David Finally Visit’s The Dentist

So I may or may have not written, that I recently lost a filling and given news within today’s budget as to sugar tax thought I might write a little bit upon this topic.

So today I awoke from a somewhat long slumber or sleep and initially was quite impressed in the sense that I knew I had been dreaming.

Dreaming is of course another troublesome topic in the sense that historically or when far  younger I knew I had been dreaming on a regular basis upon awakening in the mornings, though at some point in my life, the majority of dreams had become somewhat nightmare like in content and when that went from days to weeks to month’s I started going into anti-dream like self talk, issuing commandments to myself that I would no longer dream etc, or perhaps recall the dreams.

Anyway many of these courses encourage the usage of dream states and so on and indeed recording such non-conscious goings on, so I began seeking to work through those mental blocks I had given myself, so that dream recall might become a little less effort or as it was when younger.

So today I get up and news headlines are screaming “Sugar Tax” and of course whilst little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, us chaps are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, so are we being taxed to?

Yes as a youngster I went to a dentist and unlike many a person, I always had a good dental visit experience, and did not really relate to dental practice fear and so on that many other people were always seemingly concerned with.

Yes I know having folks poke about in your mouth and so on, can be a little discomforting, though overall my childhood experience of dentists was good.

The worst experience perhaps being sent to an alternate dentist to my usual dentist for some teeth removal, I having developed buck teeth at some point, and my own dentist referring myself to someone who specialised in teeth removal and braces and so train tracks and so on.

That experience of a differing dentist was still taken in full stride and yes it was more discomforting than previous dentist visit  history though did not genuinely fall into the realm of horror and fear story’s that most of us in the UK grow up with as the seemingly standard norm.

Anyway my worst experience with a dentist occurred when I was living in West Wales.  A visit was made to a local dentist in that region and he talked a good talk, though suspiciously had a strong whiskey breath and the warning sign’s should have gone off when he spoke as to coming from Worcester.  Worcester for those growing up in and around Hereford was a typical ENEMY STATE or zone, they having allegedly stolen many a so-called Hereford Precious Metal Artefact when made into a unified county at some Historical point, and many within Hereford spending many years wanting a return to The County of Herefordshire, without any negative connotations triggered by the link to EVIL WORCESTER, whom typically had become the regional seat of power..

Anyway this chap from Worcester, working as a dentist in Ceredigion BUTCHERED my mouth.

I had fillings from childhood, though had generally always looked after my teeth.  This guy did an inspection appointment, and then during the next appointment, carved up my mouth, quite literally.  So instead of a few small fillings, he actually drilled out chunks of multiple teeth and put huge almost tooth sized type fillings in.  If I had been in great pain or discomfort and so on this might have made SENSE to myself, though it did not and never has.

Anyway move on a few years and I return to Hereford, and cannot get a NHS dentist.  I also find that at some point one or more of this guys oversized butchery fillings comes out leaving myself in pain and I visit a local NHS Emergency dental service.

So they gave myself some so-called emergency fillings and so on.  Anyway move on a few years and I find that such fillings have also fallen out, and am in discomfort and pain once again.

I have of course been meditating and doing courses for several years and much what I thought about the body and contents and indeed pain is differing to how it was historically.

Anyway I made a visit and was put of by the clerk girl demanding that a person standing in front of her at the reception PHONE to book an appointment, and on the SAME DAY.

So I shrug and roll eyes and leave it, and leave it, and leave it.  The pain subsided as my body adjusted and yes it has been an uncomfortable eating situation for a few weeks, though I adapted.

So anyway whilst my body adapted and pain subsided etc, I have found my overall body Health declining over the last week or two and decide it might possibly be related to the dental health issue, body has overcompensated and overcompensated and is now buckling under the pressure, I feel as though I have continuous food poisoning, which given the dental issue is a high probability.

Anyway I decided to try again.  So Monday morning went to the clinic again quite early say 9:20 and they have one appointment slot left at 4:30 pm.  I take it, then sleep through and miss the appointment.

So Tuesday morning, I stay up after finishing work, and arrive at the clinic before it is officially open, 8:45 am.  We have 2 appointment slot’s available, announces the assistant.

So it seems to myself that the emergency dental service is under STRAIN because it is not really operating on a same day basis, if all they have are 2 appointment slot’s left in the schedule.

Anyway a change or address form requires being filled out and BOOM, it reminds myself that a previous address I resided and had forgotten was in fact a BOGEY number within the Numerology course etc.

Anyway I make a 2 O’clock appointment and stay up, this time determined to keep appointment.

So they are on lunch from 1 until 2 and I arrive early and sit quietly in the waiting area, until the booth opens to announce my presence, present form etc. Other people also arriving for other clinics and so on, typical waiting room like scenes.

Anyway shutter opens and it being after 2 on the clock, I take the form up and hand it over and give notice of my presence for my appointment.

Female clerk takes form, asks as to payment exemption and then bill’s myself in advance of appointment.  So I pay the basic FEE in advance not knowing exactly what I am going to get.  Though it does seem rather STRANGE doing that rather like a FAIRGROUND or HISTORY museum visit rather than NHS DENTIST, and the clerk lady is going through the motions, almost in a Huff like mode.

So having paid, I am called up by dental assistant and taken to see the dentist.

The female assistant is generally smiley and pleasant and running on auto-plot and the female dentist is a little more disconcerting, though generally of a professional air and lets get to business demeanor, she starts speaking on STRESS etc, though anyone who has spent time around myself in recent years knows that I generally regard stress as a result of STRAIN, and that such thoughts, feelings and so-on can be alleviated.

In plain English, I myself am nearly always  calm, relaxed and pleasant, and am seemingly perhaps being PROJECTED UPON based upon what I had written upon appointment form or PHYSICAL OUTWARD APPEARANCE, rather than genuine what you are sensing in front of you.

So I have some dental care, and yes I must admit that I have not been taking as good a care of my dental Hygiene in recent years as I did historically, this the feelings or actions of someone perhaps disillusioned by those within the Profession, although in retrospect, those peoples and persons are of course EXTERNAL, and we do have to take more of the approach.

That we can best look after others when we look after ourselves.

This a great failing on my part, often historically bending to the will of external demands at the expense of my own health and wellbeing and so on.  Those making such DEMANDS can often be found to always making such demands, despite EVIDENCE that other people (such-as myself) are not necessarily in a good enough position within there own life, to do or act in accordance with what is being demanded.

Anyway both Dentist and assistant were okay and I did think she (DENTIST)  was perhaps in need of some MEDITATATION and relaxation Technology.  I keep thinking that if I have to return I will recommend the assisted Meditation Technology to her.

So yes, I perhaps eat to much sweets and soft drinks and have bad dental health as a result.

Likewise regular cleaning and so on does not necessarily MEAN you will be spared or saved from bad DENTISTRY within that profession anymore that bad so-called PROFESSIONALS within any given realm.

So my advice, with general brand or all-encompassing label’s is to genuinely seek to identify or isolate such peoples on an individual basis rather than as part of some ESTABLISHMENT grouping.

The diversity and experience that any of us can have with most other peoples within other realms, can always be questioned as to what is our SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE, rather than what is some so-called Societal Wide HERD like OBJECTIVE Story or Herd like BELIEF, that has gone unquestioned.

The dentist mentioned to myself that mouth swelling and so on, was caused by particular grinding of teeth and so on, and I then of course think some self enquiry might be a BEST remedy option, to see if I can go throughout my life long dental history from non-conscious teething baby (IDEAS) to the present day and see or identify the IF WHEN and WHY’s as to how my Body etc, reacts NOW.

Sam Horn spoke of course within the Write Well course as to Simon Sinek and his book “Start with why”, Sam feeling and indeed recommending to all of us that we start with WHERE! this possibly counter-intuitive to some folks, though likewise I do think that taking some given questioning sets and resequencing them in accordance with what you know now and so on, can make all the difference in the World.

So Where for art thou Juliet, said Romeo I think, or was that just Shakespeare projecting upon the rest of the Population at that time. Hmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!


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