The Happy Hammer Principle

So I think it was Freddie Mercury who Sung Now I’m Here, Now I’m There.

And such songs kind of relate to what I call the so-called Happy Hammer Principle or game that many of us seemingly learn or utilise from a young age when pressing or pushing against the boundaries of a given status quo.

So in recently viewing or watching a number of Netflix Shows, I found myself receiving typically SHAPED “you will like this” kinds of automated systems, when in fact because I turned off, tuned out from most forms of electronic media for a number of years, it could be suggested that the SUGGESTIONS are “way of base” as to my own desire to view, watch and see all that is thrust toward myself as the NEXT BEST THING.

One such film or series was entitled “The Circle” and the write-up was along the lines of many a show or drama, whereby 50 people are in a circle or room and they have to decide the one that gets to LIVE.

Imagine the arguments within that kind of a scenario we can ask.

Anyway returning to The Title, we can suggest that we line up a group of people’s within a Circle and at the centre of the circle is a Hammer on a Spring (much like a jack in the Box, though the hammer can rotate and simply SPLAT any point within that circle of peoples.

This of course much like an ADULT seeking to control a group of unruly children, whereby you as a child might be saying Na Na Na Na Na at said encircled teacher or master and wondering if you are going to “get away with it”.

Will the hammer turn its attention to myself.  Likewise we see many a Film or Cartoon presenting us with this kind of scenario.

Think Bill Murray chasing the Gopher in the Movie Caddyshack, or Elmer Fudd deciding between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck as to Duck Season or Rabbit Season.

we also can suggest such scenes and scenario’s are presented within Computer & Console Game’s.  In fact very few diverge a great deal from the most simplest of premises.

In Enlightenment and Awareness Terms, such things can be likened to the Inner Thoughts and Feelings and resultant ACTIONS that we take to repress or HIDE very many JUDGEMENTS, and things that we may or may not like about ourselves, within our historical memory database.

That old adage of becoming like your own parent or peer or teacher who sought to discipline yourself in some way and whose methods you may or may not now be playing out for yourself in some version or form of FRUSTRATION.

Clearly all these things are created via Building Block and typically as you progress with Meditation and Enlightenment technology courses such-as those found on

In fact again we often come to think or see that “I already know that” though typically few think that SHIFTING from some inherited psychological pattern or behaviour is necessarily that worth while, those ruts and grooves often serving us well after a given sell by date.

Anyway after mentioning Abundance for Life course, I thought I would run through that course again and see what has or has not changed since the last time, and typically I am now perhaps more consciously aware or paying ATTENTION to the course and materials than I did during my rushing through very many courses.

Clearly the Abundance for Life does seem to almost be a starting point for a BOUNCEBACK bat n ball game in the sense that The write-well course seemingly acts as a kind of TRIGGER point for AH-HA’s between the two courses and protocols and so on, though likewise I also think they are an example of that seeking to resolve or solve a problem that only really exists within our minds, especially for those who have progressed with multiple lessons and learnings and enlightenment awareness and teachings and so on.  The bounce back IDEA was of course a FEATURE I think introduced within the NO MATTER WHAT courses, though I think I mentioned that I personally had something of a bad experience stage when taking that course.

In RETROSPECT I think it comes down to the ORDER of teachings and so on, whereby the Teacher mentioned all these Negative Experiences from her own life, prior to then stating how she reacted.  I did not or could not really relate, and likewise could go into some of those Why are you telling me? type questions as to relevance given by Sam Horn and other peoples stuff.  We also of course have “The Sedona Method” and Byron Katie Self inquiry type questions coming to the Fore as to “IS IT TRUE?” how do we know whether any of these things are true, when we are typical products of generational inheritance of teachings and lifestyle choices and so on.  So in questioning the VALIDITY of many built up or accumulated Story Building Blocks, we can typically come to a point of releasing on them in order to redirect or rescript our lives in more positive and upbeat messages now, without necessarily being over-reliant on fabricated memories of INTERPRETATION of events and so on.

In fact the Abundance for Life course does have some great protocols and indeed The Four Path’s Paraliminal that I think is great , in helping give some of those SHIFTS to long held intransigent like beliefs. Indeed, as I have progressed with my rushing through the very many courses I can see more CLEARLY how they integrate and weave and contain aspects of other courses that sometimes work well independently of one another and on other occasions give further AH-HA’s as to sources and resources.

We can all of course acknowledge that we in written terms have very many a shared heritage and indeed that whilst many a learning prior to birth was pre-conscious the HIGHLIGHTING of the IDEA of preconscious processing can be enough as a POINTER or REFERENCE to give a modicum of awakening even to beginners of such awareness’.

I mention abundance for life because typically other courses also contain highlight features that you may or may not want to carry further research into, and typically when you go to greater depth of explanation you may have an AH-HA that was beyond your present CONSCIOUS level of knowledge and teaching and so on.

So anyway the Hammer Principle can be our OWN REACTION to NEGATIVE thoughts and feelings being triggered, or indeed the REACTION of others to what we have to say and so on.

Interestingly of course, the greatest shift can possibly come from simply releasing not only your own reactions to your own history, but releasing and not biting when provoked by others in the now or present time within our lives.

Anyway possibly more later.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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