I Recently Published

I recently published the Following within the (Closed) Write Well Facebook Course Group, and thought I would also include it here within my own blog articles, for reference and of course the seeming lack of interaction that occurs within the course group.  It may also of course help others who are just starting out in such activities as Witness and respond (Feedback and Return) and so on and so forth.

Hello Everyone, This Sunday We Have The American Grammy Awards http://www.grammy.com/nominees and the British Bafta Awards http://www.bafta.org/film/awards and in typical fashion it is an area where my RESULT INTUITION usually lets myself down. In asking myself Why? I came to the conclusion that although I am English or British, I grew up listening to British Music and Watching American Film, which as you can see is a kind of SENSORY REVERSAL of what is being Awarded. I know Learning Strategies and Affiliates have many Project yourself above the landscape type Visualisation Programmes, though was wondering if anyone had considered a kind of UNIVERSAL GRAPHIC EQUALIZER INTUITION (as seen in now classical stereo & hi-Fi Systems) whereby you select most appropriate Equalizer Setting for the GENRE that you are INTUITING. I was typically thinking such a set-up or system could also be utilised for the very many differing sports and life-realms that we all seemingly have differing sensory capabilities for. The problem or confusion and conflict arises because what I have found in Learning many of the very many Strategies is that INCOMPATIBILTY exists, whereby as suggested above I may mistakenly utilise an American Award ceremony Strategy for the British Award ceremony and vice-versa. This is of course akin to throwing a handful of coin’s up in the AIR and thinking you have a DEAD-CERT for a given realm and then finding the CLUE or Strategy utilised was for the WRONG realm. Such short term gambling based thinking strategies led myself into a Downward spiral rather than an expansive or upwards one, because when you can SEE, to any given certain extent you typically go in hot pursuit of the PROOF of your Hypothesis, such as the current EINSTEIN SPACETIME Science we are seeing on our very many newsfeeds. Is there a minimum or maximum combination of Witness & Respond (Feedback & Return) Strategy that will keep you clearly building a Trust in your Navigational Abilities for dedicated practice of such activities? Also a book with a great alternate and all-round or more all-encompassing set’s of questions to those provided within the Proust Questionnaire is The Acting Book http://www.amazon.com/Acting-Book-Nick-Hern-B…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

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