So Like Many A Person

I have those thoughts as to maybe writing in that editor will be better for this format or structure and to that end I signed up to some other oh god not another blogging site that is perhaps bettered geared toward Twitter and so on.

That of course perhaps that purpose of being on message across multiple formats, given the vast depth of diversity that can now be found across very many systems of operations.

I typically have greater diversity of reference material on Twitter (for example) than I had on Facebook and likewise you come to see that the High & Mighty great and the good are typically choosing one top tier system that provides PUBLISH links to all others.

So you write once and magically appear across a dozen differing systems.

You then also of course get TWITTER FATIGUE SYNDROME.

This idea that Twitter is big is wrong, because my experiences demonstrate it is BIG TIME WASTER, yes you get to see Quick HEADLINE upon HEADLINE that enables sorting wheat from Chaff though typically for content all links seemingly lead elsewhere.

Most folks I think get Fed-up with the fact that you can think you are responding to some Hero/Heroine or indeed commentator and it all disappears into the data machine.

Yes I know that so and so has X million other followers and it is not personal if they do not respond, though many a person typically fails to see such scales and measures of reality and can spend an awful lot of Indulgence Time on what is mostly GARBAGE & NONSENSE.

I typically demonstrated this via deciding to do my own Grammy List and went to the Grammy Site and then chose a Winner for each and every category and believe me when I tell you that it is a LONG-LONG Haul, some 90+ categories covering a million and one awards that most are not interested in, popular Categories typically might last for 10 Awards, so the Idea of hanging around for X many hours and all the other categories and nominations must be Hell on Earth, once your own GENRE has done its business and so on.

Likewise whilst those Grammy’s are about to take place in the United States, I turned my attention to here in Britain and the Baftas.

Again this Baftas is an excessively short do by comparison, though we must remind ourselves that the FILM ACADEMY and the TELEVISION ACADEMY Awards have been Split into 2 Differing Shows, so as to better represent the respective AUDIENCE’S.

Even with just say 20 categories you are likely to be fidgeting in your seat for several hours, and unlike what we see on TV, the Room Physics and Dynamics are often very differing, we typically forget via the TV and so on that it takes time to walk from some corner table all the way to the stage and then give a speech and then etc etc.

The Organisational Aspect of such events is typically side-lined or hidden away, though we can rest assured that what is made to look effortless and easy VIA TV is likely another LONG HAUL for those involved in such Productions, behind the scenes as well as those in front of Camera.

Yes I could repeat the lists I wrote though am not going to bother, because most of the teachings I have been promoting for several years, all pretty much allow and enable the INDIVIDUAL to make their own choices and options, and everyone’s life is there own.

So very many CLUING systems exist about the World and much of the best teaching is to close your eyes and meditate and let the non-conscious bubble up via your Heart mind and body and so on, and then just write and see how you develop your OWN system.

Yes you can do a course such-as Write Well as I did with Sam Horn, whereby she made recommendations as to LAYOUT and how to design and script and have some easy FLOW and readability and so on.  Though typically that perhaps better for folks who did not go charging through quite a large number of Holosync Levels in record time and indeed in a somewhat haphazard fashion and manner.

I did actually receive a very nice recent email from Pete Bissonette that was differing to the standard Business Style Format and that was because he had typically crafted and created the letter for friends and family and what is more it included some pictures of his rather large ranch like estate and I could not help to feel, that he is of course exceptionally attuned to INTUITION and so on, because he has spent very many years around all those peoples whose courses he helps sell and promote.

In fact I do wish that I saw more of such style and fashion in some Business’ because typically long term clientele can become akin to friends and family ANYWAY, though of course, we can all discern and still see that a certain amount of the Business aspect still exists, though he perhaps demonstrating that the Company is like an ever growing family and indeed that beyond the automated mail box systems, he can be fun and enthusiastic about not only the Business and Products (it must always surely HELP) but that he has personality and interests and hobbies just like the rest of us.

As the so-called boundaries and walls and barriers and ever greater levels of tiers of computer systems exist within the World I think that Many a Business is going to find itself Held to Account for the Service and Commitment and fashion and manner in which they deal with customers and clients.

I have on one or two occasions had moments of UH-OH in my dealings with Learning Strategies, though when I explained a situation or circumstance, the SOLUTION FOCUS enabled both themselves and myself to move beyond those momentary BLIP like moments.  I perhaps well used to having memories of being Harassed by British Utliity Companies or Governmental Departments and so on.

I also have of course been on the other coin side in the sense of being a former retail worker, and hospital administrator and so on, though in those days I think I was more fun and enthusiastic about life in general anyway, maybe the RESETS course can take myself back to the thoughts and feelings and enthusiasm of my lost youth.

Yes I chose to work nights and away from the MADDING CROWD for a reason, though in fact did not expect much of the reception I got early on, in making that choice.

I mention this because I recently found myself suddenly receiving mail from Bill Harris and that was related to a questionnaire system that he was asking a few people to fill out and TEST.

I must admit that I was not immediately aware of the mail and indeed my response and results given were SURPRISING.  They were perhaps quite ACCURATE & PRECISE, though likewise it reminded myself of HOW I WAS during those younger days and jobs VERSUS how things are now, yes a few difficult years have been had, though I was taken aback at how many responses I gave were in the so-called NEGATIVE as to would you do this, that or the other in this situation and scenario.

I think it comes down to being open and honest and untroubled and then going into a realm, where suddenly everything got thrown into the DARKSIDE of reality and peoples and persons.

Anyway even though I cleared much nonsense from within my own Heart and Mind and so on, you do come to see that Environments can change and do change and so on.

I also found myself listening to an ON-LINE INTERVIEW with Chunyi Lin regarding Qigong and I did find myself thinking OH I Missed that part or have not got that within my Repertoire.

What he actually described was the IDEA much as is given within several Paul scheele Courses (such-as Ultimate You and Perfect health) that differing parts of the World ascribe differing types of REALITY to medical conditions and so on.

Many an health related course, is perhaps about getting the body into a Zone or Plane or reality whereby it can HEAL ITSELF.

The idea that even though you may have X, Y or Z condition, there is also likely to be an ENERGY aspect related to the problem, and how we think and communicate whether internally or otherwise with ourselves can make all the difference.

Yes Chunyi was very much describing the IDEA of sending gratitude and Appreciation to your internal Organs and I was thinking, I have not got that in my Spring Forest Qigong Collection.

Perhaps something he does with some of the Yearly RETREATS and so on, and mini-events that pop up from time to time.

Though yes, how many of us consider energetic issues and topics as to cause/effect of ailments, and indeed how many of us might talk or send love and so on to our differing body bits and pieces.

Anyway yes I though I want another chunyi product that provided the send love gratitude and appreciation to your body parts communications.

I think in having vast mental clear outs I have not necessarily replaced the thoughts and feelings with anything new, and that of course is a kind of Neglect.

So we have to perhaps adopt a more self loving attitude towards our hearts and minds and bodies and of course be open to new enlightement’s as and when they happen and occur.

Yes I know Rugby is on and I know Football is on though, I really do have a strong desire to continue stalled projects and so on.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be Well


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