Point Break

Not sure exactly what the word means given so many differing realms that we can exist and place our focus upon, though typically I do time and again run through some particular designated course and find myself unable to work through to some final concluding insights.

Whilst it is probably not fully true, many a course suggesting that both conscious and non-conscious can be working on goals, that does of course lead to a conclusion all of its own that far too many incompatible goals may be rubbing against one another in some kind of fractious stalemate, until some NEW PARAMETER or Data or information or so-called GIVE or whatever is introduced into a given equation.

So I spoke on rushing through The Holosync Solution, typically because, no matter how many courses and studies I have carried out throughout my lifetime, reacquainting heavily confused and conflicting ideas often held in compartmentalised categorisations and doctrines and beliefs with some ideas of aspects to greater realties seemed like a so-called no-brainer.

I still think that most folks who followed similar avenues or arena’s of explanations may well have concluded the same.

We can of course suggest that a downside exists, in the sense that Holosync in reintroducing yourself to Whole brain thinking and greater realities can still kind of leave you wondering where to turn next for inspiration.

Particular thought processes that I had seemingly used throughout my life were no longer necessarily automated or on-line in the sense that having utilised a stimulus that cuts through mental cavities and flotsam and jetsam and encourages or leads to those reorganisations, you are generally perhaps AWAKE AWAKE.  I use the word twice to indicate that there is your everyday being awake after a good night’s sleep and then there is perhaps the enlightenment or awareness awake that sits perhaps at a higher level upon the normal day-to-day wakened state.

Many of course do not in day-to-day life terms regard themselves as ASLEEP or sleepwalking through life, most or many still have long-held aspirations and dreams waiting to be fulfilled in some fashion when all the so-called circumstances “CLICK INTO PLACE” that most desired of OPTIMUM chicken and egg questions.

When will I reclaim my life?

When I have the money, the greatest Inspirational Insight, the motivation, the IDEA that I am truly and genuinely PASSIONATE enough about, to spend multiple years of my life pursuing it, etc., the answers can of course flood in, though we can then typically ask, or think of such things as potentially being of a procrastination in nature.

We can also of course wonder as to getting to GENUINELY necessary SHIFTS in behavioural thoughts, feelings and actions to seize the day etc.

So anyway I spoke yesterday upon this idea known as “Technical Remote Viewing” that grew out of the US Military and CIA machinations, and was originally known as “Controlled Remote Viewing” and further to that I can of course purchase a multitude of book some designated La-Di-Da, others designated as Psychic World and Realms and Angel realms and Psychological realms and so on, although I do in fact have a belief that any such works and processes “kind of” already exist or are utilised and so on within my Learning Strategies on-line catalogue.  They typically utilise and give bibliographies for their courses, so us students can go deeper into the research for ourselves, I know that whether consciously or otherwise, I have gone on to also investigate many such works for myself.

Clearly what I really want, is to perhaps feel as though I can successfully separate WHEAT from CHAFF and experience the So-called SUCCESS that others claim to be experiencing with various modality’s. I think in general, when asked for feedback within the survey forms, I have sought to give honest and levelled opinion on any course I have taken, I perhaps far more SOMBRE perhaps than many others who give such feedback.

I have noted of course, time and again, that many a course comes with feedback from previous course takers and many such things are full of massive or huge superlatives and expressive language and so on.  Nothing wrong with that at all, though it does or can BUILD UP THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPECTANCY LEVEL for those coming to the courses at a later point, so that when you yourself experience such a course (especially having come to the Learning Strategy courses via Holosync and not the other way around) you may have a less than bona-fide concurrent belief as to what these other folks were saying.

The issue of will I too feel all these superlative words and expressions that they are expressing, after having blown my mind with The Holosync Solution and so on.

Anyway I purchased a relatively new book by some chap called Brett Stuart, that claims to be a “Complete Guide” to the US Establishment Process originally entitled ““Controlled” remote viewing” and later re-designated “Technical Remote Viewing”.

I in part purchased the book because, ideas as to COMPLETE GUIDE are appealing in a look no further than this INSTALLMENT kind of fashion and manner.

Likewise, what it perhaps does is take you through another step-by-step sequence of processes that includes writing and drawing and indeed surprisingly SPECULATION.

What speculation?

Well this perhaps takes us back to Betty Edwards and “Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain” type Artistic Works, where much emphasis is given to the IDEA that you are kind of building descriptions through outlining the impressions you are getting.

I actually like the book very much and surprisingly read it SLOWLY, after photoreading and so on. Though also of course typically can have further insights as a result.

I did for example think I understood WHY it can give BETTER or ABOVE Average than random results, and indeed a timely ADVERT arrived from Paraliminal.com inviting myself to purchase the complete Paraliminal Library, the recommended or outlined one typically:- Focus and Concentration.

Dave S Perkins GRINDS TEETH.

Yes I had this issue when doing the Write Well course, where the very first recommended Paraliminal manages to be the only one seemingly missing from my already purchased COMPLETE COLLECTION.

Yes of course new ones (Paraliminal’s) are typically developed and added as customer feedback or course requirement perhaps suggests a market is required.  Though I really do have very many Paraliminals not in my complete collection within other Courses, so the advert suggests 42 is the current number, though I must be pretty close to that anyway (I think), I perhaps have a CD collection that I would in reality prefer to TRANSFER ON-LINE, this was allowable for a Fee, when I inquired as to such an activity.  So I may well pursue that avenue, although at present perhaps just want to IDENTIFY given GAPS and then take advantage of any offers, the reduction coupons and special offer codes and so on.

As suggested and stated previously, none of these things were done in BREAK THE BANK fashion, I held of “excessive spending” whilst early years within The Holosync Solution. And then purchased differing courses in a somewhat adhock like fashion over the course of several years.

And as stated and reiterated again and again, much is knowledge we already often contain or possess in some fashion simply through growing up within our respective Worlds.

Anyway the STANDOUT POINT for myself was that in reading a little of the on-line book, I had similar experience to the Author.  He started his exploration on TRV in 2011, describing a background in Animation and indeed some weird or warped unbelievable experiences such-as seeing a triangular shaped flying vehicle, I myself have recorded the same kind of VISION within my notes on at least 2 separate occasions whilst on my commute to work and so on.

So we keep returning to the issue of drawing, and how those that draw and sketch seemingly have advantage over the rest of us, though likewise Photoreading encourages the practice as do several other courses within the processes or procedures, and I have of course made up for lost time, in writing and sketching and researching Animation realms and sound realms and so on within my recent years.

On another note, the YOU paradigm, is an interesting one, in the sense of course that you can have a question and focus and concentrate on that question and then potentially SEE an answer within the realms that you are so-called WITNESSING or MONITORING, and other people.

So part of my own philosophy was to get to a point or state or stage whereby OTHER PEOPLES STUFF, was only of interest if it could be TRUSTED as being from REALIABLE and indeed AGREEABLE SOURCE, everything else that does not serve you falls away and so on.

I say that of course because much of the experiential life that led myself into the Hypnosis / Meditation materials came about through constant bombardment of excessive abuse from all seeming directions.

Anyway it could be suggested that I (like many others) issued a kind challenge to the likes of Bill Harris and indeed those at Learnings Strategies and other related associates and in all honesty you do kind of have to acknowledge that many thoughts and ill feelings and so on, have all gradually been shown within A NEW LIGHT or altered and changed in some fashion.  Long may that continue.

So I say that because of course in initially rushing through The Holosync Solution prior to slowing down and then falling into line with recommendations, I had kind of nagged or taunted Bill Harris to produce a New Holosync Product perhaps based in the long-term research results and so on, experienced or uncovered by those who had taken the Original Holosync Solution.  Suggesting that he may want to stay ahead of the field.

Anyway Holosync 2.0 was eventually created and I think only available to those who had proceeded to The Higher Echelons of the Primary Holosync Product.  The recommendation being this one of using each on an alternative day.

I myself of course am still relatively Newbie to both products (within my own mind) even though it is perhaps now 5+ years since I first took up Holosync Meditation and began interacting or having exchanges on the “To Hell In A Hand Basket” blog series and those that came later. My accelerated pace through the early levels, did of course mean that I got to try out Holosync 2.0 perhaps earlier than I should and recording of experience is an interesting debacle, I perhaps having not fully come to terms with the Enlightenments and Awareness’ brought about via the Holosync Classic.

I mention that because quite simply, my experience of Holosync 2.0 has been a little DISTURBING, and has kind of had myself rushing to return to States induced by The Original.

You say Disturbing? In What Way? Some may ask.

Well quite simply the World I find myself witnessing is quite negative or HARSH, I seem to see bad attitude and behaviours from all external directions in somewhat TRIGGERING fashion, manner and ways, although of course I am kind of aware that such thoughts feelings and so on are probably brought about (within myself) via the meditation.  All seemingly demonstrating a CONTRAST perhaps that long term users may have forgotten as to before/after cause/effect etc.

I may well stick with Original and then return to 2.0 at a later time, when enough CHANGE or ALTERATIONS have perhaps occurred within my current life and so on.

So the cause/effect issue return again and again, because typically many GOALS that we may or may not have had when younger have perhaps been non-consciously worked upon or towards, without us necessarily being aware that was what was occurring.

Likewise systematic approaches such as TRV seemingly again seek to MODEL the Best Practices of so-called Psychic Abilities into USEFUL or USEABLE manners and fashions.

I think many Learning Strategy Courses can achieve similar results, though likewise some of us perhaps know or feel that we require STRONG DISCIPLINED approaches, whilst many a course suggests typically “HAVE FUN, EXPERIMENT” draw your own conclusions and so on.

So having fun and experimenting with processes and procedures are of course not something that folks lower down the Societal Echelons necessarily automate themselves toward, or indeed they do automate themselves toward those things, without having set themselves up with some of those Maslow styled Hierarchy of Needs etc.

This an issue I experienced again and again, whereby the most simple and basic of survival needs not being met, meant that a kind of CEILING EXISTED as having breakthrough’s via taking the courses and following the instructions and witnessing and monitoring and so on.  Continuously being distracted or abused in various fashions.

Anyway my present IDEA given my research on Learnings Strategies Courses and Indeed third party courses such-as Technical remote Viewing Manuals is this one of

Cross Realm Insights and Augmented Skillsets

Clearly my research and life within computing and engineering introduced myself to the idea of reusability object orientation, and mass production technologies throughout industry all use various adopted or internationally agreed Standards by which products can be created and crafted.

So you have standard sized nuts and bolts and very many a new product development does not necessarily seek to make something 100% new so much as use pre-existing parts in a new fashion and manner, as to the PROGRESS or REQUIREMENT that exists NOW.

I spoke on that chap who spent years with Helicopters and he using his knowledge to create the so-called real-life hover-bike based in a pulling the helicopter aerodynamics apart and building for purpose.  Very many such Technologies have been created through the ability to Computer Simulate various PHYSICAL REALMS and ask those What will happen if?

Yes when little many of us perhaps tried those questioning strategies playing with toys and so on anyway, though clearly much of my generational computing knowledge was based in this idea of a framework that you fit various modality pieces within.

So you could option getting into trying to CONTROL the mass unweidly WHOLE, as many a Historical Advancement did, or you can option the breaking down into smaller component parts and pieces and then bringing them together into something a little more accurate and precise and useable or workable as a Solution.

Many modelling and research systems whether Scientific or La-Di-Da have gone through reiterative progressions of seeking the next tier or level of breakdown or THING to be researched etc.

Another thing I like about the TVR book is that it brings an ORDER to the TABLE (yes I know many courses also have an ORDER, though typically as to Enlightenment many such an understanding slips under the so-called RADAR, as to why focus and concentration perhaps upon the ORDERING can improve your results.

Again this perhaps a matter of how differing people’s minds work, and how some strategies seemingly work exceptionally well for some individuals whilst pulling the rug from beneath others whose mind works in a differing fashion.

So yes

Cross Realm Insights and Augmented Skillsets

This is perhaps somewhat VAGUE as a title, and unlikely to stimulate a buying public, because I have not sort to clarify the thinking behind it.

So TVR is typically quite regimented and seeks to separate itself from La-Di-Da via the dismissal of FEELINGS & IMAGINATION

Or perhaps that is better explained in the fashion that Paul Scheele explains such things, that when you carry out any given process or procedure for a given designated set time criteria, at some point particular ELEMENTS within your mind are likely to seek to GRAB or SEIZE control of what is occurring. You then may typically become confused or conflicted as to the information you are bringing forth through your Image Stream etc. I mention that because I do feel that TVR has a certain level of compatibility with Genius Code etc.

So we also see instruction within “Writing The Wave” (Elizabeth Ayres) and multiple other courses where you are encouraged to not go beyond present location or chapter within a book until current procedure has been fulfilled within a given TIME METRIC CONSTRAINT.

Do this activity for no longer than this specification METRIC.

Yes course after course after course sets METRICS, and most life realms when you take the time to analyse them have METRICS, Time of Match or game, points scored, points on a comparison table.

So years and years of Science in seeking to reduce everything to Numbered Metrics, means that anyone who has followed any sport likely has non-conscious metrics within their mind.

I mention Genius Code, because when looking at the TVR procedure, I thought AH-HA I could do the random envelope type test of writing out multiple sports on bits of paper and then pulling one out blind from a bag and then proceeding with the designated TVR procedure or process.

This perhaps a useless or fickle mannered way to utilise such technologies, though perhaps a popular one, when you look at all the so-called Gambling that takes place throughout the World, most Countries have gambling of some description, whether regulated or illicit, and we can conclude that the degree’s of separation as to mind set’s and so on does not genuinely fall far from the herd like tree’s, of many a population, when looking for Role Model’s or alleged easy money.

Some folks existing in globe trotting wonder life’s whilst others among us seeking to get to some low level of repeatable financial success to have some kind of a EUREKA moment and build upon that success.

So it is rather an exceptionally INTRANSIGENT like mind-set, and of course the SHARING of such IDEAS is typically not encouraged, because if you SHARE a belief in a DEAD-CERT WINNING option or formula, then the BOOKMAKER may well pull the PLUG on taking bets on particular sports or life realm functions such-as TV/Movie Awards and so on.

Hey everyone so-and-so is going to win this event, closely followed by the so-called odds shortening and so on, and the possibility of your winnings being greatly reduced.

People typically FAILING to realise or see that in NUMBERS terms, most of us struggle beyond the calculations for relatively small groupings, perhaps hundreds and thousands. You can see a headline that a million people gathered for some event, though can you genuinely IMAGINE that number of peoples, the so-called SELFISH GENE of the Stephen Hawkins Meme based scientists tends to lead folks into negative and counter-intuitive counter-productive behaviours and actions, thoughts and feelings, when the best policy over a longer term really can be to open up to new behaviours, thoughts and feelings and actions.

Clearly every once in a while you find a so-called Diamond in the Rough, that Israeli woman who found that old coin recently, akin to a sportsperson having an unexpected or unforeseen breakthrough leaving expert FORECASTERS BLINDSIDED, though clearly some folks have strong beliefs in HONESTY and INTEGRITY and TRUTH, whilst others are more FLEXIBLE in the capacity to re-interpret according to present circumstance.  This may have been the TRUTH or HONEST position of INTEGRITY 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, though those parameters and new information’s or realisations as to all being NOW, can typically remind any of us at any age, that it is never too late to change and so on according to present situation and scenario.

I think those who have taken the longer over-view clearly have advantage over those of us continuously operating on short to medium term strategies, though likewise, if you cannot trust your own insights and intuition and instinct whether based in Scientific approach or La-Di-Da Methodology, then you will likely continuously fall into less than helpful conclusions as to your own skillsets and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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