So I Once again Turn On The Gadgets And

So I once again turn on the gadgets and cannot quite believe what I am seeing or hearing and having to take in.

Leicester City are top of the Premiership?

Some young Lady called Johanna Konta is in the Last 8 of the Australian Tennis?

Yes so one can of course be given to thinking that some very strange events and occurrences have happened in order for some of the news and headlines to be “TRUE”.

Also in the news are several articles along similar lines as to FRAUD investigations of National retailer Tesco and I also note articles of Optical Illusions being highlighted.

So it is not all that great a LEAP to perhaps suggest that we are in one of those time periods or zones, whereby the questioning of our senses is being HEIGHTENED.

Of course some of these things have to be possibly be accepted as progress, whilst others will perhaps lead us to conclude that ongoing adjustments whether the same as those that occur in the markets or wherever are ongoing and we now have to take any given new versioning of REALITY in our stride if we are to keep up with the World and have our fingers on the pulse.

Yes so I did of course speak yesterday as to the burger bun combination known as a Whopper, though likewise historically at least we are led to Fisherman’s tales and the demonstrating of the SIZE of the mythical catch made by the fisherman.  Very often with hands forward and actively moving as to demonstrate an estimate of a given size or length.

So Science and previously ART has long been able to demonstrate that much of the World that we take in about ourselves is in fact sensory data and said data can be MANIPULATED and ALTERED.

Typical examples are those picture where you stare and stare and can only see a vase, whilst someone else can only see to profiled faces, or the horse that is also a rabbit and so on.

Thess things of course also demonstrate that the INFORMATION that is bringing your thoughts together or into some form and shape of focus may very well be stored at differing mental locations.

I remember years ago when those 3D Eye type books first came out and we were told to follow the instruction technique and we would be able to see “HIDDEN” images within the coloured blobs and so on, in fact my first impression was that the books resembled some EYE test that I strangely  remembered having at some point, that was a TEST (I think) for colour blindness or some such at Primary School.

It having long been found that particular colours within the mind set of some folks have somehow been found to be located in differing function and manner to that more widely accepted by the broader population. (Possibly).

I was reminded of this via the Aviator film, where at some points within the film, the screen image appeared to resemble old film, or have strange colour HUES.

In fact the wiki write-up confirmed my suspicion suggesting that a certain amount of the film had been done or created and crafted in the style and fashion and manner of the available in that time period technologies.

So the problem then for many of us is that in taking up various courses, we often typically think that if something is not working, we must be doing it “wrong” when in fact in testing theories and so on, very many a given course or indeed drug is tested with some CONTROL GROUP or PARAMETERS.

So I have sometimes taken a course and then gone through it again and suddenly something clicks or pops into place, whereby I can suddenly see in the fashion and manner described by the retailer or seller or expert and so on, whilst on other occasion I have continued in my efforts to REPLICATE the technique or however simply following the INSTRUCTIONS and GUIDELINES and have struggled, as though trying to hard, or indeed possibly or potentially having some kind of


This of course can take us into the realm once again of talking about stage hypnosis.  Whereby it has been demonstrated that people can be hypnotised in a fashion and manner whereby all sorts of weird and wonderful side effects come about.  By this I simply mean that people can seemingly see through walls and objects as though they are not present and so on.

In computing realms, you typically have programming language and instruction set to utilise for a given chip or device or whatever and very often some things that were utilised EXIST within your gadget or whatever and are simply HIDDEN AWAY somewhere.

Much like very many games, have various so-called CHEATS and POKES and so on, that were intended as part of bug testing systems, those ideas originated in many an instance from similar facilities and structures within engineering.

The reason I mention this is of course, because quite simply after years and years of living life and watching film and television and going to school, work, holiday and so on, it is not necessarily inconceivable that at some point within your life you picked up some non-conscious instructions of some description or other, some or many might be quite harmless, whilst others could potentially be the difference between success and failure within your life and so on.

Again I simply mention this, because I did find upon taking up the Holosync Solution, that with continued usage very many TRANCE like states are simply “done away with” in the sense that any kind of compartmentalisation is perhaps broken down and long lost mental links and indeed new mental links and so on are created.  So even if you take some low level course and feel that this given course or system is not “working” for you.

There is a possibility that you may well have some hidden away EXECUTIVE (Higher Level) instructions that have given you a long life of impaired functioning in some fashion and manner.

That perhaps why getting used to Hierarchies and Tiers and differing fashions and means of ORDERING can make all the difference in the World.  Yes you may have never come across some things within your lifetime and never been exposed to particular things, though the human mind does an exceptional job when it comes to imaginings and speculations and all the rest of those things.

We also in returning to the issue at the beginning of the ARTICLE come into the realm of so-called TRUTH and LIES in the sense of knowing whether you are telling Truth or Lie and indeed if such things are BASED in those BUILDING BLOCKS you have within your noggin, that create your so-called World and SENSORY EXPERIENCE.

I spoke on those deliberately crafted paintings and optical illusions, though many typically exist in day to day life anyway, though the old adage of what you see is what you get, perhaps has a differing meaning were you to exercise some sensory skill to the point of new awareness or new enlightenment.

Break free from some of the potential life-long straightjackets that some long lost parental or societal demand is coursing you to exist within etc.

It does of course cost money to take courses and indeed costs money to utilise the ASSISTED MEDITATION, though given the BEFORE/AFTER ratio of people who upon having taken up the remedy stick with them for a few levels, I do think that it is hard to argue, against the very many shifts and so on that can come about, not only within your mental capacities and decision making capacities and reasoning capacities, but also the ability to step back from any given circumstance and not get drawn into some illusory nonsense or CONSPIRACY where no CONSPIRACY exists.

This a short as I have strangely limited time, so until next time and until I can break free from a World where home of Walkers Crisps and Gary ((JUGS) Lineker former team tops the premiership one could well be forgiven for wondering WHOSE WORLD IS IT ANYWAY.

Yes clearly FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOUR can be ARGUED from continent to continent from WHITE LIE scales and levels to non-white-lie scales and levels, yes interesting as to when is a truth a truth and when is a lie a lie, when all about you can be brought into question the further you progress within any given area and topic of expertise.

Yes I quite like many an establishment realm and indeed appreciate very many services and so on, though likewise you do have to accept that whatever the realm, the potential exists that PROTECTIONISM of some description or degree, can occur whereby people fail to have the SIGHT and VISION of the REALM CREATOR (Steve Jobs/APPLE) or indeed so many generations and so on have occurred as the realm and given myth and legend has grown, that old tricks and tips have simply given way to new practices and not necessarily based in how the Creators and so on could see or intention.

Yes many things about the World remain unchanged, though likewise very many claimed NATURE versus NURTURE debate are invalidated by so-called laws of the land, laws of Global Governance and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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