So Multiple Strategies Exist

So multiple strategies exist for differing life scenes and scenario’s though typically what seems most appropriate on one occasion may not be so on an alternate occasion.

Yes stating the obvious, though strangely repetition does or can of course be both a positive or negative habit depending upon what you yourself have et as some goal or objective.

I noted (for example) that a regular contributor has put her book cover up on the write well facebook group wall and indeed had some positive comments from others upon that page.

Likewise the title seemingly suggests that the content is related to being single and-or how not to be.  So I am single though am perhaps not the market audience that is being aimed at, although I may well purchase such a book simply to demonstrate continued support for the group and the various ongoing projects. So I do not regard myself as the target audience in the sense that having gotten divorced and then plunged back into the dating scene via both local pubs and clubs and work and so on and indeed “internet” dating, I made the personal choice to simply shut up shop.  Meaning “I am not available, and am unlikely to make myself available for the foreseeable future”.  That is of course an “Its not you, it’s me” type attitude though in all honesty whilst dating and so on are probably fun and enjoyable activities at any age, there are of course plenty of other things in life such-as hobbies and activity interests etc. that any one of us can be getting on or taking up, as life goes on etc.

Myself of course, I decided to go in pursuit of research as to why life has turned out the way it has and so on, and indeed if anything can be done to turn or change things about, change direction, become more empowered and so on.

Yes many a person can be a know-it-all self opinionated expert, who dismisses everyone else’s remedy except there own, or indeed make put up or shut claims, though clearly as those of us who have taken up the assisted meditation modalities and programmes know, there really are tools and utensils and IDEAS out there, that can make a difference, not only for the lives of those who have developed such tools and programmes but those who have optioned walking in the style, fashion and manner or however of particular ROLE MODEL. Characters who are perhaps a standard or BENCHMARK within a given envisioned CULTURAL ICON DEMOGRAPHIC or AUDIENCE .

So many of us when doing the investigations of course, can go through the I already know this that or the other, though likewise  many such a thing is running non-consciously on autopilot and the reminder programmes and so on can perhaps alter or change your conscious window state, to remind yourself that other possibilities or strategies and spheres of influence etc.  do exist.

Ideas being somewhat set in stone, are perhaps given a shake or stir and altered in accordance with what is known now and so on.

So in meditating regularly for several years, and then also taking up multiple courses that include very many ideas we often pick up when younger, we can often clear out a poor quality understanding of life the universe and everything  and replace with something a little more life enhancing (potentially).

I say that of course as someone who does still struggle with some of the teaching rational’s they often typically talk of this “Whole Brain Thinking” and the wonders that such thinking provides.

We can of course suggest that no matter what language you look at, it was preceded by a sensory input of one description or another, and likewise of course we see that differing IDEAS are suggested to have Originated along the lines of Male and female brain hemispheres.

I of course suggested EFT TAPPING ACIM on multiple occasions, because I do think it manages in part to give particular awareness’, though you do find again and again, that many an expert will take some huge long text or book and only really focus on particular chapters of said “special book” in order to get a given desired result.

English is peculiar in a way, as it may be regarded as a mongrel language.

When we study other languages you typically see the masculine/feminine forms for words and meaning and that does suggest a gearing toward particular hemisphere.

Though I typically struggle quite simply because when you meditate and find that the one sphere of your brain can light up like a lightbulb, you tend to go into a certain level of mistrust as to what you are seeing thinking and feeling with regard to TV and MEDIA and NEWS and ADVERTISING and so on in general.  Many of us may well feel that we have been readily abused by society since birth, via a lack of awareness as to bio-hacking or how reality really is etc.

Anyway I also of course have the added issue, that on multiple occasion throughout my life, I can point and say this injury on the left arm or left leg or left rib cage or whatever.

So I have a lifetimes worth of left sided bodily INJURIES that may well be pointed at as being caused by the Right Brain hemisphere and or the non-conscious programming that has been occurring all those years.

So anyway I mention that because it was perhaps the reason why even though I could have stopped meditating or researching at the being “Mr Lightbulb Head” type level of awareness and options etc, I continued on with Higher Levels or Lower Carrier Frequency Levels of Holosync and indeed further delved into the Learning Strategies back-catalogue.

So I can now perhaps feel that a genuine level of whole brain hemispheric integration exists and that I am not about to suffer further injury as a result, though of course we any of us could get hit by a bus or have an accident anyway, irrespective of speculative theories.

What else?

Well I found myself thinking about who I might want, to play myself in the movies, were such a thing able to be accomplished.  In fact of course in some ways I like most other peoples and persons can RELATE to particular characters within multiple film and TV domains, so yu can take any given actor and think well in that ROLE he was a bit like myself, whilst in this other role, more like this other person I know and so on.

I also found myself thinking I am looking forward to the release next month of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD.  The film was great at the cinema and so fast paced and action packed that whilst I can really remember a fair bit of it, I am sure other details and ah-ha’s will likely surface as a result or repeat viewing, much like it can for any given show.

Anyway that of course included the Millenium Falcon hence my moving onto that topic, I of course have a couple of bird tattoo’s upon my arm and I was recently reminded that when younger I had in fact been interested in another kind of bird or falcon, The Peregrine Falcon.

I mention that because I am sure that when younger, I saw some such birds within the Hereford Region and although falcon’s are found all over the globe, they were I think a protected species or protected nesting birds etc.  I think the hobbyist egg collectors typically like most collectors do not think laws etc. apply to themselves when it comes to having the best collection etc.  Anyway I was also reminded due to a film clip I saw for some new film of a book adaptation by Tim Burton, Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children, quite impressive visually, though many films are these days and it is often for many of us the STORY that has to appeal, this where many a spectacular has failed (I think) in recent years.  That clip had myself thinking along Matilda lines, though clearly as Easter fast approaches we are perhaps in that zone of children’s Easter movies and historically at least, many a terrestrial TV Channel seemingly optioned particular categories of film for particular Seasons, reading anything into such activities is of course choice, though someone somewhere must surely still follow such guidelines or pathways to enlightenment.  The level of competition and choice these days perhaps leads to even greater levels of conflict and confusion than has existed throughout many of our lifetimes.

Of course given the talk on Birds, some might think I am going to talk on the Fowl Factory, though clearly others might have rushed to thinking, I will get Jack Canfield “Effortless Success” he after all created the Chicken Soup For The Soul Book Series.  Though likewise you do as with any collection, seemingly find that as you progress the levels of AH-HA’s or perhaps kind of AH-HA’s change, in the sense of those missing jigsaw pieces.

How original a point can any of us get to, when all roads and pathways to enlightenment and awareness seemingly reduce to some very basic ideas and skillsets and so on.

Yes this one a meandering, as I have not written for a few days and thought I ought to get something down of some description.

Maybe I will shut eyes and imagine and then seek to write down what ever comes up and then perhaps do some CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION as to what MEANINGS are most appropriate at any given point or stage.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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