AHHHH The Hotel New York, Disneyland Paris, “I Remember It Well”

Yes so, I have spoken as to doing occasion work for a Local Video Production Firm that specialised in “DANCE” COMPETION VIDEO’S, many years ago and happened to see some Headline as to an arrest being made at the Hotel In the Title.

In fact that “HOTEL” was the location for a video shoot that I attended on one particular visit to Disneyland Paris, and whilst it is most definitely a Hotel I would recommend to anyone, that comes with a proviso that SOMEONE ELSE IS PAYING.

Yes Disneyland has changed since that time period, though they do typically have differing Hotels and Accommodations to meet differing AUDIENCE demographics and purse strings.

The Hotel New York is perhaps higher up the price scales and service scales than many on a smaller budget could manage.

You typically get room service, and you bags and so on delivered to rooms, and during the 1990’s when I visited the rooms had a KEYCARD SECURITY SYSTEM.

In fact the guys I was working and travelling with went from one extreme to another, in the sense that on the preceeding night, we had been booked into some local Dover Hotel and they claimed to have lost the booking, our boss went and found another location at short notice and believe me, it was the sort of place that makes you prefer sleeping in the van or car.

The place in Dover, was apparently (or so it was suggested) the sort of place used by fishermen and oil rig workers, it was a room underground of the so-called hotel and was kind of wet and damp throughout.  The bed sheets and duvet coverings covered in holes and cigarette burns and so on.

One lad went over the the sink and pulled up a TOWEL from a towel hang and he held it up in front of himself whilst grinning madly through the bloody great hole it had in the middle of it. 

In fact that Towel became a STORY, because the lad decided that know one would BELIEVE how dire and shit this place really was, in star rating terms, they would likely have to give negative star ratings and it was probably quite high on that scale a minus four star hovel hotel.

So he STOLE the Towel as PROOF, to put some physical reality to the story and place that was going to be described to any audience.

Guess What?

Yes that is correct, we stayed at the Hotel New York and this guy had a change of Heart, he SWAPPED the absolutely crud and hole filled Towel for an all nice and freshly pressed Disney Towel from his room in the hotel New York.

In fact the Hotel New York rooms were beautiful and POSH Smart and well maintained and things such as towels and so on, were changed every day by some room service personnel and so on.

Nothing such as towels and soap etc. was actually worth taking, because none of those things had Disney Markings or Brand names and so on.

For those branded Goods, you would typically have to shop in the local nearby shopping arcades and so on.

The Hotel had a BAR, and upon discovering that the PRICE for a CAN OF COKE was £8 many in the group who were staying within the Hotel Complained about some of the prices.

They very quickly reduced some of the Prices for our group party, and a can of coke in the Hotel Bar was reduced to £4, (I will not print what the beer and lager and alcohol’s cost as many would ikely have a heart attack),still at that time making some EXCEPTIONAL PROFIT, coke cola and so on at that time was generally cheap internationally, though FRANCE often tops PRICE PROFITEERING on Food and Drink anyway, despite many international claims to the Contrary.

Yes that was an example of an inbuilt price mechanism for guests at a particular establishment and you could likely go to alternative accommodation (as we did in fact do a year or two later) and find that the in-built establishment prices are on a differing price and audience scale.

So just as some folks will only buy a brand or product if it costs X much or more, others with go down the X much or less route, all is dependent of course on your BUDGET and indeed how you are used to living from day to day and so on anyway.

Anyway I liked what I saw of the Disneyland on my visits, although I was working, and did add it to places to visit and Holiday at at some point within my life etc).

Elsewhere we are seeing and hearing that the REAL LOTTO £33 Million Ticket Winner has claimed there prize and it has been confirmed and verified and validated etc.  Strange how many people took a chance in trying to claim the prize for themselves, whilst I am sure some folks really do forget and lose tickets and so on, in the wash, one does SUSPECT that a larger contingent of claimants are simply FRAUDSTERS.

Can such things be reduced?  Well I think that overall, the Lotto has been running for very many years, and am sure that in a few cases valid claims have been rejected in some fashion, though surely it is not a great huge task to look after the Tickets.  I say this, though have on occasion “been out in the rain” and found tickets and paperwork stuffed in coat pockets to be damp and wet.

Anyway, what else, well I did take a brief, look at Facebook, seeing that a write-well facebook group had someone making a post, strangely, few within the group seemingly took part, and whilst I enjoyed the course and still listen to re-runs and so on, I do kind of wish or however that more had taken ACTIVE PARTIPATION, in communicating within the Group Page and so on.  I am sure some folks are always busy and have or are doing other things behind the scenes, though I still think that given the SIZE and NUMBER of folks listed as belonging that in percentage terms, it was disappointing (for myself at least), I thought the POTENTIAL FOR NEW LEARNINGS and Teachings and so on was HIGH.

Elsewhere I also decided to return to http://www.centerpointe.com and see if Bill Harris or indeed any of his followers and so on, had posted anything of interest and new.

Bill actually apparently was a keynote speaker last December at some Biohacking conference and he published a little about that as well as some contact links on his blog page.

I think some new or differing information was given within his brief hour long video and indeed, further information not available appeared in his slides.

Interestingly the so-called realm of Bio-Hacking is of course one that can cause all sorts or differing thoughts and feelings and issues to pop-up.  I myself of course felt negatively triggered and so on via my earlier studies as to Hypnosis Modalities, though that I think is being addressed to a certain extent now because a greater emphasis within these Technology Realms is being placed into IDEAS such-as Neuroplasticity, so whilst historically we may have felt somehow trapped or locked into some sequence of events without any thoughts and feelings and options as to CHOICE, I do think and indeed KNOW, that continued assisted meditation STIMULUS can give you those so-called mental shifts and so on.  Likewise differing parts and sectors of the brain were spoken upon, and indeed greater understanding as to what occurs, with differing parts and sectors of the brain and so on.

So where we may have experienced a great trauma trigger, that shut-down particular mental realms, they can often be reactivated, or indeed other evidence can be followed as to what brain functions and so on, are most appropriate when carrying out particular activities and so on.

So whilst you may be having fun surfing the waves, and lost in the experience, at another time such-as waiting for the cooker buzzer waiting to finish, you may well be keeping better or improved mental time.

So very many differing criteria exist for differing brain functions and sectors and differing trainings and activities can improve or otherwise your overall wellbeing and so on.

My own interest perhaps predominantly as suggested as to some kind of hybrid mental body spiritual cleansing.  All to often we can have non-conscious triggers from any point in our life, DICTATING the most ridiculous choices or thoughts and feelings and ongoing actions.

Elsewhere it is being reported that few if anyone has continued on to solving the GCHQ cryptic Christmas puzzle, I think such things can of course be FUN, though likewise I also know that it can often be better when struggling with a math problem or any kind of puzzle to go away for a bit and then come back to it later, having had time to think or do other things, the competition closing date is on Sunday, and I may well follow the instructions at that time, though a given news article clue suggested that many of us typically MAKE THESE THINGS DIFFICULT for ourselves, so  some outline picture of Rudolph or a reindeer gets the full ESPIONAGE SPY THRILLER theory and so on, much like someone on mainland Europe where guns are often carried by differing peoples and personnel from various Countries having it high lighted that someone is carrying two guns in a suitcase.

A bomb in a suitcase might be more worrying, though guns suggest a simple military tourist or working life requirement, though you in ESPIONAGE TERMS might think that the Police or Security “TOOK THE BAIT” and the real damage doer or ne’er do well is on site and proceeding with intended activities.

I also found myself reading as to STORM GERTRUDE (slap head and rolls eyes) where the hell did they get these names from, that one of course strangely links in to William Shakespeare’s HAMLET though I am unsure if it gives any clues or pointers to OSCAR AWARDS or other Award Ceremony’s.

Yes as suggested previously, one of the best options can be took pull out a WORLD WIDE timetable for the events that most interest you, whether Touring Sports or Award Ceremony’s and then apply all and everything you read to that market sector that you are personally following or interested in.

I see Jamie Murray continued into the Doubles Final, though (Say It with an Asian Voice) Johanna Konta, has fallen over the Kerber.

Yes, sad or strange though true, whilst many a messing about with spelling and sound and so on can be rewarding, not rushing or jumping to NEGATIVE IMPRESSIONS of folks who exercise such activities is also advisable.

Clearly differing demographics, and audience have differing thoughts and feelings as to what they themselves can say and do and behave whilst others are more strict or reserved in thinking things whilst not necessarily saying them OUT LOUD.

This probably not a good route to follow for myself of course, because, in the lower echelons of society you do generally find people who are less able to bite or hold there tongue and so on.  Reality of course differing, in that the further you progress with studies and experience and so on of any kind, the more you often come to see that very little SEPARATES the HAVES from the HAVE-NOTS beyond perhaps the surrounding culture or otherwise that someone has surrounded themselves with.

Elsewhere this deformed baby’s and Mosquito Plague is becoming quite worrying or concerning, though perhaps some Disney studio or however can come up with a Jiminy Cricket of the Mozzie World to put our concerns and worries into appropriate perspective.

Max the Mozzie, special friend to Sid Serpent.

Yes strange though true of course, you do often find that Ugly Duckling into Swan tales, and caterpillar into butterfly, often lead into RELUCTANT MONSTER story’s.

The vegetarian vampire has been done and ummn, think, yes so that another Angle that many a writer does, I’ll take this given realm and this given creature and turn it around or about in some fashion.

Of course the trick is to perhaps know where a given realm is presently at and then find or set the wind direction for yourself.

That part of the problem perhaps in not necessarily knowing what a given AUDIENCE is currently experiencing as to monsters or otherwise.

Likewise of course you do get that some things genuinely have to be experienced for yourself to belief them, given the inside job of some Environmental debates and so on, and this idea that everything is seemingly in evolutionary terms, heading into more application like functions, whereby where once you might have had word as an all bells and whistles text editor, now stripped down and LIGHT versions of infobesity wear are once again becoming increasingly popular.

That perhaps simply that folks suddenly realise that they do not want or require all of the given and provided elements of some software or whatever and see if they themselves can do it any better.

Anyway, I am of to see what I can win this weekend, Euromillions is now peaking my interest, and I have a soft spot for Euromillions, generally winning more on that over the longer haul that the Lotto, no doubt they will at some point decide to ruin it with some new system of operations.

Yes, so Bio hacking sounds highly interesting and so on, though I wonder as to the benefits or otherwise of such things, and how we can switch or change or turn our live’s around, if constantly being sent or subjected to less than savoury peoples and attitudes and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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