So After A Weeklong Break from Writing My Blog

I can of course wonder as to what has changed?

In fact as reported previously you can of course experience peaks and troughs and high’s and low’s as to your experience via assisted meditation and so on and so forth.

I think one of the most difficult issues is this one of pace or speed and depth of learnings.

I know for example that like many people, much of the information contained within many a course was already known to myself.

Likewise it could be suggested that having turned off from sales speak and peoples and persons at a relatively young age, and indeed being quite strict and discerning in choices, the meditation did seemingly lead myself into the land of throwing caution to the wind.

Does that matter?

Well it can of course be suggested and is told over and over by those far more advanced than myself, that you typically climb up the so-called mountain of experience and gain enlightenment of greater awareness and then of course the only direction left is perhaps to return to the foot of the mountain or from where ones journey began.

However I can of course suggest that where chaos and confusion reigned as to knowing one’s own truth and heart and mind and body, that such information’s and knowledge can be expanded upon or re-interpreted accordingly with new information’s and purveyors of the latest research and processes and so on.

I of course apart from Meditation, generally isolated myself from much about the World.  I think Bill Harris or someone suggested that we all of course typically adopt one of two most basic of strategies.

The metaphor of the boat that is becoming overburdened by the sea, and you have a choice as to whether to bail the water out or seek to plug the leak.

Typically, these ideas might also be akin to whether you are introvert or extrovert.

I in my own fashion and having gone through various courses can state that I typically can be both depending upon circumstance.

I think this is where we typically try to organise or over control each and every compartmentalisation we have on life the Universe and everything and typically as you progress you find that many a compartmentalisation falls short of what your goal or desired outcome or indeed target may actually be.

Likewise even with the basic 2 choices or options, you can typically find that unconsidered alternate strategies can be utilised in very many circumstance or eventuality.

Simply put, irrespective of the very many choices and diverse options you make and take, you will very likely still find yourself arriving at very similar conclusions to everyone else who has set out to put the World to rights and so on.

Find the so-called Teaching gold standard and identify the strategies involved and the communication techniques and indeed the modelling techniques.

In fact we do of course do this from birth, though likewise repetition of any positive or indeed negative inputs and outputs can typically become grooves and ruts within the hemispheres between your ears until perhaps the lifelong strategy or map of reality created cannot cope with alternate perspectives or indeed points of view.

Anyway I typically after doing the meditation moved onto the courses and they were often repetitions of what I often thought I already knew, though I had also adopted the in for a penny in for a pound choice of considering that there must surely be something NEW, something differing.

What you typically come to uncover or discover is that most folks seemingly go charging of into pay me I will be your saviour mode, very many typically perhaps leading you up some garden path or indeed deeper into the hazy maze with a million and one dead-ends and left and right turns with no exit in site as to being any better of than where you began on the path.

I mention this of course because I recently mentioned receiving email from Pete Bisonette of Learning Strategies regarding his Frogrynth Experience and that is a place he has within his private property or estate that he has been creating over the last couple of years. 

On a visit to a Holiday Island resort he enjoyed seeing some Ancient Sculpted Frogs and was so impressed that he commissioned some new ones to be created and then have them shipped all the way back to his homeland and he also meanwhile created a Labyrinth where the Frog Statues would reside.

Anyway he tells the ongoing story himself within this particular email that he sent out and of course a MAZE and a LABYRINTH differ in that a MAZE is as described above, whilst a Labyrinth only really has one long twisting and winding path both in and out, a kind of journey to the centre and out again. No balls of wool required perhaps.

So this also of course reminded myself of some of the attuning’s given within another of the Learnings strategies courses Abundance For Life ( I think it was).

Yes I rushed through so many a course in so little time, anyone might have been forgiven for suggesting I was taking a Speedy Gonzalez or Road Runner approach to the learnings and teachings.

Especially as I was still within the lower boundaries or categorisations of Holosync within or during that time period.

In fact finding where you may or may not have taken that wrong left turn at Albuquerque could of course be what many of the teachings and learnings are about, when you consider how many of us had an upbringing based in the Land of Toons and so on. That location also I think mentioned within An Ultimate You course though again unsure as to which as I have bolted through all and every option seemingly available in my thirst to answer some of those life long unanswered questions.

Of course it is interesting that since I started blogging and continued with courses, that some newer technologies and expertise books have appeared and likewise you can find yourself thinking yes this is it now I am expert and then kaboom, another whoops apocalypse occurs.

Typically even though I have enjoyed many courses, I do find that they seemingly lead to many conclusions I had already come to earlier in life and so on, though likewise I can perhaps now take time to breath and think through options and choices better than rushing off down some already automated maze traversal.

So precision and accuracy and fine-tuning are potentially where I now find myself in the sense, of having perhaps thought BIG and sought BIG and wound up with infinitesimal SMALL.

Not sure what learning and teaching is to be given from such realisations beyond of course suggesting I am a few years further down the line in my studies and so on.

Likewise of course you get the issue of service and how you can serve others of similar mind-set and teachings and learnings whilst also serving yourself.  Typically a certain amount of inner confusion and conflict remains for myself on some of these topics and issues.

What is best decision making and best strategy to be positioned on or in an empowering upwards trajectory and so on?

I do find over and again that most courses are geared towards the make friends and interact and you do find over and again that most folks have INTRANSIGENTS of their own to deal or cope with.

The choice then is perhaps to genuinely seek to find and do something that you love and enjoy doing with a passion, given that versus perhaps a given unhappy status quo.

Likewise of course, those already atop of many a hill are busy seeking to keep all others down, not taking there eye of the ball or there foot of the drowning man’s head, least he surpass or overtake them.

All these things can be quantifiable in the sense that we can never truly know with any certainty what is going on within the Heart mind and Soul of others, yes we can guestimate or speculate though likewise very many an underlying CAUSE/EFFECT is often hidden, when it comes to DIAGNOSING or seeking CLUES to the choice and options of others.

So what have I replaced the writing with this week?

Well in fact I could probably write up quite an interesting week’s summary, though of course these things are relative to your own lifestyle choices versus that of the persons you are reading upon.

I made it known that this blog would be SUPER BORING and UNINTERESTING purely because I was grossly unhappy early on with much of the abusive FEEDBACK I was receiving within various aspects of life the Universe and Everything, many a person in complete DENIAL of some of the REALITIES, because much like myself, without the assisted Meditation and on-going AH-HA upon AH-HA, you usually spend a great deal of your life looking for EXTERNALS who are either attacking you, or providing you with reason to fall into some victim pattern.

I made a great or huge effort to not write in a negative or victimising way to any visitors to the blog, generally extending courtesy to all-comers, irrespective of race, colour, creed, sexuality and all the rest of those, likewise you do find that being ANGELICAL or GOOD as be as a society often CAST such behaviour does not always seem to be best strategy, even though I can want and desire it to be.

I think that goes back to what Sam Horn wrote within one or two of her books as to Bullies and refusal to CONFORM to any level of decency or respect or however.

In fact another book I recently read suggested that winners were those who were non-conformists who break the rules and so on, though clearly again we can (I think) seek to DEMARCATE the borders and BOUNDARIES of subject matter that we are speaking upon.

Few people can claim to be without Family and Friends of some description, whether spouse or partner or colleagues or Collaborators, though what we are willing to tolerate in the name of any given intransigent cause is of course an interesting topic along the lines of what Victor Frankl (Man’s Search For Meaning).

The very best strategies (for anyone who is interested) does seem to be to find that place or gap within your noggin PRIOR to TRANSLATION or perhaps create a SPACE where some alternate meaning and TRANLATION can occur.

So the World in Symbols and Pictures can often be of greater VALUE to people with gambling interests than otherwise, or indeed for folks simply wanting to understand the NOW CONCEPT and that they within their own mind heart and body are somewhere there or thereabouts “In The Zone” so to speak.

So I digressed once again.

This week I decided it was time to have that Hair cut I have been delaying and delaying whilst saving some cash.  Due to lack of Trust in my INTUITIVE CAPACITY or CAPABILITY I generally stopped the trying to win at betting Habit, yes I still make the predictions, though have less VESTED INTEREST.

So I perhaps at a Stage where I want to do what Paul Scheele suggests within his more recent publication “Drop Into Genius”, I think it not widely available beyond some charitable donation websites (the last time I personally checked).

So that a pretty damned good title, because we can all want to DROP INTO “ZONE” I am now thinking in the Music Zone, or the Movie Zone or this Sport Zone or that categorisation and attunement Zone.

You do gradually come to see that the THOUGHT that goes into Technological Invention and Research is enough to become TRUTH within your own brain and mind and so on.  Yes the very many books may be from very many differing sources and you may tire of going from research area to area, though you are kind of reinforcing the strong link between the areas, so I can now write and think in terms of the structure and breakdown of differing life realms in very similar fashion and manner, perhaps seeing how all the frameworks or outlines are very often the same, within the underlying ENGINEERING and so on.

Yes so Hair cut at my daughters local Hairdresser ONE St Peters Square and a chat with a Hairdresser on a quiet Monday, she being perhaps one of the longest serving of the staff, they typically act as a training environment as well as doing Professional Cuts from the differing staff and personal.

I also despite not writing hereon my Blog did venture out onto another Format called (I think) under my alterego angelatheist tag-name, though was disappointed as I used that site to write my selections for the Brits and was completely outdone by reality getting I think a grand total of 3 or something from the bakers dozen awarded, I was clearly totally of base and so on on that one, perhaps a demonstration of where rushing into any given zone can set you back rather than forward.

I say that with regard to my increased usage of Twitter, where I strangely found myself jumping in or hopping to Celebrities as though I am on personal terms with them and perhaps putting my foot in it.

Some possibly get so many responses that they do not really pay attention, though typically if someone thinks you are being impertinent or plain rude then they can just as quickly send you into the realm of THE BLOCKED with your tail between your legs.  They have the Celebrity Status and possibly PARANOIA whilst you of course can go into possible victim or hurt mode at being misunderstood.

Choice is choice and clearly MOTIVATION and INCENTIVE can be direct and-or indirect.

So rejection within any given sphere can possibly be channelled into YOU WAIT AND SEE, what I can do etc.

Sadly however one does find that many (in truth) are celebrities simply through luck of name choices and those possibly best positioned within known establishment schools or teachings and learnings.

Yes I do think that sitting down and writing a book or play or novel or script is damned tough, especially given procrastination and distraction, and especially since I have seemingly meditated many a DISCIPLINED GROVE or RUT out of my headset.

So yes Haircut, Blocked by Personality on Twitter, Brits Forecast way out there wrong, and a fairly quiet and regular week at work.

I have continued in my repetition of on-line courses, listening once again to Jeda Mali, I had over the last week or two put of returning to her course, though eventually succumbed upon a further email mentioning her at the present time.  Again another course that I have not done for some time.

So what is clicking into place or perspective and what is OMG I am not in the zone I want to be in.

Clearly I think that a certain level of FREEDOM exists, once you go particular BENCHMARK points, of where you are paying attention, though typically I do find myself still returning to older learnings such as Photoreading, I built up quite a collection of study materials over the last year or two, everything from latest Technology AI materials to ACTING and ART related materials.

I can also mention that I watched SPECTRE this week, though did not fully purchase it, merely renting for a possible Future Purchase.

Another great Film in the Bond tradition, and despite some negative reviews, I could not see what the complaints were about.  Everyone seemingly RAVED about Skyfall (I think it was) though I missed them all and then if you recall treated myself to watching them all over Christmas (I think I mentioned it within my writings).

Anyway I thought the opening in Mexico was great and indeed the Italian backdrop and the Alps backdrop, in fact where I struggled was in realising that several of these Bond Movies seemingly had a return to London/Britain type ending, given that I am British, I would probably prefer like some of those classical films that the British bit be in the middle and some exotic location be the Final Locations.

Yes the backdrops were great as was the stunts and plots, though of course you are perhaps potentially always going to annoy some AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC, if not myself in Britain, then some folks in some what I refer to as exotic location (that is not really anymore because of the seemingly SMALL WORLD we now live in through all these SUPERNET COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS etc.).

I mention Bond of course because STUPIDLY had I paid greater attention to my own activities, I may well have thought AH-HA for the Brits, Multiple awards went to initials JB. Check for yourselves, Justin Beiber and Bjork and James Bay and etc. etc.

Yes strange though true, as you progress you can typically find LESS and LESS sources and resources for the WESTERN MALE and indeed FEMALE AUDIENCE influences.

As much as we want to be now and present, identifying where ideas etc, originated within Film and TV and Literature becomes smack of the forehead, eye rollers, and yes of course, all to easy to go into SELF CRITICISM mode for not realising or noticing earlier, though often better to tell yourself that you will think and recall more like that on future occasions.  The positive reinforcement of what you do want for yourself, rather than alternates.

Yes so quiet mid February week, and we also had a successful week in Europe for several British Clubs, and again I did not pursue them, due to historical failings with my INTUITIVE capabilities.

So TRUST ISSUES possibly at the forefront of my own thoughts and feelings and so on, though I have still continued as said with much repetition of courses and research.

No I do not think it a way of life, though yes I am perhaps going to withdraw a little from those other technology realms such-as Twitter, because much like Facebook Historically, they can become all to all consuming.

Yes I like Twitter, because you can and do feel that a number of celebrities etc, are genuinely interacting and sharing fun with followers, though likewise I signed up to rather a large number of news outlets and they are typically automated in high negative modes of stories and also a high number of seemingly positive Law of attraction type broadcasters, though I do find them more disappointing in that they are pretty much automated Let me be your saviour today, autopilot computer systems.  The creators probably enjoying life on a beach somewhere well away from the distractions of gadgets and so on.

So you can throw yourself into self-publishing celebrity within your own mind, and that has many positive qualities as to witness and respond, feedback and return or likewise you can seek to establish some EXPERTISE based in what you CREATE, much like many an Author writer, and so on does.

Clearly your own life is at the centre of your own World, though typically we nearly always start of younger, over validating EXTERNAL REFERENCES.

The problem of course, can be this one of becoming stuck in a rut of some description.

Yes I certainly need less confusion and greater trust in my INTUITIVE CAPABILITIES though I think they perhaps simply going through some as yet unidentified EVOLUTION.

We can also see that Wales had an excellent win in the rugby yesterday evening against the French who are of course not a light opponent to go up against.

So I will I think seek to lessen my writing here not so much so that I spend to much time elsewhere, so much as seeking to bring together the various courses life lessons and learnings into some kind of, teachings and lessons and learnings and wisdoms from myself.

Whether these things occur under my own name or I contribute as part of a team effort, I still, I do feel have something to learn and indeed also impart to others.

Identifying your own skillset and abilities can of course be troubling, if you lack faith or trust or whatever in what you are receiving or witnessing from elsewhere.

I think that perhaps why EXAMPLES within very many realms, is where so many a person ends of pursuing. So I can say well I need to do more of this and less of that with particular HABITS and of course seek to actually design and create and craft a better life for myself in the knowledge that, as much as we can learn from peers and collaborators and the World at large, we usually only have ourselves to fall back on when many an issue or topic comes to the fore.

Do you want to continue in the gutter of doldrums, or seek to become passionate about some life lessons and learnings to such a degree that you simply throw caution to the wind and set about with purpose and dedication and single-minded ambition and so on.

Anyway that is plenty of a write up for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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