Is This The End Of The Road For Einstein?

So big news today is that Science and particular sectors of the Science Community have received data confirming the final piece of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

The Existence of Gravitational Waves.

The graphics of course all look pretty good as examples, and those of us who indulged an interest in Science Fiction and so on when younger are perhaps quicker to understand the meaning and reasons as to why now.

I think of course that the Science fiction especially when taken in from a young age indulges everyone’s sensibilities as to some of those Who What Where When and Why Questions and indeed as to the How’s of belief.

Typically, most futuristic Ideas Originated somewhere and very many of us can cite or reference influences as to what we watched when young.

So My generation was born out of 60’s hippy like rebellion and that generation was born out of WWII and possibly WWI.

The more you Study such phenomena, the less you often come to belief as to fact and fiction, because especially with assisted meditation modalities such-as those on my as you raise threshold, you might be suggested to be FLATTENING out the very many conflicting and confusing accumulation of Waves and indeed Learnings and Social Societal Behaviours whether through family or schooling and general PEER PRESSURE, as to elder’s claiming to know best, and all very typically generational behaviours of their own.

I cannot state how much experiencing is BELIEVING in very many cases and scenario’s as I have progressed.

You typically see folks reverting or playing out behaviours from Nursery School or Primary School or Secondary School or indeed Higher Education Establishments or even those Good Old Days as an Apprentice or a Fresh Recruit within the Armed Forces.

So I can of course say, well the folks listened to the Beatles despite their having split up a year or 2 earlier, I watched shows such-as The Rockford Files and Kojak and The Man from Atlantis and Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica and The Bionic Man and Woman and Airwolf and on and on.

Likewise, of course we also had very many British Shows and Classic Comedy Formats.  The TV rapidly became the Central Focus within many a Household.

A generation brought up with just radio and perhaps books and puzzle games and music and arts and so on to fill the time was replaced by a generation of TV/FILM Zombies.

Society SHIFTED from a more INTERACTIVE style of Cultural Normalities into one of simple receiving constant bombardment of CONTENT and so on.

Of course it did not take long with the advent of Computerised Sounds and Games for INTERACTIVITY to establish itself once again to the new generation, though I do think a GAP exists as to where any of us were born and raised within the so-called WAVE “Measures & Scales” as to how societal behaviour was occurring.

It could be suggested that the IDEA of CONTRACTION and EXPANSION has been used across many realms and fields of endeavour to EXPLAIN what is happening within the World at any given time.

In fact that does of course take or return us to the IDEA of MARKETS and so on.  Who wants to study the markets? many can perhaps ask, though in fact we all INADVERTENTLY “DO” because as suggested by the Great and the Good the markets are the closet thing in existence to a Central Measuring GAUGE of what is occurring within all and any sphere about the World.

Thousands upon thousands of Companies trade and sell shares in many of the Major Cities around the Globe and as suggested you can come to see Herd Like Behaviours although the LONG TERM pattern is nearly always onwards and upwards.

Anyway, the IDEA suggested within modalities such-as from Holosync is that you do not necessarily have to charge rapidly through all levels flattening and demolishing all in your wake, you can in fact take courses from Learning strategies with lower level Binaurial Beats and be gently shifted to greater awareness and enlightenment and improved attunement’s and so on.

The problem I think that we can feel so damaged or negatively affected that it can take a year or 2, to adjust to what we now believe to be true and so on.

Especially when you consider the inside outside rulings and conditionings, and indeed the New Discoveries being made within Science, that were previously simply SPECULATIONS and CONJECTURE with little in the way of PROOF beyond having to take someone’s word for it.

Do I want to take the word of invented science over the word of god, some may ask, and the simple truth is perhaps that you want the very best for yourself from wherever the source may occur.

That of course troublesome given the nature of COMPETITION and everyone out for themselves or the family or gang or sector of society and so on.

The Cracks and Fissures and so on are seemingly many, and just as any one person finds greater confidence in themselves and some level of awareness and stability, you can typically find that some new “EXPERT” just around the corner is only to willing to try to dismantle all the good work and so on that you have been doing.

Clearly I know within my own working life (for example) that a rather large grouping of peoples took to taking Free FEST courses and gradually passed such knowledge and awareness to their Friends and families and many from all audience demographics came to see the benefit of being more flexible in thoughts and feelings and actions, when it came to particular individuals and so on.

Anyway We have an Aura seeing Fest coming up



I also have received information as to the next World Tapping Summit also and that too is a FREE EVENT, that many may like to try out as a Solution, to those early conflicts and confusions.

Anyway things to do

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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