So When You Go On Twitter

You typically come to discover the same kind of addictive connection qualities that had so many people taking up games and so on within the Facebook realm.

People tired of Squabbling Politicians in regular media outlets chose and opted to campaign and communicate among others with similar life concerns and thoughts and feelings and all the very many rest of those things.

Cleary I stopped with Facebook because I found that whilst people from all quarters were generally sociable and shared stories jokes and games, you do find that such activities can become all time consuming.

You also of course can find that some individuals utilise such service for less than savoury activities, hence so many differing levels and layers of security measures being introduced from all directions in some great confusion as to why they kept being altered in almost week to week fashion.

I typically gave up on the account because I would log in and find that the settings had magically changed from those that I myself set, so as much as Facebook claims to be user oriented and so on, they kept shaping or manipulating peoples account settings into causing unnecessary monitoring paranoia and all sorts of the ridiculous.

I then of course went onto this blog and generally I keep myself to myself having had a bad experience with Facebook and then taking up meditation.  Yes I interacted with Bill Harris on his Blog at  for a couple of years, though anyone who wanted to report on what I was personally saying and doing had to effectively visit that site and location for themselves and in so doing could hardly then make ridiculous claims and nonsense as to what I myself was doing.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem ran the old Mtv Mantra and such things of course pass most of us unawares, unless we take the time to trawl through our life histories and seek to better understand cause effect calculus at various points within our personal timelines and so on.

So I have tried out Twitter for several months now and generally find as suggested that it is akin to Facebook on speed, whereby the updates come so thick and fast as to have to be pursued in order to genuinely follow some designated article of interest.

The demographics that were found on Facebook can still of course be found on Twitter when it comes to celebrity and so on, though the once bitten twice shy motto that is also a handed down through generations, comes into its own in terms of how one goes about commentary.

I for instance within the realm of Facebook might have stuck rigidly with local for local people links and contacts and communications gradually spreading out as the Service went truly Global, though Twitter is perhaps almost like an immediate Global Zone in the choices and options, simply because each new TECHNOLOGY typically watched and learned from the lessons of predecessors and so on.

I think Snapchat is typically a place to now be for example, my daughter has it and I have multiple Snapchat and indeed Instagram broadcasts arriving on my somewhat all encompassing Twitter Feed, whereby the write an article once and publish to a dozen domains option has become the standard practice and norm.

Clearly one can notice with Twitter for example the placing of Words into someone else’s mouth, you typically have the so and so @soandso says jump.

This perhaps harmless for many and a kind of a joke that everyone KNOWS, though clearly if you are confused and conflicted enough then you are potentially going to become even further conflicted and confused by all the ridiculous nonsense that is available.

I tried to be quite sensible within my selection of follows, in terms of Media Outlets and Press Outlets and a few Celebrity Enlightenment Teachers and indeed one or two personalities, though few seemingly take the time to actually genuinely be communicating, typically organised press release like quotes are boring, though likewise many a person seemingly left free to their own devices to go trolling, can typically throw out comments here and there for the fun of it without necessarily having any kind of Goal at the end of the day for what is being written.

So I am finding that the more I am sucked into Twitter World the more I find myself returning to the Turn of and tune out option.

Today typically has many sporting fixtures and games, though typically what I do find over and over again, is that when I most need or require some concentration and focus in order to get into a zone where I can make best CLUED selections, some event occurs or happens to distract and perhaps annoy and so on and so forth.

Anyway during the Night at work I strangely found myself wondering if a Follow-up course to The Spiritual Codes is required.

I would entitle it The Spiritual Senses

What is the Spiritual Senses?

Well I in doing all these very many courses know that a certain amount of cross-over occurs amongst them anyway, though typically some folks do prefer one teacher over another or however.

What I find over and again is that in doing a particular course, I do not study all the way through or follow a chain of thoughts and links through to completion.

A Photoreading example, was that I might not do all the drawings after having done the flipping and scanning and so on.

Likewise that was turned around to a certain extent within the Future Mapping, whereby you draw first.

Anyway One or two of the meditations are utilised throughout the very many courses such-as Tubes of Light.

And given the fashion and design of the Spiritual Codes, I thought that a great submodality for that would be a Sensory Modality related or linked to

Sight Sound Touch Taste, Kinesthetic.

Paul Scheele and his team have seemingly dedicated lifelong learning towards a goal of Universal TRANSLATION much like you might see in the Universal Translator type functions of Star Trek World or Dr Who and the Tardis Translation function. COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS

Most of course when you look at POINTS OF VIEW, can relate to possibly wanting to be “The Force” or “The Time Vortex” rather than necessarily being a physical being entity.

Anyway many of us have HUGE BIAS when it comes to Sensory openness of differing senses, having lived life often favouring one or two senses over all the others.

One Modality I recall speak or talk on an area of the brain that responds and translates sounds and t is like a mental muscle whereby the more you use such function the better the improvement.

I was thinking that a Spiritual Senses course could do for the other Senses and brain regions what that particular course did for the sound function and so on.

Yes I have not fully thought it all through, though I began on speculating as to what holds true for one sense must hold true for the others in terms of expanding or returning to the usage of superior sensory functions and usages.

I know through my early Hypnosis experience that much was included as to utilisation of all the sensory modalities, though typically old mental ruts and grooves were returned to in time, hence my preference for a CLEAROUT.

So can we do a RECALIBRATION of all the sensory modules of function through a Spiritual Senses Course.

Clearly the CONSTRUCTS exist for the other sensory capacities as they do for those demonstrated within memory building examples.

Clearly not necessarily a good idea to superboost peoples into believing they can smell some smell when they cannot, though likewise a better organised understanding of the other senses within the spiritual sphere would be an interesting development or advancement.

I think one of the great issues as to BIAS and Navigation is actually having Organised Sensory Communications prior to Integration, I think I have become distracted in some fashion or other from senses unknown and that has typically led to bad choices and options and decisions.

Yes I know that some of the meditations are quite generalised anyway, though having some way to go back to basics and know that you can TRUST that what you sense reponse witness and return are Correct, can make one hell of a difference.

They say overcome your fears develop confidence and so on, and I have or can claim to have had all of those things down the years, though typically also found ever greater levels of resistance from external peoples and persons rather than my own.

This typically perhaps why some folks simply go for it and go for it and ignore all naysayers at all times, taking control of their own voice and views and so on, and not giving any ammunition to opponents, though such strategy usually requires that you are starting out with a clean slate.

How can you get or find some foundation or fundamental truths or WORLD MAP that you know within your heart of hearts to be trustworthy and reliable and so on, when many a person has an autopilot self-destruct or attack first ask questions later policy of lifestyle choice and navigation.

The pause and think option often seemingly alludes many a person, because many a family typically opts for a Classical Archetype Model that does not necessarily fit the TRUTH of the reality that the present generation of Society finds itself within.

Pressure upon pressure and no way out always plays into the favour of those often within positions of power who do not utilise such things in a rational and adult manner.

Preffering instead to constantly shoot down all criticism because that is how things were for themselves from elder generations and so on.

Anyway I can feel myself going into undesirable thoughts and feelings territories so will perhaps go and do something else for a while and then wonder as to how I can best communicate my thoughts and feelings and indeed actions, without necessarily having an adverse effect on other peoples and persons.

The problem with the challenge to lead is typically the direction you are being led down, judgements typically always going to be biased however much some of us have a desire to remove or neutralise some bias or prejudice.

Looking for the positives in any scene and scenario can only take you so far.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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