it is brought about or triggered through the actions of others.

The individual who is living one lifestyle and then some World Devastating event takes place that pulls the rug or carpet from beneath your feet and so on.

There are of course SCALES and MEASURES as to how any of us might or may react in some given circumstance, though typically I have often found upon meeting some folks who have experienced similar relationship fallouts to myself, that some ASSUMPTION or PRESUMPTION is GIVEN that you are going to suddenly JOIN up with some particular DEMOGRAPHIC or AUDIENCE or SQUABBLING FACTION and so on.

How easy is it (for example) to put your life back together, when you come out of a marrage with kids (perhaps), when you are suddenly having money demands made of you not only for PAST LIFE Historical Bills but also New bills for where you are living and so on now.

I have found over and again that the Present and Current Welfare System and so on within the UK is exceptionally biased in favour of Woman, and not the kids as is often claimed in MEDIA and SOCIETY as a whole.

Anyway you also of course can find, that the SYSTEM forces you to go into further RELATIONSHIPS that you would not necessarily CHOOSE for yourself were you not under pressure of some description or other from other quarters.

It is AMAZING how many peoples and persons especially within FAMILY groups, believe that they have some “SAY” or “INPUT” into your life after you have passed legal consent ages for voting, or smoking or sex and on and on, or indeed how many a family member, is simply DEMANDING that you have to “Do this, that or the other” that puts yourself in WORSE state and living condition and life than they themselves would choose for themselves.

Do we learn from our own mistakes, or do we belief we can learn from the mistakes of others, very often as you grow older you often come to find that any PATH or ROUTE that you choose for yourself or are pushed or coerced into comes with its own set of parameters and dynamics that you may of not chosen for yourself without some form of bullying or however from some SELF-APPOINTED EXPERT, who very often in reality is simply “looking after their own interests” and NOT the claimed interest that they present to yourself as to REASONING as to why this particular action is best.

Of course many have KNOWN about the so-called HUMAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ELEMENT for years and years, hence so many processes designed to REDUCE not only human error, but IMPROVE decision making processes.

However even if you have yourself carried out courses and so on that give you improved skillsets on such issues and criteria, it does not automatically translate that such things will be done by others about yourself, they typically often INTRANSIGENTLY using the OLD MENTAL MODEL that has served them for many years and so on come what may.

Yes breaking patterns and cycles, can be both good and bad, though clearly as most who progress, come to adapt to new awareness and enlightenment, they typically also come to see, that some actions and behaviours are always going to be more favourable than some given alternates.

This quite simply because we can often feel better that we ourselves behaved in some positive and rewarding and uplifting fashion, irrespective of the plotting’s and actions of less helpful Social Networks and Mafias and so on.

What is worth paying attention to?

Well we have of course many a BIBLICAL STORY to call upon, very many people know far more Bible Stories than they necessarily REALISE, very many adapted or reinterpreted into the latest play or TV or FILM production, and the so-called HUMAN ANGLE and ELEMENT all to easy to see.

So STORM JONAS heavily snows and leaves a trail of devastation on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and meanwhile here in the United Kingdom we are having reports of Beached WHALES being HIGH LIGHTED , bring them together of course and you have a kind of JONAH and the WHALE parable and indeed let us not forget the Italian Story of Pinnochio, made famous by Walt Disney Studio’s.

Yes strange though true, I see some other story relating to McDonalds changing the breakfast menu, and I personally have long campaigned quietly that Hereford Requires a BURGER KING, how else is anyone within the region supposed to identify a WHOPPER.

Yes so in this age of digital everything and older generations resistance to PROGRESS and indeed younger generations not wanting to make the same mistaken PROGRESS as predecessors, does the Universe have any hope left at all?

Yes I also found myself returning to the Star Wars Theme Issue, in the sense that Long time fans critique such productions, in negative terms to that of the favoured Original Trilogy, though the view of an 8 year old fan is clearly differing to that of a 40+ year old fan.

So why do we feel any need or requirement for SPOILER INDUSTRIES and so on, that constantly harp on about GAPS within the PLOT and CONTINUITY ERRORS and so on.

I thought I know I will read the book, though a quick look at book reviews, suggest very little additional information is to be found within the book.

I did read an article suggesting that the release of the NEXT INSTALLMENT has been put back and various SPECULATIONS as to SCRIPT CHANGES and so on, well surely that is simply because whilst the core team is present, some roles within the production have been handed over to alternate persons and peoples, who themselves may respond to given feedback and so on in differing fashion and manner to those who have handed them the so-called reigns.

I think plenty exists within the Star Wars Universe for very many spin-offs and present actions suggest that Rogue One, coming out later this year, is perhaps having more time and attention given to it, hence the delay to the main FRANCHISE.

They can of course within that Universe, bring in New Jedi and old Jedi and training Jedi and so on, depending on how close to Original Series you want to stay.

Clearly the 2nd “EMPIRE” was oft given to “being the best” though such expectation for any New production is unfair to those involved in what is really an all new generation production of not only very many cast but also production teams and so on.  The talk of delay because of SCRIPT issues is ridiculous (in my opinion) because clearly we are I think likely to see a slower story development this time around for some actors and actresses, characters and so on.

They could of course totally disregard all that has gone before, and go of on some alternate tangent, though what they did of that in THE FORCE AWAKENS, was fairly good.

Now why mention Jedi Masters, well I had an Uncle JIM (James) and got into trouble in my youth via a work colleague called James, and also of course, my brothers partner’s  deceased son was named James, he was in fact an email correspondent with myself whilst I was at University, he having corresponded on a couple of occasions, he himself studying at another University, where he died during the course of his studies.

I also have since of course studied the work and courses of Jeda Mali another kind of J M lettering, so I though well I know of the so-called OFFICIAL King James Bible editions and so on, though was there also some character James within the pages, I could not recall or remember a “BOOK OF JAMES”.

However, quick research and investigation does lend itself to an appearance of a James, as wiki shows

So perhaps part of a group of documents that were included into a chapter or book format.  The suggestion given to some form of THEOLOGY and of course like all Biblical characters and Documents, you typically find very much INVESTIGATION and DEBATE has been taken as to meanings and interpretations and wisdom and all the rest of those things.

I am not up on my Biblical Theory, though of course did say I liked Old Testament and Britain and most Countries are New Testament Oriented and indeed new testament contains a number of Gospels, and I think James is favourably compared with one or two of the so-called Gospels.

So we can find that we WITNESS materials that point us to alternate realm materials and identify links between realms, and indeed we can find ourselves going a few steps back prior to proceeding on a slightly differing or alternative route or course.

Anyway not sure where all this driftwood like writing is going at present so will leave it there for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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