A Thought In The Wilderness


So I begin today after awakening following on from my What Next? question of a previous blog article and you typically come to look upon matters and various systems from alternate angles and perspectives that you may or may not have considered previously.

How many Voices (for example) might Universal Intelligence or a chorus of Angels have?

How many Sources do all these super rich and wealthy teachers and trainers of enlightenment have?

How many genuinely TRUE “maps of reality” exist within and without the World and so on.

The problem often returned to at each and every level of any course or training that you follow is often this one of Duality and how you can perhaps expand beyond, long held patterns and cycles and behaviours that may well be keeping you stuck.

Very many such behaviours suggested of course to be an inside job.

So I suggested that folks could do many of these things on the so-called cheap, taking advantage of freebies, if and when they become available.

One such Freebie that can be worked through at regular pace or indeed via Photoreading Technology (from Learning Strategies Corporation) is ACIM (A Course In Miracles).


I recommend this because, I worked through this book in combination with some basic Tapping Technology prior to moving onto Holosync, and it does or can with repeated utilisation give you some of those mental breakthroughs.  I would though suggest that even at the lowest Level of Holosync your advancement and attainment through such teachings and learnings can be highly accelerated.

Likewise it can build confidence, if you utilise ACIM in combination through some of those early levels of Holosync, without necessarily purchasing or buying all and every product from all and every associate or affiliate that you may or may not begin receiving email or advertisements from.

I myself actually stopped Tapping and indeed utilising ACIM when I had advanced through some of the lower levels of Holosync, though do occasionally return to it, kind of feeling llike I am keeping my hand in when any kind of Dualistic type thoughts and feelings and so on begin to rear there heads and so on and so forth once again.

Anyway I have perhaps spoken several times on this idea, that you follow or become hooked and hinged on the Lessons and Learnings of some Teacher and whilst I am sure many are great and fantastic and all the rest, if like myself you have seeming plunged into some unworkable seemingly inescapable abyss of one description or another, it can be quite clever to stay the course with a particular group of lessons and learnings and breakthroughs and so on, prior to moving to next guru or sequence of courses.

Likewise when I was TAPPING, I used to carry out regular EFT like tapping to many an EMAIL from some of these Masters and Providers or Wares and so on, or indeed some of the pages and website information’s that you can study for FREE.

Likewise of course some courses are provided for free throughout the yearly cycles and patterns and that is of course another opportunity to establish within your mind, the basics of some Teachers, lessons and learnings, perhaps prior to earning the finance to potentially purchase the courses at a later time, much like putting a bookmarker in a page as a reference for later usage, or indeed you can TAKE NOTES during some of the free courses.

One such course that is coming up is the Aura Seeing that I mentioned quite recently and it really does give some quite startling results, as in fact do many of the courses as you can progress through them.


Anyway, ACIM early on with regular practice seemingly gave myself something of a lightbulb buzz on the right side of my brain and that is of course a kind of AH-HA in realising that some greater universal connection exists between very many peoples, through Societal Wide Herd like programming, that has occurred from generation to generation and indeed from Culture to Culture.

Likewise such BREAKTHROUGH’S can work to mobilise, motivate and incentivise yourself to continue on your quest and further research and so on.

If you are suffering in some fashion from an illness or other ailment or under some huge great mental stress or pressure, you may well benefit from repeated usage of some of the ACIM like materials, that seemingly work through very many of the DUALITY issues that we often exist with, if you want to build CONFIDENCE in seeing Auras (for example) it might be suggested that some teachers and masters who have taken courses such-as ACIM do often have AURAS.

So you get to see some of the NEW Technological developments through having some shared resources and so on, with some of the elder generation of Masters and teachers and trainers and so on.

So all these things can be done quite cheaply initially (in my opinion) though likewise a STRONGER stimulus is probably preferable to some of us than others.

I speak upon this issue of finding out what the Masters and Teachers studied and did, because you nearly always often find that very few Earlier generation sources existed.

Many Hundreds and thousands of Meditation Teachings and experts can be traced back through a quite short time period lineage to a handful of Internationally Famed Eastern Meditators of the last century, many a pop star (for example) was promoted as spending time and talking about there enlightenment experience with so and so a person.

Likewise we do have Western peoples and persons who were or have been suggested to have been Meditators, though likewise several were in Writing Literary realms, that few of us may have heard of, were it not for Modern Internet and the World Wide Web.  Classical writers popular in America such-as Thoreax (for example) WHO? EXACTLY!

So I early on settled on Clearing out nonsense faster than I could catch it, though likewise given my AI Computing Background and Religious Upbringing, it might be suggested that the REALMS or WORLDS were initially at least INCOMPATIBLE, in the sense of SCIENCE always claiming a status of going to WAR with Classical religion and IDEAS as to GOD’S.

Anyway Holosync typically works through multiple CARRIER FREQUENCIES and whilst you can take a sample at one resolution and frequency and then apply that sample to all the carrier frequencies, unless like myself you have Technological Know how, it can genuinely be better to experience the Technology and indeed your chosen Courses through the multiple levels.

So each step up and stage and level that you do, you can redo any given course that you may have applied to an earlier level, this of course STRENGTHENS all the various mental circuitry and indeed helps with the so-called pattern matching and so on, especially if like myself you seemingly have “to many” bad links and connections, or mental pathways and grooves that have shut down or experienced cave-in’s and so on.

I typically settled on the teachings of Bill Harris for several years and indeed moved onto several of his recommended associates and colleagues in differing spheres of study.

Having said that many were already operating in Groups, so for example, instead of going to lots of LOW LEVEL TEACHERS and so on, you can often retrace there own BIBLIOGRAPHY and then instead of hitting your head against some mental GLASS CEILING, simply bypass the teacher and master or peoples and persons who are serving to keep you STUCK.

Believe it or not, in doing courses such-as ACIM you typically come to realise that many DUALITY teachings are about removing the IDEAS of laws and conditions and sins such-as those listed within the 10 Commandments.

People often forgiving themselves there trespasses, though not genuinely extending such behaviours to others.

So you can go to a low level teacher or provider of goods and wears teaching some Teachings that may operate as a kind of STARTER PACK or KIT, though the real or best option may appear in some inconspicuous AFFILIATE LINK hidden away somewhere on there website.

some say it is not fair for myself to say CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN, though believe myself, that when you know just how many thousands and thousands of competing GURU’S there are, all having jumped on some AWAKENING BANDWAGON, you can be genuinely better off, CIRCUMNAVIGATING some of the lower level materials and going DIRECT to Original Source.

So Holosync might be regarded as an Original Source, although Bill does admit he was not the first to use or develop the binaural beat technology, he simply took several technologies and saw the potential and created his own market.

Likewise Learning Strategies might be regarded as an Original Source, though again, early materials and programmes did not necessarily have and binaural beats and tones, and simply relied on the NLP and Hypnosis Expertise of Paul Scheele and his Business Colleagues.

I of course in studying Hypnosis studied the work of Paul McKenna in the United Kingdom, though again he is a one man guru or teacher and indeed many laws and regulations have limited what can and cannot be said and done within the United Kingdom in relation to Hypnosis and subliminal technology and indeed advertising Truth and Lies and so on, for many years.

So again the World Wide Web allows all and anyone to sidestep local Governance Law whether parents, or City or Municipalities and Regional Bodies and International Bodies and so on and so on.  In fact you do come to see the BENEFIT of LAW and ORDER in or over the longer term, though likewise I genuinely think you are better of sticking with Holosync and combined with regular Meditation like practice until Higher awareness is a day to day experience rather than a WORRY or CONCERN, work you way out of the so-called Dualities.

Another Teacher is of course Ken Wilbur and a number of courses and so on have built up around his INTEGRAL work and teachings over the Years. One that I will likely do at some point is https://superhumanos.net/

Interestingly as you advance and become accustomed to reading and tapping and going from level to level and software programme and course and teacher, and provider, you typically generally settle into a routine of greater contentedness and so on, as to the benefits and so on and indeed the particular lessons and learnings and coin sides and experiences you may witness and observe and encounter along the so-called way.

Of course Witnessing and Observing might be the booby prize hence you wanting to be able to take the lessons and learnings and develop them further not only for your own piece of mind, but that of family and friends and loved ones and so on.

Holosync is of course still there including the version two edition of the website that he set up after not changing the site for several years http://www.centerpointe.com/v2/

Very many free blogs and articles exist and likewise the more recently released Free book explaining The New science of Super Awareness and so on.

So very many Companies including Hay House https://secure.hayhouse.co.uk/

work with some of the most enlightened peoples and persons on the planet, though likewise it can really take time to get to a point of how am I going to progress from now on, what direction ill I take my audience, how will I behave and act and so on in the future.

In fact of course I have seemingly settled on a quite small pool of sources and resources to provide continued support and teachings, when I look at Learning strategies and Centerpointe Research Institute and Ken Wilbur http://www.kenwilber.com/home/landing/index.html

Though they do all seemingly have several things in common as to how they have gone about Progress and developing there own BRAND and PRODUCT LINE and so on and so forth.

Likewise we can of course become far more attuned and indeed discerning as we advance within any course and compass degree’s of direction.

So I speak on present working life and home life and Country Life and of course, I took the Write Well Write Fast Write Now Course because I genuinely did want to not only work through the course but produce a final product book that is released out into the World and so on.

It could be suggested that my Meditative Progress, and particular life realms repetitions and pressures, caused myself to become distracted, in what I myself was wanting to write upon and teach in terms of SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY and ADVENTURE, though I can of course return to some earlier courses and give myself boosters and so on, so that I can be myself again, I think I have not necessarily been myself as I myself see myself for several years because of taking such a battering on my return to Hereford, England United Kingdom and so on, all those years ago and simply wanting a job etc.

so in the Early Harry Potter Adventure, Voldemort was suggested to have been a thought in the Wilderness, in the sense of having existed through articles and possession’s imbued with his Spirit and that can of course be suggested to be the same as Humans in terms of Teachings as to WAVES & VIBRATIONS, clearly not all are alike or the same, though similarly the same BUILDING BLOCKS generally exist throughout Nature and the Environment and peoples and so on, so what most folks perhaps want for themselves is to be able to select the most appropriate building blocks for health and Wealth and an empowering or liberated life and so on.

Yes many things can be aspired to, though likewise we do have to do a certain amount of groundwork and legwork for ourselves.

Again much is repeated here, that has been said or suggested previously, though repetition is not always bad, I think many such things are perhaps about the witness feedback and adjust and learn and life long learning and seeking to identify the positives in any given situation and scenario that presents itself.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉


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