Wow, I Guess All This

Wow I guess all this meditating is not so great for puzzle solving (something I loved working on when growing up).

I did of course look at the initial GCHQ Christmas Puzzle when it was released in the run-up to Christmas, though in looking at the recently released results can be completely honest and state that I would have been unlikely to have had any kind of success as to the given specified answers and so on, I think all this blogging has perhaps fine tuned writing practice and pattern matching and so on, though perhaps at the expense of other areas of expertise or skills practice and so on.

A link to the results can be found on there website.—how-did-you-do.aspx



Click to access GCHQ_Puzzle_2015_-_Solutions.pdf

Click to access GCHQ_Puzzle_2015_-_Solutions.pdf

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