So We Are In The Season

So we are in the season of spring cleaning and typically the time when many a person decides to have a Spring Clean in the sense of tidying up there Environments, whether household chores that have been put on hold or simply out in the Garden taking the opportunity to plant some seeds and bulbs for the Summer Months.

We also of course see peoples thinking about Easter at this time of year and the forthcoming chocolate supplies, again typically such things are perhaps demonstrations of how particular patterns and cycles occur on an annual basis with slight variances and indeed how keeping an eye out for CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATION of events and cycles can make all the difference in the World to your World.

I of course historically was put “In The Zone” via studying multiple Hypnosis modalities, though was far too involved within particular kinds of the IMMEDIACY of very many STORYS to benefit,  and of course having since worked through regular meditation practice and indeed taken several course, I can perhaps feel better acclimatised to the IDEA of a Window upon the World, though not of it.  the Creation of a gap that perhaps enables you to be more thoughtful or procedural as to, what you can and cannot control, what is running on AUTO-PILOT that is not serving myself, and what can I do to have an AH-HA.

When you look to those raising threshold ideas, you do unfortunately find again and again that no matter how much you raise threshold that when you adopt the MEDITATION formula you do have to take responsibility for everything that occurs within your life and World and so on.

The raising threshold is a GOOD THING, in my opinion and likewise so are some of the SCRIPTS provided by and though of course explaining is not the same as EXPERIENCING.

The idea being that we can clear out flotsam and jetsam self-talk that may or may not be interpreted as good bad or otherwise, and perhaps replace such things, with more empowering self-talk and identity.

Many are seemingly about self-fulfilling prophecy ideas, and as I have progressed, I have concluded, especially with many negative like events going on in the World that self-full-filling prophecy scripts along with quality self Questioning or self inquiry routines are genuinely good to have.

Yes many of us learn such things in school or from family and peers and if you have a great life, that is all the better, though if like myself you had some “through the dummy out of the pram moment” and then find yourself habitually going round in less than satisfactory debates and situations and scenario’s, then it is good to know that a change in course or direction can be just what the Doctor Ordered.

So the auto-pilot that we learnt for some circumstance in younger life, can be taken of the auto-pilot and we can stop or pause and think about our actions, not necessarily through fear or however of possible negative consequence. So much as optioning WISER CHOICES and OPTIONS that are not going to have some later detrimental effect on your life and circumstance and so on.

So why meditation?

well to use a SCIENCE-FICTION example I have vague memories of Character Wesley Crusher in Star trek: The Next Generation.  He was of course regarded as a student genius etc, though one episode featured a TRAVELLER character kind of magically appearing or indeed initially being hidden as the assistant to some assumed SUPER-SCIENTIST, and the episode very much was seemingly built around the IDEA that the bagman or assistant was in fact from some more advanced race and was responsible for the super-scientists achievements. anyway the Traveller character featured I think in several intermittent episodes and much of the storylines were built up around this IDEA that all TIME & SPACE is a kind of illusion.

the suggestion being that when they as the ship or characters appeared ELSEWHERE, they had not in fact MOVED from the point in time and space where they always were.  It was given to suggest that we all of us are like FIXED POINTS in time and space and in fact for all that we see and think and feel and smell and taste and touch and SENSE, that is kind of how meditation works, and clearly the assisted meditation technologies greatly enhance such perception or lead to those AH-HA’S that the smallest unit within life the universe and everything is a THOUGHT.

Clearly many realms have been created and exist concurrently debating and arguing versions of truth and lies, though another TRUTH that you often come to see with IDEAS such-as meditation are that each and every CHARACTER can be only seeing or living the TRUTH as they themselves perceive such things. At the level and comprehension that they currently themselves have.

So everyone can effectively be telling or stating the TRUTH at present level of awareness and so on.  I having gone systematically and somewhat DOGMATICALLY through many of the courses and teachings kind of concluded that many of us spend a great deal of time seeking to “RUN AWAY” much in the fashion of so-called TIMELORD “Dr Who”, from very many IMAGINED or collated TRUTHS, that are or were never our own in the first place.

So it is easy to go into any realm and find conflict or get drawn into nonsenses that get handed down from generation to generation or indeed from peer group member to peer group member and all the rest, though the challenge that meditation perhaps provides is to not run away.

What are these demons that the World is seemingly presenting myself with?  How can I change or alter my own thoughts and feelings and actions on these matters.  Wherever we find or believe ourselves to be and so on, our so-called baggage is with us.

We ourselves are, when you follow thought patterns and cycles to conclusion the only UNIQUE POINT within some given realm dynamic.  So as much as we all perhaps want to be part of the herd or the very best learnings and teachings and strategies, we are all individuals and all UNIQUE and all capable of altering and adapting to new enlightenments and awareness’ and so on.

I have often found that in Degree’s of separation terms, many folks have accumulated much the same DATA, though of course experienced it according to the ROLE MODEL’S they themselves found themselves among and indeed those choices and options taken in younger life, when perhaps feeling pressurised or confused etc.

So when you sit and meditate, you can typically focus on your breath or some other point and then let whatever comes up for yourself come up, and then possibly let such thoughts feelings go, whilst you continue to meditate.  Likewise you might like to take notes on your imaginings and thoughts and feelings etc. and then WITNESS the WORLD.

this is what bubbled up for myself within my meditation time, how does that link in or relate to what is going on over there with the POLITICS or over there with the SPORTING FIXTURES or over there with what is on TV or at the CINEMA and so on.

you do come to find that the more you become attuned to your own internal workings and thoughts and feelings and then make notes, and then witness external World realms that a kind of reflective capacity develops within you.

I of course typically when younger compartmentalised differing realms, and such things do work as a strategy for separating work and home and social life and indeed the peoples and persons and so on. However we can of course suggest that compartmentalisation strategies also HIDE or KEEP HIDDEN the kinds of awareness’s and enlightenments that most people “WISHED” someone had told them when they were younger.

I know from my own experience of course that I have happened upon or stumbled upon truth’s from time to time though then perhaps marched on forgetting what I had stumbled upon, or indeed DISMISSED such things.

I do think regular practice and indeed a certain amount of dogmatism is required when meditating and indeed doing some courses, because you do find over and again that compartmentalisation not only at character level though throughout most life realms is what keeps many a person stuck or incongruent and so on.

Most of us want and like personal and private relationships (for example) though typically it can be suggested that such areas are massive hotspots for confusion and error or misrepresentation and all the rest of those things.

So these things can seem massively OVER COMPLEX when being explained, and indeed I know that many early on with such technologies and techniques as the assisted meditation modalities have still sought to CONTROL things beyond that which can be controlled, this is why simply “being” and “now” are such fantastic ideas to buy into because they encourage a kind of FREEDOM of thought and choices and options.

I cannot control the sun and moon and stars or indeed what those other peoples and persons over there external to myself think and feel and act, though I sure can focus and make the best navigational options and choices within my own life, as to my Health and wealth and prosperity and so on, based in more empowered awareness and enlightenment teaching and training and so on.

I have of course on occasion suggested that all of us are collections of thoughts within a body and likewise, have suggested that all are Angel’s in the sense that all are part of some greater Unifying Umbrella God, though typically it can seem that no matter how you seek to explain such things, bad peoples and persons exist and without the Rule of Law and institutions such as the military and Police and so on, chaos would likely reign.

However, we can of course also state that if we are our own worst critic and judge and so on via our self talk and internal bodily communications, then removing our own inner demons and then seeking to perhaps inform and teach others in some fashion and manner is probably the best that any of us can do.

I am possibly lessening my writing on this blog, to enable myself to focus on writing development skills and craft and so on, this blog often written for so-called real World witness and feedback and response type studies, and I want to option more creative fantasy fiction realm styled writing, though would happily endorse and actively encourage anyone to take up blogging for themselves and indeed actively look for those CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATIONS and realisations and so on, that often only come about through such creative activities.

In fact thinking about it, I may simply write made up stories that include differing imagined thought realm studies and sense studies and communication studies and then WITNESS how those RELATE to the EXTERNAL WIDER WORLD, in terms of CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATIONS and ideas as to NOW.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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