So Will Hunting Is A Character

So Will Hunting is a character within the 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting”, apparently about a troubled teen or young person, who whilst working in a JANITOR JOB provided via the parole service, begins solving some rather complicated equations, that have been left out on a Corridor Chalk Board for students to demonstrate “Proof” to mathematical Hypothesis.

So I yesterday evening found myself watching this film, it having been one of those that features now deceased “Comedy Favourite” Robin Williams and written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, early-on within their writing and acting and filming and so on “Hollywood Career”.

What is interesting is of course that the film is one of those that has big credentials and is highly lauded, and I actually found myself warming to the characters and the roles and the general gist and messages and so on within the script.

Anyway, I of course have my own 1997 scenes and scenario’s that kind of perhaps explain, at least to myself with present awareness and enlightenment level, why I have perhaps not previously seen such features and so on.

So anyway what typically featured were a mixed or ragtag male gang of youths Irish/Italian (I think) who drank in IRISH Bars and were all kind of mixed “DOWNTOWN” type ghetto/Bronx “south side” WRONG NEIGHBOURHOOD characters.

We also had the cross-world or realm theme of lead role character having GENIUS ABILITIES whilst living or being from the poor and rough background, and the interaction between him and Establishment “POSH” more upper class and educated peoples and persons.  Giving us lots of seemingly Complications, frictions and tensions, as to so-called Worlds Colliding and-or converging.

Anyway I loved that film, and of course can relate in some ways to his thoughts and feelings and actions, though one can of course typical of many such a movie WONDER as to what happens next.

He given one of those “heading off into the Sunset” type endings, that those of us who grew up with Cowboy type films such-as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and so on, are well versed and familiar with.

I then did some assessments as to various sporting realms noting that both France and England defeated respective teams Italy and Scotland within the Six Nations tournament.

Likewise, I think today’s fixture of Ireland versus Wales will actually possibly provide the tone for the rest of the respective matches, whilst all teams will be wholly focussed upon their own games and so on, you typically immediately go into comparison realms as to new players and former star role models and tactical approaches of managers and blah blah blah blah blah.

So yes, I think it likely to be the best game of the weekend.

Elsewhere TITLE CONTENDERS is being unfairly in my opinion being pinned upon Premier League Leaders “Leicester City”, I think they will make the Champions League or a place in Europe though it is still a long-long run-in and plenty of History’s have shown how teams can collapse quite rapidly when any kind of END-GAME or GOAL is within Touching Distance.

Clearly tactics such-as those recommended by Learning Strategies as to going above and beyond points or hurdles and OBSTACLES within your timeline thoughts and visualisations can perhaps make all the difference as to how you think and feel and act.

Interestingly within my Artificial Intelligence Course, now many years ago, I can still remember sitting in class and working through very many mathematics and formulas and sorting techniques and SEARCH TECHNIQUES and so on, very many based around WEIGHTED PROBABILITIES and SEARCH CRITERIA.

I mention that not to boast so much as to give AWARENESS or ENLIGHTENMENT as to some of those who, what, where, when and why questions, that we can often go throughout our lifetimes utilising without ever considering HOW.

I think that perhaps where many a theory from myself has broken down in some fashion, when considering HOW OPTIONS and approaches, because the further we research and dig through our own more personalised HISTORY’S, the more we typically come to see that many ROLE MODEL’S or learnt actions and so on, were often taken in on non-conscious basis and often slipped under our radar’s.

Typical example for myself over recent years has been working nights and sleeping days, whereby yes it in COMPUTER MODEL terms can seem CLEVER, because you can LEARN that it is ALWAYS daytime somewhere around the globe and someone can always be looking into the distance and the HORIZON.

So darknesss and night and daytime and light that we take to be relevant on a local basis can often be challenged in modelling terms and indeed psychological terms when taking non-local variables into consideration.

The other issue is of course that at NIGHT most herd like peoples and persons are in QUIET ZONES because typically you can generally know that most folks operate so-called regular working patterns and cycles and so on through the week.

The problem for Night Workers, is typically this one of Daytime, whereby even if you are sleeping, there is an exceptionally STRONG potential that whilst in deep sleep or however you wish to ascribe such things, that you are taking in lots of surround sound NOISE and daytime activities of others.

The barking dog, and vaccum cleaner and gates or children playing in the farden or gossiping Mrs Smith at Number fourteen, who does not stop for breath during her round of interactions and so on.

So lots of ACCUMULATED BUMPH and JUNK, that typically many of us would likely given the option to sleep in some deep lair crypt and leaded coffin would take the opportunity.

Yes I think I wrote as to so-called Sensory Impressions and indeed how it seemed as though my psychological and physical World was shot to pieces when having heavy accident.

Likewise of course even when raising THRESHOLD, you typically want to possibly avoid LEAKAGE or further CONTAMINATION of your PURITY, if you are a perfectionist of some description gradually putting your life and models into a more workable and organised fashion.

Such things are akin to having assemblers and compilers within computer realms, for low level languages, though typically we can through regular practice of our own KNOW in full confidence that any given combination of TECHNIQUES and TECHNOLOGIES began somewhere as a thought, that came into being and was potentially followed up somewhere by someone.

So anyway, I raise Threshold and wanting some of that continued STABILISED body mind and soul also do various courses and practices, that give you great attunement and indeed SIGHT or improved SENSORY FEEDBACK MECHANISMS.

Most courses, seemingly have a Level ONE and a Level TWO and a LEVEL THREE, though typically in doing comparisons research and so on, you can often find that you may hold all the INFORMATION that you require or need from Higher Learnings and Courses and it just requires some ORGANISATION being carried out at perhaps a CONSCIOUS Level of AWARENESS prior to then once again being trusted or left to INTUITIVE AUTO-PILOT.

Yes we can have AUTO-PILOT as a broad sweeping statement, though I do think and feel that even AUTO-PILOT’S can be ORGANISED and grouped and fashioned into better channels and layers of communications and so on.

Especially when you come to researching the Hemispheric Differences between Left Brain and Right Brain and so on.

So what else, well I do find that I suddenly have moments of OMG, I have not done that Teaching or Practice for a While and rush back to returning to some long forgotten course.

I have been in STRANGE PAIN for several days now, a left knee pain, and indeed a left hip region pain, not sure if it is originating in an organ such-as the Liver or simply the surrounding tissues and so on.

Though I typically think, Oh how can I best respond to this and then rush to CHUNYI LIN and Spring Forest QIGONG meditations.

The simple problem for myself is that in many a pained instance I cannot recollect so-called cause/effect, I kind of suddenly wake up with them or however, so somewhat disconcerting, especially if I am not doing anything that was a likely cause, if I fall down I might get a grazed knee, though I have not fallen, if I drink heavy quantities of alcohol I might get Liver Damage, though I am an exceptionally RARE alcohol drinker.

So of course, IDEAS as to SPIRIT encompassing the World and visiting minds and bodies and hearts (spiritual beings having a human experience) is fantastic and great and all well and good when you are operating at full steam and all are aligned and synchronised and everything being as it should be, though likewise you do or can come to mistrust the SIGNALS that you are getting from your body and so on, if you have become accustomed to not TRUSTING not only your own heart mind and body, but the very many possibly negative and detrimental effects of other people around us within our day to day lives.

Anyway that is all on this topic of discussion for now.

Elsewhere I of course was thinking about linkages and have recently seen news as to friends reunion and I did watch “How Ya Doing” Joey within that show prior to his seemingly becoming a TOP GEAR Co-host.  Likewise I think that get together brought rather a large set of peoples and persons who had all worked within a given realm TV empire.  I recall watching shows such-as CHEERS and FRIENDS and FRASER and so on, and those shows have given way to BIG BANG THEORY, a favourite with the daughter and so on, so you kind of see the LINEAGES of inheritance of humour and comedy and generational viewing habits and so on.

I have also found myself photoreading a couple of newspapers this morning and I do have something of a GREAT DILEMMA.  What not a CRISIS?  Well I from all my accumulated knowledge and awareness and teachings and Learnings and strangely on the side of the Europe Exit Campaign.

The problem for myself in this instance, though is that I am not in alignment with any of the other Exit Europe Campaign groups, as to reasons (often based in blatant prejudice).  Yes my thoughts and feelings may change at some future point in time, though I cannot quite rationalise why I feel and presently think the way I do on this matter. Even stranger was headlines that Margaret Thatcher would have gone with an IN Campaign, I never knew Margaret Thatcher beyond newspaper articles and of course Television and MEDIA OUTLETS, though I cannot fathom where people are pulling these claims from, they do not FIT with what we know from the historical record or even what such a person has stated publically in books and so on.

Elsewhere a report suggested the Queen disapproved of some changes to Governance and protocols and so on way back when in 1997, and again the article in question was being high-lighted by some Labour Party peoples, perhaps stirring and muddying the waters on such issues and matters.

Anyway, yes continue, continue, continue.

I on my TWITTER ACOUNT found myself asking people to evolve BON VOYAGE into CONVOYAGE, though such things do take a LEAP of the imagination as to wanting to be able to solve this

When you grew up watching or being subjected to this

My next door neighbour had it on Betamax video, and we had VHS so had to make visits.

Thank God Americans do not do Cockney Rhyming Slang, Bunch of Truckers

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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