And Now A Bafta’s Admission

So for the Baftas I published this list of who I thought may or may not take home the statuettes, and typically Historically I may just as with the Grammy Results been disappointed, though these days I typically follow the Solution Focus advice from Paul Scheele of learning strategies, who suggests asking alternative questioning routines to those we usually automate.

Whatever your RESULTS you ask “WHY SO HIGH” this sends your non-conscious into looking for the reasons for everything already being alright in some fashion, rather than rushing to negative outcome oriented thought strategies. You typically find what you can BUILD UPON for future improvement rather than becoming buried under all the negative confirmation BIAS.

So Prediction followed by actual Winner.


Best Film : Bridge Of spies : Steven Speilberg, WRONG score 0/1

Winner: The Revenant

Outstanding British Film : The Danish Girl : Lasse Hallstrom, WRONG score 0/2

Winner Brooklyn

 Leading Actor : Leonardo di Caprio, CORRECT score 1/3

Winner : Leonardo Di Caprio

 Leading actress : Saoirse Ronan, WRONG score 1/4

Winner Brie Larson

Supporting Actor : Idris Elba, WRONG score 1/5

Winner Mark Rylance

Supporting Actress : Rooney Mara, WRONG score 1/6

Winner Kate Winslet

Best Director : Alejandro G Innaritu, CORRECT score 2/7

Winner Alejandro G Inarritu

Best adapted Screenplay : Steve Jobs : Aaron Sorkin, WRONG score 2/8

Winner The Big Short

Best Original screenplay : Spotlight : Tom McCarthy & Josh Singer, CORRECT score 3/9

Winner Spotlight

Animated Film : Inside Outside, CORRECT score 4/10

Winner Inside Outside

Best Documentary : Amy, CORRECT score 5/11

Winner Amy

Film Not In an English Language : The Assassin, WRONG score 5/12

Winner Wild Tales

Best Cinematography : The Revenant, CORRECT score 6/13

Winner Emmanuel Lubezki (The Revenant)

Best Costume design : Cinderella, WRONG score 6/14

Winner Mad Max Fury Road

Best Editing : The Martian, WRONG score 6/15

Winner Mad Max Fury Road


Best Makeup & hair : Mad Max Fury Road, CORRECT score 7/16

Winner Mad Max Fury Road

Original Music : The Hateful 8 : Ennio Morriconi, CORRECT score 8/17

Winner Ennio Morriconi

Best Production Design : Mad Max Fury Road, CORRECT score 9/18

Winner Mad Max Fury Road

Best Sound : Star wars The Force Awakens, WRONG score 9/19

Winner The Revenant

Best Special Visual FX : Star wars The force Awakens, CORRECT score 10/20

Winner Star Wars the Force Awakens

Best Outstanding Debut : Ex Machina : Alex Garland, WRONG score 10/21

Winner Theeb Naji Abu Nowar

Rising Star : Brie Larson, WRONG score 10/22

Winner John Boyega (Star Wars)

Short Animation : Edmond, CORRECT score 11/23

Winner Edmond

British Short Film : Mining Poems Or Odes, WRONG score 11/24

Winner Operator


So I scored a Grand Total of 11 Predictions Correctly from 24 Which is of course just under Half of the available categories that I could attempt prediction.  I think a Fellowship was awarded to Sidney Poitier and known in advance as was a special award to Angels Costumes who have supplied the great and the good within Theatre and onwards into film for some spectacular 150 years.

So 11 out of 24 sounds better than my Grammy’s 24 out of 83 and in reduction terms it perhaps is, though I also think other variables and factors and so on always have to be taken into consideration.

Again we typically see clusters of awards occurring especially for the Revenant and indeed popular culture film Mad Max Fury Road which is perhaps a breakaway from Historical Looking down one’s noses at popular culture, even though the awards were for CREATIVE ARTS, there is of course hope for the writer and producers and other CREATIVE ARTISTIC TYPES that there endeavour will lead to improvements and style and RECOGNITION.

Anyway these are now historical, though can always be learned from in terms of where differing societies and cultures are at in terms of global or World Wide influence and so on.

Are we but part of a herd or do we stick with some principle or however.

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