So I Have Found Myself Going Over and Over The GCHQ Puzzle

So I have found myself returning over and again to the GCHQ Puzzle and indeed results, and whilst I can perhaps see that I may have referenced various CLUES throughout my own writings; this kind of thing occurs quite frequently when you have advanced your Meditative Practice etc.

The kind of thing I refer to of course as Cross-Realm-Interpretation.  That is not necessarily of any use to would be SPIES and ESPIONAGE and INTELLIGENCE personnel, though does for those seeking greater awareness and enlightenment and so-called Windows upon the World of Now (time and space) engender yourself to further research and progress.

So what many come to realise is of course that just as I suggested you can get a faint or light electrical type buzz going on within your noggin, as you go to Higher Levels of assisted meditation, you typically may well find that many a “Strategy” from Learning Strategies is one that you already possess or have been perhaps been utilising non-consciously on some kind of auto-pilot.

Great if you have a great auto-pilot, not so great if you did not pursue a particular line of persistence or enquiry and work through to the so-called other side, in terms of going through “walls” and so on, whether regarded as a positive or negative only time can often tell in such matters.

I for example have suggested that Hypnosis and ACIM and so on, can give you AH-HA’s that you may think initially are great, super, fantastic, though likewise, your positive thoughts and feelings and upbeat nature, can easily be sabotaged in some fashion via seemingly having collected a rather large set of negative influences of cause/effect.

I typically over and over again, found myself in unwinnable cause/effect scenes and scenario’s, through seemingly having found myself in a realm dominated by warmongering groups of what I generally regarded as VAMPIRES.

So you can listen to some assumed or presumed Hypnosis Modality that says they will install the greatest and best attributes and values and auto-pilot into your mind and heart and soul, and have such things running as auto-pilot and that is great if you are already existing and living some great super life of upwards mobility and so on.  It is not so great, if it is a kind of last throw of the dice, and seemingly plunges you in some counter productive direction of further away from where you think you want to be, than you already are or were.

Likewise of course, as much as it can be wise to establish that you are AWARE and ENLIGHTENED and have a good all round set of skills and abilities and so on, that can typically upset the apple cart within realms that over rely on “one track mind” type functionings, such-as survival of the fittest.

So you can watch a million and one films as to how some skinny geek type person overcame the hostility of some College Jock bullying, though the reality is likely a very differing experience for those who find themselves within such situations and likewise of course, you can also reverse or turn that situation around as to dumb jock being bullied or abused by Intellectual types.

So it is not all one directional as to the angles and perspectives you take, though likewise as you come to learn various terms and IDEAS, you come to see just how much realm PROJECTION occurs as to where differing peoples and persons FOCUS and CONCENTRATION or otherwise may be.

Anyway, what else is occurring?

Well I could have written a BLOG article earlier in the day and so on, though did feel that given my seeming inability to successfully breakdown differing cluing systems provided by the great and the good that TODAY or this weekend could be one of those HIGHLY TROUBLED times within the greater scheme of things.

We have not only seen Cricket and Football, we have now also got International Rugby to contend with in the United Kingdom, and indeed across the atlantic, America has steadily been gearing itself for American Football and the SUPERBOWL.

So much is occurring that anyone could be forgiven for currently spinning in circles and not knowing what direction is most appropriate to they themselves, and indeed the RELEVANCE or otherwise of what we are Witnessing and Observing as we do our regular feedback and return notes and so on.


Well I have spoken upon this time and again, whereby in taking up some American Technologies early on, I failed to necessarily SEPARATE or IDENTIFY the Unique Nature of Given Cluing Systems.

So American’s on Facebook (for example) were all cluing each other for Basketball and what they call Football and indeed Hockey, whilst I was typically relating incoming information’s to British Sport’s World games of football (soccer) and Cricket and Rugby and Snooker and Darts and all the rest.

The calendar is in fact when you take the time to look, quite FULL when it comes to not only regional sports, but touring sports and international sports and so on.

So I have for example seen many BIG CAT related clues flying around this week and then notice that a CAT related team is in the Superbowl, such things can of course send myself into CRISIS because I do not normally FOLLOW that realm, and likewise a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE CLUE for a given team in America, can be the OPPOSITE in the United Kingdom, so in pattern matching terms, you might want to look around various sporting World’s and see where the SIMILIARITIES and indeed DIFFERENCES are.

You may find for example, that a UK team within some sporting event also has some BIG CAT linkage.

The separating out of information’s and where they are pointing you to, does of course take time to establish in your mind with any degree of CERTAINTY.

So yes, I not being able to separate out WHEAT from CHAFF, decided to not CONTRIBUTE to the CONFUSION or indeed CONFLICT if others are also experiencing OVERWHELM at the very many options and systems that are currently on offer or available.

I mention of course, the United Kingdom and America, though you do find that if you go to other regions and languages and populations, you will find the same things occurring over and over, again and again.

So a system is great if you have established yourself as some kind of EXPERT on a given subject and matter and topic of debate.

Likewise of course, many when first utilising ENLIGHTENMENT technologies typically find that years and years and years of FEARS can often charge into the FOREGROUND of your thoughts and feelings and indeed perhaps take you down a NEGATIVE BEARING route as to your own ACTIONS.

So WISDOM, potentially exists in taking the time to PAUSE, taking the time to ESTABLISH whether you TRUST your own inner guidance system and thought processes and so on.

Wisdom perhaps also exists in being the Bearer of the STORY rather than the recipient.

Everything in life at whatever level or identity you feel you have is seemingly based in some STORYING SYSTEM, and typically all LANGUAGES and PICTURES and SENSORY INFORMATIONS are converted and interpreted based in your so-called DATABASE of these things.

So the decision can of course to be to leave all that has gone before behind, much like the so-called FOOL in the TAROT DECK, or indeed seek to reinterpret information’s thoughts and sensory impressions and feelings in LIGHT of what you know NOW, rather than necessarily experienced (whether good or bad) at some designated point within your STORY or LIFE HISTORY.

It is suggested again and again by more meditative SOULS, that many of these IDEAS as to ENLIGHTEMENT and so on, are about INFORMATION coming through you, rather than BEING YOU.

Far to many life realms and so on, especially with SCIENCE’S and anti-god like rhetoric, obsess with the PHYSICAL BODY and so on, completely at the expense of any kind of Higher Power’s or INTERACTIONS and so on.

So I have typically suggested that many a SCIENCE TEACHER and BOOK SELLER, leads folks down the ROOT of GOLUM in Lord of the Rings, rather than the FELLOWSHIP of the RING and so on.

Likewise of course, I can read BIBLIOGRAPHY upon BIBLIOGRAPHY as to how so and so achieved the wealth, fame and fortune, though it does seem that very many from the last Century (for example) optioned simply being MEDIA PROFESSIONS and Business’ and Enterprises.

So when you look at Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone and other Billionaries, you typically find that the NEWS and media was where many a fortune was created.

Likewise when you study Market Guru’s such-as George Soros and Warren Buffett, they simply created Market Dealer Companies and typically people either like what you are doing with there Business or they take it elsewhere. 

Or do they?  Actually it has been found over and over again that once some Audience or SEND and RECEIVE type set-up has occurred between differing peoples, that you can STRUGGLE to LURE or proffer TEMPTATIONS that cause them to SHIFT from some predesignated AUTO-PILOT.

How many people want to SWITCH BANKS/TELEPHONE PROVIDER/FAVOURITE CHANNELS/SHOWS at every opportunity.

Most folks get into mental grooves and ruts at quite young ages as to where they are most INTERESTED and INTENTIONED as to life course and so on.

Likewise what you also find at all levels of BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and ENTERPRISE, is that many firms simply established themselves through “PULL THE ROPE UP” attitudes and behaviours and so on.

Monopoly’s of one sort or another can be found across many realms.  Likewise so can SYNDICATES.

Groups of local round tables and MASON’S who support the local Community and Councils and INFLUENCE & MANIPULATE what goes on within such CHAMBERS.

We can read time and time again, as to how some Shop or Business that wants to open in a given AREA or REGION is not allowed, because peoples within particular BUSINESS SECTORS are wanting to protect there own CUSTOMER BASE and typically claim that others within a given industry, are stealing to much of the PIE.

Far to easy to rest on your LAURELS with a given exclusive Market Base, than have to work hard to maintain such a position when COMPETITION comes along and so on.

So the very best option for anyone at any time of life, is to potentially start out for themselves and hit the road running.

Again such things come with cause effect issues, I wanted or thought I could raise money through GAMBLING that would then enable myself to create some business enterprise or some such, instead, I found myself surrounded in constant distracting conflicts, that ruined and destroyed the required FOCUS and so on, required to do that.

Likewise in raising THRESHOLD and outrunning the EDITOR so to speak, I also possibly lost much of the INNER WORLD data information’s required to be successful in the GAMBLING ZONE.

So PARALIMINALS with quite low level Strength Binaurial Beats and Tones is perhaps a better option for many folks.

Yes, so I, as said previously, was under such pressure and attack and bombardment of Hate Campaigns that the only way out, was to clear out much of the mental flotsam and jetsam that may or may not have contributed to such events, THE BIRDS OF A FEATHER, or PEOPLE LIKE ME SYNDROME issues.

Degree’s of separation aside, a FINE LINE of course exists between using a Technology thought and feeling and decision making skill or ability for GOOD or indeed for BAD, and whilst we can all of us become greater attuned to great WHOLE GOINGS ON OF IT ALL, the earlier and lower levels are typically full of TEMPTATIONS and DISTRACTIONS, and PITFALLS and TRAPS.


Well it comes down to this issue of Body and Not Body (I think) and of course, when under constant PRESSURE or SEIGE you can have a tendency to WITHDRAW and RETREAT rather than staying OPEN to things, and when you are closed down in one area or aspect of life, you are far more likely to also find yourself INADVERTENTLY closed down in multiple sectors and areas and so on.

If you think of these things in terms of ZONES, then you can find that BORDERS and BOUNDARIES and AREAS and REGIONS that have overlaps may lead to a sequence of a NEGATIVE DOMINO CYCLE rather than necessarily a positive domino cycle and so on.

This further blah blah.

Anyway I think I will be less here on this blog, because I wish to write fiction and the blog is kind of a differing mental zone in that respect. Though typically I in writing blog can get into the writing HABIT. Then utilising that HABIT to DIRECT where I want to go within the SPECIFIC preferred DEMOGRAPHIC WRITING REALM and so on.

Hard to describe, though HABITS are of course repetitions and some are useful for writing fantasy and fiction and others are not, you do not know until you have attempted such things for yourself, getting into a zone of highly detailed sensory knowledge and information as to sight and sound and smell and taste and kinaesthetic can genuinely broaden and widen you writing appeal to far more peoples and persons, though likewise staying on a genuinel enlightened and HELPFUL course rather than something else is again, in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER in many an instance of peoples varying versions of reality and the idea of multiple realms and many parallel realities and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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