Oh That Is Fascinating


So as a youngster, myself, I often recall those times upon seeing a Double decker Bus, they did of course used to be a fairly regular site throughout Great Britain, though I think they have gradually disappeared or simply retreated to some of the larger Cities, where the cost equations can still make such vehicles viable.

I mention this because of course Sam Horn within the write-well course did mention not wanting to throw anyone under the bus, and of course if you were going to pick the kind of bus that you get thrown under, from a selection, many of us in naïve childhood meanderings would likely have opted for death by double-decker.  We do or have of course seen such things within many a film, whereby the top of the tall bus is sliced in halve in some fashion, going along some unknown route and happening upon an old low hanging bridge or indeed, more modern films often have great calamity car crashes and so on, you do kind of wonder as to what can be done in terms of stunts with such bus’s, the simple truth is that unless someone has come up with a newer style and design such-as seen within some trains and aircraft, the likelihood is that they simply do not lend themselves to major stunts.

What good is any kind of vehicle if it cannot enter some kind of a DIVING SPIN & ROLL in slow motion etc.

Anyway I mention these bus because they (at least for myself) are generally a rare sight, although I am sure Hereford has had differing Company’s purchase or buy the odd hand me down bus over the years and you do see them sometimes.

So I am walking home and typically playing identify and describe the vehicle, whether car or moped or regular bike or 4×4 and jeep or truckers wagon cab and trailer and so on, in fact so many vehicles and categories exist that only those within dedicated realms and industry circles can probably manage to IDENTIFY various shapes and sizes and styles of vehicle from shadowed outlines and so on.

Yes I see a vehicle heading southbound in the morning gloom and darkness and cannot initially REGISTER what it is, so instead of continuing, I briefly pause and PRESTO, oh look it’s a double decker, the strange thing also being that whilst many a “local” bus company has historically painted according to regional colour scheme, (Hereford used to have RED, whilst Crewe used to have GREEN) this bus had a kind of old fashioned red, as though it had been filmed in one of those old fashioned colour films, a kind of dark red as though the shine or brightness and contrast had faded.

Further to that I noted that it had yellow/black silhouette  adult and child signs typically historically used to warn other drivers to watch for peoples with children, and given to suggesting a SCHOOL BUS.

Anyway I wondered what kind of school has a bus running at this early hour, and further more all the Curtains were DRAWN or pulled close, suggesting that it had been journeying for some time.  Perhaps some travelling group sleeping overnight or it has been converted for usage by some pop group or something.

Anyway of course what you pay attention to typivally shows up within your World, and this can of course be good or bad depending on how advanced you have become.

Typically today, I read some report from the Common’s (Houses of Parliament) as to the outrage that was triggered on today HOLOCAUST DAY by David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ’s) he apparently used a turn of phrase “Bunch of migrants” to describe people camped out in those Calais Camps.

Of course if you read such things and do not KNOW a given voice or ACCENT you might be forgiven for thinking about elsewhere.  So I (for example) having mentioned the TENNIS in Australia and of course having Australian Cousins and mentioning now deceased uncle my mind drifted to SOAP OPERA type thoughts and accents and imagined “bunch of migrants” emanating from an Australian voice, such things perhaps whether regarded as fair or otherwise are perhaps far more likely from our former prison colonist cousins and so on.

Anyway another article that potentially triggered such meanderings was some small article that the Singer of “Wonderful Life” had died.  In fact when I looked into it a little further I kind of had an OH.

I typically in those 1980’s years bought and purchased Collection Album’s such as the so-called NOW series and at one point, I would typically know SONGS though very often not the performers, so I think I have gone for many years, not genuinely knowing who the singers or performers for many songs and so on from that era were.

In fact if I had been asked to GUESS I would have likely assumed someone such as Rick (Roller) Astley, or someone from the Stock Aitkin Watermen stable of sound productions, some of whom included Kylie and Jason from the then popular soap DRAMA Neighbours. Interestingly many a tale has it that many a LOCAL DELICACY is retained by the LOCAL’S and they only sell the crap to everyone else, Guinness in Ireland is not the Guinness we get, Coke Cola in America is not the Coke we get and so on, that does ALLEGEDLY extent to Television Production and Film, whereby many a series that fails to gain a foothold or market share in a given HOMELAND region, is often more popular Internationally and or among particular DEMOGRAPHICS of AUDIENCE and so on.

Word of Mouth from some given “individual” can often lead to others “checking out” some such production whether film television or game or however, and then the popularity goes VIRAL.

This was strangely noted by some recent international survey that kind of asked what differing peoples in differing parts of the World had in common, I think it was a SURVEY of international TV/FILM downloads and or SEARCHES within Browsers and so on, where it was often found that some region of Peru watches or searches for the same show as some Community in Canada or Africa and so on.  Quite interesting, though of course I still think that many BROWSER and SEARCH REGIONS are SHAPED by Internet Providers, and such things can off course be done in positive light, in wanting to avoid regional legal disputes, and of courses undesirable subject matters, though you also of course in such shaping by FINANCIAL INTERESTS and POLITICS can see that no matter how much you think you are operating and functioning as part of some GLOBAL WEB or SPHERE of INFLUENCE that in all likelihood you are not necessarily getting appropriately WEIGHTED and RETURNED RESULTS.

Bing versus Google tests for example, I often find differing results come up from differing SEARCH ENGINES. The same can of course be said for TV streaming services and so on.

Anyway I also of course mentioned at times throughout my life, as to suffering some kind of OCD whereby (for example) during recovery of broken and torn fleshed leg, I was typically encouraged to keep the Wounds in a particular state and not get them WET and all sorts of such informations, and I THINK or possibly BELIEVE, that in following such advice, within one aspect or area of life as a ROUTINE or RITUAL for prolonged period of lime, it can or does have the POTENTIAL to become somewhat all CONSUMING life principle, that idea that something learnt in the short term, gradually deepens and becomes embedded as a LONG TERM memory and so on.  This can be part of that, function and behaviours that were appropriate at one point in your life, coming to HAUNT you at some alternative point in your time line, whereby CONDITIONING of some description has TRIGGERED all those ancient thoughts and feelings and non-conscious ISSUES from some GREAT TRAUMA.

So I suffered MAJOR TRAUMA of a physical nature during teen years, where I was encouraged to follow particular rituals and routines during recovery, and then years later, find that a differing set of circumstances seemingly REACTIVATES all the old build-up of fears and non-conscious topics and debates and so on.

As suggested, I prefer a wholesale, mental clearout, rather than buying into some NEW FORULA that works in some MAGIC BULLET WAY, because you cannot always trust that I magic bullet that works for one person will work for all-comers, we have of course seen many a medicine or ritual come about through IDENTIFYING the procedures or patterns and so on of people who have SURVIVED some given AILMENT or MALADY, some folks have even survived so-called “CERTAIN DEATH” virus and bacteria and so on. 

Science often then seeking to ISOLATE the components or whatever that is differing within one person as to others who have also suffered from a given sequence of events and failed to overcome the ailment and so on.

Now returning to the issue of Hierarchies mentioned yesterday, that does of course give suggestion of a top down or indeed bottom up approach, though most such IDEALS are of course something that is LEARNT.

Paul Scheele within several courses speaks on his development and expertise of PRE-CONSCIOUS programming, and again that gives SUGGESTION that you KNOW on some level the meaning of PRE, my own thoughts tend to lead toward the word “BEFORE” so kind of a before/after thing.

Though that then took myself back to my own interest and research as to the IDEA of Zero Gravity and GYROSCOPES, I think I posted a picture at one point showing those stand in a bubble and spin exercising devises.

Each REALM whether flight or boating and driving in general has its own set of TERMINOLOGIES and much like LANGUAGE TRANSLATION, things can become LOST in TRANSLATION.

Do we know the differing between before/after, a tree/plant root often grows from a seed and the direction is UPWARDS, whilst a given realm GENETIC TREE (in following geneology) and meet the ancestors (Who do you think you are) types shows, are given from the top down approach.

So we learn and are encourages to write TOP DOWN and LEFT to RIGHT, whilst REALITY of growth of tree’s and so on is the OPPOSITE.

Likewise when we go around the World to some alternate Asian type VISUAL SYMBOLIC representation languages, CHINA, we are often given to believe that the direction of READING has to be done from a differing route or direction through the visual schematic.

Many a realm and Country over the years has of course developed the IDEA for BLUEPRINTS and indeed ENGINEERING REALMS have made great effort in doing those differing points of view/angles and perspectives/ratio’s (and scales and measures) and perspectives TOP DOWN, SIDE ON, SLICE THROUGH, ALL kinds of programmes typically to REDUCE interpretation ERROR.

A UNIFED MODELLING SYSTEM does or can be demonstrated to make sense to an ENGINEER anywhere throughout the World who has followed similar training and PRINCIPLES and so on and so forth, so yes, whilst many of us might STRUGGLE to making the same sounds and noises as foreigners and so on, in terms of LEARNINGS SYSTEMS and TECHNIQUES, they can be done on a UNIVERSAL BASIS.

Assuming one again of course that you are starting from similar FOUNDATION or fundamentals of learning for a given topic and subject matter.

You do or can of course also find that some things that come into your World view are IMPORTANT whilst others are unimportant, and typically what you are paying attention to or otherwise can make all the difference.

Early on, PRIOR to advancing through several Holosync Levels and taking up writing a BLOG, I found myself seemingly been subject to rather large amounts of Harassment or indeed ATTENTION seeking, from some individuals, whom I felt could quite easily go and write their own blogs and tell their point of VIEW to the World from their OWN BLOG and so on.

The reason quite simply that some PREACHERS and BELIEVERS in maintaining a given STATUS QUO are doing so from some INTRANSIGENT POSITION of very often misplaced protectionism. 

I work in a realm with many employee’s from many Countries and Nationalities and indeed other aspects such as race colour creed and sexuality and so on are all to EASY to HIGH LIGHT or be PREJUDICIAL ABOUT.

I having experienced some of the very worst within my own lifetime have a perspectives that lends itself to clearing any given negative thoughts and feelings and so on, about myself and or others, out of my INNER/OUTER WORLD and being.

Clearly of course, give the human condition, it is all to easy to claim that you utilise some given PREJUDICE to motivate yourself and others and so on, though EXTREMISM always seems to simply lead back into similar patterns and cycles and so on to what went before, and unless you are King/Queen of the Hill and so on, as to a given ENVIRONMENT, it can be far better to leave much nonsense and negativity behind.

Like wise of course some folks DO CHANGE and have “I SEE THE LIGHT” moments and do find that they can put differences aside and go to work, do a respectable job and collect a paycheck at the end of the week, without taking part in any groups fascism and attempts to create the World in there own image and so on.

So yes, I might recoil at seeing extreme images or have negatively triggered thoughts and feelings when I subject myself to particular circumstance, though often such circumstance is brief or in the moment and not for the long haul.

I recently spoke as to Disney Hereford, and of course you can often find the anti-thesis to such ideas, and I think many a TV and FILM realm has played out the Negative Side of such things.

Jurassic Park of course with Dinosaurs, and Stepford Wives type stories or perfect ENCLAVES of HAPPINESS for residential retiree’s and all the rest.  Whereby even when some folks try to liven things up and have some level of cleanliness and decency and rules and regulations, at some point, someone will likely come along and DISRUPT the original CORE TEACHINGS and lessons and learnings that led to such things in the first place.

I noted that Ban Ki-Moon of the United Nations a Large Organisation that is full of un-elected representatives from World Governments recently spoke on issues relating to Israel and typically was given a negative response from Israel.

Quite simply it can like within many a life realm be easy to PREACH and COMMENTATE from thousands of miles away in your Homeland or within some Global Superpowers meeting or however, though being in the front line against guns and bombs and people who simply do not want to allow your continued existence is a differing BALL PARK, as is facing Harassment within any given realm on any given day.

A recently conducted and released SURVEY suggested that most peoples feel that online TROLLING and SLANDER and BULLYING is the equivalent to doing it in person face-to-face.

Of course when you are reading any given material, you are the one doing the interpreting, you are the one doing the reaction or having various internal systems triggered with RESPONSE THOUGHTS and FEELINGS and likely actions and so on.

So to pursue or not pursue a course of action, that is the question!

Yes Holocast Day, can of coure also mean differing things to differing peoples and populations, though on the Whole it does often feel as though all these REFUGEES and MIGRANTS rushing to WESTERN CIVILISATION are often actually

Trying to break into PRISON.

Yes most psychological prisons are of our own doing and making, though likewise given the choice to steer our way out of such circumstance, I think most people come to an assortment of WISDOMS that are non to dissimilar from each other.

Is this SOAP anti-bacterial, anti-viral and neutral ph, and how do they get it to be Citrus at the same time?  Hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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