So I Perhaps Having One

So I perhaps going through one of those momentary topics as to I am bored wth writing the same repetition day after day, or how can I make what I am writing more interesting.

I can also of course go into

Dear Diary Mode

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I found myself taking the opportunity to cook a Roast Chicken Dinner with full vegetable trimmings, typically having been single for a number of years, I have mostly fallen into the “ready meal” or quick cooking criteria and living models.

I have historically made the effort to cook meals such as roasts and then use them over several days, such-as through freezing and so on, though it quickly becomes tiresome eating the same day after day etc.. Hence generally thinking or finding that the quick and convenient behaviours are better, though that often leads or contributes to a more unhealthy diet based around junk foods.

Anyway spending time in the kitchen can be a fun and time filling activity and also gives the daughter an opportunity to demonstrate her cooking skills and abilities, when she is visiting.

The meal was excellent, even if that opinion does come from a cook’s own bias.

Whilst eating I also found myself watching some TV programme entitled MARVEL: AGENTS OF SHIELD.  I have of course seen and liked many a Marvel Film, though am not really familiar with the TV Shows.  The daughter watches and enjoy’s them, and I did recognise one or two characters from the Film’s making appearances.

One episode seemingly related to some ancient Asgard Berserker Staff having been split into 3 parts and hidden around the globe.  The Agent team in a race against some Nazi youth cult to retrieve the parts of the staff and of course the Original Asgard Berserker Warrior is hidden in plain sight as part of the story.

Another episode seemingly featured some Cyber Soldier like individual’s who have been given enhanced abilities through the addition of Technology Implants.  Though typically they are using such things as part of the “Bad Guy” realm teams.

Yes all very inspiration to younger generations I am quite sure, though in doing WITNESSING, following any TV/FILM book and so on, we can go out and about in our normal reality (so to speak) and having those MEDIA references, tends to TRIGGER such relational AH-HA’s within your immediate consciousness and World.  So those staff parts were hidden in Norway, Spain and Ireland, and I might find myself seeking out relational news articles.

Likewise yesterday I mentioned Spider and strangely see a Sky News Ancient Spider Story this morning.

Even more humerous I thought was Global Billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation Australian Telegraph  reporting that an Australian University is rewriting OFFICIAL Australian History.  captain Cook being now written as an INVADER type individual rather than Explorer and so on.

I laughed because I thought well Both are perhaps true, though clearly LANGUAGE and INTERPRETATION is perhaps where many a TRUTH LIES, as I said or suggested previously Between the lines, many a mixed message holds elements of truth, dependent upon your own attitude and politics perhaps. Though I was actually surprised that Aussies do not regard themselves as the Son’s and Daughters of Invading Prison Colonists etc.

Perhaps that a SIGNAL that we are in some form of SILLY SEASON.

Now I also received further information from Learning Strategies as to the Super Power’s Super You event on the 16th April 2016. Including New Banners and a Video Link to the introduction Video.

Anyway I of course watched the opening video partially out of curiosity and partially because it has been filmed in a quite interesting Location.  A Local Art Centre, where many a Learning Strategies family and Friends perhaps lives and uses as part of the local community.

so we see Donald Duck in the Background, and I of course known to have utilised Mickey Mouse Sorcerers Apprentice as my Facebook Avatar for several years.  Although beyond Sorcerers Apprentice, I generally actually found the Duck Tales and other characters more interesting.  That possibly a pointer for Americans as to Donald Trump marching toward the US Presidency.

Clearly Paul Scheele is CEO of Learning strategies (I think) so I hope he is not poking Fun at his long time buddy and pal President Pete Bisonnette, although the only Disney character I am aware of is perhaps famed legendary Villain PEG LEG PETE.  lol.

No I should not laugh, because of course I think I am perhaps the only one, to have come close to being a Peg Leg, or Long John Silver.

As an Aside, Whatever Happened to Talking Birds and Parrots and other animals within ye olde shipping tales and so on.  Some of us actually quite like those classical images and interactions.

So yes I watched the opening and yes found myself thinking again on the topic of Super Powers and what constitutes or defines such things.  Paul Scheele did give or provide his own list and of course anyone familiar with his life times work, know’s that he is perhaps focussing on some pull-out type topics and areas of interest, from a rather larger broad range of courses, lessons and learnings and so on.

Anyway I also found myself thinking as to what I had said regarding Holosync 2.0 and felt somewhat inclined to give it another go, I perhaps this week being on holiday existing in regular daytime hours, so a possibility for myself is that at the lower levels within multiple courses I am disadvantaged (or indeed possibly advantaged) through living irregular hours and being a Night Worker.

Anyway in keeping with the theme, I also found myself wondering again as to so-called Super Power’s.

Bill Harris of course spoke on famed Monk, who spent so many years meditating to become Happiest person in the world and a great deal of research and material is provided as to the benefits of the Gamma Compassion, Monk’s Brain wave patterns etc.

This is potentially where I in my own lack of personal wisdom perhaps get some of these ideas and philosophies WRONG.

Why do I say that, well of course it does always seem that no matter how high up the mountain you are, someone else is looking down and laughing at your fool hardiness or saying yep, I remember that one happening to me too.

So my thoughts as to what would I do with access to MRI scanners and acting as PROOF Positive of the benefits of my product, would of course be to likely go down the so-called Super Power’s route as provided by fiction.

Yes this Product will not make you Super Man, though it will replicate the brain wave patterns of those who demonstrate Telekinetic Powers,  of peoples who demonstrate Psychic Powers and so on, and so forth.

Clearly when it comes to belief and indeed SALES, there is perhaps a SAFE SIDE and an OUTRAGEOUS, and of course it can often be the OUTRAGEOUS that get all the Attention, though likewise that is often expected to be supported with demonstrable EVIDENCE.

Many a sales philosophy and technique is seemingly based on this model of the model, you to can live the life of your dreams, if you follow this easy to follow guide by my Hero etc.

So yes me simpleton Dave, would DO TESTS and STICK PROBES into those claiming such powers in order to see if they can be reproduced in others.

Belief of course more malleable than you think.  I know for example that even with his Paraliminal’s Paul Scheele tells listeners to only collate and utilise information that fits various shapes and forms of the Goals you may or may have not set within doing a course.  I have within some Modalities actually found that it is his own guidance that fits the ignore or do not include criteria for some given choices and aspects.

Anyway yesterday I also spoke on this IDEA of living breathing Universe or Cosmos that is self aware and does much as the Budhists suggest, is going no where and not doing anything, just a presence or stillness. Nothing to Prove (perhaps how we humans interpret such things, I do not have to prove or answer to you).

Anyway much time filling activity has been brought about, in mankind seeking to better understand the Cosmos and Universe and so on. Eventually after great confusions with languages and so on, at some point mathematics typically kind of took over, because numbers do have a kind of Universalness about them, not only to World Wide Audience, but to those wishing and desiring to exchange teachings lessons and learnings without having the dicculties associated with layers of translators and so on.

Anyway The Holographic Universe IDEA is this one that even if PEG LEG PETE loses his Leg, it does not matter because in Theoretical Terms, each and every Cell within his person or being, already contains the ENTIRE & COMPLETE INFORMATION of the WHOLE.

The issue, without meditation is seemingly how to bring such awareness about or indeed on-line, removing those veils and years of confusions and conflicts and so on.

Likewise I mention mathematical Models, because many a modelling system studied by myself via AI RESEARCH and indeed often based in seeking to copy nature and so on, led to particularly good Physics like engines that do a great Modelling the real world function.

Fractal Mathematic and indeed so-called Golden Ratio within the Art World lend themselves particularly well to Ideas as the Universe as a Hologram and so on.  Though clearly usually every advancement in Science is followed by some further head scratching as to what next or what have we missed that caused this failure of Hypothesis etc.

In fact I was thinking that in some ways a Holosync 2.0 kind of made myself think of the So-called Turing Test, taking a LEAP OF IMAGINATION and pretending that 2 is TU, so the tu ring test, is like those call your mom/boyfriend/girlfriend/home kinds of debates in some ways and not in others of course.

Yes so early on and given my background and perhaps living location and so on it did kind of seem that the abandon hope all who exist here philosophy is required though gradually many a choice or decision or historical drama (not of my own making) can be seen in the light of Hindsight and NEW PERSPECTIVES and ANGLES etc.

Anyway, I went through Holosync 2.0 again and having slept at Night found myself waking up kind of knowing I had been dreaming, unsure why such effects do not occur daytime.

Anyway whilst meditating, I typically sometimes seek to control and direct where my visioning is going, and on other occasions I simply let what occurs occurs.

So I was thinking about the fact I had finished my Toblerone, that I purchased myself for Easter, a family member had also joked about weapons on a plane and what would you use in self-defence or to take out a Terrorist, many a person decides upon some carry-on like ITEM purchasable within DUTY FREE Zones and so on.

Those little bottles of alcohol and someone once said a GIANT TOBLERONE.  I laughed because whilst I do love them as an occasional, many a person can be known to complain as to how hard they are to break even into the chunks and so on.

going on a Flight? Keep your Toblerone to hand.

That also of course lends itself exceptionally well to the TRIANGLE often utilised within many a Budhist type teaching, as to lower left and right corner and the Apex, the Duality gradually working toward a Singularity.

What they perhaps fail to show you, is that the APEX on your 1st level Holosync can become the lower left or right of the next triangle up for level 2 and so on.

In fact again, it is quite amazing how such things lend themselves toward graphics and Fractal Algorithms and Holographic Universe and so on.

Such things do have to of course being EXPERIENCED for yourself, as much as any of the top or long term peoples might want to tell us, such things are probably like Future Alien’s giving fire to the Neanderthal’s.

I can also I think remember that one of the very first musical instruments I encountered at Nursery or Primary School was in fact, one of those Triangle’s.  I mentioned my failure to get into the Music Lessons, though in the compulsory like years and classes, I think I was typically the one left holding the Triangle ready for my BIG MOMENT when the Triangle had to be hit at some point within a Given musical production or score.  Even worse I do think that whilst it did not happen for myself, I do imagine the embarrassment as to the potential to be out of sync or time, to early or to late typically easily spotted by many a person.

I also found myself drifting into thoughts of Gardening and indeed Woodland Trecks, I did when far younger go with groups out to Haugh Woods (something like that) and that was a good place to go walks and picnic and so on, not sure now of course though “in my day” blah blah.

I also due to thinking on Donald Duck found myself wondering as to Fun Fairs Rides, I mentioned that recent VR Headset and rollercoaster ride, and thinking about such things during meditation, kind of brought some genuine real life recalls of such things for myself all kind of intermixed, everything from Hereford May Fair, to visits to Alton Tower’s and Barry Island and Blackpool Leisure Beach and so on.  In fact I did find that the closed eye meditative experience was genuinely quite EXHILERATING as though those accounts or memories were being relived.

Likewise one can wonder as to how much bottled thoughts and feelings, occurred on such occasions, having a belief in your mental fortitude and your physical bodies reaction to G-FORCES and so on, are two very differing things.

This is exampled in just how many real life pilots experience BLACK OUT during training or other activities.

It does not matter how tough or brave or macho etc you think yourself, your physical body can perhaps have a mind of its own.

That is why as you advance with meditation, you often go from thinking such things a MIND or BRAIN activity to a WHOLE BODY EXPERIENCE. not sure how advanced anyone has to be to experience such things, though I myself was pleasantly surprised when what I thought was simply HEAD STUFF kind of became my own entire BEING and so on.

Especially in seeking out a more steady mental state to live and exist within, in understanding the World and so on.

Yes so anyway.  I perhaps still pondering on what Super Powers means to myself and how I may go about them, those proffered and provided by Learnings Strategies and indeed by Centerpointe Reseach Institute are pretty good starting points.

Though I of course perhaps still stuck in that Magical Level for some things in wanting genuinely accurate and precise PSI like abilities and functioning that I myself can see and trust and so on.

yes many courses lend themselves to such things, though clearly TRAUMA whether regarded as good bad or neutral can ALTER someones focus and attention etc, to the extent that the required discipline or parameters and values etc, are simply unattainable with any kind of consistency.

I think the BODY itself has a mind of its own and if some SUPER POWER REQUIREMENT  infringes on ability for continued existence or something, a higher executive function cuts the circuit or creates some SABOTAGE.

Yes so sabotage can be good and bad, from the point of view suggested yesterday.  You are late for a meeting and the bus you would have traversed upon is involved in an accident.


Most Teachers I think decide that taking your own fate into your own hand can be the best philosophy, though likewise the best teachers, I have bought and purchased products from are not those, screaming and shouting and making false claims as to who you yourself are and how you regard yourself in the World and so on.

Some tactics and strategies that some folks think are good such-as REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY (being a typical example) are completely USELESS, because they can often make to many an assumption of the peoples and persons you are interacting with and what and how they themselves act and so on.

The miscommunications between groups and peoples and so on continues unabaited in many an area of life, though clearly in taking up enlightenment and awareness teachings and coaching’s I know many a person has an improved VIEW and ATTITUDE to good/bad behaviours and so on.

W can be our own best friends or indeed our own worst enemies, I have little interest in enemies, though likewise I have little interest in false labels and inappropriate pigeon holing.

I can genuinely say that in the years of studying much of these materials, I have seen the same behaviours and nonsense and so on from all quarters, whether Heterosexual or Foreign or gay or even at whatever level of society peoples regard themselves and I do see again and again that changes come quick and fast (in relative terms) once some meditative approaches are introduced into the pot of any troubled MIX.

you do find that RECIPE upon recipe seemingly options or gradually brings about change for the better, though clearly even taking a given course, or teacher to the next level can be an investment and so on. I know and do feel that perseverance is worthwhile, though likewise am sure that others fell by the wayside as to how long they might keep up some practices that require taking some time out of your life and so on.4


Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉


Oh That Is Frustrating

So I recently on amazon purchased a so-called pre-release book, in the sense that when the official release date occurs, said book would be downloaded to my Kindle related emulator.  I do not have a Amazon Kindle Device, so much as alternative devices with a Kindle Software Package downloaded upon them.  Enabling myself the benefit of storing large book collections in single gadgets as well as on-line clouds.

Anyway the date given when I made the pre-order purchase was today 29/03/2016.  When I turned my primary Kindle related gadget on, I fully expected that some automated download sequence would occur and I would be able to start browsing and reading and so on and so forth.  How-ever when that sequence of events did not occur, I investigated and the date now being shown for said release date of purchase is 31/03/2016.  The book has actually been widely available in physical book form since last year, though is perhaps rather hefty in size, hence my own preference for a Digital Copy.

When I first began throwing myself into the Learning strategies Photoreading kinds of realms and research (A year or two after my beginning of Meditating with Holosync), I quickly came to the conclusion that Digital was the way to go with the book collection, far too many exploratory and research materials that I may not want to read multiple times were gradually taking up space that I personally felt could be put to better usage.

I mention that of course partially as a description of my morning and indeed recent news as to the decimation in the United Kingdom of so-called Public Libraries.

Whilst many Corridors of Power and indeed Hall’s of Study have on-site Library’s for those fortunate enough to have or gain access, many of us first experience books and reading through visits to a Public Local Library, I do think such places could re-invent themselves to a certain extent with not only the older generation books that they possess, though with the introduction of on-line access to greater Library type resources.

I am sure Companies with VAST databases of book’s such-as Amazon, could also consider some NEGOTIATED PUBLIC SERVICE USAGE, for Library’s and so on, if they have not already.

I know when the Original NHS was set up that in its early years, many a drug therapy advancement and so on, came about through the public purse buying or purchasing power that was often not available on local-by-local systems of regional development.

What does that mean?

Well a Big Population Centre, can typically through regional taxes and so on, often generate far more money’s than can some smaller regional population centre’s and so on.   A kind of Health Communism through National Insurance Contributions, spread the load, through the idea that Health is one of those areas or topics that most peoples and persons at any time of life may have a strong vested interest in.

The same (when War came) can of course be suggested about Universal Military Powers, rather than localised regiments and so on, seen through History.  That was in part the reason also for Rail Nationalisation, though of course, again and again we see that on an individual basis we any of us can struggle with the Number’s when it comes populations and so on.

Anyway the book I wanted was not available, I have to continue to wait for a further day-or-two.

Meanwhile I do seem to currently or presently have a rather STRONG FOCUS on issues as to CONSCIOUSNESS Research and so-called BIOLOGY.

Believe it or not despite huge advances within Science, very often Physics being the leading Light of the Science’s, Biology has often seemingly been the OUTLIER when it comes to multiple topics of PHILOSOPHICAL DEBATE.

So, I have of course read and purchased multiple books, on these topics both Historically and again now, suggesting that I either did not fully appreciate what I was reading, or indeed sub or non-consciously was in further requirement of information and learnings on particular areas of endeavour.

Yes you can research materials in both favour of present bias or indeed get new perspectives.

I actually find that some Physics Writers are pretty broad minded, as are Spiritual type Leaders such-as Deepak Chopra.

Though when you go into the so-called realms of alleged PSYCHIC ABILITIES or PHENOMENA the area is of course often rushed into the BRANDING CUL-DE-SAC known as Pseudo-Science and therefore akin to the PLAGUE within the Rank and File of Hard Core Materialist based Sciences, even though most peoples and persons throughout the entire Globe, have a belief on some level that such things do genuinely exist within their own Experiential Life, whether some life-saving intuition, or the missing of an accident through being late, or not following a usual given routine or ritual and so on.

Anyway I recently mentioned peoples such-as Russell Targ and Ingo Swann, though another perhaps interesting point of view I read a year or two ago is provided by Dean Radin within his book on Consciousness, a well put together Explanation as to the differences between all-encompassing LA-DI-Da doctrines and beliefs and those that in having shown promise, have been put through the so-called Scientific Method and Statistical Analysis.  In fact modern Number Crunching Analysis and Meta Analysis does put or shine a new light on previously dismissed as Hocum research.  Those factors I mentioned recently as to probability and so on.

Again you do find that some books are seemingly excessive in price whilst others are quite moderate. I seemingly find myself optioning both at differing times, though again such information is relative to your income.

An advertised book for myself that I will likely buy / research soon is “Biocentricity” (Robert Lanza), though this perhaps in part because of where my research is leading and quite simply Where Biology is at in relation to Consciousness and SOUL and QUANTUM PHYSICS and indeed METRICS as was mentioned by Sam Horn.

So even though I have huge numbers of books containing both aligned and conflicting information.  I simply go where the present intuition takes myself.

Likewise given the opportunity to Advertise and Promote The One Day Event

Super Power’s Super You


On the 16th April 2016, I did find myself wondering as to how any of us would DEFINE and-or indeed DESIGN such Powers.

What is a Super Power, How Can I myself gain this Superpower in order to fulfil the being Super You part of the Criteria and on and on.

Clearly as a youngster and indeed adult I can read and watch story’s of comic book Super Hero’s and indeed when particular ABILITIES are demonstrated by peoples within Society, in true real life circumstance, I can adopt an admire and aspire philosophy, or indeed option some Skeptical Position of peoples not utilising there Noggin for CRITICAL THINKING.

Interestingly of course, many a course, encourages this internal conflict, though also perhaps gives those breakout insights and breakthroughs to an all new developmental Model of reality and so on, especially when stimulus and meditative Technologies are seemingly used.

I have of course recommended books that perhaps, go against the alleged Scientific World and that is because from my own Existential Point of View and personal subjective experience, I do generally have a BELIEF as to many a presently UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA.

Science of course is about seeking to say, oh that is interesting, let us research and experiment and see if such things are not only replicable but able to be put to good usage.

Unfortunately, you do time and again find that early experience (in many a case of the Scientists themselves), whether through schooling or higher education, often promotes and owes its very existence to staying on the SAFE SIDE of Group Cultures and Scientific Culture is in fact little differing.  Paper’s go for Peer Review and things such-as Experimented Effects are expected to be replicable, even though most Peers are unlikely to try to replicate such things, so a HUGE CONFIRMATION BIAS PHALLACY EXISTS within Science, of taking each other’s word for many things.

So yes, how might one go about attaining Verifiable Super Powers?

I know of course that I can shut my eyes and imagine regenerating like Dr Who or transporting to some alternative realm location, or indeed being bitten by a Spider and Gamma radiation causing its way through my body causing a Super transformation, though how much of that is useful as an exercise and how much is METAPHOR for Cross Realm Interpretive capability or capacity in other spheres of information or Life.

I mention that Consciousness book by Radin (for example) because he mention’s a quite well known and popular intuitive phenomena as knowing you are being STARED AT.

This intuition was actually written within a Sherlock Holmes Story, though is also well known throughout most Society’s.  You are minding your business perhaps reading or some other activity and you get that feeling that you are being watched or stared at, or thought of, when you stretch to Telepathic like issues and affairs.

Clearly telepathic abilities is also known and demonstrated within intuition’s among family members, picking up the phone and already knowing who is calling etc.

So anyway many such a thing can of course be regarded in both good and bad terms.

I know for example, that being stared at might simply be through some straight forward ATTRACTION issue, or indeed OBSERVATIONAL ISSUE, sit on a bench and watch passers-by, or indeed quite simply through HATE and MALICE and NEGATIVE topics and issues, such-as jealousy, control and power issues and so on.

The problem (if it is a problem) in such circumstance is of course, how to clear out the flotsam and jetsam (often suggested to be like attracts like) that causes a negative reaction (or otherwise) within yourself.  Assuming as we all know that other peoples and persons are outside of our control.

So my own experience, is quite simply that some of these topics fall under, that grab the bully by the horns book of Sam Horn, whereby A bully is a bully is a bully, and indeed raising threshold and maintaining nice thoughts and feelings for yourself in the face of such individuals.

Yes we may or can run away or leave some Environment, though that typically of course likely to become a BAGGAGE ISSUE of wherever you are, you still have those parameters and attributes and values, that can likely lead to the same issue over and again.

Much like Bill Harris suggested within his own life it seemed like he met the same Women in a differing Body over and again, others among us can say the same, not only in terms of Male/Female terms (females can say the same about many a bloke, though one must recall the differing non-integrated mental models that men and women are often EXPECTED to follow) but in terms suggested as to those INTEGRAL like Levels and Stages of Human development.

So we can change our own behaviour and we can clear out Negative Historical self-talk (potentially) and indeed be flexible enough in our own thinking to out manoeuvre or stick to our own guns and beliefs as to what is perhaps a greater good and so on.

Yes some areas are troublesome and difficult and those things can often be found within Classroom’s as to unruly pupils disrupting class, unruly workmates disrupting a team or group or working life culture, or indeed interpretation of domestic disputes by the Police or Social Services.  Many a RECOMMENDED ask for HELP, is useless, because you typically find yourself having to jump through various REALM HOOPS in order to QUALIFY for Help, or find that the Boss or line management take the side of the DIFFICULT or disruptive worker through being a friend or relative. So many a real life alleged REMEDY is this one that they keep you jumping instead of actually accommodating the NEED, or indeed ask you to fit some expected impossible CRITERIA.

So yes we can QUESTION EVERYTHING, and indeed seek to make ourselves more adaptable and malleable as to what we can and cannot do.

It does seem again and again that any alignment of beliefs and development comes with its own pitfalls or unconsidered side effects and so on.

So whilst many a Religious type model based in IDEAS as to LOVE for all things, is often castigated or critiqued in Society as being for the weak and soft and so on, or indeed misrepresented as going beyond ROLE MODEL CRITERIA, you do find that a model such-as that proffered by INTEGRAL can BRIDGE many of the false doctrines and belief set’s we have as to what constitutes weakness and strength and power and otherwise, going through the Stages and Developmental Model.

So Consciousness and Biology and Maps Of Reality are seemingly where I am currently focussed and studying.

I did wake up wanting to investigate so-called META-PHYSICS, though that typically comes under the jurisdiction of Philosophy and that led to Science and so on in the first place.

Many doctrine seems to suggest that simply philosophical attitudes and platitudes are not enough in the modern World, where Progress is accelerating and Existential Questions have to be answered and so on.

I suggested that a Niche is best found and practiced until expertise is decided upon, though likewise within the INTEGRAL model, there is room for developed expertise at any of the developmental stages and across any of the spheres of interest, the FRAMEWORK provided perhaps fits the MODULARITY styled fashion or manner that I personally prefer and like.

So you have a Living breathing Cosmos or Universe, that has many questions, some answered and others unanswered and indeed new measuring methods and scales allow for research to delive back into the Historical Archive and revisit OLD IDEAS with new methods etc.  The Atom I think was first suggested by Archimedes, despite no known fashion or manner as to IDEAS of PROOF, that came far later within the Historical record.

Interestingly of course, that Higher Level of Transcendance, or timeless realms and so on, are seemingly far easier assessed through non-developed tribal rituals, than heavily saturated Western science rituals.

It suggested both by Science and religion or realms such-as Budhism that we have many veils to CLEAR-SEEING, or many OBSTACLES, that obstruct our abilities to go beyond normal day-to-day perceptions and so on.

I given, several years of somewhat hardcore, assisted Meditation and Study can concur with those ideas, especially when you take into account the way in which the Brain Reorganises itself following particular kinds of stimulus.

Why were those things not naturally occurring within myself, as they seemingly do within others?

Especially as I know that I can claim to have first-hand experience of multiple Threshold raising activities, that perhaps part of the issue of repetitions of story, we can hold.

Whereby in having a massive mental clear-out and the stopping of watching huge amounts of TV/FILM meant that I was creating space whilst at the same time not refilling repetitions of generational scripts within such spheres.

Yes both good and bad exist, though in human development terms, it could well be that modern society and TV/Radio/Film and Newspaper and Books etc, can overwhelm our senses, though if we are peoples and persons without a predisposed position toward Overwhelm, then we could find ourselves in trouble.

Until I began meditating with Holosync, I was unaware just how much of an Ocean or Sea the human brain may well be for many of us.

Yes I was thinking of metaphor also.

I imagined this idea of the difference between

jumping from a Bridge into a River


Jumping from a bridge onto the back of a moving train or car or lorry


The confusion lies in this:-

When you jump into the River, the river that you jumped into moves about yourself and continues its journey (unless you get carried along with the FLOW) in which case if you stand still in the river, much like the idea of Now, you constantly have a new now or moment by moment experience, of new river, yes we find the idea of river as a collective idea of water troublesome.

Anyway when you jump from a bridge onto a moving train, or vehicle, you do usually either fall of immediately (within some film realms) or indeed move along with the moving vehicle that you are now upon.

So the stationary position might perhaps seem like that battle against nature and the odds, where the going with the Flow might seem most appropriate, though likewise given the ideas that Quantum Physics has to IDEAS as to ENTANGLEMENT it can often be the WISEST CHOICE to clearly decide on what the Flow is that you are going with.

Some levels of Flow might seem most appropriate from a family or group or societal herd like level, whilst other’s might simply be completely alien to the way in which you think and feel and act in the World.

So yes the more you can redefine how you see yourself within the World and the relationships to the World, the more choice and options you perhaps have.

Anyway this drifted once again into requirement to partially rant, not sure on TRIGGERS, though clearly one often has to adopt the CURIOSITY of BEGINNERS MIND and start over and over again.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

So Identifying Data Information

So Identifying data like information is something that we most of us take for granted on a day to day basis without perhaps ever seeking to push into the realm of intuition or going from local to regional and international and so on.

A typical example was that I went to the BBC website this morning and noted a couple of news reports, and then typically seek to identify “components” that may or may not have stood out within my own local World.

So a story that stood out was that an alleged Drug Lord’s “Money Launderer” had been arrested.

Almost immediately I recalled having noted a Classic Street Launderette from a vehicle I was travelling in, when visiting some relatives.  There is one (Launderette) located quite close to the so-called ASDA roundabout on the A49.

Clearly the year or point in History is important, we are now currently 28/03/2016, because a few years earlier and possibly a few years later, it would not have been called “The Asda Roundabout” that name only appearing as a description when the Supermarket opened a nearby Store. Close to the South side bank of the River Wye.

Likewise another article pointed at an Older generation FA Football cup being evaluated by some TV show entitled, “The Antiques Roadshow.

I could not recall any immediate cup references that stood out, despite having a drink of coffee from a mug.  Then after a little thought I recalled a standout in terms of some game we had been playing that the daughter had on her Mobile Phone.  It was a type of Guessing Game, not all that differing from Charades (mentioned recently), where an ANSWER I had gotten stuck upon was CUPCAKE.

Someone had pointed at a cup and then made eating like mime’s and I did not seemingly have a mental reference or pointer for that particular combination of CLUES.

Elsewhere, on several news sites is an Article on how some Military Help line usage has doubled in its callers over the last couple of years.  This a phone line, for all Military Personnel to use independently of “CHAIN OF COMMAND” like structures and so on.  That GAP or Separation enables new recruits and veterans alike to report worries and concerns as to the life they have chosen for themselves.

Clearly multiple SCANDALS being highlighted in recent years, are potentially issues related to compliance and pressure.  Among any given group, you will typically find those who are only to willing to over step the mark as to acceptable behaviours.

Another issue of course is typically that of Comparison with the Garrison, whereby many an individual may have grown up playing a wide rack of Special Forces labelled games, and then in becoming regular Forces, they find that the edited highlight games of military life is not all that it is cracked up to be.  A simple TRUTH, that you will just as likely find members of Special Forces calling such helplines and so on as regular personnel.  Though clearly the topics and so on are ones that are often widespread among Military populations.

I wrote the above and linked it to my own Comparison with the Garrison type articles, because I genuinely could not think of any short term AH-HA’s as to story reference, beyond that being a PHONE LINE story and the games played with daughter and family were mobile phone Aps.

Storm Katie is seemingly making big Headlines related to weather, though in honesty no immediate linkage or reference triggers exist for myself beyond of course being divorced from someone of similar name.

Bombing in Pakistan? Well Family groups gather and some explosive or otherwise piece of news may cause arguments within any grouping, none were had within my own family get together. Though so-called Christian’s are a minority religion within places such-as India and Pakistan, so that possibly related to an ETHNO CENTRIC World View Squabble.  I listened in to a recorded Ken Wilbur Interview related to Superhuman Operating system, that he has outlined within his Integral like domain and teachings.

Progression of individuals and Society’s go through various phases of growth and perspectives of the World and so on, Integral offer a simplified kind of AH-HA enlightenment system, of the pointers along the way. I enjoy the Integral  books, and at some point would genuinely like to purchase such an online course, though I do also feel that many an aspect within it is material I have already encountered through the books and other modalities, that have come into being as a result of Ken Wilbur’s teaching.  again someone I had never heard of, though from a Meditative point of view and understanding how the INTEGRAL MODEL works or applies to just about all known World Model’s is a great teaching. So Ken Wilbur perhaps another Human Development Expert like Paul Scheele. Though I do kind of find a certain level of annoyance as to what is regarded as Superhuman and what is Evolving of a Species and so on.

Clearly we perhaps fall into those X-Men like debates as to REAL WORLD alleged “Normal” people versus Mutants. Again and again one kind of suspects that a FINE LINE EXISTS, as to interpretation of what can be read BETWEEN THE LINES.

Awareness of seemingly supernatural or Magical Powers is not the same as being able to regularly HARNESS such abilities etc.  Interestingly you fall into the SUBJECTIVE/OBJECTIVE debates over and again.  Though clearly self actualisation can occur for any individuals at any level of Society and so on.  Good Will Hunting a storied example of regular guy with Extra Ordinary Abilities, and perhaps those ELITE TROOPS demonstrate such things within the Military Sphere’s.

Likewise of course, the Royal Princes were both suggested to be below par in terms of Educational Expectancy, though have both gone on to Fly Helicopters and so on, perhaps a demonstration that whilst Elites may have advantage within pre-existing spheres of Influence and so on, that anyone can set out to EVENTUALLY ACHIEVE being a pilot or however, and then of course has to think about questioning Life Style choices and Strategies that are going to lead toward such Things.

One might be forgiven for thinking that alleged long term inbreeding among Aristocracy leads to them all being somewhat Ruprecht “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” in nature.

Yes no Bear Stories appearing though I do recall a reference to Rupert The Bear being mentioned at one point.

Going Lateral or non-linear some Article on Swift Action being made by Pakistan Premier or Leader Sharif.  I Shot the Sheriff, though I did not shoot no deputy, immediately sprang to mind, that a song from among ERIC CLAPTON’S back catalogue (I think) Derek and the Domino’s.

I have also watched CCTV footage of The 3rd Man who appears walking close-by to some now known suicide bombers, responsible for the Brussel’s airport explosions. Interesting for myself is that it appears that he is wearing some of those COMEDY GLASSES with false nose, am sure,that is not the case,though colour saturation and low level DEFINITION Camera makes it appear so.

Closest colour matching algorithm’s tend to cause such FALSE effects.  However I have again and again thought it to be Johnny Depp.  That the problem in that we all of us can recall some film or movie, where some famed actor utilised some combination of clothing DISGUISING there normal appearance.

The Usual External like commentating coming from Mr Trump as to personal safety when visiting abroad (For American’s) in truth such comments are quire neutral, all meaning of course comes from the receiver of such information and those mental chains and links and associations we ourselves make.

Hence so much MEDITATION time on my own part seeking to re-organise such things into more useful understanding’s etc.

The Release of a VR (Virtual Reality) Headset from some firm entitled Occulus has occurred as well of course as my watching some Roller Coaster VR ride. Not sure why you would go on a real roller coaster and then put a VR Headset on, though the demonstrator enjoyed it and gave a rave review.

So it in in fact quite easy to go from local to global and back again in doing those realm to realm, relationship to relationship type studies.

It is also when talking upon Human Development and so on, quite handy to have roadmap such as that outlined by Integral, though they can typically seem BORING in comparison to going straight to the MAGIVAL BELIEF set given through TV/FILM and indeed LA-DI-DA REALM Experts boasting of Supernatural Abilities, that are often simply zoned in and well practiced INTUITIVE capabilities that most or many of us can demonstrate at any time of life.

I think the Focus and Attention issue is one I will likely have to return to again, in reminding myself as to idea’s of NOW and indeed utilising course materials that better allow mental inner and outer World NAVIGATION, in understanding a SEPARATION Exists between SCALES AND MEASURES, whether through Human Development Experts or Science Realm Experts or La-Di-Da Realm experts.

We do seemingly see DENIAL again and again from many Such Leaders and so on.

As though what they are teaching does not seemingly induce the Supernatural Super Powers in the rest of us, that they themselves seemingly have.

WINK and a NOD possibly the reasoning, though likewise of course, given that most folks are given to playing HARD NOSED or HARD BALL GAMES of Everyone else is this that or the other than myself, I do think a certain level of Wisdom Exists, in drawing one’s own CONCLUSIONS, based in what is occurring through the teachings and Feedback and Return like systems for ourselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So On This Religious Festival Day

So on this religious festival day I find myself wondering as to what advancements or otherwise have genuinely been made and what are just so-called time-fillers.

The more you study, the more you potentially become confused, this is especially true when you consider those identity like thoughts feelings and so on, that you may have about yourself when younger.  I typically in going outdoors and exploring local environments typically developed a healthy respect for those environments and in turn for my own subjective thoughts and feelings as to what I myself or “me” was or was not capable of.

Being told to not do things because they are dangerous is of course an area that we can all perhaps relate to, whereby we did something and found ourselves having been successful, though typically also possibly castigated by some external entity or character within our World.

So we develop beliefs and abilities through our own subjective experience.  Likewise of course, such things have gone through evolutions within the so-called History books of Science and History and Economics and so on as to belief in progressions.

Anyway again and again we often find that we are told that is one identifying methodology is good and this other given methodology is bad.

In terms of Science (for example) the Hypothesis and testing of Hypothesis and rigourous Scientific Method is suggested to be GOOD when performed as an OBJECTIVE METHODOLOGY.

In most instance of my own research the obsession with objective seemingly comes down to REPEATABILITY.  This demonstrated phenomena will occur on each and every occasion that this sequence of testing is carried out.

Whereas of course many so-called LA-DI-DA methodology is held to be SUBJECTIVE, in that peoples World-wide  can demonstrate very many forms of seemingly supernatural like Extra-Sensory-Perception (ESP) abilities, though they cannot necessarily be validated or verified by someone else following the various practice and rituals that the writer or Guru or Expert and so on is following.

Clearly (for example) I spoke on recently investigating the Work of Russell Targ, and he may have come into my own awareness not only via Bibliography type information within my research, though also because European City Brussel’s has seemingly become an attention Target in terms of global news media and indeed ideas as to greater European Integration issues and indeed Terrorism.

So he a typical example (potentially) of someone so tuned into his own data and research area of expertise and so on, that going through the ranks of science whilst maintaining an open mind and so on, led to he and his peers being able to demonstrate and indeed create replicable methods of ESP like abilities that pass Scientific Statistical analysis, in terms of the demonstrations being ABOVE some calculated probability  statistical expectancy.

I spoke previously I think in that each and every coin flick is a new coin flick, though us humans when younger or indeed throughout our respective lifetime years do not consider such things as resets, we usually opting for best of 3 or best of 5 in the hope that a swing will occur in the outcome of the coin toss.

So I suggested also that all any individual needs to know in order to beat the SCIENTIFICALLY CALCULATED STATISITICS is that certain numbers irrespective of probability analysis and so on, are going to occur, we consider particular numbers as lucky (for example) and likewise I spoke on a Lottery Ball syndication I once joined and later left, and that was quite simply because everyone had chosen preferred Numbers, that they kept for themselves, so for a couple for years of working life study I would WITNESS week after week and month after month that the same FEW INDIVIDUALS got everyone else’s MONEY.

Had the numbers chosen had to be altered regularly so that Favourite numbers could not be kept, more winners would have been likely seen within the broader group.

I also of course suggested that Favourites are favourites for a reason, within most sporting realms.  Many think that backing a favourite with unfavourable odds is a waste of time, though I suggest it helps build in-the idea that being in alignment with spoken of as “Lucky” INTUITION or Flow can be better than trying to BEAT the system.

Yes occasional upsets occur, within many a sporting realm, though likewise many sports personalities across many sports, have spent years in training and practicing in somewhat out-of-sight out-of-mind fashion waiting for that opportunity to perhaps move to that NEXT LEVEL within their own personalised subjective history and so on.

So from the point of view of view of win-win policies and thoughts and feelings and so on, both subjective and objective methods can be (I think) utilised successfully.

If I can do or demonstrate these so-called ESP LA-DI-DA like abilities though they are not necessarily repeatable through a scientific Objective system or process, does not necessarily mean that such things are going to be abused in some fashion or manner.

I think that one of those GREAT FEARS.

Today of course in Religious Terms related to JESUS, and I of course Having the Names David Simon may well have bought into such things rather Strongly because quite simply when you look to Biblical Realm Teaching’s and talk as to 2nd Coming’s the IDEA is often presented in terms of “The Son of David” or Solomon (for Simon) within various root understanding’s of names and


When I took up meditation and raised THRESHOLD, I of course gained a new perspective as to windows upon the World though not of it, in terms of the “COLLECTED” “EXAMPLES” and “EXPERIENCES” within my Being or heart mind and body and so on.

So we can be all too much wrapped up in a so-called EGO defined World and Story to be able to see the wood for the tree’s.

Likewise even after having raised Threshold and come to understand many a system of measurement and scales and indeed jettisoning IDEAS, Thoughts and feelings that do not serve you, you still kind of find that OLD DOCTRINES are somewhat difficult to separate out.

For Example Modern Physics has moved into seeking to combine definitions of previously thought of as subjective “Consciousness” into objective Scientific Theory, very often still based around IDEAS as to Quantum Physics and so on.

Though likewise in order to do such things, they have seemingly explored many a so-called Budhist like scripture and IDEALOGUE, because the descriptions within many ANCIENT TEXTS seemingly lend themselves to IDEAS of the now verified or MODELLED in Science Idea of Holographic Universe’s and so on.

The communication point or mechanism between time and space and generational history is perhaps still not very well understood.  We typically of course suggested to be Spiritual Beings experiencing existence within some plain of reality.

Though also connected to all that is and all that has been and all that will be, at some higher level of a Living Universe theory.

So Spiritual Medium’s who can talk to the deceased or indeed possessions of evil entities and so on within an Umbrella’d limitless SPACETIME DYNAMIC are potential realities within the subjective realm of their own personal experience and indeed the EXPERIENCE of those who consult such individuals.  Speaking on issues and topics that were only KNOWN to the deceased and so on.

I know that I have stated that I kind of switched on my dreaming abilities through constant nightmares and given the understanding I now have, it is all too easy to see that I may well have been continuously being bombarded by NEGATIVE thoughts feelings and so on within that higher plain of reality.

The persecution of Jesus Christ as well as being a story is often held up to be true, through historical documented record and so on. With IDEAS of HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE and TIMELESS SPACE, I may well through subjective experience be the target (so to speak) of two thousand years of BLAME RELIGION and JESUS CHRIST for all the ills of the World and Wars and so on.

How many people swear with curse like venom “Jesus Christ” etc. and or of course reject Religions in favour of living lives outside of the standard 10 commandments or indeed other alternative regional like teachings and doctrines, we do have a number of alternative Spiritual Traditions or religions about the Globe, and a great deal of compatibility exists among them when you study the meanings given and so on.

So from my own perspective RAISING THRESHOLD is likely the only path and remedy until I can gain some greater shift or movement of thinking toward more positive life choices and options and so on, again I know that I had many an attribute and value and belief system for those positive things in life when younger, and it has only really been during adult years that all seemingly went wrong.

I still consider that many a developer of Higher Powers and Skill set’s and Technologies and so on, not very well advanced in themselves or simply experimenting may well have optioned some form of “Let’s Kill Jesus” as to altering courses of history and creating paradox and so on.

Clearly all those paradoxical issues appear again and again throughout time and history as to what may have occurred or happened IF, we also see many such SPECULATION within media and film and TV and so on.

So Clearly in the Modelling Terms it is interesting as to what this HIGHER SPACETIME link or dimension should be called, and indeed how we ourselves regard ourselves in association with such things.

Am I being punished or have I been punished (for example) simply through the EGO of parents calling myself David Simon, without considering possible pitfalls and consequence of such things.

So yes I have suggested that peoples align with there own data and indeed take advantage of all that can be learnt from Learning Strategy courses and so on, though in raising Threshold and having released on many a topic and debate and negativity, one wonders as to how much distance is sensible between so-called IDENTITIES within REALITIES and so on.

Do the benefits of these alignments outweigh the disadvantages?

For example Many courses or Meditation’s suchas TUBES OF LIGHT tune to Rainbow Colours for Chakras, Meridians and COMPASS BEARING  etc.  Likewise we also know that a system of musical notation was linked to those very same colours and indeed that this alphabet that I am utilising to write these words with these symbols is also designed around such things.

So you can see that non-conscious or subliminal messages can be given an INTERPRETED MEANING all around us, even if the peoples doing so have done so non-consciously.

Think in terms of for example some line of cars in particular colour order as TRIGGERING some non-conscious MESSAGE to your MIND and so on.

Clearly the AMOUNT of such competing messages whether intentional or accidental are HUGE and just as some may well TRIGGER Dave S Perkins into NIGHTMARES, the same combination to someone else could be the best thing since sliced bread.

So yes, I have studied and WITNESSED and done as told by many a Holosync Officionado and Expert, and indeed found myself going through repeat cycles though often typically from another writer or author, though generally as I have gone through the various stages in step by step progressive fashion, I have come to see that those degree’s of separation become less and less.

However I have also been quite dogmatic in seeking to reduce very many inputs from multiple realms, in the hope that a HIGHER BROW level of understanding might be more beneficial.

Sadly I have to report that with the given technologies, you are likely to find ENLIGHTENMENT and AWARENESS at whatever level of Society and so on that you regard yourself.

What does that mean?

It means you can likely achieve as much success from watching so-called low brow drama and soap opera’s as you are likely to from studying more ethereal concepts and science and so on within the pages of books.

Has all that I have done in recent years been for nothing, well I can clearly say that some things have been fun, whilst others not, and indeed the letting go of undesirable thoughts feelings and alignments can only improve matters for anyone whose chooses to carry out such things.

That is not to say I encourage discrimination against all sectors of society and so on, so much as understanding that just about everyone is operating on conscious levels and non-conscious levels, and you can certainly be more discerning about the judgements and prejudices you are or are not in agreement with.

Some folks I know have historically set themselves up as rebels against all and any given authority and when you can recommend technologies and practices to such peoples and they in turn simply rally against yourself, it tells you all that you perhaps need to know.

So I personally take the individual on an individual basis, to be better indicators than group rules and so on, though likewise we are all of us at some level part of tribes and herds and Societal generations and so on.

So yes, what is the nature of consciousness? Or soul? Or Spiritualism and so on.

I have a lack of faith in Science because much about the Scientific World (for all the technologies produced) has become a pseudo cult religion in and of itself as demonstrated by some of those Internationally famed individuals whose books you can read.

I mistakenly spoke of Stephen Hawking recently, when I meant Richard Dawkins in reference to meme’s.  whilst his science and books may give folks ah-ha’s and awakenings or insights, when you see the level of discrimination on Twitter (for example) knowing how particular sectors and segments of society are easily led, you do wonder why such characters are not rounded up, when those within other realms of of other colours and races and so on are rounded upon or scaremongered about in short order no uncertain terms.

So yes, each and every person in metaphor or analogy type terms can set themselves as a 2nd coming preacher of the realm of zone of interest that they have as a passion.

Likewise those of us who have been adversely affected by such things can always consider that we may when crying out for the assistance of God, sent away the rescue helicopter, or the boat or the car, because IDEAS as to a little bit of God being in all things and peoples is difficult to contemplate given EGO IDENTITIES and IDEAS as to Man Building god in his own image.

So that of course is MAN (meaning both male and female individuals), for all the declarations of negatives on one side, you can usually find an equal level among the other sides, the trick perhaps to focus on raising you understanding and awareness and indeed focussing on your own inner World and body and mind in positive and upbeat fashion.

You cannot fully comprehend or know the PROCESSES etc. that all and sundry other folks are operating upon or indeed, how non-conscious triggers within the greater World are affecting them or families and friends and so on.

All too easy to fall into HABITS of mind as to the future you see for yourself, though likewise taking positive steps and actions and indeed seeking enlightened Role Models can perhaps make all the difference as to staying sane in a World where the best choice can really be to maintain a healthy self respective and belief in your own abilities and capabilities beyond the slings and arrows of external individuals etc.

Anyway my advice to those raising threshold etc, it to try some drawing and alternative to textual processes and creative outlets and then see how well you can make those leaps of vague descriptive notations to some object or realm linkage.

Many of the ESP visioning’s seemingly come through in broken down fashions and manners.

Hence so many recommendations as to Weird Art World pictures and so on.

You may get FRAGMENTS that are like shattered glass, in the sense of thinking you can sense components of things rather than entire complexities.

So a building may be a complete complexity whilst you can sense bricks, or colours or smell of some tree or flowers next to building and so on.

The validation or proof perhaps coming in being able to VALIDATE or VERIFY such sensing systems.

So yes, each sector of SENSING can be potentially strong or vague, though interestingly many of the VAGUE outlines when brought together in identifying a whole location or complexity are seemingly more accurate to some systems of ESP operation.

Much like a JIGSAW puzzle that has yet to be assembled, or indeed mechano or lego bricks etc.

On a day to day basis we can wonder perhaps why we are thinking about this that or the other location, only to later find it in the news or hear a friend or family member made a visit to a described location and so on.

When you keep on writing and writing and including detailed descriptions it becomes far easier perhaps to carry out so-called Cross Realm Interpretation, though I have generally avoided or not necessarily included many such things within my blog, I typically prefer to sit with pen and pad when testing such ideas and process practices.


Happy Easter, Hope you enjoying your Easter Egg’s or whatever passes for today within your World

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So I Have Again And Again Reiterated

So I have again and again reiterated that most or many a person grows up developing various levels of so-called motivations and incentives for their own lives and these things are very often based in EXAMPLE research.

Clearly we do not necessarily distinguish when little between so-called fact and fiction or indeed competing ideologues, when it comes to Role Model’s.  Very many of course having little choice as to parenting and social spheres and all the rest of those things.

Anyway on speaking on this full-circle kind of idea, as to how a study of this led to a study of that you can of course often spend years and years going around in so-called circles with little in the way of any kind of a breakthrough or breakout in circumstance.

Very many an explanation is of course given on such things, though I do feel that at least with some modalities and indeed technologies that breakthrough’s and breakouts can and do occur.

Likewise, again and again I have found myself returning to so-called earlier researches and so on.  By that I mean that I find myself gravitating toward an interest in whom did so and so study or research in-order to have this that or the other breakthrough.

I do think for example that Learning Strategies and their team have come up trumps again and again in making some complicated issues and topics seemingly quite straight forward.

Likewise, despite many a person being unhappy with huge great multi-national monoliths such-as Amazon utilising scales of distribution to cut prices and accelerate growth, I personally am thankful for them and indeed electronic reading devices, quite simply because very many a previously unknown resource or perspective and angle can be found that may have not necessarily been known of or heard about beyond particular spheres of research and so on.

I spoke on my recent research into so-called Remote Viewing and that was because once you get used to so-called progressions within your meditative practice, you perhaps feel more comfortable with delving into some of the more weird and warped ideas and research areas and all the rest of those things.

That is perhaps to say, that “early on” once I became AWARE that particular hypnosis tools and the topics and areas of debate they lead you to, may not have been serving myself as well they could, I kind of shut the chapter on particular activities and so on. I suggested previously that much of the PROBLEM not only for myself but very many other peoples, was that you typically KNOW a great deal of information, though may not have such things mentally organised to the degree that you get any kind of advancements within your research and life choices and decision making faculties.

So anyway with such things in mind and knowing that I have gone through multiple levels and awareness and raised threshold and so on, I do feel more comfortable returning to some subjects and topics previously avoided or “out-of-bounds”.

So anyway typical works that I was previously unaware of, can be pointed to as pretty good resources, on a number of so-called topics and debates, writer’s such-as Ingo Swann and Russell Targ who were in part responsible for some of those Stanford Research Institute (SRI) CIA testing of so-called PSI realm abilities and interestingly Ingo Swann (in particular) provides information on research that was taking place in other laboratories and halls of study realms throughout the Globe, everything from Indian tribal studies to Soviet Materials and Chinese Materials, he seemingly manages to effortlessly and easily integrate rather large collections of IDEAS and handed down teachings and lessons and learnings from very many resources.

You do find that some of the more “OUT THERE” books often have Intriguing Titles and-or fancy graphical covers and so on, that can sometimes cause you to dismiss them, though they do when looked at and so on provide more AH-HA’s than much of the chaff that they are found amongst.

So anyway yes the resource of the resource, what was interesting for myself was that huge amounts of research has been done and carried out within research laboratories and halls of science, that we wanting HONESTY TRUTH AND ANSWERS (as seekers) typically might demand be carried out, though often passes under the so-called Societal Radar, as not the done topic or thing to promote or write upon.

Anyway so many an issue returns us to those more adult areas such as sex and sexuality and of course, there are differing levels and views and ways of understanding such materials, usually based in your current level of awareness and development and all that JAZZ.

Interestingly within some of the quoted Halls of Science Papers are information’s that may well be suggested to be those MINORITY REPORTS that are INCONVENIENT TRUTH’S to given Countries Establishment’s and so on.

In fact if what is in some of Ingo Swann’s books is true, then British Scientist Establishment is well aware of many such things, and can hang it’s head in shame.

Unfortunately, the information and indeed OUTCOME’S of many of the experimentations, typically suggests that the INCONVENIENT TRUTH is something outside of the CONTROLLABLE or desired MATERIAL (so to speak).

The Material World IDEOLOGY is of course the predominant one within the UK (from my own experience) and it is only in raising Threshold and indeed so-called VIBRATION that you seemingly get those breakthrough’s or breakouts from such things.

What else is interesting, again and again is this IDEA that we can go to a transcendent place outside of so-called regular recorded ideas of space/time.  Likewise what has also been found are that even though I myself (for example) thought that the IDEA that “Thoughts become things” was kind of true, and the reality of very many peoples having a radio head, it has been found in Laboratory research for example that many TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION is surpassed or even discounted within so-called HIGHER TRANSCENDENT LEVELS.

By that I mean that I, said I liked the IDEA of having a stable or steady state of mind, that was not constantly confused and conflicted and previously suggested and spoke upon fears as to having had things such as metal teeth fillings and pins within bones and so on, acting as transmission like conduits.

METAL CAGE like experiments as to PSI abilities have suggested that such things can be discounted as to cause effect.  Likewise of course Paul Scheele Speaks as to MIRROR NEURONS within the brain and again we typically think in terms of “elements” and periodical tables.  So I have these metals or other elements within my body chemistry that causes or produces these EFFECTS.

Even a number of those factors have been discounted within research, suggesting that the quest for what is missing from this EQUATION continues.  Hence perhaps so much focus on DARK MATTER and so on.

Anyway of course, most who took up meditation and Holosync perhaps come to see that instead of HIGHER VIBRATIONS being some troublesome and difficult to achieve state from LA-DI-DA Budhist like teaching’s that with regular practice and usage you can in quite rapid time go higher and higher and have or experience ah-ha upon ah-ha and indeed finding the Words or Language for such things can in and of itself become difficult to descriptive in terms of EXPERIENCE.  You perhaps either blessed with a large descriptive vocabulary or are not.

Anyway I found myself wondering if there is a reason for very many of the debates and clearly of course you return to whether something is regarded as a generalised given within your belief or mind set or whether further breakdowns can aid in going beyond a given seeming plateau.

We do of course find over and again, that in peoples and population terms, LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATORS are often what many a person seemingly gets themselves in a muddle or confusion about.

So Who else?  Well I have criticised some areas and topics of Science for not EXPLAINING things well enough, though it can in reverse be suggested that many of us simply have not UNDERSTOOD many a topic and issue and debate well enough.

Again Cultural Doctrines and rationalisations and STEREOTYPES are up for debate, even with Global Communications and broader and wider scope for research into very many a lifestyle choice and so on, very many revert to DEEPER CULTURAL BELIEFS and behaviours and actions and all the rest of those things. We in Britain perhaps swing from so-called REPRESSIVE stiff upper lip fortitude to somewhat overly extremist tendencies as to what is and what is not acceptable.

Clearly we can side step many issues once Threshold is raised though, that mindset of “IF I CAN JUST GET OR ACHIEVE THE NEXT LEVEL” everything will make sense, can be quite ELUSIVE.

Each Level seemingly provides a new set of problems as well as ah-ha’s all of its own.

So yes, I do not necessarily require or need to purchase and study the materials of what went before within the history books and bibliographies, though you do get a feel or thought for where IDEAS originate and with an expanded map of reality and accelerative approach to learning, more choice and options can seemingly give you further insights into where you are going wrong or misleading yourself and so on.

We typically think of the requirement for balance and such things can of course be brought about within the hemispheres between our ears through regular meditative practice and understanding what the differing aspects of the brain do.  We also of course have the Rule of Law and so on within many a Society, justice typically exampled through some statue holding a scales or justice.

The interesting thing for myself when thinking upon Science is of course that the further I advance with LA-DI-DA the smaller the Scientific World or mindset and element becomes.

They say you only use 10% of your brain within some spheres, and I would suggest that even that can be misunderstood, from a PARTICLE and WAVE VIBRATION perspective.

It does seem that given our basic human needs and requirements that you do of course want to be able to use your creative powers and ESP abilities if such things are available to yourself, though likewise it is easy to fall into those self-fullfilling prophecies, some that are perhaps good whilst others debatable, unless you are able to rise above a time line or step-back from some brink or the window from which you currently EXPERIENCE the World and so on.

So yes it can perhaps be good to undertand metaphor and analogy and indeed the reasons why some research is decided to be fruitful and irrefutable whilst other research is perhaps regarded as unverifiable beyond the mind of any given reader/writer or individual person.

The inside job, idea and spiritual beings living a human existence does tend to become more and more of a seeming reality as you go higher and higher within the courses and it could of course be the reason why so many take the slow road, and develop and practice and so on at lower levels in order to benefit once moving on to the higher levels.

I of course can still seek to ask those questions and indeed seek to be creative and develop remedies of some description for myself.  It does seem that however much we may want to escape or otherwise IDEAS as to IMPERMANENCE that REALITY as understood through SCIENCE or LA-DI-DA has IDEAS all of its own.

So yes, I cannot tell peoples what they should or could be doing thinking and feeling and acting out and so on, though do suggest that the reason I take that approach is down to EXPERIENCE and the World you Experience through the Technologies found on is a very differing World to the one you may well find yourself currently experiencing.

I forgot to mention Roger Penrose, he another Scientist, who is well regarded, and I do have one or two of his books within my collection and indeed many such Teachings, Lessons and Learnings, do seemingly require higher places upon the hill to genuinely understand what such folks are saying and explaining, as to the physics of the Universe and so on, as it is presently or currently believed to be.

I myself can of course wonder who won when it comes to Batman versus Superman, though one does as one progresses get the impression that it may well be in one’s own interests to consider an integrative approach to such characterisations.

The HIGHLANDER IDEA as to supernatural beings among us, competing for some Ultimate like prize, does also seemingly take on a whole new meaning, when looked upon from a more enlightened perspective and indeed the acquiring of new knowledge and teachings and learnings and experience.

The physical World can of course be demonstrably transcended, though I also think that the so-called things within the Physical World can go through transcendent like states and so on, the idea that a rock can become a transcendent rock is of course, a what are you talking about, until you consider that at some deeper or higher level everything is in FLUX or states of reality.  We think and believe in the solidity of all things, though such thinking even through SCIENTIFIC STUDY & RESEARCH shows us or demonstrates otherwise. Progress HUH, what is it good for.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


And The Delhi Lama Went Bzzz Bzzz

Or was it something else, yes, alarms can be called all sorts of things and the closeness of spellings between delai and delhi and daily and indeed delay kind of lend themselves to dynamic sound economics and so on. I did at some point find myself researching ideas as to so-called dyslexia, and the alleged inability to form words correctly and so on, though in truth I think that we all kind of know that as many super-communications systems have taken of that so-called short hand and abbreviations and so on have become a standard kind of language lexicon.

I know that during my own schooling years (for example) correct spelling and grammar and so on was typically rewarded and marked accordingly as part of marking criteria, where for a number of years, such dogmatic absolutes were later dropped, though I think I heard over the last year or two that an intention was made to return to some of those most basic’s of criteria.

In fact such things are potentially good and bad, though the debate from my own point of view is one to move on from. 

Elsewhere I found myself wondering as to how good supposed systems such-as remote viewing are in comparison of course with other so-called spiritual or psychic systems.

In fact it can of course be noted as part of that full-circle issue in the sense that upon studying hypnosis et al, I did dive very much into those areas of research.

In doing so again now, I generally found myself a little disappointed as so-called UK efforts.


Well of course multiple books and systems are available regarding so-called East and West psychic spy wars and so on, though pretty much all the literature is generally dominated via US vs Soviet Union and I though well surely Britain must have developed on taken interest in such topics also.

The truth seems to myself to be quite simply put, that Britain did not pursue such research and technological development’s, perhaps relying on so-called TRADITIONAL ideas as to where best to place budget’s and so on.  In common day parlance it may well be suggested that British Economics and Research Funding is one of exceptionally Tight Fisted Economics when it comes to anything that is not controlled by various Scientific Material World or Realm  subject matters and so on.

Most or seemingly many that have broken ranks, as to claiming Psychic Abilities or awareness’ have typically done so only to be cast out into the so-called Wilderness by former friends colleagues and debating chamber circles and so on.

A typical example is perhaps writer Rupert Sheldrake, who has written various book on his ideas as to Morphogenic resonance theories and “The Science Delusion”.

They actually perhaps related to those ideas as to “Biology of Belief” (Bruce Lipton (I think)) and “Spontaneous Evolution” that many a Hypnotist type literature also speaks upon when read.

Famed Example often utilised is Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile, whereby once it was demonstrated as possible, a belief came about that propelled further advancements, and breakthrough’s.

However whilst Mr Bannister’s feat is well known and understood, where digression as to progress of research stands is of course “communications”.  We in the West (for example) can say that news of such events travelled via news media and an earlier generation might say that they received a telegram or horse delivered messages and so on. The problem is of course that when we go to times in earlier Human History, that little or no global World Communications was thought to exist.  Though again and again, you see evidence of similar developmental patterns and behaviours and indeed features found within Scientific or Archaeological finds.

What caused tribes on these very many differing continents and localities to seemingly almost in choreographed and coordinated fashion, invent a wheel, a spear, a plough and so on.

Likewise, just as a Paul Scheele may talk as to so-called mirror neurons within the hemispheres of brains and so on, the evolutionary ideas, suggest such ideas have occurred spontaneously throughout World Wide Societies also. 

So theorists have typically come to the conclusion that once evidence is found within one locale (for example) then a leaning toward CONFIRMATION BIAS comes into being whereby Scientist or whomsoever goes looking for similar evidence elsewhere about the Globe.

That of course because people indulge the old adage of “SEEING IS BELIEVING” and 1 item of evidence is not something you can do a great deal of statistical analysis and so on upon.

So yes, just about every field of endeavour has seemingly crafted itself upon the requirement for more than singular tell-tale evidences, and various factions and groupings form as to who believes what is genuinely possible versus otherwise.

In fact it can of course be well demonstrated, that at some point multiple someone’s decided that they best try to seek and control such matters and indeed various populations and all the rest of those things.

Clearly whilst Language is a means of communication, we are reminded again and again that it is not all that difficult to see where the Origins are as to control and manipulation and so on.  Various Kingdom and Chiefdoms grew as did Religions and Empires joined and so on.

Anyway the problem I think in today’s World is often this one of a confusion being so great, that most get sucked into the materialistic as a be all and end all survival necessity or requirement.  Likewise of course what is going on within any group of peoples and persons non-conscious is an altogether differing debate to be had.

Clearly we in the West can feel somewhat pleased as to Scientific progress etc, and the hooking or harnessing the Power of thought and advancement’s.

So some can of course suggest that you are going to get competitive acceleration and so on and that is what has occurred throughout the Western World.  You can also suggest that it does seem again and again that those who have most advanced in the West (often in terms of business or following personal choices options and dreams), are those who have travelled East and so on, possibly seeking out Enlightenment, though actually having to (in leaving your own CULTURE) have a change or whatever of MINDSET.

So those of us who do not travel and are simply audience for content bombardment are perhaps cannon fodder for the scheming’s and manipulations of those with broader or wider mindsets and so on, and those things are not necessarily related to intelligence (in my opinion) in fact I have come to a conclusion or belief that even words such-as INTELLIGENCE have typically become SEIZED or grabbed by particular sectors toward their own ends.

So those who have sought to break out from Tight Fisted British Mindset and Scientific doctrines, have often become outcast’s in the wilderness.  Though some you can think, well that is a troubling issue to debate upon, whilst others are perhaps carrying a certain level of self-infliction.

The name David Icke springs to mind as to the self-inflicted category and ideas as to CONSPIRACY IDEAS. Though he is now popular and has a long list of books to his name, since declaring himself the 2nd coming.

I mention him because locally here in Hereford, England, United Kingdom, he did of course achieve an early career success in being Hereford United’s Goalkeeper.

Hereford Football (often referred to as “The Bulls” due to the Hereford Bull), after suffering years of turmoil is making strides within current league, 2nd in division and is making a trip to play in a Wembley Final on May 22nd (May is the Month of Taurus the Bull for the astrological’s among you).

So again and again I have looked for some SUITABLE for myself PSYCHIC BRITISH ROLE MODEL’S and it seems to myself that there aren’t genuinely any that I necessarily feel in alignment with.

I’ll explain, just about all the Teaching Realms seemingly HEDGE BETS when it comes to Supernatural Powers or abilities, so a Paul Mckenna (for example) will encourage greater development of various skills and mind sets, and perhaps get people into a more upwardly mobile zone, he again someone with multiple books “I Can Make You Rich” one that I purchased years ago and it is nice to know I contributed to his becoming Rich.

The alternative is of course so-called Traditional Paper like Psychics and the classical Mystic Meg’s little bit of everything, though again, my own study of such peoples was somewhat unfruitful in the sense that anyone can get themselves a book on so-called “cold reading” and typically make it up as they go along.

Difficult to see or gain any clarity or genuine trust and belief in such folks, and that perhaps due in part in you being Their Audience, chosen by newspaper publishers and proprieter’s and not necessarily working in the vested interests of Audience.

Nothing wrong with folks carving out such a living for themselves, though personally I have found that such folks usually keep you stuck, as to personal progressions.

I can at this point of course say that I did and still do go back into the so-called annals of time as Britain (at least historically) did have some leading characters and personalities within the so-called Psychic Medium Spiritual Fields, though typically very little exists as to TRAINING MANUALS that spell such things out for you (in my opinion).

So this morning I thought, I’ll look again, and typically was introduced to famed British Spiritualist’s predominantly geared toward “talking to lost loved ones from the other side”.  Very comforting I am sure, though not something I have any genuine belief in, beyond perhaps when I was younger imagining various deceased relatives looking down or being about myself.

Yes I think it was Return of the Jedi where Ghostly Apparitions of OBI WAN KENOBI and Anakin Skywalker and other deceased Jedi Dignitaries made appearance toward the end of the film, so that a popular example of such things.

Anyway I returned to the Remote Viewing Idea because of this issue of how you put information in and how you get information out, and I think the order that is recommended and utilised is pretty good.

Likewise I think I mentioned my American Policing Book “Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques” and that HIGHLIGHTS this idea, that within any STATEMENT you can get out a pen and circle words within differing paragraphs and link them up and so on as to INTUITION. I did at one point provide a photo within this blog though cannot recall the date.

So we can get a newspaper and read any article and circle what we think might be pointers (whether regarded as DIRECT & ON TOPIC or something for CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE “leaps on imagination” toward our chosen area of INTEREST.

The idea I think within many a Holosync teaching or indeed Learning Strategies Module is that they provide the necessary tools or understandings to carry out such abilities, and the stimulation perhaps cuts through historical mental gunk and so on.

Likewise the Write Well course, perhaps an example of folks, some who were already advanced, and others new to the technologies, being provided with some intuitive guidance as to best practice within ideas as to TEMPLATES and LAYOUTS of books. 

Sam went through multiple page layout stylings where you were told to divide page into columns of so many whether 2 or 3 columns or four columns and indeed percentiles were also utilised, in some segments.

So a LEVEL OF CONSISTENCY was demonstrated across all the course materials (I think) though also a sub-level of consistency was shown as to so-called BEST PRACTICE.

Make things easy for readers, in terms of do not’s on the left hand side and do’s on the right as summary like sectors.

Start a chapter of with a quote (very popular in today’s culture) utilse immediate action to put people into the action rather than have prolonged and boring build up and so on.

Anyway all that digression, though no, I am very disappointed as to IDEAS of BRITISH PSYCHICS and ESPIONAGE and so-called INTELLIGENCE REALMS and so on.

I do think room exists for a British INTELLIGENCE LA-DI-DA Realm training programme, though many when you read related literature, whether Special Forces or MI5,6 Agents or indeed simply Policing Related etc, are typically given to suggest that the on-the-job training and so on leads to people following HUNCHES and GUT INSTINCT from years of experience.

I do concur with that belief to a certain extent, though genuinely do feel that not enough has been done to accelerate those coming in, typically one generation, laughs and giggles at being reminded what a dopey twonk they themselves were when they were starting out and so on, likewise alienation or being DISALLUSIONED within a working life or Sphere of influence can cause some long time peoples and personnel to potentially SABOTAGE those coming in and I do not say such things are DELIBERATE, so much as those issues as to non-conscious versus conscious debates and extraneous cause and effect, that even close peers or friends and family’s may or may not know of.

The number of non-consciously collected materials and jetsam and flotsam and so on is so incredibly great, that even the most gifted of life individuals can likely feel paranoia as to when theey are going to get caught up with (or otherwise).

So yes I may well pursue some invention of a British Intelligence La-Di-Da Realm writings.  

I was on the train yesterday, and was reading my remote Viewing Book and making notes and seeking to greater DIGEST the strategies and ideas, and could not help to notice that when you your self are not paying attention to those about yourself, particularly (I was wearing headphones), that others seemingly notice or otherwise what you yourself are doing. 

Yes the modern mobile indulgence is first choice for many, though others read papers and the World going passed and wonder about fellow passengers.

I myself of course noted the previous day’s news and wondered what might cause issues within British transport Hub’s, the policy for Terrorist’s does seem to be to make impact at Larger Cities and Locations, that will get reported upon.

I know Northern Irish related Bases used to always be in the news, though generally beyond that area, most or many MAGNETIC FORCES seemingly aim all incidents at LONDON.

I think I wrote myself that if I were of a mind, I would likely Take it to the opponent’s establishments and Homelands or Headquarters, with regard to the military there are of course multiple Towns and Cities with such facilities, though, that perhaps a difference of thinking.  Dave S Perkin’s is thinking out loud and does not have a CAUSE, where those with a CAUSE usually seek to get MAXIMUM COVERAGE etc. that is why those previous bombers travelled all the way down to London from Leeds or wherever when they may as well as chosen a closer to Home Target.

Why Travel? 

Given the distribution of immigrants within the United Kingdom and indeed the attitude of many a local populace, I think such things and events such-as bombings are going to become more frequenct in occurrence.  Having said that the British population has itself become somewhat sheep like and passive throughout my own lifetime, the Miner’s strike perhaps the last Genuinely BIG Societal wide like issue.

Yes I hear Junior Doctor’s still griping, though TALKING SUPPORT and WALKING SUPPORT are two differing things.

Anyway yes I do not mind being referenced as a bit nuts or LA-DI-DA though such things do come within defined parameters as to what I personally regard as truth and fiction.

Many a Societal Materialistic Realm Belief, especially within the United Kingdom, has geared toward pigeon holing people on the basic’s such-as race Colour, creed, sexuality and so on, and I know that you can be any combination of any of those things and fit within a La-Di-Da Umbrella, so one has to be careful as to what you claim either directly about people, or otherwise, as some tags and labels are just as offence to many a person as they have ever been.

Likewise you do also come to see that some things serve females better and others males better, as to where attention is placed and so on, though all to often some brackets and trying to be to much of this that or the other can backfire.

My studies for example show that very often some of the so-called LOWER COMMON DENOMINATOR TOPICS are often those that cause the most sickness and ill-health.

Far better to do something akin to what I did and simply stop, many or multiple activities until threshold was high and indeed far more choices perhaps presented.

I know having grown up with and indeed having studied very many a role model like character identity that for the most part, all such roles when over identified with have the potential to become straightjackets, that it can be all to time consuming trying to extricate yourself from.

Now I mention Intelligence because of this European Issue, whereby poor quality intelligence sharing exists between multiple European States, clearly America as One Nation made of many states created Bodies for International, National and State like levels of operation.

The reality for Europe could well be that it is in the best interest of the Nation States to Create a NEW INTELLIGENCE BODY or Network.  That Operates outside of pre-existing Governmental Considerations.

The downside of course is that many or multiple players within such realms “The Usual Suspects” are likely to be the ones recruited to any such Organisation and you end up with the same disfunction’s that present Governmental Politicking causes.

It could well be beneficial to CREATE A WHOLE NEW PRGRAMME AND PACKAGE based in Best Practice of those with pre-existing infrastructures and start from the ground up with some unified identity programme and so on, the take competing 30, 40 and 50 year olds from pre-existing networks only works if such individuals are able to put old animosity aside and so on, some clearly can others will talk a good talk though fall into old patterns as so clearly when we talk on what I have spoken again and again of recently


We can come to seek that breaking old mental models and algorithms or indeed RECALIBRATING such things to function better with expanded mindsets and so on could make all the difference.

Many LA-DI-DA and INTUITION based integrative practices are well known and out there, some might claim INSTINCT or INTELLIGENCE through practice and rehearsal is all you need, though clearly where many a Corporation has gone wrong is simply rushing to so-called COMPUTER LIKE MODELS of the World.

Why do I say that?

Well I also saw this issue of Bribery on the news this morning, Britain said to have manoeuvred away from such practices, though I think it can clearly be demonstrated that when you remove many an alleged system in favour of another, that SWINGS & ROUNDABOUTS and ERRORS still occur.

The behaviours from multiple MAFIAS and so on continue, they are simply OPERATING the MOVE UNDERGROUND options to make themselves look more above board.

Anyway that a uick digression, what I was going to say was, that slecting people because they have pen in the name or rom or ram in the name (for example) is RIDICULOUS.

Clearly I may have mental BIAS toward computing because I grew up with that generation of home users of many technologies. Likewise when I see reflections of such things in Business and the World at large whether in media or wherever I CRINGE.


Well quite simply people are often being chosen for what there name or monicker implies they do to an AUDIENCE or DEMOGRAPHIC rather than necessarily any skill set that they bring to the table.

Yes awareness and enlightenment can occur through such appointments and audience ah-ha’s though the abuse of peoples given such opportunities occurs again and again.

Clearly I have no real idea as to just how advanced any system or person can become in spiritual or superhuman terms, though I do think that when we look to the real life hero’s within many a realm, they are not necessarily carrying some HERO NAME or particular Star Sign and Birthday or whatever.

So all Identity information can be created and crafted, though likewise in building block terms, you might get to a high state of alignment with others through morphic fields and mirror neurons, though do not be surprised if the BULDING BLOCK you are looking for is one that somehow constantly manages to be some

UNFATHOMABLE constant that the HUMAN RACE has yet to conceptualise in any way shape or form.

Saying such things of course, is troubling given the very many super futures and SCI FI Worlds and Technologies we can imagine and be introduced to, though I genuinely do think some random breakout or unfathomable’s whether constant or logical or illogical or non-linear or linear still exist and are perhaps somewhere waiting on the edge of our realities, to be the NEXT BEST THING. Etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So Writer’s And Artist’s

So Writer’s and Artist’s and those perhaps skilled in various craft perhaps have an advantage over those of us who have simply spent our lives at the lower echelons of Society’s scraping by and earning a living and simply being consumers or audience to folks who managed to follow there dreams and hopes and so on.

Of course I have stated that it is never too late and of course have embarked on various paths and journey’s via multiple courses, lessons and learnings, in order to genuinely see if the ending of limitations and ultimate possibilities and potentials really are available to anyone.

I often think when meditating or indeed doing particular courses, that a certain level of bias typically exists.  I recently mentioned Brett Stuart (for example) and that is a typical perhaps American Engineered formula or system and is perhaps geared toward particular audience demographic.

Likewise, I do have to admit that whilst many Learning Strategy course is fashioned in similar manner, a greater diversity or World view gradually perhaps appears as you add to the on-line library, probably as the business itself expanded and took in teachings and learnings from further afield and so on.

So anyway a couple of things have appeared upon my own radar that were of interest for myself in recent days.

One a headline somewhere that the Prince’s William and Harry, are once again overseeing a New Flower Garden Tribute to their late mother at Kensington Palace. We do of course every so often have to remind ourselves that despite all the riches and wealth and lifestyle, that those topics of Birth’s, Death’s, Wedding’s and Funeral’s are something that most, if not all of us have experienced in some fashion or other during our lifetimes, and whilst much criticism is typically aimed at Establishment or Aristocratic circles regarding Diana, that both Princes have grown up rather well, and I personally think rather well rounded individuals, that most families within any Society would be proud to have as members or Role Models and so on and so forth.

Elsewhere I have been taking part in this Present Week’s 2016 “Spring Fling”, though I do, I think, already have such materials within my on-line catalogue. I do think that in terms of focus and attention and getting used to the so-called Worldly cycles and patterns and so on, that such activities are genuinely worthwhile pursuits and indeed it is a new combination of various paraliminal’s rather than previously tried combinations.  I actually really like the 4-Seasons Meditation Course, because it is a kind of high-lighter course anyway utilising knowledge from multiple Teachers and Guru’s within the Learning Strategies sphere of Educationalists.


So yes this perhaps something I could have written upon waking yesterday evening to various Brussels bombing’s going of, though I will speak on those later. 

I typically being a NIGHT WORKER within the Hereford Region, England, United Kingdom usually do courses or listening sessions, prior to bed in the UK GMT morning and then sleep later, although I do find and have to admit that for many years, even when I was far younger than I am today, seek to listen and do as my body is telling myself and so on, not something actively encouraged via your typical working lifestyle’s, though something that can serve folks well in some instance and not in others.

I remember that after accident & recovery (for example) and having a distressing couple of years during the nineties, that I would sometimes find myself thinking I need to go this direction or that direction and it was a case of seeking to follow INTUITION’S though likewise I also think I was already heavily confused & conflicted by oversaturation of the senses during that period of my life.

I say that because I do think most or many of us who may or may not have suffered “heavy trauma” may well be better off doing as I did and going through The Holosync Solution, perhaps’s prior to investigating courses, yes I may be BIASED, though do think that the oversaturation like an overfilled cup, impairs thinking and choices and options; and getting to a kind of level of “A STEADY STATE” can make all the difference when it comes to Learning and so on. Yes many  course is FREE, though others who have not perhaps suffered as I have suffered (Oh Woe Is Me) can of course do otherwise.

Some perhaps regard the ORDER as irrelevant, though I am simply saying such things from the perspective of  knowing the course or route that has seemingly occurred for myself.

The Other Big Thing that I was shocked & surprised about was that


 I received notification of another Brand New Paul Scheele Video Course “ONE-DAY-SPECIAL” that has been pre-recorded within a local Art Centre, “somewhere in a “LOCAL to himself” within the US, a place called Minitonka” Please forgive my spelling, I actually followed a video link and thought I may share the information from the EMAIL here.

I do this quite simply because the affiliate information, provides ready-made letter formats and so on, though I did not on this occasion note any Facebook Twitter styled advertisements, this one at present dedicated to email affiliates (possibly).

Having said that of course, I myself have not built an affiliate or business of sort around my taking of the very many Learnings strategies courses, beyond advertising them on one or two websites I own.

So I provide a link and will do so again nearer the Official Broadcast Date.  I have often historically preferred simply listening to many a course, and not necessarily plunged into VIDEO LINKED SEMINARS and so on, though on this occasion, do feel that it could well be of benefit.  The date give is for the 16th April 2016.

Why was I surprised?  Well I had not expected to perhaps receive an advert for an alternative event at the same time that a present event is happening.  Strange though true, not what is sounds like, though possibly a demonstration of a DEAL MAKER OR BREAKER perhaps.

I myself believe that returning to the issue of METRICS, spoken upon by Sam Horn and indeed myself quite a lot recently is why getting to “a steady state” of some description can make all the difference, that lifetimes worth of data and information’s that we hold either consciously or non-consciously is likely often unhelpful to us in when looked upon in conflicted and confused terms.

So in seeking out the achievement of a steady state, provided (I think) by binaurial beats, we can better gauge or otherwise, the data or triggers or AH-HA’s that may or may not be occurring for ourselves, when we then do further courses and-or meditations.

So somewhat shocked as to what is going on in the World and typically I can of course think, well that is over there and I am over here and so on, in a yes good/bad things happen.

Though likewise in going through various stages and progressions you do kind of find yourself wanting to advice on indeed discount what is coming up for you yourself within mediations and perhaps within the various intersecting realms of courses and all the rest.

So I of course think, yes I would like to help, though do wonder as to what perspective of knowledge I bring to the table that has not already be brought forth previously.

The terrorists took their actions and many a person will perhaps be more vigilant as to their own safety or otherwise, though in judgemental thoughts and fashion you do kind of wonder why were particular targets chosen above others and so on.

Some say well those TRAVEL HUBS are soft targets though you as you progress can often kind of find yourself wondering why such things always occur to predominantly low level sectors of Society.

Yes you always get the odd BREAKOUT on some assumed or presumed BIG NAME MEDIA person, Heads-of-State or International Parliamentarians, or indeed CELEBRITIES, though generally in the broader scheme of things, you can wonder as to who is seeking to bring whom to whose table and so on.

I think very many issues are related to IDEAS as to folks being TERRITORIAL or “creatures of habit” and possessive of the so-called Material World and the material things in life.

We all I know typically buy into such ideals and they are hard or difficult to separate out, you get some extra wage and often find that your living standard may go up, though the expenditure has also gone up, so you are little better off.  Likewise I personally think a huge World Wide Societal like squeeze has been occurring for multiple years now when you look at the so-called markets.

Interestingly you can note things and wonder as to relevance.  I for instance noted multiple Ambulances upon my route to work like there was one around every corner, in fact it actually made myself consider ideas as to somnambulistic type issues, though again my studies on such areas are a little vague within the conscious part of my head.

Likewise I also noted one or two Police Vehicles, I can also though state that a Football Match was taking place along my commute so, difficult to gauge what is important, perhaps unless I visit the local press website.  Typically, a number of fire-arm related arrests have been occurring within this region recently and I also noting one or two vehicles with hood-up suggesting a broken down vehicle, although such things are of course not necessarily going to set alarm bell’s ringing.

So anyway I did at one point kind of think that taking notes on commute etc, might lead to breakthrough’s and perhaps got myself into the habit of writing and sketching though often reminding myself, that many others can do the same for themselves.

I spoke on myself being quite dogmatic or regimented or even pig-headed in many respects when it came to being disciplined within my mediation and note taking practice, and indeed later with courses.

However, such personal or individual behaviour, had little bearing (in my opinion) on external peoples and persons.  I of course not in any close relationships and had sought to generally distance / isolate myself from what I felt was a great deal of nonsense every where I went. 

So no matter what area of life you find yourself monitoring or taking note of, you will likely find people displaying particular courses of behaviours and actions, often on a getting away with it, whatever that happens to be for themselves, and typically of course, I think in general you do come to see how particular things are almost inescapable in the conclusions that you draw.

Anyway I spoke at the beginning as to having a somewhat limited life, in terms of experiencing the so-called World rather a great deal through TV/Radio and so on and very little through actual travel and having real or personal experiences.

Such things perhaps lead myself to ill-judged concepts and linkages when it comes to making notes within meditation.

So earlier I found myself listening to Spring Meditation, and allowed my mind to wonder and see what came up for myself, that I could write about.

I had a strange vision of clay like buildings and imagined them to be Jerusalem or West Bank like middle eastern areas of the World.  I then found myself moving on nd thinking Muslim call to prayer Bells and location moved to thinking a Country such-as Turkey.

Hearing the Word Cosmos as some point caused myself to think on Carl Sagan, I have vague memories as a child as to watching some show that he presented and so on, famed for Scientific books and astrology I think.

So what I kind of realised from those things was that any info was perhaps only as good as a recall of experience, so perhaps those within Intelligence Agencies (for example) require that people have materials etc, that place them firmly within a given zone. Real Word experience versus snippets garnered from TV Film.  Clearly multiple realms involve travel anyway, and they do say we can travel anywhere with our minds, though again such view always carry BIAS as to what was noted or paid attention to by journalist or Documentary Maker show maker etc. anyway.

 I did also of course think on that topic of WHERE that Sam Horn spoke upon, in terms of having said previously Why am I still alive (given this that or the other event).

Clearly we can (given the power of the mind) ask WHERE AM I STILL ALIVE or EXIST and so on.


For some possibly.

Clearly many (for example) can say they are alive or exist through generational handed down writings and teachings and likewise in more recent history via TV and Radio, in family terms it may be via possessions photo’s and personal belongings and so on.

So given ideas as to BUILDING BLOCKS and how cell’s are and so on, it is easy to see or suggest how, many a person has somehow outsmarted some designated lower level identity that they have of themselves, and re-written the so-called rulebook on the life that they lived.

We all perhaps exist in the minds of peoples and persons that we may or may not have interacted with, etc, so given such a scenario, and indeed teachings as to raising THRESHOLD, I do think that where and what you focus upon can make all the difference.

I have repeatedly despite huge incentive or motivation (for example) refused to write many a nonsense going on or activity I have witnessed within my life, upon this blog, because I figured, well if all modern Science is suggesting that the World is a kind of Hologram (or that we ourselves are spiritual beings having a human existence) then those old if and why’s and how’s as to ghosts and so on can occur.

How can I ensure that any future recreation of myself and my World etc. etc. is one that I might genuinely be happy to be brought back in.

Clearly we can suggest that many a lifestyle guru and teacher has simply opted for the go for broke option, when doing the so-called do I want that or that comparison. And indeed we can of course also state that few necessarily escape some of the greater truths in the long term.

Clearly we can also potentially suggest, that for many of us some oversaturation or misunderstanding’s within our life has left us so bereft of direction that trauma’s come to us far faster than we can cope with.

So lots of questions, and I do feel that I have perhaps over researched, though likewise I think blogging etc, has also become a useful exercise in the sense of knowing what areas or information’s I need to go over again.

I do think that I require focussing on more descriptive language and getting to a better understanding of category headings, and yes they do say that you can find lists for just about anything these days, though getting into the habit, any kind of habit whilst seeking a breakout from some automated routine is another debate and topic.

I think I have perhaps jumped from some sets of repetitive language and so on, to a differing focus, though likewise topics such as photoreading, come to the fore in thinking well I still need to be able to write and spell and ably DESCRIBE sensory information, and those learnings kind of take you out of that zone.

Yes more blah blah, though clearly I am wondering as to how best to go about the organisation of particular formulaic activities.

How can so many other users of particular courses and skillsets be so advanced whilst I feel somewhat left behind.

Anyway, I may write more later, If I get up in time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So Many At This Juncture Can Say

So many at this juncture can typically state something along the lines of “Whoa, there boy, slow down a minute”.

When it perhaps typically comes to purchasing new books and then saying lets compare.

In fact comparison can of course be utilised in positive admire and aspire fashion or indeed in some rejectionist type form of what is being proposed.

So I know and many Learning Strategies folks perhaps know, that they themselves are perhaps far in advancement of any knowledge that can be grafted or gained from a book on some subject matter such-as Ye Old Styled Remote Viewing.

I however was thinking however that the shift from emphasis to technical from control is what many of the so-called lessons and learnings are about.

Further to that I myself was of course interested in seeing if a similarly styled Integrated or Augmented “Viewing Course” can be developed from the combining of pre-existing elements of pre-existing courses.  Again something Learning Strategies has excelled at for many peoples and persons.

The problem of course that any given individual can only typically relate to their own life history and story and progress.  The bringing other peoples and persons into alignments of any sort or description is in requirement of more than simple fanciful ideas, that I or anyone else may happen to come up with.

Anyway what often separates given dynamics of people’s choices and options is of course how well balanced or equalised they may or may not be among the given categorisations and so on of the senses.

Interestingly photoreading encourages (for example) a unified brain storage capacity for all the sensory modalities, so instead of perceiving limited capacity within a given sensory designated sphere, a larger or greater capacity like mental belief can do wonders across the entire range of information’s being processed and indeed the given stimulus or otherwise that leads to a given response.

What were the mental pathways and stimulus that caused you to brush your hand, was it a tickling draft, or the touch of some texture or landing of a bug and so on.  So just about everything within the experience has come about through an experience of some description.

I suggested previously that a heavily traumatising accident may have shut down or knocked myself out of focus of the utilisation of multiple bodily functions.

Anyway typically when I look at something such as remote viewing book I wonder what components or orderings are being used that I myself might alter to enhance such skills and abilities.

For example, the utilisation of numbers appears again and again, and I thought, yup that’s great though what-if instead of random number generators I utilised numbers based in my Numerology course lessons and learnings for the so-called Target Reference Number.

The Ideogram requirement is perhaps a little more difficult, cannot recall a course suggesting make a squiggle as a representative IDEOGRAM though likewise I might adopt a create an IDEOGRAM using your non-dominant hand, kind of formula, and see how it goes.

We are told that ideogram is not a drawing or sketch so much as a kinaesthetic gestural movement produced spontaneously.

You as you proceed are then introduced to various template like pictures of the layout of differing steps or stages of the process.

This next sheet contains a list of Headings that are going to be intuited or remotely viewed

Textures, Colours, Smells, Tastes, Temperatures

Sounds and, Dimensions, Motions & Densities

Aesthetic Impact

Lists of possible words all included within the book, though I think several LS courses focus on particular sensory divisions of the kinds of words you are looking to use for appropriateness within a given contextual heading.

You then move forward to an AOL or Analytic Overlay, again seemingly represented as the idea that the brain is seeking to make sense of the data (something you want to move passed), so a kind of dismissal or discharge is enabled and allowed so that the obvious can be dismissed (possibly) removing the 1 + 1 kinds of automations that serve to block or autopilot us to the usual answers,  a breaking of process is also IDEA’D in putting your pen down.

Yes quite a few steps in these processes that a typical person might desire or want to not include, though I am sure that adherence to some of those smaller steps makes all the difference later.

You can then move on to noting your own mental interruptions, an itch or desire to sneeze etc. Yes how can anyone find all this fascinating and intriguing some may wonder, though I know from my own history that I did when younger and still do now.

The next phase is a free hand shapes sketch based in what is being sensed, done with shape archetypes . Again metrics exist. And interestingly to a questioning mind no archetypes are actually provided, so that is something someone from an art background may dismiss as obvious, though those of us who are non art officionado’s may require some basics cue’s do they mean circles, square, triangles etc?

Interstingly for myself is that prior to assisted meditation and so on, when studying some alternate realm meditation hints and tips staring at various coloured shapes was part of a given process, not unlike the staring in Aura seeing, though more shapes provided beyond the coloured circles, I recall squares and triangles also featuring.

In fact that might make an excellent Aura Seeing BONUS, introducing the colour scheme within triangles and squares. (other shapes are seen and utilised within the black and white practices). Though likewise it may well lead to confusions, or you may have to identify Purpose in introducing further archetype shapes. The circles have colour ranges within them, that may be more troublesome to design within the other shapes.

Anyway the book really is worth the expenditure in getting to know a complete end to end sequence of process and indeed seeking to relate such materials to those you already have within your own catalogue or skillset.

I really think that little included cannot be achieved through combinatorial methods already utilised within LS Courses. Typically of course, with any such SYSTEM, you want to be able to have verifiable RESULTS.

Any of us can of course write and draw and so on, and then make claims as to accuracy or otherwise in how the World is perhaps being reflected or EXPERIENCED back at us.

This perhaps suggesting that despite doing many courses, it is only now that I feel at any level of coherence ready to relearn many things not only from a higher place on the mountain but be able to trust those skillsets and so on.

Clearly those who have advanced with pre-existing realms whether professional or personally created by themselves have an advantage over the rest of us, though I do think that the beginners mind and indeed integrative approach to redefining scales and measures and so on, is a way to go.

Yes so we grow up typically enthused by our skills whether physical or mental and invest time in wanting to be like given famed or otherwise role models and many a classical hook and hinge is placed in James Bond Like espionage and excitement or sporting realm achievements and physical fitness, though typically the World moves forward and some of us it may well be suggested have been heavily impaired simply through over identification or alignment’s with the influences and manipulations of those external to ourselves within many a given realm.

So the story of you is a one of possibly patience and practice and taking the time necessary to find and identify where your true interests and skillsets and passions are.

Interestingly I do when I look at many a realm material still find myself drawn to those topics and subject matter that I had when a young child, reading on distant Worlds and superhero’s or watching war and espionage movies and typical all-boys own stuff.

They do say that an integrated or whole brain thinker of course should be well versed in the utilisation of both sides of the brain and indeed activities that were historically categorised into boys or girls categorisations, though interestingly we at least in the UK, have seemingly moved females into the utilisation of many a male dominated activity and interest whilst the male population has seemingly been left behind in the uptake stakes as to what progressions can be achieved, yes I know I can cook and do the ironing and many such skills are perhaps basic living skills, that many who went through Armed Forces Enlistment or in more recent years recruitment is likely to have experienced anyway, though I grew up doing such activities so that perhaps where I differentiate from many a bloke who seemingly has mother or whomsoever waiting upon them hand and foot.

We can ask about many an activity and indeed hostile label to some activities, IS IT REALLY?

When you break down sweeping judgements and statements, you often find that some folks really have not taken the time to sit down and follow any given criteria path to an Ultimate Conclusion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉