The Other Irish

So today I have seen various headline reports and tributes to another now deceased broadcasting legend, and what I found myself thinking upon was quite simply, typical stereotypes and that perhaps lead to my Title for this article.

Not sure when I first encountered Terry Wogan because he is one of those Broadcasters that has seemingly always been there “all along”.

Whilst many a headline and news reports during my younger years seemingly excelled in giving a highly negative societal attitude toward the Irish and all the ongoing drama and terrorism, Terry Wogan was seemingly carrying out a one man life of Mr Congeniality.

His Radio shows were easy on the ear and entertaining and likewise when he was on television much the same could be said as to little change in attitude or style, whether hosting his now famed chat show or indeed blanket blank or Eurovision.

He was not someone who came across as having any sides, in the sense that his style was friendly and non-threatening or necessarily hostile to any given quarter, beyond the use of course of “humour” to perhaps disguise discomfort or not wanting to “be false” is perhaps the best way to describe him.

He accepted and knew that his audience had some brains for themselves and in shows such as Eurovision, did not go to great lengths to “pretend” that rubbish was other than what it seemed to British Audience’s or indeed heavy bias within regional voting block’s such-as Scandinavian Countries and for Soviet Satellite states and so on.

In fact that reminds myself of a visit to Egypt that I made years ago, where I was in a Hotel swimming pool and an Arab family was also present and having fun and playing a water volleyball type game that they invited myself to compete in, everyone having fun, although when asked where I was from, the atmosphere changed somewhat, they seemingly had thought I was Southern hemisphere Aussie or New Zealand, though the moment I responded that I was English, a kind of frost or wall or barrier attitude was raised of “don’t go down that route”, we continued though the change in atmosphere, and sudden guardedness  of these other tourists, I think they were from Saudi Arabia (if memory serves correctly) was highly notable.  Of course Australians and New Zealanders having also gotten involved in some of the middle east conflicts since those early 2000’s perhaps now have differing attitudes promoted about themselves, though psychological “blocks” or audience stereotypes and given attitudes and swift changes are easy to pick up on, whether regarded as conscious and deliberate bias or genuine regional tastes and propaganda and so on.

I regularly go to a local corner shop, where the family is from abroad somewhere, and they typically happy to talk knowledgeably about such things as cricket though also often have strange and weird “ethnic” or localised music from the homeland that we in the West are unlikely to have heard of, unless we actively of course go looking for such things, or indeed experience them on our holidays.

So yes Wow, Terry Wogan gone, though he is perhaps one of the last of those ever-presents of a generation brought up on limited media outlets and so on.

So similarly I found myself thinking on this subject of MEDITATION, I keep repeating that I use assisted meditation and do these courses, though likewise of course, many a course is akin to listening or waking up to Wogan, in the sense of being guided through some visualisation exercises by external peoples and persons, and that is often all that most broadcaster’s including Mr Wogan.

Typical quotes from him relate to that IDEA that he was quite self-effacing in the suggestion, that he has done News and radio and television, and “read the scripts” and worked “off the cuff” and far too many younger generation presenters build themselves up in somewhat Ivory Towers as to the IMPRESSIVENESS of the job or role and so on.

In fact of course those kinds of quotes could just as easily be applied to many of his own radio and television contemporaries who also often played on the BIG I AM of being a CELEBRITY.

Anyway, I decided that whilst I enjoyed having raised threshold and doing the courses, that I would once again return to some meditation basics and learnings and Wisdom from distant lands and so on.

I have of course read literature on TRADITION MEDITATION such-as transcendental meditation and various other disciplines, though have nearly always veered to “”younger generational” teachings, and the very efficient presentations of Western Guru’s, combining those ancient traditions with Hypnosis and NLP and so on.

With that in mind I thought once again I would like to see how DIFFERING listening to some Ancient Wisdom Guru and teachings and guide through’s and so on, fortunately of course, very many are available and some have even been utilised by some of my so-called Technological Merchants.

It is still quite early and what I have to suggest that I most like about The Holosync Solution, for example is that raising of Threshold and indeed that Whole Brain Thinking and Hemispheric BRAIN SYNCHRONISATION.

However, having said that I typically felt as suggested above, that I wanted to move beyond thoughts that I was cheating etc, so I purchased a Traditional set of guided Meditations from Learnings Strategies that I think has none of the binaurial beat type stimulus’ just to see if NOW (having raised threshold and cleared out much flotsam and jetsam etc) I could experience some GREATER LEVEL of the Traditional Methods and so on and actually EXPERIENCE some of those kinds of states that you read of, though may not necessarily experienced.

All to easy to think and feel that the “ONLY AH-HA” you are going to get relates to what you are doing in terms of TECHNOLOGIES and popular western teachings and lessons, though I genuinely felt that “something more must surely be activated or experienced”.

I have of course written that I worked in the NHS many years ago, and indeed whilst at one time that was within a dedicated Hospital Site, a former psychiatric Hospital, that was quite OPPRESSIVE in many ways, we did at some point move to a closed down School Premise at BELMONT ABBEY, and the atmosphere was in and of itself in Environmental Terms TRANSFORMATIVE.

Whilst I went from one side of the outskirts of the city to another, the Abbey is or was still an active retreat for Monks and Monastics and so on, and is beautifully maintained in terms of the older buildings and indeed Gardens.  My Aunt Mona and some of her family are actually buried within that Cemetery, and you can perhaps all imagine that my Aunt Mona (for all my some what negative speak and jokes and humour) did take her religion quite seriously, so you perhaps get an indication that she chose her final resting place with care and so on and so forth.

I mention that because many of these Ancient Western religious environments can be just as thereapuetic as some of the eastern Environments, it perhaps simply a case of having to seek out what you most want or prefer.  I spoke as to Religious Culture upbringing when in my teen years and that was all very much American Evangelical “happy clappy” type fair and very differing perhaps from your average classical “Songs Of Praise” (although I am sure many teachings etc, are shared throughout Religious cultures), you always get assumed Traditionalists, and so-called break-away factions and break away from the break away until you an WONDER as to just how far off BASE your so-called “GURU SUCK A BANANA” really is from the generational handed down teachings and knowledge and awareness and enlightenment core foundations and fundamentals and so on.

So with those things in mind I sought out some classical ancient old style meditation, speaking on so-called Himalayan Masters meditations and so on.

The ancient and elderly chap within the recordings kind of genuinely makes you feel that you are learning from someone who knows his stuff and indeed, whilst I have used the whole brain thinking technologies and indeed worked on brain synchronisation, you do still feel that some old and ancient inner conflicts and confusions are still present and MAYBE just maybe these traditional learnings and teachings can remedy such things where our SNAPSHOT “IN AN INSTANT” processes and “I want it now” attitudes sometimes possibly FAIL US.

So I listened to an old croaky voiced gentlemen through a guided meditation and did feel as though something was happening in terms of triggers and focus and so on, by that I have of course followed assisted meditation “GUIDELINES” though they do often through the stimulus REMOVE some thoughts and feelings and so on.

I thought I had cleared out much mental flotsam and jetsam and no longer experienced “A BUSY MIND” and so on, those chain like thoughts that you can chase instead of letting go and so on.

In fact very quickly within the session I found that much MIND CHATTER still exists although of course I did as much as possible to follow instruction and so on, as to staying focussed or centered on a MANTRA or the BREATH and so on.

So yes, we can raise threshold and accumulate many Learnings and Teachings and think ourselves SUPERIOR or indeed INFERIOR, though when you go back and do some of the classical and traditional methods, you can still find yourself being TRIGGERED by Traditionalists who have put the hours and the long haul work in and so on.

Is that Negative?  Not at all because, I am grateful and appreciative toward those who have provided these Technologies and indeed, if I choose to go down the path of a Traditionalist and put some of those hours in also, I am sure I can only benefit.

In the News also, we have seen reports as to complaints as to Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe’s  offensive FLATULENCE within his role as a deceased or dead body, going through rigor mortis, the body (in reality) does go through the releasing of muscles and tensions leading to those effects in real life, ask any CORONER or MEDICAL EXPERT.

Anyway I of course seek to find CROSS-REALM INTERPRETATIVE thoughts and feelings and references, and that talk of FLATULENCE of course lends itself to the Campaign for PRESIDENT FLATULENCE, a VERNACULAR possibly vulgar phrase within some circles is to TRUMP or TRUMPET.

So I have also seen the Trailer for a forthcoming Wizarding World prequel to those Harry Potter story’s, JK Rowling apparently having written the Screen play herself, where I think previously she collaborated as to taking her books and reducing or reinterpreting IDEAS and images and scenes and so on to the BIG SCREEN.

I was reminded on this because I when researching a year or two ago mentioned SCRIVENER, as a tool that can be used by people such as myself who like writing in TEXT EDITORS formats or indeed having a SCRAPBOOK like box to put things in.

Scrivener Serves that purpose exceptionally well and indeed has a FULL TUTORIAL and a QUICK START TUTORIAL and the difference is of course often similar to translating between BOOK or NOVEL and FILM.

Many books, typically lend themselves better to the small screen than the big screen or indeed vice versa, some stories leave out to much and others find themselves adding and embellishing things.

So yes working and thinking in one format is not necessarily conducive to being successful in the other, though I am sure JK ROWLING will have enjoyed her own life and journey and indeed the continued Audience she has via the Harry Potter World she created and crafted and so on.

Elsewhere I also note an interesting Elon Musk Project as to a so-called “Hyperloop” Transport technology, much of the ground work THEORETICAL is known and demonstrated, though of course like many an ENGINEERING CHALLENGE, going from bedroom trainset to real world active functioning transport infrastructure is ongoing.

Very many extra variables are brought into the scales and measures and means of production issues, that typically can DELAY and DELAY or indeed accelerate if you have large swathes of land for testing and so on.

All quite interesting because many of these Billionaires and indeed ASTRONAUT ENGINEERING and space exploration Companies are once again actively ENCOURAGING CROSS-REALM USAGE and functionality of technical developments and so on, that unless you MONITOR Given realms may very well not be AWARE OF.

So a finger in many pies helps entrepreneurs and dedicated sciences find usages for these lab discovered SPECIAL FX or TECHNOLOGIEs and so on, where going solo or being over protective and so on can be WISE or indeed COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE or counter-intuitive in terms of making those links and connections.

Anyway this is a Meanderer, so

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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