You Are Strengthening You’re What?

Yes so I yesterday suggested that I was seeking to utilise more Traditional Meditative Practice and of course many specialists and experts may well come up with some statement akin to the one in the title.

Many of us when we are younger, do perhaps believe that we have higher powers or indeed can get “In The Zone” when we focus and concentrate and so on enough on any given supposed area of alleged mysticism or superpower, and such beliefs are of course often supported by how we feel and how we think and how we act, almost like a “secret” that whilst potentially a little odd, is quite easily dismissed within day-to-day life because be grow up with an entire host of examples of people with such skills and abilities.

So we can of course delve into the comic book fiction realms and imagine what it might be like to be superman or a jedi or any other fictional realm character who demonstrates some characteristic allegedly unnatural or supernatural ability and continues in some fairly regular or normal life, apart from a penchant to dive into telephone booth’s whenever an earthquake occurs or some robbery is taking place at the local bank around the corner.

In fact of course given today’s technology and mobile phones, many could be forgiven for wondering where they are going to carry out there superchange transformation into tightfitting lycra clad suit and so on with special advanced metals and utility belts and so on.

Yes telephone booth’s were common during my youth although the reduction in the cost of a landline, led to more and more folks preferring to not have to rely on the community telephone booth, especially when they were seemingly placed one per estate and you happen to live in one of the less savoury neighbourhoods and so on.

Anyway you imagine, and imagine and you can sometimes genuinely believe that you have such powers because you can feel a glow or imagine and dream of projecting yourself to elsewhere and so on.

So many of these things are dismissed as science realm fictions, although many a person as they grow and get older can typically know that there secret will be safe with themselves, and they are not necessarily going to use or do anything, beyond mental practices and so on.

Likewise of course in teen years, many go through adolescence as another kind of relationship transformation, everyone vying for IDENTITY within a given group or environment, and typically you do find that repetition of name calling or judgments occur, whereby you can come to feel that having seen or witnessed how peoples respond (positively or negatively) to some given ROLE MODEL, that you have to hide or continue having some secret compartmentalised life.

Likewise huge effort is strangely given to EXTREMISMS in terms of banter and so on, whereby some individuals repeat and repeat there dislike of all and anything that is not themselves.

They say I am white and do not like other colours.

They say I am British and do not like other Nationalities.

They say I do not like foreign food.

Of course, such things can often return to haunt those individuals, although the problem for many a person is quite simply having to be around such peoples and persons, as suggested by my catching a bad dose, lectures and articles.

Anyway I love the Holosync Solution and indeed I love many a Learning Strategies Course, because typically it can be suggested that whilst many of us might regard ourselves as highly Objective or indeed Highly Subjective as to how we go about our lives, some of the benefits provided are at least on a personal experience basis irrefutable.

Personal Experience is again itself subjective, though from an inside outside point of view, of cutting through build up of layers of confusion and conflict, I think the step by step stage by stage sequence that is promoted and guided towards cannot be easily countered once any given person has tried and tested some of the technological innovations for themselves.

Examples are of course plenty, though likewise, you do feel that you are still in a certain amount of control as to your own path and direction and so on.

Many of course speak on Universal Infinite Intelligence and experiencing a connection to something far beyond anything you might experience in day-to-say life, if and when you can “quieten your mind chatter” and so on.

So in bodily terms, it might be suggested that we go into some realm, and then typically you have good cells and bad cells and you also might well find that some are more compatible with each other than others, although you can often find that old school days, like practices of factions and so on take place, much like an over active auto immune system.

Anyway, I of course studied some Hypnosis Materials early on, though beyond being able to see beyond so called programming structures and so on and indeed seeking to show some others at that time that time did not really exist, I had little in the way of defence against a build-up of what I personally would regard as negative mental thoughts and feelings and indeed I had little in the way of defence against HATE CAMPAIGNERS and promoters, who all to quickly had jumped or leaped to their own worst dark places of experiences.

I did of course then move on to studying “A course in Miracles” and again that kind of reinforced that fact of programming, though also again was not enough on its own to deal with all the negatives.

You could say it was like being in a zone with a gieger counter or a compass where the needle is just constantly spinning and spinning and spinning and unable to settle because far to many diverse and differing electromagnetic forces and so on are at work, and I was seemingly unable to settle into how I myself wanted to be and so on.

So eventually after doing a Course in Miracles, I eventually  pressed a Holosync Affiliate Link which promised that no matter what was occurring within your World it would RAISE YOUR THRESHOLD.

So as described in great effort by Bill Harris, many a solution within many an environment or indeed person is simply this one of shut up or put up, and so on, without providing any inner World or outer World changes.

So Holosync stimulation seemingly cuts through the brains lateralisation, giving greater or better brain synchronisation and indeed when continuing to higher levels, is akin to perhaps writing your own thoughts and pathways and mental connections and so on, faster than you can catch a bad dose, very often from folks who themselves are in that spinning compass zone and themselves have not discovered or found a way to improve mental processes and pathways, very often through inheritance of generational environmental teachings and so on.

I think I perhaps in rushing through early Holosync levels, did not necessarily get the full benefit of each level, simply using the technology to STEAMROLLER all that was within my head and body and spirit and so on, although I was possibly already operating from so lowest of the low point.

Let us not forget all that JESUS type material and walking in the valley of the shadow of death type religious preaching’s that I grew up with.

So I may of course at some point in my life picked up some SAVIOUR or Superhero Gospel of having to go into places where others fear to tread, and changing the lay of the landscape in some grand HERO Architype Story.

The reality of course, that without Technological Solutions and indeed a respectable take-up of the Technologies from peers and friends or colleagues, such things (as changing the lay of the landscape) may well be suggested to be virtually impossible. 

You can lead a horse to water, though you cannot make them drink, is of course an old and well known adage, though likewise, many of us, find ourselves in these conflict and confusion zones, because of walls of intransigents all about ourselves, as to opinions on so very many subject matters.

So the steam roller worked, from my point of view, because it led to more and more people seeing and indeed experiencing the irrefutable proofs for themselves within their own heart and minds and bodies.

Likewise of course, you do eventually as suggested have to continue in some fashion, and typically just as Bill packaged and sold Holosync as a product to a growing populace of enlightenment seekers, probably all wanting the same steam roller effect as I myself wanted, you perhaps also had to seek out, people who had developed and were using best practice.

I of course went to learning strategies courses, only after several years with Holosync, and that was because Paraliminal were related to Hypnosis, which I for whatever reason at that point, felt I wanted to leave behind myself.

Anyway I did of course eventually find some courses that I liked and could utilise whilst not seemingly attracting the worst of the worst of experiences, and after several years, became an affiliate with those Companies or Corporations.

So anyway much like the Future Mapping Modality and many a teaching suggests, you get those disputes as to linear and non-linear time and indeed windows upon the World and an example of the past and an example of the future and and example of the now, and of course I think that once Bill Harris and Paul Scheele linked up and the Holosync Stimulus was used by those within the Learning strategies Sphere of Lessons and Learnings, that they were better able to design and create and craft IMPROVEMENTS to the so-called back catalogue and Library and so on.

That may or may not be true, though we can of course only relate to our own experience and mine was that I generally prefer the newer technologies than some of the older ones although of course, it is not my place to critic other peoples history’s and so on, when they can say ah yes but the proof of my strategy and so on blah blah is demonstrated in my ongoing sales etc.

Anyway you do often get to those points of in for a penny and in for a pound and so on.

Likewise of course you within the Himalayan Masters, had the elder chap speaking on LINEAGE and the handing down of teachings and knowledge, so we any of us who have bought and purchased many of these packages or indeed become affiliates may well be regarded as part of that lineage, though clearly, I am sure that much like many a recording artist seeks to distance themselves from the activities of Political Parties who use there song and music, when you have choice and options and feel more stable and so on, you yourself can perhaps be more discerning as to how you communicate and go about teachings and all the rest of those things.

Likewise given the MODULAR approach to many of the Courses, you do sometimes when going backwards and forwards from differing angles and perspectives have those sudden clicking into place experiences.

I did not get the full experience and benefit of course C because whilst I had purchased course A, I had skipped course B and so on.

So the more of the differing modalities you try out and test and work through, the more a seemingly enlightened and integrative experience and so on, you may or may not get.

I have found this to be true on several occasions, whereby I had skipped particular course, and then wondered as to getting the FULL EXPERIENCE, if I had not gone through some predecessor step or process and so on.

Anyway I do love it when thinks can suddenly go BINK or AH-HA and so on, and that of course comes through a little dedicated practice and being open to new experience and so on.

The problem initially I think that many of us were so shut down via those spinning compass issues, that working through very many courses and so on toward establishing how we ourselves really are and want to be can be an ongoing life experience, what you put in you get out, and you will reap what you so and so on.

Anyway I have enjoyed the very many courses, and do feel in a far better place now than historically, though likewise life is always going to profer new challenges or unexplored dimensions and angles that have yet to be advanced.

So yes this is just a kind of review write-up and of course, whilst I can write my own thoughts and feelings and actions and seek to describe some things, you do find especially when going into those ZONE like realms, that words cannot fully do justice to what you may or may not experience when you have settled some of the mind chatter, and cleared metal and physical detritus and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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