So We Can Identify Far To Strongly With Characterisations

Another ambiguous questioning statement, though I was of course thinking on this issue of mild-mannered, we typically saw Spock (Star Trek) go through periods of excessive emotional outbursts (portrayed as an incongruence between his ethnicity of half Vulcan and half human).

Anyway I do not think in retrospect that Spock was an example of mild-mannered, simply authoritative and perhaps able to perform advanced thinking strategies and calculations without the so-called distraction of suffering some (difficult to gauge) emotional element.

An alternate mild-mannered character was that I think of “mild-mannered” Janitor, Hong Kong Phooey, a creation of the Hannah Barbera Animation Studio’s.

During my early or younger life and experience with computers, I did actually kind of know what was required in terms of step up to the next generation.

Small home computer developers and users perhaps all wanted to bring the glory of Disney styled characters and animations to a home computer near you, and some groups managed some quite extraordinary results given the limitations of the very many machines and models available in those early days.

You also had the aspect of CULTURE SHOCK (I think) in the sense that all the Major Arcade type games and developments were predominantly coming out of one or two locations of America and Japan, and whilst we perhaps loved the INTERACTION of arcade games within fairground amusement arcades and at sea sides and so on, very little emphasis was placed in wholesome or rounded and crafted back story’s and so on.

I do genuinely think that very many British Computer Scientists (Software Developers et al) and home hacker crews accelerated the development of the gaming genres and indeed with demo’s (demonstrations), because they RECOGNISED more appropriately What they themselves liked in TV & Film that was MISSING from these Home Computer and Console Realms.

So yes I played the games and envied the skills of the developers and indeed perhaps non-conscious added such things to previously existing non-conscious LIFE GOALS. Growing up as I did as a fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction realms and indeed Comedy and Cartoon and Detective type works.

Anyway I perhaps did not pursue anyone given lifestyle choice to the extent of going through obsessive crafting and drafting and starting all over again type options and choices.

In Primary School (for example) I found myself genuinely developing top sporting credentials and indeed pretty high educational scores in testing and so on.  In fact I think as suggested previously that EXTERNAL choice takers and makers perhaps sabotaged myself when it came to Secondary School options and choices, because generally it was expected to follow in the path of older sibling with school and so on.  Likewise, after first year of secondary school I was transferred to an alternative registry class (cannot recall official title of such classes) though where I started out on one side of the Schools teams and timetables and so on, I was transferred to the previous year’s opposite numbers, so it was starting all over again two years in a row.

Yes they do say journal and diary and write your life, though this is perhaps truthful historical memory record rather than any forethought and planning and all those skillsets that schholing and education is SUPPOSED to develop.

I wrote previously how all my primary years and first couple of years of secondary were geared to learning GCE and CSE qualifications and if the being sent from pillar to post in classes was not difficult to contend with enough, the so-called Government of the day, sprung an all-new qualification system upon us, sometime around the 3rd year. Apparently designed to improve student skills for those going on into higher education and so on, though typically further seemingly sabotaging my own skillsets and so on.

I do genuinely agree with what Paul Scheele mentioned in one or two courses as to Society and educational realms in particular suffocating or constricting natural abilities and so on trying to place square pegs in round holes as the classic saying goes.

So where I had generally coasted along on seemingly genuine natural development of talents and skills, every change in parameter and criteria and indeed some parenting choices seemingly placed myself further down any kind of ranking of life progress upon leaving school.

Where it might be suggested that my own style wing and a prayer short term to long term memory recall and so on was fantastic early on, possibly FLOW like states being regularly achieved, those abilities were gradually eroded and shut down through choices that were outside of my own hands, and typically being mild mannered generally meant I failed to fight and battle or be MOTIVATED & INCENTIVISED against what was occurring.

Yes on the sporting field and so on I was highly competitive because I had developed my own kind of winning mental formulas as to perhaps the glory of winning and focus on my own outcome as being first in the race, or being in some given team, though I did not think in terms of the so-called expression and channeling of anger.

I watched McEnroe playing tennis as a youngster and having his Ball was in, tantrums and the tantrum’s of Sport’s Star has become an all to much seen sight across very many sporting realms, just has the tantruming of Celebrities across many realms has.  Though likewise we also see those who simply “get on with it” in terms of not revealing much in the way of ALLEGED human Personality traits and so on.

I have often concluded that the DRAMA is simply that of neglected or attention seeking personality types because I perhaps realised from a young age that I too wanted to be an actor and so on and perhaps because my own young childhood had plenty of free time where I was out and about getting to know the World and environments and so on. Clearly all are Actor and Actresses of some description as well as Walt Disney type story tellers that I too would one day be like. Though when it comes to how strongly some are convinced of the Titles and Merits of the titles they hold, we typically gradually get sucked into these beliefs about people and indeed so-called PROGRESS, I am not an actor I am a Scientist because I created this technology or Professional or Establishment Realm.

Clearly over and again in studying the super-rich you find that they often complete IGNORED external advice and recommendations and went their own way, for better or for worse and so on.

So of course the Disparity between what or how your young intuition and mindset saw the wonders of the World and how the herd-like Society see’s the World are often altogether differing kettles of fish.

You will only get a job if you can get qualifications, you can only get qualifications if you change or drop all the skillsets and natural flow status-esque abilities in favour of “performing” to this set of standards and parameters required to be an upstanding pillar of the community and society and so on.

Yes so not only did gradual erosion take place, though greater bombardment of you will comply you must comply messages and belief doctrines to EXTERNAL EXPECTATIONS.

I think I wrote previously about how accident during those teen years, also took its toll, in the sense that I often wanted and knew the best option was to not get sucked into many a selling device or mechanism created and crafted by already established realms, it was that the self-motivation and self-referencing or self-actualisation and self-incentive of younger years was also becoming an ever more distant light at the end of some downward spiralling tunnel, occasionally glimpsed if I could make just one more step and so on.

In fact of course knowing what I know now that I wish someone would have told myself is also not all that USEFUL.

I recall early hypnosis studies where AH-HA upon AH-HA that I shared for example on Facebook simply INCREASED negatively inspired attack’s upon myself.

It was like someone’s stood up, lets get them MOB CULTURE.

So how can you introduce peoples to such Idea’s and theory and so on, when you have not even been discerning enough to gauge the RESPONSE you might get from those you inform of such things.

The best kept secret ideology of many generations typically serves know-one (in my opinion) because it buys into all those STORIES whether fact, fiction or horror or however that we grew up with as to Is That What You Want, because that is what will happen.

So taking pride in the achievement of the ability to decode or decipher and decrypt other peoples and persons Technologies, quickly turned into an impossible mission fight for survival whereby all options that I could seemingly see were rapidly being closed off to myself, much like the Hogwarts rotating staircases and Illusory Magical Mazes with moving doors and sliding windows and so on.

Seeking to establish a NEW TRUTH of REALITY when all about are not only losing their heads but looking for someone external to blame for the perceptions and realities within their own mind’s.

Interestingly one of those Hypnosis Realm technologies I examined and tried out was of course from Hypnotica, he long associated with the so-called PUA realm, although as said previously, I have zero recall of how I came to be studying Hypnosis type materials or indeed the PUA industry anyway, I really did kind of wake up one day and find myself rushing off to purchase and study such materials and still do have a rather large collection of related books and publications from various Experts, the Paul Mckenna’s and so on.

I mention Eric Von Sydow (Hypnotica) because his Sphynx of Imagination and indeed other releases again typically were often advertised as number #1 chart toppers in the New York times and so on. I think we in the UK typically used to NATIONAL PRESS and PUBLICATIONS cannot imagine that extra scalable dimension of numbers and figures you go into when going to the United States or indeed Russia or Africa and the unimaginable AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS available.

Those American City Publication’s (for example) can have as high a readership if not more than a National Publication within the United Kingdom and so on. So getting from small closed down local for local people mindset’s to National and International and GLOBAL mind sets and so on, is far more troublesome and difficult than one may imagine.

Yes So Sphynx of Imagination featured this IDEA of the Egyptian Pharoah’s SPHYNX that creature of the famed building blocks statue in Egypt and of course various stories related to Oedipus becoming King upon Solving the Riddle of the Sphynx.

Anyway today I found myself looking at some information provided as to the VALUE of a number of well known book’s that have become Collectors First Editions and so on.

H.G. Wells “The Time Machine” was shown and indeed had an image of the Sphynx upon the cover.

So such ideas of course are Animal like versions of Frankenstein like story’s, though clearly given modern Society’s continued taste for Science Fiction Superhero’s and futures and Cross Realm Interpreting Capacities and capabilities.

Yes so as suggested previously I should coin the PHRASE ANIMALSTEIN, though am sure that combination is not particularly flowing in any given IAMBIC PENTAMETER or METRONOME rhythm of timings and so on.

I think I have spoken upon flow of Poetry Measurements and timings and vocal symbolic patterning’s, or METRICS because I believe it was the Sphynx of Imagination that sent myself deeper into those particular forms and shapes of LINGUISTIC studies.

Though likewise one must recall and remember I had spent several of the previous few years in University working with multiple programming languages and science based FOUNDATIONAL or pre-requisite FUNDAMENTAL studies and areas such as search and research techniques on robotics and artificial intelligence and so on, as well as prior to that studying Electronics Engineering (that I think is FAR MORE IMPORTANT A FOUNDATION TO HAVE), not sure what the best order of merit for events within my life is, though clearly in Cross-Realm-Interpretative capacity you cannot do enough of any of these kinds of research once you have begun to perhaps RAISE your TRUST and CONFIDENCE and BELIEF and so on that whether what happened was designed through history or whatever, that at some point all will click into place as being as it should be.

The problem often one again of us attempting to weight and balance probability statistics and datasets from so very many wide and broad realms as are imaginable.

So yes the further you decipher and decode the ORIGINS of your own World beliefs and so on, the more you perhaps decide upon next most appropriate actions and so on.

I think I spoke before as often having surprising AH-HA’s when combining or remixing particular elements of particular courses though clearly some step by step purpose and outcome oriented mission must surely result.

Given the very many negative and horrible things that have occurred throughout my life often perhaps brought about by various externally triggered or created traumas, it is somewhat troubling as to this SPIRIT living a human existence idea, because you return to this question of WHY, would anyone within their right mind put themselves through such a catalogue of experiences.

Anyway that more accountancy of life the universe and everything.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉


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