I Am Possibly In The “Trying Too Hard” Zone

Yes possibly a strange thing to say, though partially correct in that having gone through various aspects of meditation and indeed goal setting courses and enlightenment and awareness courses, I kind of found myself wanting to return to some of my own personal lifelong types of goals and activities.

I also found myself considering how best to go about developing some enlightenment or awareness course of my own and what aspects have not yet already been seemingly considered by the very many so-called experts, you do in fact come to see that in building block terms the possibilities are quite broad and varied and typically we often get to some point of wanting to go of and do our own thing based in our own experience of what we have been taught and so on by the masters of the various fields.

Anyway I found myself wondering if a Spiritual Senses, course could be developed as a follow up to Spiritual code, though likewise you then have to go into the realm of deciding what such a title might include.

It also of course does not necessarily help myself personally in working through my own blindspots and so on, as to where I may personally be better focussing in terms as suggested above of some of my own lifelong held goals.

Okay so when young very many a goal may have been somewhat naïve, though you do as you progress come to see where many a shared idea originated or indeed otherwise.

I have of course in research terms found myself returning to the animation materials, some related to Disney Pixar and others to comic such-as those of Stan Lee.

Likewise in the Film and Theatre realms you do find again and again that in Bibliometrical terms of degree’s of separation that you can trace very many a newer book to some older classic within a field or genre.

So I have quite a broad a varied selection, though I of course set myself alsorts or weird and wonderful goals as a youngster and of course worry as to how many I have achieved versus how many I have failed and if I have failed then what lesson and learnings can be idenitified within those failings.

So yes I not only found myself wondering as to the Spiritual Senses as a topic but also can mention that I listened in to a recent Aura Seeing on-line teleseminar, the reason I perhaps having previously purchased the course received an invite to join those taking part in the Fest in a call-in feature with Pete B and Brian Osborne.  I had to listen at an alternative time to the live conference call due to work commitments, though enjoyed it non-the-less.

I think a point that was high-lighted over and again was the point that it is USUALLY or NORMALLY a side-effect of pursuing other courses and activities, I think not just the practitioners within so-called La-Di-Da realms get to see auras, as a number of so-called martial arts and other semi-spiritualistic realms also bring about such sight.

Anyway it was a little strange that the impression garnered was of peoples being unhappy with a self-contained module on this topic, as I do think it is one of those AREAS that seekers within some realms WANT.

I will be this that or the other when I can SEE AURAS and so on.

In fact my own experience as said previously was that the course quite simply does what it says on the cover and works.  Maybe others had differing experience, though Pete did say that little coaching had been asked for from previous purchasers of the course (such-as myself) and in such instance where people are unhappy with courses I am quite sure some “cry fowl” occurs.

Anyway I was pleased and it did have myself thinking about other courses that I have purchased and run through in various levels of manner and fashion.

The course emphasized PINEAL GLAND work and that had myself thinking on the JEDA MALI materials where that was also a point of focus.

Likewise several others (courses) go to the Tubes of Light/Photoreading type point behind and above the head, as point of focus, whilst one or two such as Qigong run throughout multiple of the body points and possibly meridians/chakras and so on.

So yes I was very much wondering as to how to any of us can be open and aware enough to get some unified systems going, though it does of course help to have strengthened particular mental pathways and highways and bodily communication systems and so on.

Anyway my own WEAKNESSS has always seemingly been that I rejected ART in younger life because brother was more ART ORIENTED, and of course MUSIC because Father was MUSIC ORIENTED.

So I opted for WRITING, though clearly in removing or not pursuing the FOCUS & CONCENTRATION AND LISTENING required for ART & MUSIC I perhaps did not have as good a development of various aspects and functions that develop with such activities.

I say that because whilst I know my awareness and now abilities are massively improved I historically (at least) can say that I had something of a Spock (Star Trek) type mode of opting for logic and so on.

Strange though true, I do think that differing lessons and learnings and indeed behavioural traits occur at differing ages of life and so on.  Clearly we all develop sight sound abilities from birth, though it could be suggested that in being like [Insert Chosen Role Model] we may not mature fully functioning capabilities across a broad a varied spectrum of human dynamics and functioning and so on.

I know for instance when I studied Hypnosis that I started to include and practice more wide ranging communication skills in terms of sight and sound and touch and all the rest of those kinds of reflectional pattern matching skills we go through with people, however given the limited range of many a person I found myself among, it might be suggested that such practice quickly reverted to former types of habit and so on.

I can also state that whilst people such as Bill Harris stated themselves to be quite ANGRY persons and individuals, in many ways throughout earlier years of life, much of my own life was not that angry, I know I have a angry dad, and my brother went through that as a phase when younger, though out of the men in the family I was perhaps the mildest mannered and quite calm, despite (according to experts) not having pursued those broader and wider sensory life development processes and functions.

I know for example that I was REJECTED for music in primary school, when I wanted to play violin, being told my hearing (we had a hearing test) was not good enough, many friends had opted for brass and been accepted, so I guess once those events occurred it was confirmation BIAS for myself to not pursue musical interests even though my favourite album (during that younger phase) was a Yellow Disney Music Album. 

It had many classic soundtracks on it, although in fact I only saw Aristocrats, Jungle Book and I think Alice in Wonderland (during childhood), yes I saw half hou high light shows and Christmas morning Winnie The Pooh prior to being rushed out of the house half way through, though generally was not from a Magical Kingdom Oriented Family.

I mention that because in those generational hand me down fashions, I when having daughter visit during her younger years, found myself collecting a rather wide range of Cartoon’s Disney and Barbie and Scooby Doo and so on.

Anyway much of my recent years research has involved Disney Animation related type books I think I mentioned “The Illusion Of Life” and “Drawn To Life” and a more recent purchase was “The Nine Old Men” yes many other books exist and I also own some of those, though do typically keep returning to the Disney Dave Pixar Perkins kind of Enchantment that I may have had when younger.

Anyway what else?

Well another area that my book buying is likely to go into is that of Bio-acoustics, I did strangely find myself drawn to a book by some lady who studied VIBRATIONAL COMMUNICATION in Animals, and that field or area of expertise is one that I have not really looked heavily into, though clearly having done research on SCIENCE and many LA-DI-DA I figured VIBRATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS in animals is just what the Doctor Ordered.


Well I grew up around pet dogs and typically they barked and whined and so on, and likewise have seen very many other animals over the years and I figured that some greater understanding of those realms gives an excellent alternate perspective to the vibrational communications of humans, and how we use our sensory systems.

That also goes hand-in-hand with what I spoke upon earlier as to Spiritual Senses, animals often give forewarning of impending doom and other STRANGE & FREAKY behaviours, many documented animal behaviours have occurred PRIOR to earthquakes and tidal waves and all sorts of FORESIGHT like INSTINCTS.

It also goes hand-in-hand with what I was wanting to develop with learning strategies, I was a little disappointed that the WRITE WELL course did not have some designer paraliminal included, although they did say at the start and did provide on-line access to several paraliminals I have within my CD Collection.

So yes it can be said that just about every base is already covered within the Learning Strategies Catalogue, though I was wanting a NEW DEDICATED COURSE OR PARALIMINAL that considered so-called ANIMAL SPIRITUAL GUIDES and REMOTE VIEWING TECHNIQUES and system and so on.

I when younger used to imagine (much like Arthur in “The Sword In The Stone” that I could turn into or be other animals (such-as the TV guy Manimal) and that goes hand-in-hand with many TRIBAL like claims to visions, Close your eyes and imagine you are a bird in the sky or tiger in the jungle and describe what you sense and feel and see and so on.

I also read years ago “The Men Who Stared At Goats” I think it was called and that was supposedly a TRUE story of guys who the MILITARY were seeking to train as REMOTE VIEWERS.

My own interest is of course this one of ACCURACY and PRECISION.  We can all mostly shut eyes and then imagine being such a creature or indeed modern satellite (why not) looking down at some location and all the rest of those things.

Likewise my own personal interest in Future Science and Robotics and Androids and Supercomputers has not gone away, so I was thinking that a real genuine TURING TEST BEATER (just as a human) would be to see if you could accurately claim some of those Foundation Prizes for so-called Psychic Abilities. 

They having gone unclaimed just as much as Supercomputers have failed the so-called Turing Test (of proving some human interaction conversation and so on).  The problem always within tested scenario’s is that TESTERS go straight to the WEIRD & STRANGE or ambivalent type communications to trip computers up, clearly you can set a computer to ask or respond to questions with a question though at some POINT, the dynamic or the conversation or the pattern cycle and matching has to be BROKEN.

Much like a man or woman seeking to keep RAPPORT with someone who is deliberately breaking or manipulating or influences the rapport in some pre-planned or designated fashion.

Yes I am digressing.

Though in the famed “Habits” book by Stephen Covey, he gave a circular like picture for each habit and many have emulated that Circular style of imagery within there books.

One is within “The Master Algorithm” (Chapter Nine) and I was thinking that instead of Master at the Centre of that you could have NOW at the centre or from some UMBRELLA point above your head. Rotating according to Drop into Genius (type zone).

So yes I wanted a visualisation system that allowed for the human animal spirit visions (though that may be partially found within the walkabout Paraliminal course) and indeed that idea of Rotational Gyroscopes that I return to, although achievable with COMPASS teachings and indeed greater SYMBOLIC translations.

The Numerology gave the music to letter alphabet conversions and of course this is where the BUILDING BLOCKS come to the fore, because some courses seemingly have to much and some have to little.

So identifying the building blocks is perhaps a pre-requisite to how advanced any of us can become, in trusting our abilities (more like that, less like that (said in Aura Seeing) and how our self-talk around each and every building block is the pathway to success or possible FAILURE.

Yes so the ambiguity around many a system is where rapport and success may lie, though likewise another area I wanted to re-evaluate was this one of communication METRICS.

Sam Horn spoke as to the film the Graduate and his being recommended “Plastics” as the business to be in, and Sam within Write Well spoke of Metrics and of course I mention above BIBLIOMETRICS and that is not MUSICAL METRICS.

Likewise Wave and Frequency Metrics are perhaps give to a certain extend in the so-called FRACTAL MATHEMATICS and Wave Principles within Market Writing of Elliot Wave Theorists (not too be confused with ET).

Yes opening up enough to not only release old patterns, though adopt new ones or ones that are more empowering and so on, really is an ongoing process.

One book I read suggested that our bodies are merely INTERPRETATIVE SYSTEMS, whilst many seemingly speak in terms of vessels of spirit having a human experience and so on.

Clearly getting better wired for left and right hemispheric integration and communication is HELPED and ACHIEVED by having those EXTERNAL points of focus, though clearly navigating appropriate thoughts and feelings and actions and so on within any given environmental setting is an altogether differing set of computations.

Yes no matter how deep I go into studying many a topic and so on, I do find that you can indeed simply be completely overwhelmed by the intimidating number of questions that can be thrown at yourself.

Yes I have specialist question books and recommended them, though likewise in terms of what is conscious and trusted versus what is running on auto-pilot I still TRY TO HARD and WORRY.

For example, a recent book confirmed something written in an older book I read that informed myself that this symbol # (known as Hashtag) used to be known by the name OctoThorpre, by those at BELL Laboratories.

The Octo because the # (symbol) has 8 points and Thorpe due to some campaign at that time in History for an ethnic American Indian to have his Olympic Medals reinstated (they were stripped because he had starred as a professional sportsman in some alternate sporting life realm).

So everyone is having millions of these # symbols thrown at them and in computer terms you can do fractals running of of them, I am sure many have seen those Human Model type images made up of grids and so on, and # could potentially be sucking peoples into the INTERGRID non-consciously much like a far scarier version of SKYNET.

In fact such things can probably lead to greater IDENTFYING bodily feedback and return and thoughts and feelings and so on, though likewise few within COMPUTER and SCIENCE REALMS are all that genuinely keen on NATURE.

The Religious versus Neo-Darwinist debate as an example of fighting and warring factions and realms is RIDICULOUS, because if you move to a purer SPIRITUAL approach you can generally find that SPIRITUALISTIC APPROACHES TRANCEND most realms, a brotherhood of scientists or fans of some celebrity are just as spiritualistic as those worshipping some IDOL in a church is and so on.

So systems and strategies?

Well I was wondering how Bandler et al decided on NLP, why linguistic? For example.

Clearly I given my history may want to go prior to language, and I could ask for a NSP neuro symbolic programme to be developed to work on my presumed weak areas.

Clearly before everything is a LABEL and noise it is simply somehow SENSED, and my own concern with modelling the modeller who modelled the modeller is that many areas that existed have been done away with that may or may not come to haunt those who have modelled them out of reality.

We have all had that experience of wanting to react and behave appropriately and do reframes and turnarounds, though you do sometimes have to go into those DARK REALMS of the outer reaches of your FUTURE MAPPING (for example) in order to gain the AH-HA that you seek and so on.

Anyway this has gone on and as you can see I am a bundle of joy, though the reason is this perception of a label strongly linked to a positive or negative interpretation.

I thought raising threshold might free myself from those strong attachments, though clearly in order to exist within the World I now think ALTERNATIVE stimulus is required for POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS AND ACTIONS, many then want to delve into the EMOTIONAL REALMS, though again emoji’s and emotions are created INTERPRETATIONS and only APPROXIMATIONS.

We any of us could in theory wonder as to whether pre-conscious programming can ensure that strong positive responses are thought felt and actioned (irrespective of strongly linked programming labels etc).

Yes that perhaps a personal issue to come to terms with rather than one all can relate to, though lifelong learning clearly means just that, and in wanting progress yhey do say QUESTION EVERYTHING and indeed learn to SCREEN OUT or FILTER out the unnecessary or superfluous or however one is to describe particular topics and debates and so on.

I mention SCREENING OUT because for Westerners especially you do often find that all roads lead to LONDON (History or Theatres, entertainments) and RADIO/TV STATIONS or indeed HOLLYWOOD and other so-called creatively developed technologies.

Clearly as you progress or if you choose and option to progress you likely will find that more and more alignments lead you to study tv/film and radio and the cycles and patterns associated with those realms.

Anyway enough for now

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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