Oh Lordy, It’s Another Epiphany

So of course I have just mentioned over the last day or two, this idea that I awoke and decided to study Hypnosis.

The simple truth does of course seem to be that those technologies also kind of do what they say on the cover, though likewise, there is a kind of all roads lead to Rome, in the sense that in “name” or source terms you find over and over again a kind of question as to whom was the source of the source of the source.

So Paul Mckenna studied with Paul Scheele, and likewise Eric Von Sydow worked with a sound engineer by the name of Denver Clay.  Who I believe also worked within the NLP sphere of influence and creative developer Richard Bandler.

Likewise another of those Hypnotica products went by the name of The Attraction Factor, unbeknown to myself at that time was that it was also similar to the name of an earlier Joe Vitalie Book The Attractor Factor (not sure on the absolutes of the names) though those “Degree’s of Separation” do seemingly become less and less as you kind of investigate sources and resources.

I of course came across Joe Vitale when I moved on from Holosync to Learning Strategies.

The real problem (from my own point of view) was of course, that such programmes may give you awareness, though little necessarily in the way of mental Flexibility.  The brain having over the years seemingly having become “SET” in its shape and form and so on.

So would I return to Hypnosis product after raising Threshold?  Well in many ways I already have in taking the Paraliminal Related Courses, though likewise it was only The Stronger Holosync Tones that genuinely gave myself those mental restructurings, and I really did have to carry out some rather strong heavy breathing like exercises.

I mention the BREATHING purely because very many a meditational course or modality has related Breathing exercises and of course pregnant women are often told to do these breathing exercises ready for giving birth, so it could well be suggested that millions of women who have had C-SECTIONS are actually bypassing the possibility of getting those mental shifts and so on.  (Just a thought, and possibly also why the IDEA of Neuroplasticity has been introduced over the last decade or however).

So anyway, I mention Denver Clay because I noted several articles headline related to the word CLAY.

Cassius Clay later known as Mohammed Ali was of course a Globally Famed Boxer and some article related to an interview with his long time wife has been published.

We also have some Court related reports as to a guy named Clayton who murdered a Police Officer in a Stolen 4×4 last year, up in Liverpool.

So we have just entered March and typically we have the Welsh St David’s Day and of course the Introduction to Spring. 

Spring also Gwanwyn in “Welsh” and the reason for my daughter having that name on her Birth Certificate.

We also of course have several 4 seasons type courses and in Britain at least it could well be regarded as the season of Springtime, and if you have not already, could well be the time to consider listening to that modality of seasonal attunement’s and adjustments.

As an Extra Note, we can of course mention Springboard Enterprises run I believe by Sam Horn in Hawaii for a number of years.

Now I also mention clay because of course during very younger years I typically have vague memories of playing with coloured plasticine (forerunner of Playdoh) and clay at Nursery / Primary School age.

It then kind of disappeared of the learning curriculum, in the sense that I think it was Secondary School Art lessons before I got to see Clay again, and in that environment of course, it was much more educational in having to learn to use a spinning wheel and various sculpting tools, though again it kind of disappeared from my life because I did not select Art within the 3rd year options we were given.

Now I mention that because of course, because when daughter Rose visited during her younger years, I took the opportunity to purchase a dedicated children sized clay spinning wheel and much fun was had sculpting and making pottery like items.

So Clay of course historically has also been utilised within CREATION MYTHS, you can turn to very many global ancient stories and hear how life was breathed into some Clay Sculpted Human.

Of course my own childhood was spent watching a certain amount of Take Hart, a children’s Art Show on the BBC that featured another famed Plasticine Character Morph, who has returned from generation to generation due to his popularity.

Elsewhere we are seeing Donald Trump author of “The Art Of The Deal” seemingly steamrollering through the American Election Process. 

A quite Strange Phenomena (for myself witnessing such a thing) though clearly given his book writing history and so on, there is probably a likelihood that he has written himself into the Presidency.

What is actually MORE SCARY is in fact that he appears as a kind of OLDER EDITION of those NAZI type individuals that you see in very many a film.

No I am not saying all Gingers are evil ( Prince Harry Windsor / Ronald Weasley he is not), though he does kind of FIT a particular PROFILE that you see utilised within many film/tv media, such as those recent Ginger Nazi Military type seen giving a speech within “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

So yes, and when you go the older Theatre realm, you also had Bully BIFF TANNEN in “Back To The Future” series and again the CROSS-OVER or cross ream comparison’s are TROUBLING in the EXTREME.

What else?

Well as suggested or told by Bill Harris, the raising of threshold is seemingly what enables LOOKING UPON THE WORLD, though not being of it, and I do think that is what creates a HUGE difference as to what you witness and see versus being far to involved within some Story. Hence my constant returning to recommending that Modality.  Quite simply, yes other modalities can get you seeing or having AH-HA’s  in some fashion or manner, though few seemingly create a kind of SPACE or GAP between the IDEA of you and not you, where you can see the differing realms.

I also of course spoke on Tennis and we have had some Tennis Scandal, though I do not think it will continue for very long, clearly most would likely think Maria Sharapova has made an honest mistake, akin to the kind that any busy person might make within there life.

I know this, because I myself can say, that I have missed or not complied with some kind of deadline that I should have, handing in a Holiday Form late, or shopping for a last minute present when some new “SPECIAL DAY” has been announced, or being late for some appointment or whatever  Of course, given the PERCEPTION of HIGHER STANDARDS in PROFESSIONAL REALMS and professional sporting realms in particular via the linkage to LIFESTYLE EXAMPLE, I do think that she could well have to serve a year long ban as a minimum, though clearly she can demonstrate explainable circumstances.

Interestingly the DRUG she is being told of for, has apparently become BANNED because it has seen a SURGE in sports people using it in recent years.

The problem of course, is that you have the “WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE” on such things?

I could say that giving marathon runners WATER is enhancing their capability, so you do kind of wonder how much of these things is a GENUINE benefit and how much is a PLACEBO.

Placebo whereby you believe something told to you by a member of a profession to the EXTENT that you heart mind and body fall into alignment with the “this is curing me” belief.

Now I mentioned going into great depth as to RESEARCH on Rhythm and Rhyme and Poetry and I did of course go through a phase of writing rather a large amount of such things, as well as studying the patterns and so on, I mention that of course and Sam Horn because I took the writing course last year and I also have continued with the Photoreading Modality.

Typically I do not (historically at least) purchase each and every recommendation made on the reading list, though this year do feel more incentivised due to having taken that writing course.

So I bought the Shonda Rhymes book (she a MAJOR HOLLYWOOD writer) and indeed the Lisa Nichols book (she better known via the SELF HELP coaching community) and I will likely seek to buy all the books this year, though of course, how many break through’s and AH-HA’s occur is a curiosity as you do typically find those ever decreasing circles of DEGREE’S of Separation.

Elsewhere we are seeing further 60’s Generation personalities obituaries, Sir George Martin, strongly linked with The Beatles (as well as a number of other later 70’s groups).  And the Producer responsible for The Rocky Horror Show.

Elsewhere we saw some nice Snow family photo’s of Prince William & Kate’s family skiing trip to the French Alp’s released by they themselves, just a day or two after his father Prince Charles had suggested people support the flood hit areas within the United Kingdom. Today we have reports of the Queen letting a LIBERAL know her view of Europe, though clearly I am quite sure that such things are forgettable small talk conversations, getting blown out of proportion by QUOTE and SOUNDBITE GRABBERS.

You’ve heard of Ambulance Chasers within the insurance industry, well many  Establishment’s including journalism realms obsess with giving meaning to SOUNDBITES.

What is really interesting of course with reading any TEXT (including this) is that you do not know the VOICE I am thinking or writing in, I could be going high and low and imitating some Mickey Mouse or other cartoon character and so on.

Yes more blah blah, though yes I am still interested in raising Threshold and indeed becoming further attuned to the witnessing of the measurements of the Worlds cycles and patterns.  Interestingly the Abundance For Life course had the IDEA of floating in a bubble and that again is a concept I have experienced previously though clearly the thoughts, feelings and so on are very differing, once you have been through several levels of Holosync.

So I spoke on accuracy and precision and in honesty of course the follow in the Footsteps of those who have gone before is often the best option, though clearly best identifying the very best models and so on is troublesome, because everyone trying to be different from all else, can leave you bemuddled and confused rather than in greater alignment.

What else, well returning to the CARTOON issue you do hear of course that some cartoonists used pegs at the top of the drawing sheets and others used pegs at the bottom of the sheets one associated with being able to roll the sheets and the other associated with flipping the sheets.

Likewise I found myself wondering as to difference between METRONOME and PENDULEM

I often of course think of a pendulem as what we used to see hanging from older classical clocks, as part of the visual presentation, though usually they were HANGING DOWNWARDS.

Strangely METRONOME images for myself are often a kind of UPWARDS ticking device, not sure as to the differing manner of how they are built though clearly that is also akin to the pegs idea and so on.

So very many differing reflective styles can be imagined as simple rotations with a new name, though likewise as TV movie industry technology has advanced, you do kind of find yourself wanting to evolve into a NOW ZONE that is always concurrent with whatever the Technologies are and so on.

Anyway I have wondered into Meanderings.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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