David’s Inability Of Opinion

So like many others who joined the Holosync (Centerpointe Inner Circle) I recently found myself being asked to watch and view and commentate upon a very professionally produced Webinar from Bill Harris of Centerpointe describing and outlining the benefits of his product to potential new customers.

Typically I am of course known for my rambling style and going on and on, when many a person in today’s modern World want some What is your point instant gratification.

Anyway I enjoyed the presentation and believe it to be one of the very best that I have seen from Bill and his team, though of course such things (opinion) do come with possible or potential bias.

So I gave a rambling response and may well provide a link to the Webinar at some future point, though for now I think anyone who takes the time to sit and watch it will be in awe at what can be achieved.  Likewise the proof for Bill will perhaps come in terms of sales and other demographic audience response.

Likewise today I saw this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-35686351

about an award related to brain chemistry and a kind of proof of discovery that cells that FIRE TOGETHER, WIRE TOGETHER.

Yes this has been said to have been known for quite some time, though goes hand in hand with products such as Holosync that enable anyone to change that FIRING and WIRING system to something more agreeable than that which many of us may have or have not grown up with or indeed found ourselves living among.

Yes that idea as to environmental contagion of course and associated behaviours, is an ever difficult issue to resolve, one bad fruit in a basket can ruin an entire crop, though clearly those that want a certain level of not getting drawn in to unfruitful relationships and firing patterns can see the benefit of products such as Holosync that INTRODUCE greater choice.

The difference between selecting chosen role models and or simply falling into alignment with what ever is going on within a given realm or environment.

This one is brief, though I will continue to sing the praises of products that pass muster and not of course fall into so-called temptation to rush to negative thoughts feelings and actions at the slightest misjudgement of stimulus etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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