Intuition Autopilots Then

So I recently corresponded with the fantastic coaches at Learnings Strategies Corporation with a request for a Puzzles Paraliminal who responded that the most appropriate paraliminal to utilise would be an intuition paraliminal with memory supercharger.

I know I have memory supercharger though am unsure (strangely) as to intuition paraliminal, unless it is one of those titles that is slightly differing from what was written.  Yes I think I have an intuition amplifier and possibly another intuition related CD somewhere within my collection.

So I can look those up and seek to use them, though the problem in recent years has been that they are CD’s whilst I had predominantly moved on to MP3/4/5 type technologies and on-line streams and Libraries, so struggle to listen to CD’s because it means using a CD player, and I have not always had one to hand in each and every instance because I have in recent years preferred my PAD Device or Gadget.

So I can of course ask as I did previously about having older purchased titles put in my on-line library though was told that a fee for such actions would be applicable.

Anyway moving on, I did over the weekend speak on 1997 and indeed settled into my FILM REVIEW mode or fashion, this timing taking in a more recent Film entitled “Babel” starring Brad Pitt and another 1997 film starting Jim Carry entitled “Liar Liar”.

Further to that I later saw that the Director of BABEL who also recently directed “The Revenant” won another Hollywood Awarding Body Prize, so I cannot complain to loudly because the Synchronicity of my watching a film by that Director suggests I am more attuned than I am necessarily consciously aware.

Though I also strangely found myself on Twitter pubishing a couple of old musical numbers one was the Theme to Convoy spoken on yesterday and the other was in fact “Dueling Banjo’s” from the film Deliverance, I have little interest in the film per se beyond sometimes reading a wiki on such things, though do like that music.

Consciousness wise we later saw underdogs and heavily bet against Denver Bronco’s winning the American Superbowl 50.

So I can of course go, AH-HA I non-consciously got the INITIAL LETTERS in Dueling Banjo’s and of course the Vehicle in Convoy was MACK and the losing Quarterback was CAM NEWTON.

However much complaint has since occurred as to winning Quarterback Peyton Manning, apparently advertising Alcoholic Beverage “Budweiser”.

Now I do not drink much these days, though do have to admit that back in 1997 that was in fact a favourite tipple for myself.  Not sure why I settled on Budweiser, though I had become a regular at a local pub/bar and guys or gang typically went on pub crawls and I found early on that differing Pubs’ with differing Lagers and Beers typically could make myself quite ill when drunk from dirty or not very well washed Glasses and so on.

The Solution I settled upon was to only drink from BOTTLES and Budweiser as an American Import could be found in many a competing establishment as a more independent kind of drink to those usually found from the British and European providers.

I think they found a niche or gap in the market whereby, competing British and European breweries had a lock-in system of monopoly’s as to what they could or would serve from there establishments or licensed premises, whilst “Imports” such-as Budweiser  managed to sneak through the gaps of such agreements and activities and so on.

Anyway yes, so I am during the rest of this week going  to look at some of my intuition related paraliminal’s and possibly give myself some of those booster shots for problem solving and Solution Frameworks and so on.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉



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