Somewhere Over The Rainbow Is Another Rainbow

Yes So there I was checking out the garden in Hereford, England, United Kingdom when I notice a rainbow directly to the North and after Initially thinking “oh look a rainbow” and giving it further notice I realised that a 2nd rainbow was also present though slightly faded from my position and location.  The last time I saw such a phenomenon was a couple of years ago, whilst dropping the daughter off for collection by her mom in Abergavenny, the train station there at that time appeared to have a double-rainbow phenomena above it in the skyline, Abergavenny Station is very close to The Black Mountains and I recall enjoying taking in the “local” map of the region that was located on a wall within the station facility.

So as can perhaps be vaguely seen, a 2nd faint rainbow exists within 3 of the images, though my resolution was perhaps not strong enough to capture a quality image.

Why all the fuss over a rainbow?

Well unlike some communities, I do not seek to claim ownership or associative meaning beyond of course realising or having an ah-ha as to how ancient generations sought to map future generations via the science of tying colours to frequency and waves and sound.

And yes I was strangely thinking about rainbows over night in seeking to explain greater depth of inquiry and self questioning or indeed self associative systems of enlightment though had not proceeded to a full development of proof of theory.

Some may recall that during my early interaction with Bill Harris on the blog (Going to Hell In A Handbasket) onwards, we were introduced to The so-called Wave Principle and Elliot Waves.

Much of that Prechter related work was linked to the so-called “Markets” and prediction and so on, in the sense of being able to detect patterns and predict future patterns through wave analysis and indeed Fibonnacci number and fractals and so on.  The Waves typically running through 5 points of waves.

I of course in having recently done the “Write Well, write fast write now” course with Sam Horn and Learning Strategies Corporation thought that I may be able to link the W5 questions to the Elliot Wave Theorem thereby enhancing my understanding and response to feedback and return system within datasets, I was also of course studying “Future Mapping” at the same time, and again when done from this perspective or angle typically allows more accurate precision of information from any position along the so-called timeline.

We are of course told that we have Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta Waves to contend with, within our being, so that is one group of 5 Waves.

We also have our 5 Questions, Who What  Where When Why.

I was then thinking we also have our 5 known dominating sensory feedback and return systems, Touch Taste Sight Sound and Kinesthetic,

Of course when you think about it further you can have intuition through or via any of the given waves Gamma, Beta, Theta and Delta.

You can ask the questions within each and every Wave Range Repetition and cycles, and you can of course also link in each and every sensory categorisation.

Anyway within mathematics and so on you can say but David the rainbow has 7 Colours not including BLACK & WHITE, and your 5’s do not really work.

However as anyone who has studied the EVOLUTION of computers knows, early communication between devices was carried out very often as packets of information known as a binary 1 or 0, and those interchanges can be looked up by non computing peoples to gain insight and understanding of the difference between parallel and serial communications.  You might say that the information provided was done in groups of packets in a send and receive format, and encoding and decoding information was limited by the understanding of evolution at that time hence you typically had information exchanges of 8’s.  Each binary 1 or 0 within a group of eight 8, had its own corresponding MEANING that we as humans struggle with, though computers operating out of calculator functions could encode and decode and so on, without going into huge depth I can confirm that the SCIENCE was built upon what had occurred historically in the sense of SINE WAVES and the linkages between colours of the rainbow and frequency and amplitude and so on.

So as much as we may wish , or desire to escape many an earlier generation science we can be better getting ourselves wholeheartedly attuned and knowledgeable and then expanding our AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT and so on, so that all the accumulated information we hold within our mind and body and spirit can give us a personalised roadmap and dare I say BLUEPRINT based in the personal feedback systems that we have within our own selves.



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