Give Us A Clue

So I am not totally sure as to when I first encountered the so-called game of charades, though it was at a young age and a fun enjoyable activity.  I have strange memories as to being in a group of children playing the game and typically we played an English or British VARIANT of the game, perhaps closely resembling that of TV Show “Give Us A Clue”, running through a classic miming opening RITUAL associated with the game, that ran along the lines of BOOK, FILM, TELEVISION nd so on. However, we did not break into teams or any such activity simply taking it in turns and the Winner or correct guesser of an answer would become the next mime artist etc. 

Not sure how close or distant that is from what wiki says, though clearly most folks can take any procedural guessing game and adapt according to requirements of a given group and so on.

Anyway I bring this up, because in continuing to exist and continuing to write and continuing to research, you do find that you kind of find yourself going in circular type loops of where you find yourself within the various lessons and learnings and teachings etc.

So I early on following Hypnosis type modalities, went into AH-HA like modes of thinking wow, level of so-called Psychic Abilities here, that is so cool and so on, even though of course most of us go through various stages or suspicions of such things when growing up anyway (I think) though typically perhaps become convinced otherwise, through being dogmatically told that one kind of activity is good and the other bad.

Many such activities of course relate to what is OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENT type activities and what is LA-DI-DA OCCULTIST type realm material.

My own research can CLEARLY demonstrate liars cheats and manipulators on BOTH sides of the so-called DEBATING SPECTRUM, typically because much of what is UTILISED within SCIENCE originated within earlier generations of PROGRESSIONIST’S within Church Ideologies and various tribal type handed down generational activities and Religious Doctrines and so-on.

The best example is perhaps the CLASSIC story of Moses and The Ten Commandments.  Whereby in order to seek to bring a troubled group of peoples and persons together, some LAWS were created and the Tribes asked to ABIDE or ALIGN themselves with said LAWS.

That perhaps the kind of Easter Viewing I can recall from childhood in the 1970’s where Easter typically had Religious or Biblical EPICS on show, that in reality were pretty good and enjoyable movies to watch and view irrespective of so-called links to RELIGION.

Much like watching Russel Crowe’s Gladiator and then knowing yourself to be an Expert on the Roman Empire.  Yes few of us when little or young necessarily QUESTION the validity of the stories, so much as perhaps wanting to re-enact or go into “LET’S PLAY” modes and styles and so on.

So we learn and pick up huge numbers of stories and scripts when younger and typically learn to distinguish between actor and role, you can go to see the same pantomime at a theatre every Christmas (for example) and it has a DIFFERENT CAST, though the same SCRIPT.

We also come to do COMPARISON, so some STORIES are suggested and KNOWN to have had MULTIPLE MOVIE/TV adaptations created and you can go to Five People and find Five People will give you a differing FAVOURITE Version of the SAME Story.

Clearly some Producers/Directors seek to differentiate themselves from competing variants within a given Genre, though likewise we are often limited or otherwise via what can be done vis TECHNOLOGICAL CONSTRAINTS and indeed Budget Constraints of a particular ERA or Generation of Entertainment Realm Guru’s and MOGULS and so on

So we maybe have PURE and STRICT versions or interpretations that do not vary at all from an originating Story.  And we have adaptations that vary a great deal, sometimes simply taking a famous historical figure NAME and then creating an entirely differing World View or Model about that Story.

This has been done, far more times than can necessarily be catalogued and counted, though if Writers and Actors and All folks LA-DI-DA can do it, so too perhaps can Genius Folks within other lilfe realms such-as Science and so on.

In fact many a purported EXTREMISM of some kind, can often be sourced or rooted to compartmentalised versions of Childhood PROHIBITIONS.

Yes I know that given a Nation state’s GOVERNMENTAL LAWS, many Countries have broad sweeping PROHIBITIONS that are not seemingly or necessarily compartmentalised, though overall that does seem to be a recurring issue that many a person fails to ADDRESS.

So Prohibitions can potentially of course result in alleged REBELLION, though of course many a family possibly neutralises a given GENRE of something to rebel against through simply not having some AREA or TOPIC as a given lifestyle choice MAINSTAY.

So if you are in a family of non-drinkers who do not talk on the topic of alcohol and drunkenness, you are possibly less likely to consider trying drinking (alcohol) as rebellion so much as simply trying drinking.

With smoking for example, it is often suggested that ex-smokers can often be the worst fascists when it comes to others who still smoke, in other words, the topic of smoking is still potentially high on the agenda for internal debate within their own minds, rather than necessarily having been “LET GO” or moved on from. I know for example having successfully given up smoking on a couple of occasions throughout my adult life (success meaning for a prolonged period of time 1 year+), that “COLD TURKEY” and straight forward complete ABSTENTION was the success route that I UTILISED.

On other occasions where some INVENTED system of quitting was attempted, Nicorette (type products) the results were negligible, in other words whilst substitution products can and do claim a success rate as part of the sales blurb, my own EXPERIENCE is that such remedies are simply failing to address the REAL underlying cause/effect of smoking in the first place.

I mention that because no matter what your present favourite prohibition product, you will find sellers and merchants claiming that their substitution or training product or method is the one most guaranteed to lead to success.

So I have found over and over again within my life that complete ABSTENTION can be the very best remedy, whether from cigarettes or alcohol or indeed TV and Newspaper Media and so on.

I chose ISOLATION as a way of accelerating my progress, with products such-as Holosync.  Many claim that isolation is unpractical in today’s World, though I strongly disagree, what they often really mean, is how am I going to sell to you if you have no internet connection or TV or whatever. Likewise the raising THRESHOLD means I can better pick and choose the EXCHANGES or DEBATES and TOPICS I wish or desire to commentate or participate in and those that are best left as some AGE-RELATED personal Historical or attitudinal “keeping up with the Jones” behavioural psychosis.

So to sell is human as some writer utilised as a title of his book is an interesting debate to be had.  Clearly many seeing a certain level of FUTILITY in seeking to alter or change things, though I generally think that in learning terms, you can come to terms with your own mortality, come to terms with your own inherited quirks and come to terms with how others about you are in the World.

So whether you are a youngster attending Nursery for the first time, or School, or College or University or have recently become enrolled in a Profession Realm such-as the Military or the Police or the Health Professions or Scientific Study and Research or indeed The arts or Acting or other life realms, you typically come to see that you cannot necessarily control those about yourself.

What does that mean?

Well CORRUPTION can be found within most life realms, because all teachings and lessons and learnings on a deeper level often lead to the conclusion that all is SUBJECTIVE, as much as we may seek to RUN AWAY from our own lifetimes worth of Baggage.

The Life is To Short Philosophy really can be more productive from a personal point of view.

I said recently about baggage and running away because whether you are in Hereford, England, United kingdom or West Wales or Scotland or New York or Paris or Sydney Australia or some outer region of the Africa’s or the Bahama’s, Caribbean or South China sea’s or the Himalayas , what was in YOUR HEAD, YOUR HEART & MIND & BODY at the one location, is still traversing and Globe Trotting with you where-ever you run or travel too, etc. because whilst you may like ideas as to projection and visualisation, those ATTRIBUTES & VALUES and so on are within your PHYSICAL body

Far better (in some instances) to do the Raising Threshold and come to terms with clearing out or RESOLVING historical thoughts feelings and baggage (whether interpreted as positive or negative), and then when you do TRAVEL, you can possibly genuinely be leaving the past or prohibitions etc. behind rather than taking them with you.

Now I have on occasion of course criticized particular so-called La-Di-Da realms, though in reality I do genuinely think that the aspiring and admiring and seeking to align with more positive thoughts and feelings and peoples in culture can be more beneficial that constantly being strained by those who have set themselves up to drag all about them down into the depths of their own personal hell’s, those INTRANSIGENT individuals who really do seek to sabotage all and anyone who they see as a THREAT to how they themselves behave and want or desire and wish the World to be and so on.

So why am I wittering on, well I seemingly found myself wondering as to how much I was in the so-called ZONE on these occasions and not these other occasions, and typically it does demonstrate that whilst we can all want 100% accuracy and precision, we can often be better off simply adopting an IDEA that this COMBINATORIAL NICHE is my STRONGEST niche and skillset and I will seek to build upon those successful areas, whilst being AWARE that the best EXPERTS are seemingly those who can discern incoming DATA from multiple peoples and persons and then make a BEST CHOICE based on the PERCENTAGES and PROBABILITES.

We cannot of course truly know, how well any given person is, as to ENLIGHTENMENT or AWARENESS, though if being in alignment with the Royal’s for example, will get you better results than being in alignment with Pop Star, go with your best alignments, so you get a broad and wide or diverse set or resources, to make selections from.

So on Twitter or Facebook or indeed within the News Media, you may well see 5 stories that trigger IDEAS as to CLUES to forthcoming Sporting Fixture Results within your chosen SPORT.  3 clues may suggest one participant is going to win, whilst the other 2 clues may suggest the opponent is going to win.  In PERCENTAGE TERMS and often in order to get good GAMBLING returns, you have to stop fighting against what the information is telling you, and go with the MAJORITY FEEDBACK, or indeed go with the MINORITY FEEDBACK if you have always found that a REVERSAL always occurs or happens.


You thought you were in the Zone and could really genuinely see and keep backing majority, only to find that the majority loses.

Likewise further analysis can show that One World Sphere is giving differing indicators to another, so a Majority for particular team/sporting star might come from America, where your (possibly) local British Indicators are in minority.

WITNESS what is occurring within your own INTERPRETATION SYSTEMS and respond accordingly. BOTH BEFOREHAND & AFTERWARDS.

The same can also be found between the Sex’s where sporting Teams or indeed political teams, that may non-consciously be linked to one or other SEX, give indicators for a Win/Lose/Draw within some decided upon sporting realm.

You often have to do some research to see what the INTERESTS etc. are of given realms, a lot of journalist/ middle England types talk a good talk when it comes to Cricket and Rugby (for example).

So the more you can narrow focus and seek multiple clue trails the better you may get at such abilities.

In Dream Interpretation type materials, we are typically told to go through 3 phases or stages that are in answer to given SAME QUESTION.  So clues within one visualisation, then another, then another can be noted and jotted down, and again carry out a feedback/return real world cross-reference.

Now I spoke as to going FULL-CIRCLE at various points within RESEARCH because early on I was typically OPINIONATED & Heavily BIASED as to GOOD/BAD or otherwise.

Where the so-called REALITY NOW is this one of raising threshold and simply allowing WHAT Is without necessarily considering ourselves as having had any CAUSE/EFFECT on what occurred.

Example Who remember’s the Sidney Café Hostage Siege?

Well on my own blog of 15th December 2014, I kind of kept writing and writing, cannot recall if it was published PUBLICALLY or PRIVATELY, though in then witnessing what Occurred within the real world, it would be easy for myself to make claim as to cause/effect, though I think it was more that I was simply “In the Zone” as it were.  So two hostages and the hostage taker were killed, and my blog gave DATA INFORMATION that 2 BIOLOGICAL (all interpretation is subjective) might be coming up, so a day or 2 later I could go AH-HA (told you so).  It also suggested 8 SPIRITUAL and also in the News from Australia was a somewhat gruesome story of a mother killing her 8 children. Again I was simply writing what was coming up to mind for myself and cannot claim cause/effect, because I was perhaps clearly “In The zone” WINDOW of some description, through the various modalities and integration like routines I had been practicing.

So early on with hypnosis modality the FEAR level is possibly exceptionally HUGE, in that a separation or gap may or may not exist as to what you write and then witness, all to easy to think yourself super-capable and responsible for all that is occurring EXTERNAL to yourself, because you are to tightly involved within your own “Legend Story” (as it were).

Later with raising threshold and meditating and doing courses, a CLEAR gap or separation comes into being as to having a window upon the world though not being of it.

I was trying to think how that might look in picture form, though also typically multiple modality’s and IDEAS as to going above your TIMELINE, kind of bring that window about.

So I can claim super accuracy on many occasions, when it comes to simply WITNESSING what occurs and how such things may relate to what I wrote.

Likewise my super accuracy often SABOTAGED myself as soon as VESTED INTEREST in GAMBLING or RESULTS occur, this led myself to think long and hard on those PROHIBITION TOPICS and indeed BIAS.

It can of course be suggested that CHERRY PICKING is happening or occurring, when I HIGHLIGHT or DEMONSTRATE ACCURACY.  Though again I have found that both Science and La-Di-Da Cherry Pick the positive attributes and values related to DESIRED SUCCESS, because of course this idea of going the EXTRA MILE is getting those extra percentage points of accuracy and precision within your own life sphere of Life the Universe and Everything.

YES, the Neutral Window upon the World is a good place to operate from and I of course loved those “old time” mythological Gods of Olympus, type films and movies looking down into the POOL OF WATER and then cutting to new location or scene of the given God’s chosen Hero/Heroine.

Though likewise we also of course have to remember that Huge Great Politicking and Wars and Rivalries were demonstrated among those God’s.  Hence so much turmoil within the lives of said earth-bound Individuals. And the classical ability development to become OVER CURIOUS with the EXTERNAL or EXTERIOR rather than seeking to IGNITE and develop and craft your own INTERNAL and INTERIOR is perhaps again an area to be researched.

I have studied (for example) many La-Di-Da realms related to so-called Psychic Abilities, and I have also studied Scientific Methodologies that seek to incorporate or empower or AUGMENT such abilities.

So we have many folks at various levels and versionings of Psychic Abilities and we also have Governments adopting and utilising such IDEAS to their own End’s.

The Cold War and Technical Remote Viewing an example, whereby both East and West sought to accurately STACK the percentages of such so-called PARANORMAL PSYCHIC or CLAIRVOYANT abilities in their own FAVOUR. Confirmation Bias typically coming about through testing modalities.  So testing and retesting were carried out, and trusted enough to assume that some potentially NON-VERIFIABLE data that was shown or demonstrated must also be TRUE.

We also of course can study the books of both so-called sides, to see that a certain level of MUTUAL APPRECIATION SOCIETY EXISTS between not only individuals involved within such activities, but the Governments and Covert operatives and so on. A Healthy RESPECT for OPPONENTS within any field of endeavour or realm can be beneficial in knowing you cannot REST on your so-called LAURELS.

So I enjoy all the Psychic Espionage Ideas as well as the regular Psychic realm materials, though am perhaps more interested as to the INTERACTION and METHODOLOGIES used, in order to get those increased PERCENTILES in the AVERAGES and ACCURACY. Of course I can also be asking myself now that I have carried out all this RESEARCH and so on, HOW AM I personally going to create and craft or demonstrate more empowered reasoning as to getting demonstrable and repeatable RESULTS, from an INTEGRATED level of awareness and enlightenment.

I can say well in taking the Write Well Modality, Sam Horn chatting with Pete Bisonette Explained her page layouts and associative reasoning and indeed possibly provided CLUES as to differing real world realms, pop musician Sting, a Tennis manoeuvre, some driving and Health related materials, the odd Movie Star, or alternative writer (multiple book recommendations) in fact many of those REALMS that are typical of DAY-TO-DAY existence for pretty much anyone at any time of life.

So I did gradually purchase many of the recommended books, though found myself unable to get one related to Wisdom, though have also perhaps encountered or had AH-HA as to seeing such material possibly utilised within other Learning Strategy like courses.

So in Bibliometric Terms we can all come to predominantly see that in Sources and resources, when you investigate, you typically find that most folks can be found to have those degree’s of separation as to progress and so on, as well as potentially many of the belief in blocks or otherwise as to success. BIAS perhaps an issue that will always appear and reappear, and therefore something to perhaps develop a greater depth of understanding about.

I of course studied Computers throughout my life and typically also included maths and engineering and whilst it would be nice to thing that all was as it should I cannot help to think that some folks lives can be greater empowered through a more correct representation or fundamental foundation of some basics.

So in Binary Terms (for example) we typically shown 0’s and 1’s and in human terms we can suggest that the female is 0 and the male is 1.

Now in order for some SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS, particular realms optioned the Utilisation of 0 (Zero) as a mathematical WHOLE Number AH-HA in order for particular kinds of mathematics and formulas to work. Great for Science and Technological Progress, not so great (necessarily) for the poor confused pupils and kids believing all these manipulations. (which of course we as Societal like Herds go along with because we see all the wondrous and technological innovations that have come about through these studies and research etc).

So what was once perhaps considered an INFINITY within mental realms, was altered, much like seeking to split the ATOM or indeed the IDEA as to SPACE and TIME being separate, when they may have once been considered one and the same.

I think separating out the confusions and misconceptions, however you personally choose to identify yourself (race, colour, creed, sexuality, demographic ETC.) The usual basics, can make all the difference when you can take a moment to decide that I am one in this instance and zero in this instance, like a switch operating between on and off etc.

The same can be seen of course in most or many differing life realms, though nearly always in decision and choice and options terms has to be EXPERIENCED (I think) from the point of view of a long term Meditator or Human Development Expert.

So we buy into all the MEASUREMENTS and SCALES and transitions from one to another, though really one can conclude again and again and again that most or many of us (irrespective of those suggested basics as to race, colour creed and sexuality etc., would like to live happy lives, being respected and being more empowered to quite simply achieve some degree of freedom and achievement or actualisation on Maslow’s so-called Hierarchy of Needs,  without being continuously forced or TRIGGERED into positions of inescapable MARTYDOM through misrepresentation or whatever.

So I make some words BIG in my writing and leave other words small, though typically BIG often gets interpreted as SHOUT when in reality I simply do it to perhaps break up the classical IDEA of how we read and write and so on, we see pictures prior to LABELS and many Nations have differing alphabets and sounds, for the same VISUAL’S.

I recommended early on for example, the positive turnaround in alternative language triggers, is to go with the SOUNDLIKE within your own language. Not to confuse communication with the foreigners (so to speak) so much as realise that CLUES and so on can come from all directions and rushing to NEGATIVE moans and groans about co-workers is not the POSSIBILTY or POTENTIAL kind of empowering thinking we desire to adopt in getting those AH-HA’s and adopting the NOW WORLD ideology of a Window upon the World, unconstrained by invented measures and scales of the understandings of time and space dynamics and so on.

So if you have a great or fantastic life story, of course many of us might like to model you, likewise identifying the answers to those replicable QUESTIONS is interesting.

I know for example that Jack Canfield was or is strongly related to what for most of us is regarded as the AMERICAN LAW OF ATTRACTION, (as are very many Learnings Strategies Clientele and Guru’s).  We in “Ye Olde World” Britain and Europe and Old Empires of course typically act with a lack of reverence for such things, though clearly such irreverence is not as necessarily as HEALTHY as we may grow up thinking and learning.

The small world that has come about through technological innovation and global Communications systems surely mean’s that more and more generations of young folks are going to look to more positive and rewarding intelligence’s and so on.

The Oscar’s may not reward Star Wars Movies for example, though World Wide Global Audience’s clearly do, suggesting that many a debatable and unhealthy subject matter, may well not be on Societal Agenda’s as much as some REALMS want or desire them to be.

So each and every VESTED INTEREST realm can be re-interpreted as a place to centre attention, and likewise we can CONCLUDE that it is often better to turn off and tune out and go our own way, than have external extremists constantly barrage us with materials and AGENDA’S that we ourselves do not genuinely understand or relate. 

Yes, war’s and prejudice and weather patterns and very many confusions clearly exist within the World, as do very many unforeseen interpreted as negative events, though clearly we in giving ourselves choice and options, and similar choice and options to those about ourselves or interacting within our own lives can clearly focus on more rewarding assessments and endeavour for the future.

This one a reassessing drifter of an article perhaps though clearly the talk on PSYCHIC ABILITES and indeed SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY is where I am at.

Are the scripts or life style choices and building blocks utilised by any Psychic or Medium or simply successful individual UNIQUE or REPLICABLE.  Paul Scheele suggested (for example) that ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE “Law Of Attraction” was not all that Jack Canfield Does, he interviewing and spending time analysing and so on, (perhaps) the underlying mental routines possibly even TIMINGS and so on.

Jack suggests (for example) that it works almost second nature for him because he is so well versed in doing what he does again and again, I can of course go “oh that is interesting” in that I received a Jack Canfield related EMAIL on 10th March, and he sharing those classical JESUS CHRIST initials. J also of course 10th letter alphabet.

So whatever or wherever we want our intuition and instinct and success to grow is perhaps RELATED to how we ALIGN (as suggested by multiple teachers and modalities) with our own DATA.

So would I be more successful (for example) if I were in alignment with Feng Shui compass Bearings, for someone with my date of birth and Numerology for my name and initials and Changing the Paradigm / Spring Forest Qigong for Chakra and body Meridians and Genius Code for Visualisation Exercises and so on.

Yes, interestingly many of us have within our lives sought to align with many such things via Schooling and hobbies and so on anyway, though typically I think very often historical TRAUMA’S and indeed being around other Heavily TRAUMATISED or INTRANSIGENT peoples can often blind us to finding success in the basics of who we ourselves are, or indeed what we believe ourselves truly capable of.

Too much choice potentially of course just as fear inducing as not feeling you have any choice, though I do think a raising threshold and then reacquainting yourself with some of the most basic or foundational ideas can do wonders for anyone.  When all those excuses and reasons pop into mind we can clearly take opportunity to dismiss them and-or carry out some fashioned or known to work self-inquiry systematic method, and get used to being less judgmental or prejudicial in interpretation of meanings.

Anyway yes the TECHNICAL REMOTE VIEWERS wanted to develop a systematic approach to alleged Psychic ESPIONAGE and SPYING and so on, after attempts to discredit such things failed.

Whilst I do think that ACCELERATIVE Learning and Experimental Learnings can be a good thing, I do think asking for Volunteers in some instance and circumstance is also possibly a good idea.

I am now thinking about an appeal a chap made several years ago on Facebook, when his brother was in hospital in a coma, after having been beaten up. 

I with positive intentions and having studied Hypnosis like materials for several years, wrote a kind of nested loop algorithm (I cannot truly recall the exact specification (unfortunately)), though it ran along the lines of “If you want to get well or be well, or if you want to get healthy or be healthy” anyway the general idea behind it had been that a NEGATIVE or FAIL CONDITION could not be formulated by the so-called reader or person that was using such an algorithm, ONLY A POSITIVE outcome could be achieved by the given instructions I had used within the TEXT of my writing.

Anyway the guy who had made the appeal “seemingly” followed the instruction in writing the future he wanted to envision and have, of his brother being awake and well and fully and actively participating in his family life having barbecues and socialising and having a beer and being back to how things were and so on. That Happened, the guy who was in coma, did awaken and did gradually return to health and work and so on.

Anyway I had posted that routine or algorithm and it kind of seemingly affected a rather large number of people on my Facebook list, some mostly I think in the positive terms that it was intended (following that appeal), and of course others rushed to block and unfriend myself, I think because the not allowing of the Negative or assumed FEAR Condition was pretty SCARY (potentially due to INTERPRETATION BIAS) or left and right brain processing and so on, (I knew very little (consciously) about INTEGRATION ideas at that time). My own initial reaction to what I had written did stop myself from rushing to NEGATIVE results or thoughts and feelings, almost like I had to shake my head to force myself beyond the instruction given like “I do not want to be well”.

I think a lesson was learnt by myself that in seeking to help others and so on, even with positive intention, you are always likely to potentially cause suffering or alienate someone whose success (Or World Idea of themselves) depends on negative or victim kinds of ideas as to realities.

So I was pleased for the family and friends that whether taken notice or otherwise of, that the guy in a coma did wake up, and likewise was disappointed by some other responses, questioning how I myself could move on from such things.

Of course most on facebook were generally being sociable and getting on playing games making superfarms on Farmville (for my daughter etc), though typically it only takes a small negative element to produce outsized or outmoded attacks and prejudicial behaviours, among any given population.

So anyway I at some point I generally stopped with Facebook, and indeed moved onto Holosync and centerpointe Research Institute.  figuring that anyone who wanted to spy and attack myself, or indeed in positive terms, anyone wanting further ENLIGHTENMENT for themselves (much as I did), would themselves have to go to that location, and try out those technologies.

So anyway I mention and bring those things up, because of course, I can continue to recommend these modalities and do so on my website.  Though likewise I think the full-circle issue is worthwhile and mentioning.

I grew up watching ideas as to teleportation and whole bodies moving from location to location and it kind of seems, that those at Learning Strategies also had similar like mind sets as to how such things can be brought about.  Likewise Holosync perhaps provides the stimulation to expand your inner map of reality and accelerate learnings, so the combination is an interesting one.

Clearly some identifiers that cause us to believe in our being UNIQUE are not necessarily so, and likewise we can always continue research into the components and beliefs and building blocks that are possibly unique to ourselves, what did I do or have I done or learnt during growing up, that others did not, or what causes any of us to be distinguished from our peers or co-conspirators or Society in general etc.

What have I still to Learn as life continues and the earth still revolves and bad and good things still continue to occur and happen.  How can I alleviate my own suffering or that of family and friends etc, what skills and abilities within myself can I look upon as empowering and life enhancing.

Yes the beliefs about poverty and growing up to be rich and wealthy and so on are interesting, in that having done many courses and purchased many integrative practices, I still seemingly have aversions to some perhaps unbeknown to myself non-conscious prohibitions.

The question or issue of course is this one of where and when did such things occur or come into being within my life.  I know as a youngster I wanted riches and possibly fame and fortune, and indeed was happy to work toward such goals, though the more I sought out those things, the further away such things strangely became, almost like being teased with a carrot in front of your nose, when surely the idea of NOW is that all is available.

Do the names and identifiers, older generations of family and friends or indeed alleged or otherwise enemies and so on, cause us so much harm?

Anyway this is predominantly blah-blah so I will leave this rather long article where it is for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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