Please State The Nature Of Your Medical Emergency

This is of course a statement well known to some Star Trek Universe Officonado’s.  It something that the emergency medical Hologram says upon being activated within one of the Franchise series within that Universe.

Again not sure why I write upon that, though I do find myself criss-crossing or going backwards and forwards through various courses that I have accumulated within my on-line Library Collection.

Likewise I did wake up today with a Heel pain and found myself wondering as to Achilles and ideas associated as to peoples and persons having an Achilles Heel.

That of course suggested to be something akin to a possible Strength being taken to extreme whereby it is also a recognised weakness or some such.

I have in writing one or two articles over the last day or two done some further wondering as to so-called direct and indirect linkages to differing events.

The heal pain in question for example, is that of the leg I broke (many years ago) , and typically thoughts and feelings and so on come back as to damaged muscular physical cells and nerves and likewise thoughts as to how the pins utilised within my medical reconstruction, were drilled through my flesh and bones, in fact as suggested previously they were on the inside leg.

Likewise you kind of get used to such things, though I did find that the lowest pin had been placed just above my ankle, and that unfortunately restricted a certain amount of manoeuvrability, the IDEA of such procedures is to reduce things such as muscle wastage that you may gain with a cast, though likewise it was an open wound etc, so a cast in such an instance was probably not regarded as a first choice option.

Anyway I wake up to day an note several interesting articles, Boris Johnson clashing or having an exchange with David Cameron in the commons over the proposed future of Britain in-or out of Europe, and of course he to many a Brit might be regarded as not only somewhat bombastic, though with his blonde hair and so on a little bit like many a Colonial South African, my thoughts went to the Cricket that is presently taking place, so some pointers or clues may have appeared within that debate and EXCHANGE.

Elsewhere I saw this morning that Halle Berry, was recently interviewed and contributed to the ongoing OSCAR debate as to how best to represent and or award so-called minorities, of differing ethnic demographics and so on.

The problem of course that it is all well and good claiming all the nominee’s are Lily White, as Spike Lee did, though among those Lily White, you can typically find differing ethnicities represented and sex’s represented and probably sexuality represented and so on.

So a little unfair to go to some GENERALISED and EASY BRANDING option, when most peoples and persons might regard themselves as something of a collage of influences and types and so on.

Yes it is true to say (in many an instance) that you can judge a book by its cover, though alternatively when you know that pretty much everyone is an actor / actress of one description or another, you can seek once again to introduce greater manoeuvrability and choice options etc.

Do you want the Oscar (for example) often awarded to lesser commercial successes, or do you want the blockbuster success and World Wide fame and audience and the money.

Many would perhaps likely say they want both, though likewise it is not necessarily going to occur or happen over night, many a Star Turn can of course demonstrate some back catalogue of work’s and appearances and so on.

I also found myself in thought terms, returning to a CLASSIC PUT DOWN, that is quite common in Great Britain.

“so and so, could not organise a piss up in a brewery”.

However I then strangely had a similar worded sentence pop-up into my conscious realm window

“so and so, could not organise foul play in a fowl factory”.

Now even stranger is the fact that despite working in the environment for a number of years, that such a statement has not really occurred to myself previously (I think).

So then I got to thinking well who might say such a thing, and who might they tarnish in such a fashion, if it is of course taken to be a given positive or negative statement.  Such things can of course be mulled upon.

I personally do not want to experience foul play in a fowl factory and I personally want to be able to go work and do a respectable job and collect an income at the end of the week.

So is it possible, that such a statement is thought up because it has been intentioned upon at some point in history and some folks within the environment have TESTED themselves strongly to be the anti-thesis of the statement.

“I’ll show you who cannot organise foul play in my fowl factory”, some folks might be saying to themselves, yes many a management tutorial is suggested to lead to new or low quality managers of singular departments, believing beyond all the facts that they personally own all and everything within a given realm. Great for an ORGANISED BUSINESS IMAGE, though not so great, if far too many suspicious or INEXPERIENCED personnel are going about things in the wrong fashion and manner because they have not taken the time to “LEARN THE ROPES” and so on.

All to easy to take sounding’s from “people like me” sufferers and fail to take on board soundings from experienced personnel and workforce.  Few can of course claim to have some absolute record of invulnerability to many a nonsense debate and goings on, though likewise plenty of wise heads and souls are available if you take the time, to watch and see the various groupings and factions and how the differing peoples go about life the universe and everything.

They seek him here they seek him there those Gangsters seek him everywhere.  Yes apparently Lord Lucan’s family are being granted a Death Certificate, so that classical hand-me-down title inheritances and so on, can take place. A little strange given how I think his son already has some titles of one or other description.  Strange how such things occur, as to RANKING & PRESTIGE.

Given all the Negative press on Lucan for very many years, most would think the Title might be regarded as something to be REMOVED from Society and so on.

Yes, some Companies and so on, are suggested to remove or not have a Floor 13, due to SUPERSTITION of the Owner or Magnet that created the building and so on, in fact you can go all over the World and FIND such things have been done within not only new buildings but very many ancient Cathedrals and older establishment buildings.

Likewise we have of course, seen that some AWARDS have been held back, because those applying were not of a suitable quality of candidate and so on.

This occurs within Learning and Teachings Realms more thn elsewhere I think, though we also get those Sporting Fixtures that have not been SANCTIONED by a Governing Sporting Body and so on, not sure where this line of thought takes myself.

SO you can apply for a job, though do not get job, due to not being suitable in the eyes of interviewer.

Likewise similar things occur in slightly varying forms across most realms, though likewise when some TITLE or AWARD or QUALIFICATION has been tarnished or brought into DISREPUTE, you will often find that such TITLE or AWARD of QUALIFICATION is REMOVED from the Listings of what can be awarded.

I think the Queen and Her Council can grant and remove titles, and whilst I do not begrudge Lord Lucan’s son his title inheritance, I do think that if the title can be replaced by an alternate, that does not carry all the STIGMA’S or associated NONSENSE, it might be better all round.

As much as many title’s were given out generations ago, and the Royal’s do not know many of those with the titles, I think that in some exceptional cases, Titles should be reviewed and removed, just as already occurs with some titles and indeed with some MEDALS and the so-called LETTERS.

Doing a given qualification (for example) can mean you get to use Letters after your name, and of course, some of us might like to boast or impress with such things as professionally awarded qualifications, whilst some may recoil in shock or horror at some extra baggage of labels and so on.

Elsewhere North Korea says, we are going to launch a Satellite, and Japan says we will shoot it down?

Yes not sure as to reasons of that regional politics, given how many of those ASIAN STATES could group together and seek to invade the current Sovereign Power (schooled in Switzerland no less) and remove them, and form some democratic Government.

Ah the FEAR of CHINA of course, and the Vietnam and indeed older Korean War experience.

So in the medical realm we have Magic Bullet Therapies coming into usage as more and more treatments, are reviewed as to SIDE EFFECTS, and then someone works out a magic bullet treatment that does not cause those side effects.

In the MUNITIONS realm, we have seen something similar in terms of Laser Guided Missile type technologies whereby we can use less munitions with greater accuracy in taking out infrastructure targets, and reduce the amount of so-called civilian casualties and so on.

So most realms have advanced to these kinds of cause effect lessons and learnings, the broad sweeping generalisations give way to more appropriate narrowing down of criteria and so on.

I was wondering about this American Science Flight and of course, read this morning that our own MOD is purchasing some Super Planes, that can stay in the sky for quite prolonged periods of time possibly being used as communication hubs and weather monitoring activities and of course, RAPID RESPONSE type facilities, it is perhaps easier to fly such a plane into a new combat arena at high altitude than have to purpose a space satellite to such a task.  So a fantastic investment for our military (I think) though of course proof is in the usage and indeed developing what they are going to use such tech for.

I did find myself after wondering about that American Science Flight to the point of then moving on and wondering as to MAGIC BULLET COMMUNCATION WEAPONS and so on.

Differing reactions of course happen to WAVES within given gases, and so on, and likewise I was thinking as to ELECTRICAL STORMS.

Electro Magnetic Pulse, type weaponry has long been dreamed of among Science Fiction realms, though typically real world Research has often found a downside, much like retreating armies burn bridges and have a scorched earth policy, or classical munitions simply injure hurt and maim all within the radius of the munition, the MAGIC BULLET EFFECT with electromagnetics and  speculated upon EMP type weapons is ongoing.

We typically of course in reseach terms build on what can already be done, and SOMETIMES that works GREAT, FANTASTIC, though likewise sometimes you have to STRIP everything back to the basics and re do your research with what you know NOW (for example).

I spoke a year or two ago about that guy who has created a Hover bike, and that came about though his stripping back knowledge of FLIGHT and HELICOPTERS and so on, and recombining the physics and theory in a new purposeful way.

I think that is where most advancements occur within most fields of expertise and new learnings and teachings, though of course, that is akin to having to SHIFT from some mental ruts and grooves and perhaps leaping into unknown speculations and so on as to WHAT NEXT.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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